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the red cryster episode 98

©Sir Zach


Further out of Aeros, the battle of the monsters has already ended. Following the death of Khalid throu-ghOrion’s golden blade, Eimuth, the three-headed monster vanished altogether. It heeded to Orion’s earlier orders to return to his world.

The dagger that was used to summon Eimuth remained in Orion’s possession.

Meanwhile, from outside the borders of Aeros, the frame of Akurra was clearly visible, snaking in circles and raising his head.

In front of him were Christopher’s lifeless body and his soul, seemingly touching the serpent’s torso.

With a nostalgic expression on his face, Christopher looked up to Akurra’s great height and said, “My dear friend. I will forever owe you… Thank you.”

Akura only laughed and said, “It is my plea-sure to serve you, my master. Again, you are worthy of my life. Goodbye, Christopher.”

Following his words, Akurra illuminated in bright white light and a mix of blue.

Everyone that surrounded his body either covered their eyes from the burning light or squinted. Only Christopher’s soul forced his eyes open, knowing it would be the last time he would see his friend alive.

The great sea serpent suddenly saw his memories flashed before his eyes. He lived for more than two hundred years old. He could say he had lived long enough. Despite capable of surviving much longer, he was contented to offer his life as a substitute for Christopher’s sacrifice.

He concluded, finally, after more than two hundred years of living, he did something worthy and delivering to the people of the moon.

To Akurra he lived a more fulling life in the past two years that he aided Christopher, his master, the son of the white witch from the moon.

Before he fully gave up his life, he muttered in silence, ‘Mother, I hope you will be proud of me.’

After some time, both of Akurra’s eyes willingly carved out of his head. The huge blue eyes crystal’d and formed into one before going inside Christopher’s body.

The light around the great sea serpent slowly faded, and Christopher’s soul seemed to be being su-cked back into his body.

As Christopher became one again to his frame, his hands continued to reach for Akurra until his vision turned black.

It was only after a few minutes that Christopher awoke, already in his body. The blade that was formerly in his frame was no longer there and it was as it, he was never struck with it in the first place.

“Akurra!” He called outright. When he fluttered his eyes opened, Christopher [email protected] repeatedly. Amanda, his wife, was already hugging him tight and crying in his arms.

He first embraced Amanda tight and even accepted a hug from his son, his parents, and from Ca-ssy. They were all happy that Christopher was alive.

However, the truth remained that Akurra, Christopher’s sea serpent, had exchanged his life with Christopher.

He shut his eyes, recalling how it was all agreed upon.

The guardian from hell specifically chose him, because he met Akurra when Christopher summoned him. The guardian knew Akurra was capable of giving life, and the heavens would be pleased for such a powerful soul to go and join them and help protect its fortress.

The exchange of life had already been agreed upon even before Christopher, and Abasi returned from their journey.

After an emotional embrace from his family, Christopher forced himself up. His first attention was taken by the lifeless body of Akurra laying on the ground.

He looked at his hand and saw the mark of the soul slayer blade was also gone. He knew the heavens have taken it back, along with the soul of Akurra.

Christopher walked closer to Akurra and tried to embrace his lifeless body. He tried to hold back, but a tear evidently fell down his cheek. He said, “I’m sorry, Akurra, and I will always be thankful for your sacrifice.”

“Chris,” Agatha called from behind him. She said, “I can create a spell preserving his body. Do you want to keep this body here?”

Christopher glanced at his wife and to Orion, he said, “I’d like that, mother. Thank you. I want Akurra to stand in this border entrance, repres£nting the water that will come upon this world.”

Now that Christopher had Akurra gave his life to him, he would also carry the natural ability to create water. Technically, he won’t need the help of Mahli any longer.

“We still have matters to take care of,” said Abasi, shifting his gaze to the spirits yards away.

While Christopher’s family in Aeros returned inside the borders, the masters of the earth walked toward the convening spirits. The moment they arrived, Zaman, the spirit of time and space said, “We have all decided that Kardia should no longer serve the earth.”

“And I agree,” said Trisha. She held up her hand and revealed the yellow crystal. “If Kardia will be the source of conflict from among the spirits, I might as well not carry her.”

“No! you cannot do this!” Kardia, the spirit of the heart, objected and tried to flee. She could easily hide her translucent form, but the spirits easily created a protective layer around her, preventing her from leaving.

Zaman accepted the yellow crystal from Trisha and said, “We, the spirits of the future, will make a journey on our own and bring Kardia to the gates of heaven and hell. From today onwards, Kardia will no longer be the spirit of the heart.”

“A new spirit of the heart will awaken, but she will no longer live in Trisha’s body,” added Zaman. “We don’t know when and who will be the next chos£n one. Only time will tell.”

“I understand,” said Trisha.

“Abasi will have to be your temporary leader for now,” suggested Zaman.

Sadness filled the eyes of the masters as they glanced at Trisha. Abasi put an arm around her and said, “I’m sorry, Trish.”

Trisha gulped down her dismays and glanced up to Abasi with a smile. She said, “Abasi, for as long as you will still love me, nothing else is more important.”

“And not only Abasi,” said Taara. She walked to Trisha and also embraced her. “We will also love you the same and respect you the same.”

Amanda followed, saying, “And I the same. If not for you, holding on to me, Trish, we would not have found out that Chris was the master of water… You will always be remembered as our great leader and confidant.”

Brody and Christopher expressed the same encouragement to Trisha and in the end, the master of water said, “Once a leader, always a leader.”

The spirits were pleased with what they saw. They were incredibly impressed with the masters’ solidarity, something that did not reflect in the previous generations. They secretly hoped that the future spirit of the heart will come from one of them.

“After this, many things in the future will change. I don’t know how your future will be affected, considering that Khalid came back to the past. Perhaps all the lives that were taken by Khalid will be saved,” said Zaman.

At that point the spirits, except for Kardia, all lowered their heads to the current masters of the earth before Zaman told, “Thank you for fighting against the odds and finding the solution to Khalid’s madness. You are the most noble masters in all generations that have come.”

The rest of the spirits echoed the same, and after some time, a huge wormhole came about behind them, and the spirits left with Kardia, along with Trisha’s yellow crystals. They were gone in minutes, leaving everyone pan-ting and relieved at the same time.

“It’s over… It’s finally over,” said Amanda.

The masters rested for the next two days in their individual homes. Never have they exhausted so much energy in a battle their entire lives.

They only gathered on the third day, after Agatha had perfected the form of Akurra’s body, turning him into a statue standing tall before the northern border of Aeros.

Agatha made it a point that Akurra’s frame would stand at least three hundred feet high, visible for all the coming visitors of the land. Akurra would be the symbol of their strength.

As everyone else gazed at the statue, Orion summoned Bashe to see his brother in his new form. Even if lifeless, the sea serpent requested to see his brother.

Everyone marveled at Akurra’s statue. Agatha did a perfect job of maintaining his color and beauty. She even created the same eyes that the serpent used to bore.

After minutes into gawking at Akurra’s sculpture, Bashe said, “Well, brother. I hope you are happy up there, guarding the gates of heaven.”

“I’ll miss you, Akurra,” said Christopher.

Amanda and Christopher stayed behind as everyone else left to gather at the castle for a feast. They cherished the moment looking up to their old friend.

Amanda, for one, was very thankful for the serpent, for he gave her husband his life back. When they were both satisfied with their time with Akurra, Amanda said, “My love. Can we… Can we please have another honeymoon? A real one this time.”

“Well, I thought you’d never asked my love,” said Christopher with a grin on his face. “Let’s go big time. Where do you want to go?”

“Paris!” She announced.

“Hmmm… The city of love,” acknowledged. Christopher.

“Oooh, Paris! I want to come too,” said Taara.

“We could all use a vacation,” Responded Abasi in their heads.

“You guys! Why are you reading our heads! The problem when Trisha could not scold everyone!” Reported Amanda.



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