a crazy love 2 episode 20

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Kizy picked up a pillow before throwing it at Markus.

“Why are you being like this? Now you want to pretend that you forgot our first night? Won’t you accept how wild you were, even taking my virginity away without my consent?” Markus asked, his tone blaming.

Kizy was left speechless under Markus accusations. She was literally stumped for words.

Yes she indeed forgot what all happened last night, but whatever Markus said was way too severe.

“Pffft. Stop with your melodrama. Nothing happened like what he said. You were drenched and the maid changed your clothes.” Nicole, who was listening to Markus’s nonsense from outside, finally couldn’t take it anymore and came inside.

“Why do you have to be such a spoilsport? Who are you to meddle between us husband and wife?” Markus asked, giving a mean look to Nicole.

“Why not. How can you trouble her so much. Can’t you see she is already suffering from a hangover? Ohhh by the way.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIZY!!” Nicole said with a smiling face.

“You… I was going to wish her first. Why did you do this? Kizy don’t listen to her. She didn’t wish you okay? Now listen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WIFEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!” Markus sang the entire song for Kizy.

“Wait. You called me your wife and she isn’t reacting at all? Did you tell her the truth? Isn’t she your childhood sweetheart?” Kizy asked, still pressing her temples.

“She is my cousin. Nicole. We were just pretending before this.” Markus said.

Kizy looked at both of them, as if searching for the truth, but both had a sincere look on their faces.

“Are you speaking the truth?” Kizy asked.

“Yes. Of course my dear wifey. You remember how rude I was since my childhood. I never let any other girl come near me except you and her. She is my Aunt’s only daughter. And you are my wife.” Markus said with a smile.

“But why were you pretending?” Kizy asked, confusedly.

“Obviously because-” Markus was about to speak when he paused.

“Wait, you don’t remember anything?” Markus asked with a stupefied expression.

“What should I remember?” Kizy asked.

“What you said near the pool? Something about liking me?” Markus asked wide eyed.

“Stop fooling me Markus. I won’t buy it. Me liking you? Or you misheard ‘I hate you’ as ‘I like you’?” Kizy said, not believing whatever Markus said.

Nicole started laughing loudly at Kizy’s statement.

“Serves you right.” Nicole said.

“You shut up.” Markus said frustratedly.

He had thought that Kizy would at least remember the part near the pool, as she was a little sober by then. But who would have expected that Kizy would forget every single thing.

“You don’t remember anything?” Markus asked with a desperate tone?

“No!!” Kizy shouted and her headache kicked in again, making her press both of her temples.

“Idiot, can’t you see she is having a headache. Do something for her.” Nicole whispered to Markus.

“Why should I do something for her? She is not admitting her feelings.” Markus said in a complaining tone.

“Even if she doesn’t remember, she had spoken the truth, as she was drunk. Which means somewhere deep down she definitely likes you, but isn’t accepting her feelings just like what you were doing all this while. What you have to do is work harder. Be so nice to her that she would have no option left than to confess her feelings.” Nicole said in a low voice.

“Are you sure? Will this work?” Markus asked in a doubtful voice.

“Of course. Trust me. Didn’t I make you realize your feelings?” Nicole said with a brow raised.

“Okay.” Markus said.

“What are you both talking about?” Kizy asked, looking at the cousin duo speaking in whispers.

“Nothing dear. Wait for me.” Markus said and left the room.

“Once again happy birthday Kizy.” Nicole said sincerely and went back to her room.

“Thank you.” Kizy said politely.

Markus returned after a minute, carrying the bowl of hangover soup he had made by waking up so early, knowing that she would suffer from a hangover, especially given her low alcohol tolerance.

“Have this. You will feel better.” Markus said while climbing the bed with a bowl of soup.

“What is this?” Kizy asked.

“Hangover soup.” Markus said.

“You made this?” Kizy asked doubtfully, while noticing the apron worn by Markus.

“Yes.” Markus said with a smile.

“Will this be edible?” Kizy asked genuinely.

Markus felt like puking blood at Kizy’s statement. But he remembered what Nicole had said. He will have to be so good to her, that Kizy would eventually accept her feelings like what he did.

“Yes my dear. At least taste it.” Markus said, raising a spoonful of soup and blowing it to cool it down.

Kizy was a little startled at Markus’s unnecessarily good behaviour, even doubting him a little.

But eventually she opened her mouth and Markus fed her the soup.

The moment she tasted it, her eyes widened.

“This is good.” Kizy said honestly, after gulping it down.

Markus felt a little better and started spoon feeding her.

“I am not a kid. I can eat it by myself.” Kizy protested.

“No, your head is aching. I’ll feed you.” Markus said, and continued feeding.

Kizy felt that Markus was acting a little weird today, but she couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong.

“So how do you usually celebrate your birthday?” Markus asked, still feeding her soup.

“It’s nothing special. Usually we go to orphanages and old age homes and distribute them gifts and sweets. Play games with them and spend some quality time.” Kizy said, remembering how she used to spend her birthdays, with only she and her mom alone for the past three years.

“That’s great!” Markus said.

Once she has done with the soup, he went back and asked the maid to bring the dress that Nicole had asked to buy. He asked her to pass the dress to Kizy and ask her to get ready while he made sandwiches and juice for Kizy.

Kizy came down, wearing a wine colored dress, sleeveless, ending just below her knees. She paired them with maroon colored heels and sat on her seat.

Kizy looked at the dining table and gave a genuine smile.

©Sir Zach


“Good morning mother, grandma and grandpa.” Kizy said cheerfully.

“Happy birthday Kizy!” Mary said before passing a gift box to her.

Kizy instantly opened the box, only to find an entirely black gown, covered in black diamonds and pearls with a gothic vibe. She remembered that this was the dress which had won first prize in International fashion week, which was also the first win for ‘Purple’.

But the most important part about this dress was, it was the only piece ever created. From fabric to its accessories, all of them were rare, making it one of the most expensive dresses in this world.

“Only you can carry it without giving off a negative aura.” Mary said proudly.

“You don’t have to waste it on me. This is way too precious.” Kizy said, not knowing how she was supposed to accept such an expensive gift.

“Nothing is more precious than my daughter.” Mary said with a smile before rubbing her head.

“Daughter-in-law you mean.” Markus said.

Meanwhile grandma and grandpa were fighting amongst themselves.

“See, she wished me first. I told you that I am her favourite.” Grandma said cockily.

“She simply wished according to age. She first wished Mary, then you and me. Because I am the senior most over here.” Grandpa said, not ready to accept grandma’s statement.

“Hmmmphh! Dream on.” Grandma said before crossing grandpa and going towards Kizy.

“Happy birthday child!! I made these for you.” Grandma said, wrapping a woolen maroon scarf around Kizy’s neck, which was coincidentally matching her heels.

Grandma placed the other three sarves on the table.

Kizy felt so warm by grandma’s gesture. She simply hugged her tightly.

“Happy birthday Kizy!!” Grandpa said before Kizy could thank grandma properly.

“Thank you grandpa.” Kizy said.

“This is for you.” Grandpa said and took out a wooden box with beautiful carving and diamonds attached to it.

Kizy carefully opened it, only to open her mouth wide, surprised at the unexpected gift.

Lying inside the box was a M1911, though one look and Kizy knew it was different than the regular model.

“Can I open this?” Kizy asked excitedly, not being able to keep her hands to herself anymore.

“Yes of course.” Grandpa said lovingly.

Kizy immediately took out the gun, disassembled it completely, excitement visible in her eyes when she saw the modifications made to it.

“This would be way too expensive!” Kizy exclaimed, reassembling the gun.

“No. Not at all.” Grandpa said, trying to hide the facts.

“No. I know. Colt was never a cheap gun to begin with. Plus you have added modifications, even increasing the magazine capacity. This would surely cost a fortune!!” Kizy said, carefully keeping the gun back in the box.

“Why have I never received such gifts and treatment?” Markus asked jealously after watching Kizy being showered with all the love, especially the gun part.

“You were adopted.” Nicole said and laughed, making the entire family laugh except Markus.

“You called all of them?” Kizy asked Markus, happiness visible in her eyes.

“No. Do you think I even need to call them. They came here on their own, and are about to eat a free breakfast that which is made by me.” Markus said monotonously.

“You made those?” Mary asked, looking at sandwiches made by Markus.

“Yes. But they are for Kizy. You won’t get any.” Markus said with a smirk.

“You can have them all.” Kizy said with a smile.

“No. I made them for you.” Markus said.

“Don’t you feel ashamed while acting so petty?” Grandpa said.

“No.” Markus answered firmly.

“Brat. Next time onwards you will have to bring your own lunchbox to the mansion. I will only cook for Kizy.” Grandma said.

Markus looked shocked at his grandparents, not believing they would treat him so badly.

“Only one sandwich each.” Markus said dejectedly.

And thus the family of six had a hearty breakfast.

“Have you planned anything?” Mary whispered to Markus once the breakfast was over.

“Yeah don’t worry. In fact you three should leave soon so that I could start with my plan.” Markus said.

“Look at you. Forgetting us once you have your wife.” Mary said dotingly.

After half an hour, three of them left for their mansion, wishing Kizy once again.

“Let’s go.” Markus said.

“Where are we going?” Kizy asked.

“That will be a surprise.” Markus said with a smile.

Markus, Kizy and Nicole came out of the house.

“We don’t want a third wheel between us. You go with him.” Markus said, pointing towards Joel.

“Why though? Anyways your car can accomodate five passengers. I can definitely come with you.” Nicole said.

Kizy had seen how much grandma, grandpa and Mary doted on Nicole and understood that she definitely had a good personality.

“Let her come with us.” Kizy said.

“No. Today I’ll be driving and you will accompany me in the front passenger seat. We don’t need a light bulb in between.” Markus said.

“You make it sound as if we are a very romantic couple.” Kizy said with a poker face.

“Of course we are!” Markus said and held Kizy’s hand, dragging her towards his bugatti.

Thus left with no other option, Nicole had to accompany Joel.

“How can you work with such a psycho? Have you never thought of leaving his side?” Nicole asked, pissed off from Markus’s act.

“Boss has done a lot for me. Even if I die and come back to life, I can never repay him.” Joel said in a serious voice.

“Okay okay. No need to get all senti. But do we HAVE to follow them? Like I can see that he would be more than happy to go along with his beloved wife. Why should we go with them?” Nicole asked.

“I think you will like the place, Miss Nicole. Wait till we reach there.” Joel said and started the car.


“Why are you being so nice to me?” Kizy asked Markus after they had started driving.

“I was always nice to you, little lamb.” Markus said, looking straight ahead.

“Why don’t I remember anything like this?” Kizy said, looking out of the window.

“No problem. I will be nice to you everyday so that you will have enough memories to remember.” Markus said.

“Arrghh Markus!! Stop it.” Kizy said frustratedly.

“What happened?” Markus looked at Kizy, shocked at her sudden outburst.

“Just treat me as you usually do. I am not used to your nice behaviour.” Kizy said.

“Is your brain working fine? You don’t want people to treat you nicely?” Markus said, looking back towards the road.

“No. Just that I am not used to you being nice to me. Just treat me as you usually do.” Kizy said.

And this made Markus angry. He was trying so hard to please her, thinking that if both of them would stop fighting and arguing, they could lead a happy life.

But Kizy wasn’t appreciating his kindness. He himself knew how much effort was needed to behave nice with someone who has always fought with you.

Thus the rest of the ride was silent, with Markus being angry and not talking, and Kizy not thinking to speak anything.

It wasn’t that she minded Markus being nice to her, but more importantly she wanted him to be true and candid with her.

Markus calling her stupid, idiot or other names, pointing out her faults in everysingle thing was his usual behaviour.

But today he didn’t utter even a single word when she had gone out yesterday. And she knew that it must have taken him a lot of effort to find and then take her back, as she knew what kind of mess she was once she would be drunk.

Even if it was her birthday, Markus wasn’t the type who would forgive her. And though he had said that he wouldn’t be punishing her, Kizy knew that Markus would have at least lectured her normally.

But he was behaving as if something good happened which was not the case. Therefore she wanted Markus to behave honestly with her.

It took them almost one hour to reach their destination – An amusement park.

And instantly all the negative emotions Kizy had been feeling for the entire ride was gone. Because not only had Markus brought her to the amusement park, all the kids from her regular orphanage from C city were brought to the same park with her.

Plus he had bought the tickets for one entire day, resulting in the kids with Kizy, Markus, Nicole and Joel being the only ones in the park, along with workers.

She went running towards the kids, immediately picking a little girl named Evie in her arms. The kids instantly surrounded her from all sides, calling her by her name directly.

“Kizy we missed you.” A six year old boy said.

“Evie wants a hug.” Another girl said in her cute voice.

“Kizy ice cream.” Another kid said pointing towards the ice cream seller.

“Kizy, will you play with us?” Another one asked.

This way Kizy ended up being taken up by those kids. The owner of the orphanage came near Markus.

“Thank you for this trip. Our kids have never been away so far. And all of them love Kizy a lot. I had thought that this time Kizy won’t be meeting them, but thanks to you. The kids look so happy.” The owner said.

“It’s no big deal.” Markus answered while looking towards Kizy who felt so happy by simply being accompanied by these kids.

“This is what a person in love looks like.” Nicole said while walking towards Markus, who didn’t even notice her.

“No. Not in love. I am angry.” Markus said, his tone complaining.

“Why are you angry now?” Nicole asked, not knowing what had happened inside the car.

“Kizy says she doesn’t want me to be nice with her. She wants me to treat her normally. Can’t she see how much effort I am taking to be good with her?” Markus said angrily.

“Wait. You took the literal meaning of my words?” Nicole asked.

“Yes. You asked me to be so nice with her that she will confess her feelings.” Markus said and Nicole slapped her forehead.

“It’s not like that bro. Of course she will tell you to behave as usual. She had always seen you fight with her, mock her or hate her. And does the same with you.

You both are true to each other. If you like something, you will say that in a roundabout manner. But your truthfulness is what makes your relationship stable.

Now if you were to change your behaviour suddenly, she is sure to feel uncomfortable around you. You are doing everything according to her will, instead of opposing her as you usually do.” Nicole said.

“What should I do then?” Markus asked.

“Behave as you would normally do. No need to say good things or always smile at her and be nice. Just be yourself.” Nicole said.

“But that’s what I have been doing for all these years. Why would she suddenly start liking me or confess her feelings if I behave the same?” Markus asked.

“Because that’s something you have to show through your gestures.

For example, if Kizy is unable to do something and comes seeking your help, what will be your first reaction?” Nicole asked.

“I will mock her for not being able to do it.” Markus replied casually.

“Exactly. That’s what you have to do. But there’s more to it.” Nicole said.

“What?” Markus asked.

“Even if you mock her, you have to do that thing for her.” Nicole said.

“Why though?” Markus asked, not understanding what Nicole was trying to convey.

“Look. You will scold her for not knowing how to do something. But after scolding, you are helping her out.

Instead of directly helping her out, which you are doing right, you have to be as casual as you can and then help. Not giving her any clues about what you are thinking.

And she would realize that though you might mock her, deep down, you care for her.” Nicole said.

“Will this work?” Markus asked doubtfully.

“Trust me. This would definitely work.” Nicole said with her hand doing a thumbs up sign.

Markus nodded and went towards Kizy, who was busy playing with kids.

“What do you want to play? I will let you play that ride.” Markus said to all the children.

“Let’s go on a less dangerous ride. Or else children would be scared.” Kizy suggested.

“How about that?” Markus asked.