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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A maid for him Episode 10 & 11

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💓💓A maid for him💐🏵

(😍Being a playboy’s maid😋)

❣❣By Blessed B✍️✍️

.💎💎Episode 10💎💎



Chi Min’s Pov
“we are acting” Tae Ho whispered into my ears and pulled back from the hug.

“Do Jung, I will see you later” I said and left with Tae Ho.

“when you are acting, it must be limited. How could you call me your girlfriend?” I asked.

“cause we are acting” he smirked and I left him angrily.
He called my name but I didn’t reply him. But what can I do to this fool? I smiled as an idea struck me.

Tae, Tae, get ready for loads of fun!! I went about looking for ants and insects. After I got a jar full, I emptied them all in Tae’s bag.

Tae Ho’s Pov
The teacher was teaching and I decided to pick my pen from my bag and jot down some points.

I dipped my hand into my bag and felt something crawl on my hand. I removed my hand and saw a….. A……spider

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!” I screamed and Chi Min walked up to me.

“help me!! Kill this thing!!” I yelled but instead she emptied the bag on me.

Fuck! It was filled with spiders, ants and different insects. I screamed as I hit my body severally trying to get rid of them

Everyone in class

burst into laughter as I spun around trying to get rid of the insects.

Twenty mins later
I sat on the couch breathing heavily and angrily. I am sure Chi Min did this, I swear I will get back at her, she’s my maid for crying out loud.

I rushed to the mirror, my face, my perfect face was bruised.

“Chi Min!!!!!!!” I screamed.

“I am here” I heard her annoying voice and turned to her.

“how dare you? Are you trying to ruin my face?” I asked, half yelling.

“well I was just acting, don’t you want to become an actor, I also wanna become an actress, I was just acting” she replied with a smirk.

She wants to act, it’s really time to act then.


A maid for him

Chi Min’s Pov
It was lunchtime and I sat in a lonely corner eating my meal. I looked around, no Tae. He is the only one in this school who talks to me.

The others are proud and egoistic punks and bitches.

“Hello” I heard someone and I looked up, she was the girl from the morning.

Mina or something like that. “hey” I waved and ate more.

“I guess you are new here so I will make this clear to you Tae is mone and mine only” she said fiercely and I clapped.

“wow! Wow! Incredible! Fierce fighter” I smiled.

“do you think I am here to joke?” she asked.

“C’mon, half boiled chicken. I didn’t say that” I replied and heard some guys laughing.

“what did you call me?” she asked.

“oh my! Half boiled

chicken has ear problems also” I said with a smile

“you poor thing” she said.

“this poor thing here has all you want, for example. Tae” I winked at her and she left angrily.

I finished up my food and went to the basket ball court. The guys were playing, I sat down to watch and Do Jung was among them too.

“Do Jung!!!!! Do jung!!!” the girls cheered. I guess he is the best player around.

Tae Ho’s Pov
She’s not in the cafeteria and the class either so where could she be? I looked around till I got to the basketball court there she was,cheering Do Jung.

I groaned and rolled my eyes. He is so ugly is it cause he can play basketball and I can’t. Fuck that! I would be able to play basketball too very soon.

Do Jung winked at Chi Min and my eyes widened.

“that player” I muttered and walked to Chi Min I dragged her up and she raised a brow.

I took her to the middle of the court making the guys stop playing.

“Chi Min, I met you just recently but what you made me feel is new just like you are, what you made me feel is lovely just like you are, it is beautiful just like you are, Chi Min, be my girlfriend” I said and everyone gasped.

“what…. What are you doing?” Chi Min asked in a whisper.

She wants to act, here goes a movie, I smirked at her and she looked at me, then the crowd of students, then Do Jung.

“I….” she bit her lips.

“Gosh! I….. It’s okay” she stuttered and I hugged her.

“thanks for accepting me” I said.

“what?? I didn’t say that” she replied and tried to pull back from the hug but I held her tight.

“we are acting” I whispered into her ears.

“kiss! Kiss!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!!!” everyone chanted and I looked at Chi Min with a smirk.

She shook her head trying to tell me not to. Now dear Chi Min, who plays the acting game better?

I moved closer to her as she kept giving me expressions to stop but I ignored it all.

💎💎Episode 11💎💎

Chi Min’s Pov
No, no, I won’t allow this to happen. Just as he moved closer to me, I stepped on him hard and he groaned.

I tried to run out but he drew me back. Gosh! This is so embarrassing once I am out of this, I am gonna almost kill him.

“C’mon, love, don’t be like this” he said pouting. I stared at everyone in the basketball court and pushed him hard that he fell to the floor.

He lay on the floor motionless and I furrowed my brows.
“Tae!” I called and moved closer to him but there was no reply.

“Tae!!” I called and shook his body but he remained motionless.

“Tae! Tae! Tae!! Wake up!!!” I slapped his cheeks.

Tae Ho’s Pov
Is her hands made of iron? Why does her hand hurt so much? I opened my eyes and drew her to me.

I turned her over, making me above her. She gasped and her eyes widened, her eyes were teary, will she really cry if something happens to me?

I moved my head closer to her staring at her lips, the court was dead silent. Chi Min gulped as u stared at her pinkish and lovely lips.

She bit her lips slowly and I was just about to kiss her when she hit her head hard against mine. I fell back to the floor.

“aaargh” I groaned and rubbed my forehead in pain. The girls burst into laughter and Chi Min ran out.

I stood up with a smirk swears, I am gonna kiss those lips very soon. I licked my lips.

Chi Min’s Pov
I washed my face severally, did that really happen? He wants to turn this acting of a thing into something else, let’s do this Tae.

I left the washroom and returned to class.

Closing hour.
I picked my bag from my locker and turned back to see Tae.
“are you stalking me now?” I asked.

“nope, I am stalking your lips” he said and I raised my hand.

“you spoilt brat” I muttered and left, he walked after me.

We both got into the car and Tae drove.

“Tae, I need to get some things at the shopping mall” I said and he nodded and turned around.

Let’s act, shall we?

We got to the shopping mall and I stretched my hands forth.

“what?” he asked.

“your card” I replied.

“why are you gonna use my card?” he asked.

“cause I am not with my card” I replied and he gave me his card.

“you are gonna repay me, you know?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.

We both alighted from the car and went into the mall. I began shopping making sure I shopped for expensive stuffs only.

“Geez! Chi min!! Will you be able to pay me back?” he asked.

“shut it” I replied and handed the shopping basket to him.

I shopped till I was sure I almost exhausted all his money. then I smiled and we headed to the counter.

The items were packed and I gave them all to Tae, I had like 12 bags.

“this is too much, I can’t carry it all” Tae groaned.

“ugh? You are being disrespectful, you know that?” I asked.

“ugh? What do you mean?” he asked and dropped the bags.

“ma’am your boyfriend is very handsome” the sales girl said and I laughed.

“who? This guy here? He is my driver” I said and saw Tae Ho’s eyes widened.

“oh, I am sorry I got it wrong” the girl replied.

“it’s okay, it’s because I take care of him very well, people can hardly notice that he is a driver” I replied.

“but he is getting disrespectful now, just a driver, C’mon pick up the bags” I said to him smirking inwardly.

All of a sudden, Tae took the credit card from me.

“what are you doing?” I asked.

“go meet your boyfriend” he said and walked out.

“such a disrespectful worker” the sales girl said and I nodded nervously. How am I going to pay for all this?

“ma’am, pay up please” the sales girl said.

“erm… Er…. Actually… The thing….the thing is….” I stuttered.

“ma’am pay up” the sales girl said.

Tae! Please don’t do this to me, C’mon. am I really gonna be Embarrassed? I am so fucking dead.

“I don’t…i don’t have money with me” I said.

“ugh? What do you mean? Are you even in your right senses? You came to shop so much, you even ate some snacks while shopping behaving like a super rich lady now you don’t have the money” she said and I closed my eyes.

“well actually we need a cleaner, you could fill in” she said and my eyes opened wide.

Acting gone wrong! I am so gone



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