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a bride for the ceo Episode 58


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Episode Fifty Eight
Alot of students, teachers and parents were pres£nt in the very big hall with different colorful attire, it was the end of the session [email protected] Both George and Michael were dressed handsomely, they had face caps in their hands, when they noticed that someone is staring at them too much they put it on, also their b©dyguards were also with them sitting in strategic angles but they were all putting on mufti. Alexa [email protected]£ with three students also dressed beautifully.

“Dad?? godfather??” She called out as she got to them, they looked at them and a smiling Alexa.

“Hey baby” They both responded, George kept staring at Nicholas who had a smiling face.

“These are my friends” Alexa said smiling.

“OK, let’s [email protected] a simple test” George said, while Michael nodded “You must be Nicholas” He said looking at Nicholas who was smiling brightly.

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“Yes Sir, I am, Nicholas Martins Ifeanyi” Nicholas said, both Michael and George hid their reactions by smiling.

“And you should be Roland David Nthanda” Michael said.

“Yes Sir” Roland said.

“We do hear alot about your parents, we have seen them once sometimes ago, they are [email protected]” Michael said.

“And you must be the shy Aliyah Badmus” George said smiling at Aliyah who nodded.

“It’s fine talk to us, your friend here Alexa talks alot about you all, and I am glad you all are friends” George said.

“I……. III ammmmmm sirrrrrr” Aliyah stammered nervously.

“Oh my!!! Alexa wasn’t lying when she said you have a good voice” Michael exclaimed.

“Thank You sir” She said smiling, she was holding Alexa’s hands.

“And this goes to Aliyah Badmus, first position in Mathematics, Aliyah” The middle age man called out from the stage, Aliyah hurried off.

“Wow…..” George was saying when he was cut short.

“Second position in Mathematics and First in English language goes to Alexandria D. George” He called out and Alexa giggled and went up stage.

“We would take our leave now Sir” Roland said.

“OK take care guys” Michael said as both men waved at the boys. The program went on and on with Aliyah and Alexa topping their [email protected]

“We have two overall outstanding students in Junior [email protected] three, these students are so brilliant that we teachers thank God for bringing them to us, they have helped us in so many quizzes, debates and many more… For this I say God bless them and their parents….. So the second lost just five points to the first…. They are also brothers and best of friend….. The second is Roland David Nathanda!!!!” She said and everyone screamed happily, Roland went to the stage with his gradation go-wn, to collect his gift and awards, he went back to his seat with his family hvgging him “The first person is….. Nicholas Martins Ifeanyi!!!!!” She called again everyone cheered and [email protected] He went up stage to collect his gifts and awards with his go-wn flowing after him, he went to sit down, Ruth, David and Stella hvgged him including Roland “These students are outstanding in so many things, [email protected] your hands again… We would like to have Nicholas’ Mom up here then later Roland’s Mom….. plea-se is Nicholas’ Mom in the house, plea-se do come forward….” The lady said, Nicholas was sad but then the crowd started murmuring, Ruth stopped in her track as she saw Gaberialle, she was dressed in a very beautiful short Ankara flair go-wn with a black sneakers “Am told she is coming….. Oh I can see her, plea-se with a standing ovation let’s welcome her” With this everyone stood up [email protected] and cheering. Nicholas was shocked, as he stared at his mother.

“Good day everyone, am so happy to be here to witness this…. Well I don’t deserve to be the one to stand here and talk to you but I want to use this as a platform to say something and I am happy that most of the things I will say will be heard by people I have wanted to tell….. First Nicholas doesn’t deserve a bad mom like me, but I am thankful that God has given this good, caring and un-derstanding child to me, Baby…” Gabe said looking at Nicholas, she was in tears alre-ady “I have not once regretted I have you as a son and now I am willing to learn to be a good and better mother to you and I also wanna thank the school, you guys are the best… Thanks for everything… And I also wanna say that to the people that had loved me even more than I can imagine, I am sorry for everything I have done in the past, and thanks from the bo-ttomof my heart…. Thanks alot and to those sitting here and rejoicing, I pray that nothing bad and unfortunate will happen to you all and we won’t be a source of sorrow to people, I love you all… Thanks.. Greater things and heights I pray for you students ” Gabe said as she uses her handkerchief to wipe her face and left the stage, people chorused ‘Amen’,[email protected] and cheered.


thank God too, the school and my sons… Without you guys they won’t be here being awared and without their determination they won’t be here too…. Thanks everyone, I pray for greater heights for all graduands” Ruth said, people [email protected] to and cheered after a resounding ‘Amen’. Nicholas ran out to see his mother opening the door to her car.
“Mom?!!!” He screamed as he ran and jumped on her before she could do anything, he hvgged her ti-ghtly.

“Baby… I am sorry…” She said as fresh tears filled her eyes.

“Mom… Don’t cry, you are ruining your beautiful face. Mom plea-se, I will start crying too” He said sadly.


I have stopped crying” Gabe said as they both dis£ngaged, Nicholas looked at his mother.
“Mom, what’s happened you are more slimmer than usual, are you sick???” He asked with concern.

“Ohh Martins….. Am sorry Nicholas, am not sick” She said wiping her face and trying to hold her tears as she stared into the innocent and kind face of the son she has once abadoned.

“No it’s fine, you have been calling me that since I was little….. Mom thanks for coming and you are not a bad Mom, you are a good Mom”

“I want to be better will you allow me to be??” She asked nervously looking at her son whose eyes wi-den “It’s fine if you need more time and….”

“No!!! I will give you a chance… You don’t know how I have been longing for this…. I love you Mom” Nicholas said with tears in his eyes, he hvgged his Mom again.

“Thanks alot” She said wanting to pe-ck his forehead but she withdrew.

“Captain Cutie, c’mon” Nicholas said shaking his Mom’s hand, Gabe for the first time in sometimes laughed heartily, Nicholas smiled as he heard her laugh, She pe-cked his forehead.

“Momma!!!!” Roland screamed as he ran and jumped on Gabe who almost fell “I have missed you, we have… Really! Don’t even leave us” he said crying too.

“Am sorry handsome” She said and they both dis£ngaged.

“Gaberialle!!!!” Stella screamed and ran as fast as her legs can carry her, she has being looking for them since she rushed out. She jumped on Gabe who staggered “I have missed you”


“Mom!!! No cussing” Nicholas whined.

“Am sorry baby…. Jeez!!! My baby can talk… Oh my goodness!! Am so happy” Gabe said crying and laughing at the same time as they dis£ngaged.

“Am happy too” Stella said, she waved her hands at Gabe who looked at her ring in surprise”He proposed!!!”

“Oh my!!! ra-phael!!! So sweet” Gabe said ad Stella wiped her tears.

“Roland and Nicholas, you have to go back in” Ruth said as she walked up to them with David.

“OK” The boys answered and walked to into the hall with Stella after waving at Gabe who waved back.

“Captain Cutie glad to have you back” David said hvgging Gabe, they dis£ngaged.

“I am sorry” She said, David nodded and walked back to the hall. Immediately Gabe fell on her kneels, her hands [email protected] together and started begging Ruth crying afresh, Ruth helped her up and hvgged her.


happy you’re back Best friend, I am happy” Ruth said crying too, they both dis£ngaged and wiped their tears, Gabe nodded “Am sure she will be glad too” She said ru-bbing her tummy.
“Oh my goodness!!! You’re pregnant!!” Gabe said happily, they hvgged again. They dis£ngaged and started laughing.

“I have to go back in, are you coming??” Ruth asked.

“Yes I will but let me gather myself together” Gabe said, Ruth nodded and went back to the hall. As Gabe sat in the car thinking, she turned her head to see George standing with a phone pressed to his hair, her heart skipped, she [email protected]£ down and went to him, she stood behind him, when he was throu-gh with the call, he turned back to see Gabe.

“Jeez!!!” He said startled “What do you want” George questioned angrily as he stared at Gabe with anger.

“I… I am really sorry for everything I have caused you and Michael, I am really sorry plea-se forgive me… plea-se forgive me” Gabe said, tears gathering up in her eyes but George stared at her gravely.

“Excuse me” He said and was about to walk away, she knelt down and help him by his clothes “Leave my clothes, you are [email protected] your fvcking self and not me… Wait, what do I even expect from girls or ladies like you, nothing but evil things, You are nothing to me any more, you are nothing but pure evil” George said angrily as he yanked himself away from her.

“I forgive you” Michael spoke up after watching then for several minutes “Buddy that’s enough” He added walking up to them and lifting Gabe up.

“You what!!!!???” George screamed angrily “You forgive this devil incarnate that has made my life miserable and has made yours even more miserable, hey devil!!” George said walking to Gabe, they were close “You and your [email protected] killed his woman, you killed Becca, she was burned to ashes with no remains and you kneel down here begging, seriously, you still have the nerves to come close to me you devil, but let me promise you one thing, I will kill you the next time you come near my family members, you devil incarnate!!” He yelled at her that she flin-ched, she was alre-ady soa-ked in tears, Michael was very heartbroken and he struggled to keep the tears in his eyes in their place “Well congratulations RED!!! But let me tell you, you are evil and you’re like the stupid, wrecked, wretched girls I know and to tell you I ALSO NEVER LOVED YOU!!!” He said angrily, She was shocked and immediately her heart shattered into a millions pieces, tears kept rushing down her cheeks “Oh you don’t know, haven’t you seen yourself, you are heavily endowed, your front side and backside is oh my gosh!!! I just wanted to have a taste of it, I never wanted anything from you except you on my fvcking be-d witch!!!!” He said laughing heartily “Red you are so foolish to think I loved you, so….”

“Enough!!!!” Michael yelled and dragged George away from the alre-ady shattered and broken Gabe.


“Guys, am so proud of you all, you are brilliant and intelligent guys wow!!” Michael said, the kids smiled, they were all in the sitting room, eating the food they were given.

“You all collected prizes, I am so happy guys” George said.

“Alexa collected the highest prizes, followed by Jemima in her own school followed by I and Adrian, am so happy” Ashley said happily.

“Guys, am so happy, Gaberialle is Nicholas’ Mom!!!!” Alexa screamed happily, George [email protected]£ very angry but Michael signaled, he shouldn’t do anything stupid infront of the kids.

“Awwwnnn!!!!” Both Adrian and Ashley chorused with smiles, George and Michael put on a fake smile but didnt talk.

“Guys, you have to gist me, I am lost” Jemima said happily, she has come to like the family.

“Let’s just leave you guys to talk” George said as he made great efforts not to shout angrily “Guys, I will have to go to be-d early today, you know I am still working while you guys are on vacation now” He said.

“That’s true, am so happy but I will miss all my friends” Adrian said sadly.

“Yeah, me too but it just for a month plus right??” Alexa asked.

“Yeah, ofcourse” Ashley answered.

“Well, I will be resuming to a new world” Jemima said.

“Yep, Dad, godfather you guys can go” Adrian said, the men pe-cked them on their forehead and went to their rooms, while the kids chatted happily telling Jemima things about the family but with care and cautions inorder not to make her cry cause of Becca and also watched their movies.

“I need all the information on Gabe” Michael said to TJ he called, he hung up and sighed, he looked at Becca’s smiling picture “I love you queen” He muttered and went to the bathroom, while George in his room, was also heart broken and sad.


ra-phael is sitted in a restaurant, he was waiting for someone when his phone rang, he looked at the ID, it was Ruth, he picked it immediately.

“Hello ma, good morning ma”

“Good morning, I actually called you, because the doctor said we should get Stella to open up to someone, and I think that should be you, so she won’t cease talking again” Ruth said.

“OK, I will do that ma” ra-phael answered gratefully.

“You’re welcomed, and yeah, take care if her plea-se, if ever you guys quarrel plea-se don’t leave her, just tell me or Gabe ok??”

“OK ma”


“Bye ma” He said and hung up the call.


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