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A gumiho’s love episode 6

💕💕💕💕(Can this love be possible???)💕💕💕💕
🔮 Chapter Six 🔮
🏵️ Anita/June 🏵️
I got really hungry sitting in the hallway, watching people going and and coming in.. it’s boring and I got hungry
That’s why I went to his class and told him, they’re all staring at me as if I killed
“What’s she talking about Jesse?” The man standing at the front asked
“I’ll fix this sir” he replied and came to me, he pulled my hands out and took me to a place
People kept staring and commenting
😍 Who’s that girl with Jesse?
😍 She looks new
😍 And unkept, she’s dirty!
I felt like just smashing life out of the girl who gave that comment but I kept my cool till we got to the rooftop..he must be popular here
He threw my hand off
“What did you just do?” He asked angrily
“I’m hungry, I want meat” I said, smiling
He roughed his hair and stumped his shoe on the ground
“You might implicate me with your carelessness, if this happens again, I might have to reconsider helping you” he said seriously
” Ok, I won’t do it again but sincerely I’m hungry” I replied
“Jinjja?, You’re really something else” he said and brought out something like paper with different pattern on it, five of it
“What’s this?” I asked
“You dunno money?, Gosh, why do you behave like a total kid? ”
” This is not what we spent fifty years ago, it’s coins” I said sincerely
” Oh… That’s true, we still spend coins though but this is what we spend the most right now, go to any restaurant and buy meat with it”
” You won’t follow me?”
” I still have a class to attend”
” Will you wait for me here? ”
” Yes, just go and eat” he replied and I bounced down the rooftop happily with the money
I ran as fast as flash to the place I ate meat earlier, it’s far from school but I don’t feel it
“Ten meat servings…beef please” I told the woman in charge
“OMG!, Are you human at all?, You ate sixteen earlier” she said
“But it doesn’t matter right?, Just give me what I said” I replied and took my seat as the meat was brought
“Ikeo masisseoyo! (This is delicious!)” I exclaimed as I ate
Fifty years ago, I and my sisters eat most of the meats raw, we only cook or roast when the weather is cold, but maybe we aren’t experts in roasting cos right now, this roasted beef is the best!
“Do you need soju?” She asked
“Yes, but not with a cup” I replied
“Why not?, Everyone drinks with a cup”
“everyone but not me, I’ll drink directly from the bottle” I replied and she gave one weird look before leaving
She brought a bottle of soju and I gulped it down in seconds
It feels good!
💧 Jesse 💧
“Who was that girl?” Rachel asked immediately I got to class
I searched my head for an answer
“She’s my… Cousin” I lied
“Oh… I see, but she’s funny, asking for meat in class” Nicole said and started laughing
“Jesse can you give me a foot massage?” Rachel asked
“Foot massage?, I’m not your boyfriend you know?”
” No, don’t talk about it again… I’m going home” I said and left class, greatly disturbed
I didn’t even bother to check the rooftop weather Anita is there, I really don’t want to take her with me…
I rushed to the parking lot and drove home straight… I don’t think she’ll know the way here again.. but she will, she’s a gumiho and it’ll be simple for her to locate it again
.. nevertheless,I went home
🎲 Anita/June 🎲
“What’s this?” The woman asked after I gave her the money
“Your money” I replied
“You ate ten servings of beef and seven bottles of soju alone, and you’re giving me this?, Unbelievable, your money is a whole lot more than this”
” What do I do?, I have no money again”
” Then why did you eat and drink so much why? ”
” I’m so sorry, what can I do to make up for it? ”
” Wash all the plates ” she commanded
Six hours later
I’m still washing plates and it’s becoming dark, Jesse must be waiting
I washed the last piece and ran out of the restaurant, my gown is now wet with the washing water….
I got to the school and couldn’t find anyone , not even a bird…
It’s closed and I can’t even enter
Worse enough, clouds are gathering, it’ll soon rain
I should run to his house before the rain will start pouring
I took to my heels and started running
But I’ve not run more than twenty kilometers when it started raining, all on me
No place to hide, I usually fall sick when it rains and ice falls, even if ice did not fall, I’ll still fall sick , it’s just that the sickness will be more severe when ice falls
Worse enough, I’m even inside the damn rain!
I started shivering but I kept running…tears fell from my eyes as I did, I know I can’t escape a heavy sickness
I managed to get to his gate and knocked but I only managed to knock once before getting weak
I fell down and…..
🖤 Jesse 🖤
I didn’t sleep a wink this night, it even got to a period and my ears started itching me, I tried reading and it’s not working
I kept thinking of where miss gumiho will be.. it’s even raining
She’ll be out there, I’m sure of it cos she has nowhere to go
What do I do?
I haven’t even told grandpa about it, but i guess she’s right cos despite the fact that the cups are now empty, our museum is still doing well
What if she dies in this heavy rain?
She saved my face in the morning though she fucked up in the class but…my conscience won’t lemme rest
Lord Jesus what do I do???
I picked my umbrella and without minding the consequences, I ran out and opened the gate
Just like I thought, she’s lying lifeless on the ground, the rain is pouring on her
“What the fuck!”
I quickly threw away the umbrella and carried her in in my arms
My grandpa is already waiting in the living room
“Who the heck is this?”
“Araboji, that’s not important right now, I’ll explain later but let’s save her first” I replied and called the maids
🍇 Grandpa Lee 🍇
The maids took her in and changed her clothe to Jesse’s second pyjamas since there’s no clothe to change it to
She’s still unconscious and her temperature is way too high
And immediately Jesse brought her in, I know she’s a gumiho, pure gumiho, where did he get her from?
“Shouldn’t we get her to the hospital?” Jesse asked
“No, she’s a gumiho, she’ll be ok by herself” I replied and he looked at me in shock
” How did you know she’s a gumiho?, I was just about to tell you about it” he exclaimed
” Well maybe your grandpa is not an ordinary person” I replied
” Jinjja?, Are you also a gumiho?” He asked
” No, I’m not, but I’m not ordinary, and don’t ask me what I am cos I won’t tell you now, it’s for later” I replied and he sighed
” She came out of the cup” he suddenly said and my eyes widened
“You mean the cup of luck in the museum?, You opened it?” He asked surprisingly
“Mian hamnida halabeoji (I’m sorry grandpa)” he apologized
” How did it happen?” I asked curiously
“Last night, when I said I forgot my books at the museum it’s actually a lie, I went there to open the cups and she came out of there, they were actually four
Two girls came out of the second cup while another man came out of the same cup she came out from” he said and I nodded
” Where are they?” I asked though I know they’d have vanished
” They vanished immediately they came out, only Anita did not vanish” he replied
I think I know why it’s like that, it’s because they’re connected, Anita and Jesse are definitely connected cos if anyone comes out of the cup alive, he can’t stay at that exact place where he landed, he or she will have to vanish involuntarily to another place… for the fact that she didn’t, they’re connected, is this what we call fate?
“What are you thinking grandpa?” He asked
“Oh… she’ll be ok, just don’t worry” I replied
” But can she stay here?” He asked
” You let her out of the cup , of course I’ll allow her to stay since she has nowhere to go”
“Go ma sseum nida halabeoji (thanks Grandpa)” he said happily
” And thanks for opening the cups” I said
“Why?, You aren’t angry?”
” No. You saved lives so it’s worth it” I replied and he hugged me
” I love you grandpa!”
🌻 Anita/ June 🌻
I opened my eyes to a broad!, I’m on a soft king sized bed, this is so different from what I sleep on with my sisters fifty years ago
So comfortable!
“Silly gumiho” someone said and I spranged up
It’s Jesse, standing by the door
“Why did you stay in the rain?” He asked
“As if I have a place to go, why did you leave the school, you told me you’ll wait for me” I snapped
“I’m sorry about that but that apart… my grandma has said you can stay here since you’ve been sleeping for the past seven days and your temperature was so high” he said
” I knew it, it’s long this time around, if it rains, I get sick for three days, if it rains and ice falls, it’s four days, if it rains and I’m in the rain, it’s five days but this time around, it’s seven” I said
” Oh, so you and rain are enemies” he said
“Actually ice is my greatest enemy, I cry when I go close to it, and keep cups away please, I’ll drink water with plates” I said
” All these precautions for you alone?”
” Yes, if you don’t want to treat a sick girl everyday, and I need to meet your grandpa, I have a whole lot to ask him and I want to thank him too” I said, getting off bed
” You’ll have to wait till he’ll be back cos he’s off to the museum” he replied
” And aren’t you going to school today? ” I asked
“it’s Saturday you dummy” he replied and sniffed the air
” Wait.. during those fifty years in the cup, did you bath?” He asked
” How do you expect me to bath when I was tied up by bloody Arthur” I replied and held his hand
” You mean you never bathed for fifty years and you look Clean?”
“I’m a gumiho remember?”
” I know, you look Clean but you stink, you need a bath” he said
“how do I bath?” I asked
” You dunno how to bath???”
” Yes”
“Jinjja?, I’m going to go crazy like this, a grown up like you don’t know how to do these things” he complained
” But I want to eat first, give me meat or I’ll eat you” I said jokingly
“I know you’re not a liver eater so stop joking and get into the bathroom” he said
” Please can I eat before bathing?’
“No way”
“I said no, bath first” he snapped
“Jess, Jess, please”
” It won’t work” he said and called one of the maids
He bundled me on his shoulder and took me into the bathroom with the maid
He locked the door
“Jesse I’ll have my revenge!” I shouted


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