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A gumiho’s love episode 16

💕💕💕💕(Will this love be possible???)💕💕💕💕
🔮 Chapter sixteen 🔮
📙 Jesse 📙
I ran to Anita and guided her as she staggered
“They tried to kill me, if I’m not a gumiho, I’ll be dead by now” she said angrily
” I know you’re angry but please forgive them, you know they’re my friends right?, But right now they’ve lost that chance… Just leave them” I said
She looked at me and started walking away
“so she’s… She’s a gumiho?” Nicole asked as she stood up, coughing and holding unto her neck… Rachel is still unconscious
“You heard it right, so you know what she can do to you if you try anything funny, and also, this must remain in this circle, if anyone else hears about it, you’ll have yourself to blame” I said before walking away.. catching up with Anita
” You know Rachel once hit me with a car too, if I’m not a gumiho, I would die” she said
” Hey Anita, don’t be crossed, I know you’re angry but just overlook it” I said, pulling her back by the hand
“I’m sorry for getting too angry, I was just pissed off” she said guiltily
” No need to be guilty , your anger is justified, now I want to see you smile” I said and she did
I hugged her tightly
” So how was the shoot?”
“Oh Jess!, I forgot to tell you, I got it!, The CEO said I’m good when he saw the pictures
I’m sure I’ll appear in front of pillar magazine tommorow as the current model in Golden cosmetics” she replied happily
” Jinjja?, I’m so happy right now, this calls for celebration! ”
I hugged her again
We bought some meat at the supermarket and some drinks too before going home but then we met another drama
May is with her luggage in the living room
🍭 Anita 🍭
“What’s with all these?” I asked
“I’m getting out of this house, right now” she shot at my face
” Oh really?, Why?, And where are you going?” I asked
“You think I need a reason to leave this place?, It’s not my house in the first place and besides, you and Jesse are annoying, and I’m not telling you my destination, I’m off! ” She said and made to go but I held her hand
” May please, you know it’s just a month since we found each other, it’s not fair if you just leave”
“you act like you’re kind right now but you’re not, don’t you dare stop me” she replied and snapped her hand off my grip
” Just let her be, she’s of no help here anyways and she’s getting out of hand” April replied angrily
May left in anger and I fell on the couch as Yolanda came, I stroked her head as usual but sadly this time
May might be a jerk but she’s still my sister
💗 Rachel 💗
I woke up to find myself in an hospital with Nicole beside me
“You’re awake!” She exclaimed
“Why the heck am I here?”
“You Dumbo, you lost consciousness after Anita gumiho pinned us to the wall” she replied and I remembered
” Wait… She’s really a, a gumiho?”
” Yes she is, it’s confirmed” I replied and she cringed
” How scary!!, I think we really need to keep our distance, we nearly got killed”
” We’ll keep our distance but we won’t give up” she replied
” That’s quite right”
🏵️ May 🏵️
After leaving the house, I went back to madam Norris house
“May!, You’re here again?” She asked
“Yes, can I stay here for a while?” I asked
“Did you have a fight with your sisters?” She asked
“No, I just want to stay close to the shop” I replied
” That’s true, but are you sure there’s nothing wrong? ”
” Absolutely ma’am”
I went to our former room and dropped my bag
If I can’t have Jesse, I’ll destroy him together with my shameless sister
😍 Arthur 😍
Two weeks later
I got to the tomb of Madarssus two weeks later just like the genie said
Wow, it must have existed for a thousand of years
I watched the surroundings before entering stealthily
It’s full of cobwebs and dust, dried leaves and all
Cobwebs covered my face as I entered more deeply into the tomb but I don’t care.. to get this I must be bold
Then I finally reached the inner room which is more darker than the former and more dirty
But suddenly, firelights came on there another genie here?
But it’s not true, no one is there but a voice came out loud and clear
“Welcome to the tomb of Madarssus, what you came for is right here, but you don’t get it for free, you’ll have to pay a price” the dulcet masculine voice echoed
” What price?” I asked, looking around
“Sacrifice one of your body parts!” He said and my eyes widened
” What!, Sacrifice one of my body parts, that’s ridiculous”
” When you’re ready, then speak” the voice replied and went quiet
My body part?, My leg, no, I can’t possibly kill June while limping
My hand?, No. I can’t defeat her with one hand
My eye?, That can be possible, I can still manage an eye right?”
” Take one of my eyes, I’ll have to adjust into using one eye” I said boldly
” Are you sure you’re ready to give one of your eyes?”
” Absolutely”
” Walk towards that small clay pot on top of the wooden stool and look inside” he said and I obeyed
Immediately I looked inside, I went through excruciating pains as my right eye is being gouged out
I cried out in pain but I have to endure, I want to get the sword
With the eye removed already, it’s agonizing but I have to endure it as blood gushed out uncontrollably, dampening my robe
“That’s the sword on the lambskin, take it, go use it and return it after twenty days”
” Twenty days?, What’s the assurance that I’ll see them before twenty days, why are you being Cruel?”
I got no answer to that
I tied my bleeding eye with a tear from my robe
I got the sword and ran out of the tomb happily
June!, April and May! I’m coming for you!
Mulan should dare not let me see her
I have to do all these before twenty days
💚 Mulan 💚
“You did a great job here Kasi” I said to my construction manager as I checked out the new underground Castle
I’m in South Korea already since yesterday and I know this place is gonna be a cool place for my business and in no time, I know I’ll be able to trace my son’s scent and find him
“It’s really hard to establish but we did it” Kasi replied
“I trust you, we start work tomorrow, and find me an artist who’s good in drawing, I’ll describe my son’s face for him to draw so my boys can take it with them whenever they’re going on the lookout for my son” I ordered
” Yes my lady”
” And tell Dan to send my liver, I’m famished” I said and he bowed before leaving
Mona Lee, if I mistakenly catch you with my son, you’re dead!
I know I’ll find him in no time cos apart from sending my boys, I’ll be on the lookout too
It starts tomorrow!, I’ll kill anyone I have to kill and eat anyone I have to eat, just to get back my son!


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