a crazy love 2 episode 19

©Sir Zach


“Finally you remember me!” Markus said, sighing.

“I want to go away. I don’t want to stay with someone who brings a woman home even when he has a wife and lets her insult his legally married wife.” Kizy said, tears visible in her eyes as she was still not completely sober.

“I am sorry. This was my mistake. Nicole is not a random woman. She is my cousin.” Markus said, finally confessing the truth.

“Yeah, how can she be a random woman. I am the only random woman present in your life. She is your cousin. You both can do whatev-” Kizy was still speaking when she paused.

“She is your cousin?” Kizy asked, blinking her innocent tear filled eyes.

“Yes.” Markus said, nodding his head.

“Then.. why…” Kizy said, and started crying, no more able to control her emotions in her drunken state.

“Wait. Don’t cry. Why are you crying? I said I am sorry. You.. look.. I didn’t do it… purposefully… no I mean I did.. wait.. first stop crying.” Markus said, calming himself down and wiping Kizy’s tears trying to stabilize her first.

“Why did you… do.. do that?” Kizy said between her tears, crying even loudly by now.

“I am sorry. It was to test my feelings. My feelings for you.” Markus even confessed the reason guiltily.

“What fee.. feelings?” Kizy asked with her hoarse voice, her throat a little dry after drinking alcohol and then crying now.

“What I feel about you.” Markus said.

“You only.. only hate me… me.” Kizy said and started crying even more violently, her tears flowing nonstop.

“Hey hey.. don’t cry.. stop… I don’t hate you.. Kizy.. stop crying first.. I said I don’t hate you!!” Markus said, getting all flustered as he had been the first time Kizy cried.

“No you only… only hate me. That.. that is why… you are always.. always creating problems for.. me.” Kizy said, still crying.

“Then what do you feel about me?” Markus asked seriously, wanting to hear the truth.

And he knew that this was the best opportunity. Because Kizy was in a state between drunk and sober. When drunk, she would turn into a complete rogue, and when sober she would be cold and emotionless, not letting others know what she was feeling.

But right now Kizy was in her vulnerable state, opening up completely to let others see through her. And Markus knew that whatever she was saying now was the complete truth.

“I.. I feel that Markus is… good. He tries to act.. act violent and cold… but deep down he is.. caring… concerned. I.. I like him.” Kizy said, in between her sobs, not knowing that she had changed their lives from this one drunken moment.

And Markus felt happy. Though he had never tried to accept his feelings, one thing he was sure of was that he definitely didn’t hate Kizy.

Though he mentioned that all he was doing was for revenge, deep down he knew that there was something else, something more than what he could understand.

And hearing that Kizy liked him made him feel happy and confident, made him realise that he wasn’t the only one who was experiencing these feelings but Kizy was going through the same.

“I like you.” Markus said and kissed Kizy passionately, his body still immersed in water while Kizy was sitting on the edge.

Kizy didn’t register what he said but kissed him back with equal passion.

Markus wanted to enter Kizy’s mouth, feel her warmth, but suddenly he felt Kizy shiver a little, making him break the kiss.

And he noticed that Kizy was still drenched with water, her clothes completely wet while the cold air was making her shiver.

And one thing he had known from childhood was that Kizy was prone to cold.

He instantly came out of the pool, and before he could even carry her, Kizy sneezed.

Markus didn’t tarry another moment and immediately carried her back inside the house.

“Prepare a towel and bathrobe.” He instructed the head maid while walking in large strides towards the second floor, back to his bedroom.

By the time Markus reached his floor, Kizy was sleepy again.

“Sleep little lamb.” He said gently, and placed her on the bed.

There was a knock on the door and the maid entered.

She placed the towel and bathrobe on the table and was about to go back, all the time with her head lowered.

“Wait!!” Markus said and she stopped in the track, her head still lowered.

“Yes Master.” She said.

“Please change her into a new set of clothes. Her clothes are drenched.” Markus said and left the bedroom, thinking of bathing in some different bathroom when Nicole came out of her room.

“Oh oh ohhh!! What’s with this body-exposing show?” She said, laughing loudly.

That’s when Markus realised that his buttons were still undone.

“Did you find Kizy?” Nicole said, trying to control her laughter.

“Yes.” Markus answered, buttoning the lower 3-4 buttons of his shirt.

“Should I go and say-” Nicole was still speaking when Markus interrupted.

“She is deep asleep. Don’t disturb her.” Markus said, immediately blocking her way.

“Okay okay. No need to get so protective. Your behaviour makes me think that you truly love and cherish her.” Nicole said.

“I like her. Do you have any problems?” Markus said.

“What!! Finally!! Finally you agree. How did this happen though?” Nicole asked with a stupefied expression.

“We both confessed that we like each other. I also told her that you are my cousin.” Markus said with a cocky face.

“So when are you giving me a treat?” Nicole asked excitedly.

“For what?” Markus said uninterestedly.

“Obviously for making both of you realise and confess your feelings.” Nicole said, crossing her arms.

“In your dreams.” Markus paused.

“In fact if not for you, my wife would have never been so angry at me, leaving me, my room, her job and creating trouble for me. So if there is something that you deserve, it is punishment. And you’ll receive that soon.” Markus said with a smirk.

“What?!!” Nicole asked, her jaw dropping.

“If I am not wrong, you will receive a call soon. Maybe about some blind date I guess.” Markus said and turned, thinking that the maid would be done with dressing Kizy.

“Wait. You forgot the real purpose behind this entire drama though.” Nicole said.

“What purpose?” Markus said, not remembering anything.

“It’s her birthday tomorrow. Didn’t you want to give her something?” Nicole said, raising an eyebrow.

“Ohh shitt!! Tomorrow is her birthday!! What should I do?” Markus said, panicking a little.

“I can help. Now that I know what you feel for each other, I can easily help you on this.” Nicole said.

“So what are you waiting for?” Markus said, his tone urgent.

“First of all take back your words and punishment. And I don’t care what you do, but cancel my blind date.” Nicole said.

“Are you negotiating with me?” Markus said, raising a brow.

“Yes I am. Anyways, I don’t have anything to lose. I can sweet talk grandpa and you know how much he dotes on girls. He will definitely take my side and postpone the blind date. I won’t even need you. Yet I am giving you a chance to repent yourself.” Nicole said, smirking at the end.

Markus thought for a minute.

“Fine. Deal. I will cancel the date. You will help me plan a huge gift.” Markus said, his tone serious, as if signing a business contract.

“Ok. I will send you a list of things via text message. Get them ready by tomorrow morning. Also make breakfast for her tomorrow morning.” Nicole said and was about to leave when Markus stopped her.

“Wait! I will make breakfast? Will the great Markus make breakfast for someone? Are you serious?” Markus asked.

“First of all you were never great. Secondly, yes. You are making breakfast. If you truly feel something for someone, you will try your best to make something yourself instead of buying something for them. You take out time and effort to create something, no matter how small or big it is. That’s the first rule in any relationship.” Nicole said and waved at him before going inside her room.

Markus looked at her and turned back, entering his room.

Coincidentally the maid was done at the same time when Markus entered. She bowed and left the room. She had even changed the sheets on bed, which were a little wet because of Kizy.

Kizy was still sleeping peacefully on the bed, unknown to her drunken confession and the changes she was about to face from the next day.

“So, you’ll be getting a free breakfast made by The Great Markus tomorrow!! You are definitely lucky little lamb.” Markus said to the sleeping Kizy before turning off the lights and climbing on the bed, scooping Kizy in a hug from behind.

Next morning Markus woke up early, smiled like a fool at the sleeping Kizy beside him, shyly tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and got up to leave.

Even before leaving the bedroom, he turned once again to have one last look at Kizy, smiled once again and left the room.

He went to the kitchen and rolled his sleeves, wore an apron before taking a bowl out from the shelf.

“Young Master!! What are you doing?? I am here. Tell me what you want.” Old chef came running after the maid informed him about Markus entering the kitchen.

“I want to cook.” Markus said.

“No, no young master. How can I let you cook? You just tell me what you want. I’ll quickly cook that for you.” Old chef said, not used to seeing this pampered young master in the kitchen.

Though Markus knew how to cook as his father had made him do that as a part of training.

His father wanted to make Markus independent, thus for two months, Markus was made to live in a rented small house, go to college, do a part time job, buy groceries and cook for himself.

But that was because his father had wanted him to be independent. How could the old chef let this young master cook now?

“No. I want to cook something for Kizy with my own hands. You don’t have to do anything. Or maybe just sit there on the table and help me find the ingredients. Okay?” Markus said, taking out a spoon and other veggies from the refrigerator.

“Yes, Young master.” Old chef said, and stood ramrod straight behind Markus.

Markus turned and chuckled a little.

“Look, you don’t have to be so uptight. Just sit there and help me out. I don’t want anything else.” Markus said and literally directed the old chef towards the table, making him sit on the chair.

“But young maste-” Old chef wanted to protest but Markus cut him off.

“Any more words and I will send you back to the mansion.” Markus said and it totally worked on the old chef as he sat there quietly.

With that Markus started cooking his first dish. He would have small talks with the old chef in between, while all other servants were looking shocked at their young master cooking in the kitchen.

Markus was stirring the contents in the vessel, when he heard a loud scream from his bedroom.

“AAAHHHH!!!” Kizy screamed.

Markus signalled the old chef to check on the boiling vessel and immediately ran towards his bedroom.

Even Nicole who was sleeping soundly was woken up by Kizy’s scream.

Markus entered with a loud ‘thud’ in the bedroom, kicking the door in process.

“What happened?” He asked.

“You…. Why am I wearing this? No, why am I naked?” Kizy shouted while pointing at Markus.

And suddenly Markus was speechless. How could he forget that this fool would forget everything she did when she was drunk.

“You don’t remember?” Markus said, dramatically trying to act shy.

“What remember?” Kizy shouted, not wanting to see him act like this.

“You did that to me.” Markus said, lowering his head, his overacting looking very much honest.

“Did what?” Kizy asked, not being able to remain calm anymore.

She had woken up like usual today, but the moment she woke up, she was attacked with a massive headache. She tried getting up and sitting upright, when she saw that she was covered only in a bathrobe, nothing beneath it.

“How can I say such things?” Markus said, still acting shy.

“You… you first stop acting like that. Talk properly okay? Or else I am going to kill you today.” Kizy said.

Markus pouted before lifting his head.

“But what I said is the truth. How can you not take responsibility once you have done something and instead kill me?” Markus said.

“What responsibility? What did I do?” Kizy asked, her headache getting worse.

“My responsibility. Now that you have done that, you can’t run away from your responsibilities, okay?” Markus said.

Kizy picked up a pillow before throwing it at Markus.

“Why are you being like this? Now you want to pretend that you forgot our first night? Won’t you accept how wild you were, even taking my virginity away without my consent?” Markus asked, his tone blaming.