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A City mermaid episode 21 & 22

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_21🐬
Cindy had followed Kapella to the pool room few minutes after she left.
She could hear voices as she approached the door and said opening it to behold the scene.
She gasped as she saw Kapella fall into the water.
Lovely wanted to go save her but Diaz attacked him.
Cindy raced as fast as she could to the distributi boa on the wall.
She took the plier on top and opened it.
“Breath Cindy, Breath”. She said as her heart pound heavily.
She took in a deep breath and started cutting the wires.
Kapella was wondering what to do next when the lights went off putting the entire place in darkness..
Since the room was enclosed their was no light coming in so the only light available was the illumination from the water.
“Close your eyes and stop the glow”. She could hear a voice in her head.
Kapella quickly shut her eyes and took control which stopped her glowing tail putting the pool in darkness.
Diaz and Lovely couldn’t see anything as they swam around.
She shot herself up like a bullet bursting out of the water in her Mermaid form but no one saw her as there was not a single light entering the room.
She landed on the stairs as her tail turned back to legs and took off immediately
“Kapella!”. Lovely thought as he grabbed the unseen body but feeling a neck chain.
He pushed him off and swam to the surface.
Kapella raced into the restroom and bolt the door.
She dropped her torn trouser on the WC and leaned against the wall.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!”. She exclaimed.
The event that just took place flashes through her head causing a terrible headache.
She switched active the tap and washed her face as the water dispense on the sink.
She paused as she watched the water on the sink rise up like magic.
Her lips slowly parted in awe as it flew slowly toward the door.
It iced up and pushed the bolt open.
“What!”. She exclaimed as she dash for the door to stop it from opening but it kick open slamming her to the wall.
She raised her head up to see a beautiful girl with blue eyes who leaned against the door post.
“Who the hell are you?”.
“It’s a what?”. She said and Kapella could hear the girl’s voice in her head.
“It was you”.
“And I am still wondering what specie of Mermaid you are, there are some Mermaids with bright tails, are you an Artic?”. She asked and Kapella scoffed.
“What else would I want than be an Artic, well my tears are pearl not diamond so no”. She said and the girl came in.
“I can see you don’t know the core principle a mermaid should follow”.
“Do I look like a mermaid student?”.
“It’s advisable not to fall in love with humans, in ends up in a disaster, Anita is a good example, I’m sure you’ve heard of her “. She said and Kapella
“I do, so what’s that with me?”.
“Getting dragged by two dudes, just felt you should know”.
“By the way who are you?”. Kapella asked.
“I’m Madison, One of the escapee who escaped from the Hunter Woman”. She said.
“Madison right?, Who’s this Hunter Woman you mermaids talk about?”. Kapella asked.
“We don’t know her but she’s one eyed and dangerous”.
“One eyed? “.
“Yeah, uses an eye patch like a mermaid, She’s never called by her name but Ma’am, Boss and whatever and she’s heartless”.
“Damn! She must be evil”. Kapella said.
“Big time evil, only if we knew her true identity, striking to rescue our people won’t be hard”.
“You were part of those women who came yesterday?”. She asked.
“Yes I’m but don’t call me girl cause I’m actually 25”. She said and Kapella turned to her.
“I can see you’re a total novice, we can pause our growth and we live hundred of years but not withstanding we’re not immortal because we still get to die a natural death after years of existence”. Madison said.
“Wow! I guess I don’t know alot, how did you do that water thing?”.
“Takes years to learn, require a lot of concentration”.She said.
“That’s right nice”.
“I should teach you alot since you’re new you know”.
“Don’t bother”. Kapella said.
“Mermaids are born with basic knowledge of how to use their powers number one of which is mind control but there are greater abilities, we ain’t born with the knowledge, we learn them”. She said.
Lovely and Diaz got out of the pool dripping wet just as the light was restored.
“As much as I hate you, did you see that strange light?”. Diaz asked.
“I do, there was nothing underwater that would have caused”. Lovely said.
“Did you find her?”. He asked.
“That’s the end of our conversation, fvck off! “. Lovely said walking away.
He took off his shirt as he walked away and the female students stared at him as they bite their nail.
” I don’t need them “. Kapella said and they turned hearing footstep.
” You should learn to bolt doors K”. They heard a voice and the noise of someone locking the main door to the restrooms.
Kapella walked past Madison to see Cindy.
“You always love getting yourself into trouble”. Cindy said.
“I love that line but it isn’t my fault”.
“Will you keep arguing with me half naked?”. Cindy said and threw her bag for her.
She caught it and scoffed.
“Does it matter?”. She asked as she opened the bag.
“Not all girls are girls, some might be Ashley”.
“Gosh! You don’t know about that”.
“Someone who picks on the female factor, what else should be thought about her?”. Cindy asked.
“Pick on male factor and she’ll be called a slut”.
“Are you backing her up?”.
“Not at all, Just see the emotion in her eyes whenever Lovely is hurt and you’ll realize there might be a good in her”.
“Or maybe she’s just after him crazy”. Cindy said.
“Seriously? Were you not the one who suspected her to be a Lesbian”. Kapella said.
“Wow! Brav! You finally said the word”.
“Did I, you know what, just turn around I want to change my undie”. Kapella said as she took off her cloth.
Cindy scoffed and smirked her lips.
“You better dress up before someone comes knocking, probably your boyfriend”. She said and Kapella stopped mid way wearing her bra.
“I’ve told you he’s a friend “.
” There’s nothing as that in 21st century, it develops “.
” Develops indeed, to what, tadpole or lava? “. Kapella asked as she wore a T shirt.
” Develops to LovElla”. Cindy said.
“And what is that?”.
“Like you always say, forget it, did I turn off the lights just in time? “. She asked.
“Hold on it was you?”.
“I got the shock of a life time after trying to fix the wire I caught, now my brain is conducting electric current buzz buzz buzz”. Cindy said and she laughed.
“Am sorry, deeply sorry”. Kapella said.
“I need a lot of ice cream to calm it”.
“What! Am gonna kill you?”. Cindy threatened.
“Thank you Cindy what can I do without you?”.
“Telling lies”.
“C’mon we’ve settled that already”.
“I can see you girls have settled”. Madison said and Cindy saw her.
“Who’s she?”.
“Mermaid, she helped me”.
“Mermaid, you hypnotized your way into the school right?”. Cindy said.
“Mmmm hmmm, I got ocean blue eyes”. She whispered.
“Don’t even try to seduce me, let’s go”. Cindy said dragging Kapella.
“Cindy I’m skirtless”. She cried playfully.
“Will you put it on”. She said taking her bag from her.
Kapella puts on the shirt and turn to Madison.
“Nice meeting you”.
Lovely walked toward the female restroom now in a new dress when he almost bumped into them.
“Hey”. Kapella said.
“I was worried I didn’t find you in the pool”.
“She was transparent so she had to become parent… No… Invisibile.. Gosh! She didn’t want eyes on her so she took off like a pregnant cheetah “.
” Cindy please stop! “. Kapella said laughing.
” Alright then, um, did you have a source of light in the pole? “. He asked.
” um… My phone got wet so the torch became active stupidly and now it’s totally dead, beyond repair “. She said.
“The light was kind of red or yellow, I can’t remember though, And when is the funeral? “. He asked.
“hush! Be serious Lovely”. She said.
“My condolence then, Don’t forget tonight, I’ll be picking you up”.
“Don’t come to my house, I’ll text you were to meet me?”.
“Alright then, I’m off to class”. He said.
“We’ll join you”. Cindy said and he left.
“You’re going on a date with him wow!”.
“Do you want to die?”.
“Do you have intentions to kill me?”. She said.
“Then keep quiet, I just escaped getting caught as a Mermaid”.
“Duh! A good guy would buy you a new phone not buy a casket for the dead, dudes of this centuries are such a headache”. She said.
“Are you alright?”.
“I think the shock has tempered with my…”.
“Your sanity”.
“Huh! Will you keep quiet and move before I move you “. Cindy said and she stared blankly at her.
“Damn! Busted, For once faceless fvcked us up”. They could hear a student as they moved in into the classroom.
Kapella stared at Cindy and she shrugged.
“I don’t know”.
They sat down and Cindy tapped the student in front of her.
“What’s going on?”.
“We think Faceless sold us off, the school authority employed a cyber security genius who found the loophole she’s using and with that unravel all she’s done and undone it, now eveyone is a Debtor, the amount owed by each student is so huge because we’ve not been paying “. She said.
” Wow! That’s bad “. Cindy said as she turned slowly to Kapella who picked a pen and began to write.
” You have nothing to say “. She said but Kapella was engrossed in whatever you were doing.
” Can you just say something? “.
She remained mute as she collects Cindy’s markers and used.
Cindy checked the book and all she could see was codes written in a confused manner.
” Am not gonna ask what this are, just take your time”. Cindy said as Kapella circled some of the codes and joined it to another.
She exhaled dropping her pen.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“It’s my fault”. Kapella whispered.
“I didn’t erase the root of my entry codes so whoever unravel it us using a program that restores my code from utter trash”.
“Do I have to remind you I’m going for medicine?”. Cindy asked.
“That’s right, should I use medical terms? “.
“Just shut up, maybe all I understand is you didn’t delete a code”.
“I did. When I delete my entry code, it is removing the reference to the file on the hard drive. Once the file header, or reference, is removed, the computer can no longer see or know the location code. The code is no longer readable by the computer but it still exist in there just that I found a way to do a clean sweep making the code untraceable “.
” Did I understand that? “.
” Dumb girl “. Kapella
” That’s my line, if you made your entry code or whatever untraceable then how…. “.
” I was coming to that, I didn’t, we were under pressure so I was scared about you and had to leave after erasing the code but not completed, Phoenix High finally got a big bad genius “. She said.
” How can you be so careless? “.
” You speak like if I hadn’t showed up you wouldn’t have wee on your your….. “.
Cindy punched her arm and she groaned.
” Well we’re moving in “.
” What? “.
“Tonight but you ain’t coming along “.
“You’re joking”.
“I don’t feel comfortable, it’s like something is gonna happen”. She said.
“Then not today”.
“If not today, another time might be impossible, I just have the feeling”.
“And when did you become a Harbinger?”.
“I’m a Mermaid, Cindy, we sometimes predict things without even knowing”. She said.
“Well adamant, who would watch your back?”.
“I’ll be careful”.
“I won’t let you do it alone, together as usual”.
“Alright but you’ll stay close”.
“Are you gonna baby sit me?”.
“If I have to”.
School was over for that day as students trooped out of their various classes.
“Hey I should drop you both at your house”. Lovely said as he approached Kapella and her friend.
“No, never mind, we’re waiting for someone, sorry “.
“Oh That’s alright, Don’t forget tonight, what about your phone? “.
“Of course I won’t,It’s totally gone so I’ll use Cindy’s phone to send a text”. She said.
“That’s fine, Later then”. He said and left.
“You never told me Mermaids could duplicate”. Cindy said.
“You have a Faceless to be tonight and you also have a date”.
“hush! How many times will I tell you he’s just a friends, it’s no date”.
“Friend? That’s the best and most reliable approach”.
“Just keep quiet huh!”.
Lovely was walking down the hallway when he almost bumped int Diaz.
He made to walk past him but he spoke.
He paused and they turned back to see each other.
“And what happened to Candy?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m sorry for what I did the other day, pushing you into a pool in an unconscious state, I never said this to you before but I’m sorry, just for that day alone”.
“Diaz I don’t have anything against you..I…”.
“Good day Candy”. He said walking away.
“Hush!”. Lovely said and walked away.
Diaz got into the Principal Office and collapsed into the Grand Sofa.
“Mr. Diaz”. The Principal said as he rose to his feet.
“Mr. Principal, I’ll be spending the rest of the day here”.
“Um… Will you be comfortable, I can get a hotel room for you?”.
“I don’t need it, I just want to be away from people today”.
“Alright then, you’re welcome, I’ll inform the security team that we have someone here, the key is on my desk just incase you want to look the door “.
It was 6:30pm as men in uniform got into different SUV and drove out of the school vicinity.
Kapella and Cindy could be seen staring out of the window.
They were dressed in a new outfit already and Kapella had her faceless mask on while Cindy had a Dali mask.
“All the men left today,so only the Janitor is here, he’s the only problem”. Kapella said as they moved out of the classroom.
They hid behind the wall as they had incoming footsteps.
A man with a flashlight walked past with transparent plastic bags which some packaged meal could be seen.
They strafed after him and could see that he was headed for the Principal’s office.
“Take care of him and return immediately, here’s the signal disrupter”. Kapella said as she gave Cindy a device and left for the Control Base.
She entered and as usual the camera’s turned to her.
She took a recorder on the Keyboard with her gloves hand and cleared her throat as she pressed the record button.
“Senza volto è inevitabile, non importa fino a che punto tu mi fermi, Cos’è che non mi spaventi ma io ti spavento, Perché sono Senza volto”. She said in Italian which meant.
“Faceless is inevitable, no matter the extent you go to stop me, you don’t scare me but I scare you, because I’m Faceless”.
She stop the recorder and pushed her removable drive into the computer system which automatically skipped the password process and went straight for the database which was displayed on the screen.
The Janitor dropped the bag on the table just as Diaz came out of the restroom.
The door jammed closed and they turned to it.
The Janitor went to it immediately and tried to open but it was locked with key from the outside.
“You left the key on the door”. He asked.
“Who has the guts to lock me in here?”.
“Faceless, She’s here for revenge”. He said.
“What Faceless?”. Diaz asked.
“The Popular Phoenix High, Hacker”.
“And my keys ain’t here”.
“Call the men to return”.
“I don’t know how they do the magic but you can’t call”.
Diaz brought out his phone and scoffed as he saw that there was no reception.
“This is impressive”. He said dropping the phone.
He opened his bag and poured all manner of things from it but pistols, knives and bullets could be seen clearly.
“What are you doing?”. He asked.
“Can you use a gun?”.
“Of course I can”.
Diaz pulled out a grappling gun from all he’s poured down and dropped it.
He insert new ammo in his G18 pistol and cocked it.
“Take one and come along”.
“Mr. Diaz….”.
“Don’t object just come along,where does she go?”.
“The Control Base boss, She’s literally controlling everything”. He said.
“Then we seize control from her”. He said headed for glass wall of the room in which the outside of the school could be clearly seen from.
He threw a chair to it and it scattered the glass into pieces.
He moved to the edge and point the grappling gun up.
He shot out the hook and it grap the roof of the building.
“Follow me”. He said and climbed the rope up to the roof.
The Janitor followed after him and was shocked.
“I never for once thought about this”.
Diaz didn’t reply as he approached the school generator on the roof.
“Shut down the generator and come down through the stairs”. He said and walked away for the stair on the roof.
The Janitor exhaled and turned to the generator.
Kapella was done with her operation as she pulled out her drive but everything went off putting the entire place in darkness.
“Oh my God!”. She said and carried her bag.
Her items poured out and she hurriedly packed them in and zipped it close.
She raced out when Diaz who was coming down of the stair pounced on her.
He punched her face and she crashed down with him.
She pushed him off and headbutt him but he grabbed her arm.
She hits him on the belly with her knee and he groaned.
She grabbed her chest but she slapped him across the face and he counter attacked by grabbing her neck down.
Cindy who wondered why the light had gone off was running for the base when she saw the scene.
She raced at Diaz and kicked his head causing him to crash into the room.
Cindy helped Kapella up and they took off.
He staggered out of the room and pulled his pistol firing at them.
They head for the exit door but Kapella pushed Cindy to opposite hallway as she heard footstep there already.
The Janitor came out of the exit and fired at Cindy as she ran seperate way with Kapella.
Cindy changed her direction to the hallway that lead to their classroom and met with Kapella.
“It’s Diaz we need to leave”. She said.
“We’re gonna take the fire exit”. Kapella said.
“That man is headed that place too, I didn’t see his face but he’s armed”.
“I’ll take care of him”. Kapella said and they raced off.
Kapella listened carefully as they approached the place.
The Janitor appeared from the other side of the wall but she kicked him away and he crashed down.
She took his gun and kicked his throat sending him unconscious.
She heard footstep coming at the hallway and pulled Cindy to behind the wall but it was late already as Diaz fired repeatedly.
Two bullets hit Cindy’s shoulder and she collapsed into Kapella’s arms as she hid behind the wall.
“Cindy”. She whispered.
“My hand”. She moaned weakly as her eyes closed slowly.
“No Cindy don’t!”. Kapella said but she was unconscious on her arm with her bleeding hand dropping on Ella’s cloth.
She peeped out from behind the wall and could see Diaz headed for them as he drew out his other pistol.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_22🐬
Kapella could be seen carrying Cindy behind her as she ran to the highway.
A Taxi stopped abruptly as it almost hit her.
“Please help me”. She said as the driver got down.
“Ma’am it’s dark already, I’m off work”. He said
She began to sing as her lips trembled with tears forming in her eyes.
The man quickly opened the door and he helped her put Cindy in.
“Queen’s Street, Block E23”. Kapella said as she got in.
He drove off as Kapella put Cindy’s head on her lap.
“Are we at the the hospital?”. Her lips mumbled.
“No we’re headed to your aunt’s place”.
“We can’t go to hospital, it’s a bullet case, save your strength Cin, you’re gonna be fine”.
“Will I?”.
“Yes.. Can you drive faster”.
“Yes My lady”. He said.
As the vehicle moved faster with the evening breeze moving in.
Kapella leaned her head against the seat and closed her eyes as tears flowed down her cheek.
“I killed him, I killed Diaz “. She whispered.
” Cindy!”. Kapella called out but she was still unconscious.
He let go of her slowly as she fell to the chair.
Kapella slides out in a bent position just as Diaz raised his gun firing to where she hid.
She had narrowly escaped the bullets because she went low.
She rose up swiftly kicking his crotch up as well.
He groaned as he turned the gun to her but she held his hand and bent it causing him to shoot to the ground.
He want to use the other gun but she kicked his stomach.
She headbutt his to the wall but he hit her lip with his gun.
She kicked him off and hid back behind the wall where Cindy was.
Diaz cocked his gun and fired to the wall as he approached it.
Kapella could feel the vibration as the bullets hit the wall.
She couldn’t run away because she had to take Cindy and with Diaz coming for her it was impossible.
“The hand, Go for the hand”. She whispered to herself as she listened to his step.
She removed the gun she took from the Janitor earlier and held it tightly.
Just as Diaz appeared to shoot her she fired bullet to his chest and he dropped down.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed dropping the Gun.
She stoop low to where Cindy was and died her hand with her previously torn trouser.
She hit her chest causing her to jolt into consciousness.
“Shhh! You’ll be fine”. She said as she cleaned the blood on the ground.
She made sure she cleaned everything thoroughly and flushed the cloth in the restroom.
Kapella returned and carried Cindy in her back, she took their bags and went out through the fire exit.
Something suddenly got into her mind and she opened her eyes.
“Stop the car”.
“Alright my lady”.
“What are you doing?”. Cindy said weakly.
“I just remembered one of my ability”. Kapella said as she unbuttoned Cindy’s shirt and took off her shirt.
“Are you trying to rape me in my weak state? I always suspected you”. Cindy said.
She loosed the cloth the cloth and she winced.
“Hypnotization or letting you scream out your lungs”. Kapella asked.
“What are you trying to do?”.
“I know you’ll choose option B, so…”. She said and forced her fingers into the wound removing the bullets.
Cindy screamed as she bite Kapella like a wounded lion.
Ella held her hand and became to sing with her mouth close to the wound.
“I should have known you’re a fvcking vampire”. Cindy cried as she hit Kapella furiously in pain.
Fragrance emit from her mouth into the wound and it healed the wound slowly.
Cindy stopped beating her as the pain was slowly disappearing.
Kapella slowly retreated from her as she exhaled.
Cindy checked the wound and it was all healed up without a scar.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed in tears and hugged Kapella tightly.
“I thought I was going to die”. She said.
“Seriously? You’re crazier when you’re at the point of death”.
“Point of death?, who told you I was going to die”. Cindy asked.
“You just did”.
“That’s right but how did you escape Diaz”.
“I think i killed him”. Kapella whispered.
Lovely could be seen pacing left and right in his room.
He took his phone as he called Kapella again but it wasn’t going through.
He dialed another number and placed it on his ear.
“Frank meet get a vehicle ready, am moving out “. He said walking out.
He left the building as he located a Lamborghini.
The chauffeur bowed as he opened the door for him.
“Did you deliver the package?”.
“Yes boss but Kapella Elijah wasn’t at home”.
“Who did you give it to?”. He added.
“A little boy, says he’s Kapella Elijah’s brother”.
Lovely’s mind flashed back to the boy Kapella stopped from speaking when he dropped her at home the previous day.
“hush! You should have at least told me”. He said.
“Sorry boss”.
“It’s alright let’s go”. He said and got into the vehicle.
The Chaffeur closed the door and raises his head up to a widow in the mansion.
Dahlia could be seen watching them from there.
Staring at her he nodded before getting into the vehicle.
The Lamborghini arrived at Kapella’s home and he alighted as he wore he black coat
He hit the door bell and waited as it rang.
“Steve go get the door”. He could hear a woman’s voice.
Shortly the door opened and Steve peeped out.
“Hi”. He said said but Steve stared blankly at him.
“Hello, I’m Candy”. He said and Steve made a funny look as he raised his head up.
“Are you Ella’s boyfriend?”. He asked with his baby voice.
“Hey no, not at all just a friend”.
“What are you doing here?”.
“Did you give her the package that he delivered?”. Lovely asked pointing to the Chaffeur.
“She’s didn’t return home from school”.
“Yes. She must be at her friend’s place”.
“Cindy. Cindy Petrova”. He said.
“You know her?”. Steve asked.
“Ella’s best friend, I do”.
“Goodbye then and if you do see her tell her she should bring my compensation or I’m gonna tell mom she has a rich boyfriend”. Steve said and slam the door closed.
He scoffed and laughed as he heard the woman’s voice ask
“who was at the door?”.
And steve replied.
“No one”.
They got into the Lamborghini and it drove off.
It arrived at Cindy’s home and he alighted from it.
He moved to the door and hit the bell.
The door opened immediately like it was awaiting his arrival and Francis appeared bare chest with his hand around a girl’s neck.
“Who do we have here, an Arrowood”. He said as he pecked her.
“Goodnight babe”. He said and she left as he waved.
Lovely turned back to see the girl and back to Francis.
“If you want her I could arrange a meeting”. He said.
“Not at all, you’re a fresher right? “.
“Yep, so?, well the last time I met with the Arrowood, they beat the crap out of me and broke my phone so what’s it this time”.
“And if you remember the faces, you’ll remember you didn’t see this”.
“That’s right, Candy or Lovely, which is it?”.
“it doesn’t matter, is Cindy in?”. He asked and Francis eyes popped.
“Cindy?”. He said looking around like he was crazy.
“Cindy!”. He called out running back into the building.
“Um.. She isn’t back yet, from school”. He said.
“Do you have any idea where she might be?”.
“Alone, She went to a party, With Kapella….”. He said and paused.
“I have no idea”.
“Damn! She isn’t taking her calls so can you wait! Right? “. He asked.
“Are you sure they’re returning today?”.
“Of course, you can come have your seat?”.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call.
“Diaz? What? I spoke to him after school, on my way”. He saidhurriedly.
“I got to go, something important came up, Make sure you tell them I stopped by “. He said and got into his vehicle.
It drove off speedily and almost immediately a taxi stopped by the house.
Francis raced up to it as Kapella and Cindy got down.
They were now in new dress which wasn’t blood stained.
“Seriously you two just missed a big opportunity”. He said.
“What do you mean?”.
“The Billionaire Heir was here, you two are crazy, how can you stay this long huh?, you needed to see his Lambo, it was kissable”.
“Lovely?”. Kapella asked.
“Yes it was totally lovely”. He replied.
“I meant was it Lovely?”.
“Yes.. I said yes”.
“Was it Candy? “. Cindy asked.
“No it was lovely how can a vehicle be candy?”.
“C’mon let’s go”. Kapella said dragging Cindy along.
“Oh yes it’s Candy, Lovely Arrowood or Candy, whatever he’s called”. Francis said and they paused.
He danced to their front and stood akimbo.
“I should have known your burnt boyfriend was a billionaire in disguise, CEO of Phoenix Hotel, Heir of the Arrowood, oh my, why wasn’t I a female as beautiful as…”. He said wanting to touch Kapella’s face but she slapped his hand.
“Well he came searching for you both, you know I always thought you both were…”. Francis said and winked.
“But you’re sharing a billionaire boyfriend, that’s so incredible”. He said.
Cindy pushed him off their way and they entered.
“Seriously I told him to wait and he would have but something important came up, Diaz or what was it again?”. He said and they paused as they pressed toward him.
“Diaz? What did he say?”.
“Why did you both suddenly become interested in me?”. He asked.
“I didn’t hear much but he was something about Diaz”.
They scoffed and walked away.
“Did I become ugly again?”. He asked as they climbed the stairs up.
“Please don’t forget my share in your monthly salary?”.
They entered into the room and Kapella flung her bag into the the room.
“I warned you not to come along!”. She said angrily.
“And if I hadn’t showed up, he would have killed you, he had his hand on your neck”.
“I would have found a way out and hypnotize him to forget, it took hard time cleaning all your blood, I had to use Mermaid’s vision to be sure there was no minute left “.
“What if he shot you? He was ready to kill us, he had a gun “.
“Just let me think Cindy”. Kapella said running her hand through her hair.
“Fine I’m sorry”.
“Don’t be that Cindy, I appreciate the fact that you hit Diaz off me but you got hurt”.
“Or maybe we should be thinking of the aftermath of this”. Cindy said.
“The thing is I don’t feel the pain of what I did, i feel like he deserves it”.
“Is It a mermaid thing?”. Cindy asked and he nodded.
“We hardly feel sorry when we do something bad to someone we feel like they deserved it”. Kapella said as she sat on the bed.
Cindy sat beside her and put her hand around her shoulder.
“I don’t even know what to think”.
🌇🌇🌇🌇Next Day🌇🌇🌇🌇
“Bye!”. Kapella waved Cindy as she left the house.
“Are you sure about this?”. Cindy asked.
“I need to think Cindy, a day off school will do, my bracelet is down so right now it’s nothing but mere and with my attitude of getting into trouble on daily basis, I might have to recharge it while I take the necessary days off school “. Kapella said and she nodded.
” Stay safe “. Cindy said.
” And you too babe”.
Cindy got into an awaiting taxi and it drove off as Kapella waved at her.
She got into the house and closed the door as she leaned against it.
Shortly the door bell rang and she opened it to see a huge man in black suit and shade.
“My Boss wants to see you”. He said and moved away.
Kapella raced her head up and saw a young lady sitting on the bonnet of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X.
She was on a blue coat which collar projected up to her face with her hair well packaged in.
She only had a blue shade on and her lips were painted blue.
She jumped down from the vehicle as her Nike Air Mag Back to the Future Sneakers made It noiseless.
Kapella stared at her front head to the toe as her eyes drift from the vehicle.
She catwalks toward Kapella and took off the shades as she smiled.
It was Dahlia.
“You must be Kapella Elijah”. She said.
“Yes. Have we met before, you look familiar”.
“Not at all, of a truth you’re a beauty”. Kapella said.
“Thank you um…”.
“I’m Dali, may I come in?”.


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