A maid for him Episode 12 & 13

💓💓A maid for him💐🏵
(😍Being a pla-yboy’s maid😋)
❣❣By Authoress B✍️✍️
💎💎Episode 12💎💎
Tae Ho’s Pov
I got into the car and ignited the car. I drove off but after a while, I parked the car.
Geez! Would it be really appropriate to leave Chi Min alone there? She can be so annoying sometimes.
Me? A driver? Aaaish! I don’t even know what to do, should I go back or just leave her there and go back home.
I will just go pick her up, after all she is my maid and my responsibility. I turned back the car and headed to the shopping mall.
I breathed in and out as I stared at the door. I alighted from my car and walked into the shopping mall.
Chi Min was been handed a cleaner’s working uniform.
“I… Can’t clean here, I have another work else where” Chi Min said and the sales girl ruffled her hair and made to sl@p Chi Min but I was quic-k enough to st©p her.
“what the hell are you trying to do?” I asked and the sales girl blinked.
“what do you wanna do? Set of paupers” the sales girl yelled and I let go of her hand.
“you are beautiful and I won’t love to ruin your beautiful face” I said and Chi Min smiled.
“I am paying for my girlfriend” I said and pu-ll-ed Chi Min close.
“hmm… Your card?” she requested and I gave her my card.
After a while she returned my card with a sober and pitiful look.
“I am very sorry for being rude sir” she apologized and bowed.
“too bad I don’t accept sorry. I wanna see the manager” I replied.
“I am very sorry sir” she apologized again and bowed repeatedly.
“I wanna see the manager” I gro-an ed lowly and Chi Min held my hand.
“calm down Tae, let’s just get outta here” Chi Min said.
“I am really sorry sir” the sales girl pleaded and I looked at Chi Min who was pleading with her eyes.
I sighed, held Chi Min, picked the bags and left for the car.
In the car
“Had a good time acting?” I asked with a sm-irk.
“none of your business, you ruined the acting Tae, you aren’t meant to do that, you are meant to pl@yalong” she replied and I shrugged.
“no one told me that” I replied.
“such a handsome j£rk!” I heard her mutter and I pu-ll-ed the car to a st©p.
“you admitted that I am handsome, right?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.
I moved closer to her and stared at herl-ips, they looked soft and so small. I gulped staring at then.
“what are you doing?” she asked and I furrowed my brows.
Is this girl right here even human? I mean, how could she not notice how close we are and be nervous like every other girl.
“are you human?” I asked.
“yeah of course” she replied and I leaned in.
I saw herl-ips move but I wasn’t hearing anything thing, not a single word. All of a sudden, she hit my head ha-rd against with her head.
I sat back on my seat and ru-bbe-d my forehead in pain.
“why did you do that?” I asked yelling.
“it was the appropriate thing to do, you were trying to k!ssme” she replied.
“I was just acting” I replied still yelling.
“no audience, no acting” she win-ked and I gro-an ed.
Just you wait, Chi Min, I am going to get an audience and k!ssyou in front of them.
At home.
Chi Min’s Pov
“Chi Min” mum called when Tae was out of sight and I quic-kly walked towards her.
“how did you do it?” mum asked.
“did what?” I replied with a question.
“you are using your third day here, how did you do it?” mum asked and I laughed.
“just doing my job” I replied with a wi-nk and mum hit my arm pla-yfully.
“Chi Min!!!!!” I heard Tae yell and I gro-an ed.
“duty calls” I said and ran to Tae Ho’s room.
“why the hell are you yelling my name punk?” I asked, yelling.
“did you just say that to me?” he asked, turning red.
“yeah I said that” I replied.
“how dare you?” he asked moving closer.
“we are….”
“don’t you dare say we are acting, there is no audience here” he cut me off and I rolledt eyes.
“Nome of my business” I replied and sat on his be-d.
“how do I deal with such a disrespectful maid?” he asked looking at the ceiling.
“how do I deal with a tiring boss?” I asked looking at the ceiling also.
“you rude maid” he glared at me.
I still don’t get something, every Maud gets sacked within 2 days but I have spent four days here and still I haven’t got sacked with my attitude.
“let’s pl@ya game” he said and sat beside me.
“a boss pla-ying games with his maid” I shook my head and he rolled my eyes.
“you order me to do something, if I fail to do it, you can do anything to me vice versa” he said.
“sounds easy” I lied.
“I am gonna be starting” he said and re-adjusted himself.
“I order you to…. To….” he closed his eyes and bit hisl-ips.
He opened his eyes and I raised a brow. He pressed hisl-ips into a thin line.
“I order you to…..” he re-adjusted himself again.
“I order you to k!ssme” he said and I stared at him like I had just seen a ghost.
💎💎Episode 13💎💎
Chi Min Pov
Like seriously? Me? k!ss!ngthis punk? Never! That’s never gonna happen! I would rather k!ssa rabbit than him.
I bur-st into laughter, maybe he is just joking, he definitely is.
“what’s funny? I just ordered you to do Something” he said.
“are you really serious?” I asked and he nodded slowly like he was shy or nervous.
He pushed me to the be-d and got in between my legs. My eyes wi-de-ned and I gulped down ha-rd .
“I am out…. Outta this game” I said and stood up but he pu-ll-ed me back pinning me to the be-d with his both hands.
“I hate you” he muttered.
“I hate you too” I replied.
“I hate you more” he said
“I hate you more than you could ever do” I replied.
“but…. I don’t hate yourselfl-ips” he said with a sm-irk and tried to k!ssme.
I avoided him and he st©pped for a while and chuckled, he kept his eyes on me.
“I don’t know why the one I hate has to be this pretty” he shook his head slightly.
“Tae Ho, you aren’t in your right s-en-ses, it’s Chi Min, the girl you hate let me go” I said but he just reached for myl-ips again.
Ourl-ips were about to t©uçh when the door opened. I heard Tae gr0@nbefore I pushed him off and stood up in a hurry. Surprisingly, the person that c@m£ in was Do Jung.
Why is Do Jung here? Are they friends? It doesn’t seem so.
“why are you here Jung?” Tae asked.
“I will leave you both boss” I said and bowed slightly to Tae.
I turned to leave but Tae drew me back.
“Sir? C’mon you are my girlfriend” Tae said and I saw some sort of anger flash on Do Jung’s face.
Tae quic-kly pe-cked my cheek and my eyes wi-de-ned, I felt my b©dy shiver but I quic-kly ran out of the room.
What’s wrong with him? Is he trying to joke with me or pl@yaround with me?
Tae Ho’s Pov
“your new fling thing?” Do Jung asked.
“None of your business” I replied.
“don’t pl@ywith her Tae” he said.
“ugh? Why? You want her? Oh no! Too bad I have her alre-ady” I said.
“I am going to get her and Tae, be careful, she’s mine. Chi Min is mine” he said.
“how about a bet? Who gets her first?” I asked.
“game on” he said and I smiled.
“you can leave now” I said pointing to the door.
“oh no, my phone $h!t!” he exclaimed and ran out.
What have you done Tae? How could you bring up such a bet between you and Jung? Chi Min, she’s gonna be hurt by all these.
I am sorry Chi Min but I really nee-d to win him this time around, I can’t lose to him, not anymore. .
Chinese Min’s Pov
Chinese Min, what the hell is wrong with you? Why did he pe-ck me? And there was an audience, I can’t argue with him.
I t©uçhed my cheeks and sl@pped them severally..
“Chi Min” I heard someone call and I turned back to see Kim Do Jung who had a broad smile on.
“what happened in there, it was all a misun-derstanding, actually we were…..”
“it’s okay, I un-derstand” he smiled and I nodded.
“how about I treat you to dinner?” he asked.
“no, no there’s no nee-d” I said.
“C’mon, just call me whenever you nee-d me then” he said and squee-zed a paper into my hands.
He smiled and left. I sighed and walked to the maid’s lodge. Wait a minute, four days are complete.
“you… You… Are still working here?” one of them asked and I nodded.
“so my money” I stretched forth my hand.
“I can’t believe this”
“you are really amazing”
“how did you do that?”
“are you perhaps his girlfriend?”
There were different remarks as they handed me the money. I smiled and la-id on my be-d. Made money so easily.
will Chi Min leave now that she has won the bet
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