A father’s pain Episode 17 & 18

In response, she cracked into laughter. Before anyone could tell what was happening, I was sprinting towards her in anger.
My lawyer screamed after me. His p@rtner immediately dropped the files he was holding and took off after me. I could see Nora ahead, rushing the children towards her car. By the time I got there, they were alre-ady in the car and speeding away.
I looked around for a stone to hurl at the car, regardless of the fact that the children I was fighting for were sitting in and could get hurt. That is what anger can do to a person; cloud his s-en-se of judgement. However, the stones around were too big for me to lift.
“What are you doing, sir? Do you want to be arrested?” my lawyer’s p@rtner screamed at me when he got to me. But one look at my facial expression and he regretted the tone he used to address me.
“I am sorry, sir, for shouting at you. But it is important you remain calm in this matter. The court has ruled. There is nothing anyone can do, save appeal” he said.
“Then we are going to appeal” I told him. I could see he was not in agreement with my decision to appeal against the ruling.
We walked back in silence to where I had parked my car. Two policemen had come out of the court room to find out what the commotion had all been about. When we got to them, I heard my lawyer telling them everything was alright and that we were leaving the premises. Then without a word, he ordered me to get into my car and drive after him. I complied as the two policemen looked on. I got into my car and drove away after the lawyer. His p@rtner followed me in his car. After a ten minute drive, we arrived at my lawyer’s chamber. We all parked our cars and filed into his office. Then he set about admonishing me about my conduct in court and after.
“Contempt is a very serious offence. Many judges would have cited you for contempt of court and s£ntence you to at least a week in prison the way you behaved in court today. plea-se, never repeat that again even if it is very clear that the judge was wrong in his ruling. I now have to talk to your wife’s lawyer because I know him very well. He is going to press charges against you. If you do not behave, you would not only lose your children but you will also go to prison” he concluded.
Sighing, I apologized for what took place at the court but said I want to appeal against the ruling. My lawyer said my chances of winning the appeal were negligible.
“Once the DNA has established that the children are not your biological children, there is nothing you or anyb©dy can do about it” he said. However, I disagreed with him.
“plea-se just go ahead and file an appeal for me. I want it done immediately. In fact, I want it done today” I said.
“Today?” he asked, sounding surprise
“Yes” I responded
“No. it will take at least a week for me to file an appeal. I now have to go for a copy of the ruling and study it. It will take a while” Carl Lomotey said.
“Can’t we make it in three days’ time? I will pay you anything you want” I said. He did not look plea-se with my request.
“Mr. Ofori-Mensah, I have been your lawyer over the years and you know that between you and I, money is not an issue. So, plea-se just relax. We have to think things over carefully. I know how devastated you are to know that the children are not your biological children. But….”
“They are my biological children!” I screamed at my lawyer. He was startled at my outbur-st.
“I see you too believe the nons-en-se that Peter and Pamela are not my children” I said.
“Well, the DNA test proved you are not their biological father” my lawyer said. I sprung to my feet.
“You are fired! From today onwards, you are not my lawyer!” I said and I meant it. Then I walked out of his office.
He c@m£ after me but I ignored him. I got into my car and ordered John to drive away. He complied immediately. But, I did not have any place in mind to go to so I got him to drive around till I finally decided to head for the beach.
It was a sunny day, an ideal time to splash in the greenish blue ocean so I was not surprise to find, when I got there, quite a number of people swimming. My driver parked the car by the street. I got down and strolled along the path to the beach. When I got there, I found myself a suitable place to sit. I tried to relax my b©dy, inhaling and exhaling de-eply.The sight of the sea helped me a lot to relax. Very far off of to my left, fishermen were mending their nets. It was quite a distance away and no swimming was taking place there. In front of me was where the fun was taking place in the sea.Soon, I caught sight of a family; father, mother and obviously, their two children, having fun in the sea. Immediately my family c@m£ to mind. I remembered the good old days when I would bring my wife and children to the beach to have fun. Peter loved to swim. It was always difficult getting him out of the water when it was time to leave. All those happy days were now only a faint memory to me.
Sitting on the shore and staring out at sea, for the first time, I began to wonder what made my wife commit adûlt€ry. Was it that I was not satisfying her in be-d or that she was simply s£dûç£d by my friend’s wealth? Talking about wealth, I was well to do by all standards and was able to provide far more beyond what she nee-ded. So, it did not make s-en-se that she would fall for my friend’s wealth.
I decided it was not healthy for me to be thinking of what my wife did so I shifted my attention back to the family pla-ying in the sea. They had the fun of their lives, splashing in the water until the sun began to set. Gradually, people began to file out of the sea. The family I had spent my time watching also waded out of the water and made their way to the Chevrolet they had come to the beach in. They got in and a few minutes later, they were gone.
Others too were leaving the beach. I watched them all leave. A couple, who had spent time R0m-ncing in the sea, also left, hand in hand. Finally, I was the only one left at the beach. It then dawned on me that just as I was the only one left on the beach, so was I the only one left in my family.
My heart was heavy. I felt very sad. My thoughts went to my children. I wondered where they were and what they were doing. With a heavy heart, finally, I decided it was time to go so I made my way back to my car, got in and got the driver to head home.
We arrived home shortly after 7:00pm. Efe was waiting in the living room. Obviously, my driver, John, had alre-ady phoned to tell her the outcome of the court case. Her eyes were very heavy, a sure sign she had been crying.
“Sir, welcome” she said as she let me into the living room. Then she bur-st out in tears. I held her, pu-ll-ed her close and comforted her. She and my driver were the only one I could now call family. I called John into the living room and addressed him and Efe.
“You know the outcome of the court case. But this is not going to be the end. I am going to appeal against the ruling of the court. My lawyers are obviously not interested in an appeal so I have sacked them. I would employ the services of a new lawyer tomorrow and then launch an appeal against the court’s decision. Rest as-sured that Peter and Pamela are my biological children and I will get them back” I said.
Even John seemed affected by the whole saga. He was a lucky-go-happy person but suddenly, he seemed to have lost his verve and dash. As for Efe, she broke into fresh tears when I began to talk. When I finished talking, she said she has something to say.
“Sir, I am aware I will incur your displea-sure after you hear what I am going to say. However, I will take the risk and say it. Sir, plea-se forgive madam and take her back. I know what she has done is very bad. But, for the sake and unity of this family, I am pleading with you to forgive her and take back” she said.