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the red cryster episode 97

©Sir Zach


“Stop, please! Stop! He only wanted to live longer for me!” Declared Kardia, the spirit of the heart.

Her translucent, yellow frame appeared before the current masters of the earth and she kneeled before them, blocking their way to Khalid and going around him.

Trisha, who was the current master of the heart, s£nsed her mouth twitched. She sneered before asking, “What – what is going on?”

The rest of the masters had the same puzzling question in their heads, but more importantly, they wondered why the spirit of the heart was defending the actions of Khalid.

“What’s the meaning of this, Kardia? Why not take him down when he had obviously taken lives – what about the lives of the future masters of the earth? For sure, Khalid was the one responsible for taking their crystals,” told Abasi.

However, before the spirit of the heart could answer, the two floating crystals of water and fire descended from the skies, and their spirits came out.

Mahli and Fiene came out in their translucent form, facing Kardia.

“It was no wonder you have prevented us from leaving Khalid’s body!” Told Fiena, the spirit of fire.

“You have deceived us for long, making us believe that this was all the doing of a greater enemy!” Added Mahli. “Apparently, you are the greater enemy!”

At that very moment, the rest of the crystals came out of Khalid’s body. Spiraling high and taking out his life temporarily. All except the yellow crystal now stood afloat above them.

The rest of the spirits came out, confronting Kardia, the spirit of the heart.

“So what is it, Kardia? You have fallen in love with Khalid? Did the same thing happened with Hades in the past?!” Zaman, the spirit of time and space, revealed.

The masters who stood before them were stupefied altogether. This was an untold story of the past.

“No! What happened with Hades was a mistake!” Responded Kardia.

“Kardia, I am disappointed in you,” said the spirit of the earth, Dunia. “You were supposed to be our leader, the one to guide us, but you are the weakest among us, falling in love with a normal human and turning them vicious with their greed!”

“You don’t deserve to be the spirit of the heart!” Told Angin, the spirit of the wind.

“It was inevitable! I have the biggest heart and I fell in love with Khalid as I was living inside C@ssandra!” told Kardia. “And he loves me too!”

“Wait… Khalid is in love with you? What about [email protected]!” Abasi asked, utterly puzzled.

“He loves us both!” Told the spirit of the heart.

“First of all, we the spirits, no longer have a living body,” told Zaman, the spirit of time and space. “We have no right to meddle with the human lives, other than grant them the powers to protect the earth.”

“We were supposed to minimize contact with them,” told Angin, the spirit of the wind.

“Rarely have we come out of our crystal host and by doing so, but you made us do, Kardia… All because of your deception” told Mahli.

Zaman thought about how it all began. They realized that they all fell into a trap by the convincing of Kardia.

Kardia repeatedly told them it was not yet time to leave Khalid’s body, for there was an enemy influencing Khalid’s actions, the same will reign terror, using Khalid’s body.

The spirits battled internally, puzzled as to why their leader, Kardia, had held them back from leaving Khalid’s body. Until such time that Khalid grew stronger – much stronger that it became difficult for the spirits to leave his body.

They were only able to do so that day, following Khalid’s multiple attacks from the masters and his recent dispute with the guardians of hell. With Khalid turning weak over time, they managed to flee, killing him in the process.

While the spirits were in an argument, Khalid had been revived. After all, he still had several seeds of life inside of him.

He halted from making another blast, trying to avoid being noticed. He laughed internally, seeing how Kardia stood up for him. He knew it would happen, but what he did not expect was for the spirits to find the will to leave his body.

With his eyes partly opened, he scanned the surrounding feet. He noticed one familiar frame that would give him the chance to flee, plus gain more power altogether. ‘The white witch.’

One of his charms would allow him to move at high speed. It was all that he could rely on now that he had lost the powers of the crystal. His hand slowly skimmed his other arm until he found it. Softly, he activated the charm and as soon as he felt his body fully charged; he got up and blazed!

He ran past the spirits and the masters, charging toward the white witch! His eyes have never been so wicked!

Khalid saw Agatha as his only chance to leave Pelagy, knowing her powers. Moreover, she had the ess£nce that could give him youth and more!

“Don’t you dare hurt my grandma!” He heard a familiar voice from behind and knew it was the boy destined to slay him.

He instead sped in the other direction, searching his body with another charm. When he felt the ring on his f!ng£r, he clenched his teeth. It was such an evil power; one that he was uncertain if he could handle.

Nonetheless, he had no choice.

He activated the ring by opening the surrounding cap. There stood a needle, and he quickly stabbed it against his arm!

Following his actions, the wind suddenly besieged him. In a matter of seconds, Khalid had turned himself into a dark tyrant with enormous claws, three times the size of his human frame.

His skin turned grey while red veins crawled around his body. White claws, the size of a foot grew from his hands. His eyes turned red and his awareness lost altogether. Whatever evil was there inside the ring already took over Khalid’s body.

The spirits remained to surround Karia, keeping her away from helping Khalid while the masters ran after Orion.

They were back to battling Khalid again, this time in his different form.

Khalid’s new built prevented him from speeding away, but he used his claws effectively to attack Orion.

However, no matter how strong the new Khalid had become, Orion could see through all of his attacks. He had powerful eyes, blessed with the Jubatus clan.

He could not get close to his monstrous frame just yet, but he could effectively evade any strike.

One by one, the masters of the earth came in Orion’s aid. Despite being wounded and tired, they needed to extend their hand, knowing that Orion was their only key to bringing down Khalid.

Khalid received b!0ws left and right! At one point, he fell confused about which direction to counter, not noticing the advances of Orion. From behind him, he suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his torso. His giant form looked down on his chest and saw… the golden sword had stabbed him from the back.

Khalid shrieked in pain, roaring against the land! His current form dissolved, turning him back to his human frame.

“Haaahhh!” Orion screamed right after pulling out his sword and flew away safely, [email protected] heavily and crying with tears.

It had been a long and tiring day, which none of them had had a single food or water to go through. All because of Khalid and Hades, plus their soldiers from hell.

The masters of the earth who surrounded Orion knelt down, also alleviated.

Amanda into the ground face down, saying, “Finally… It’s over.”

“No!!! Khalid!” They heard the spirit of the heart scream, seeing the end of Khalid, but they all did not care for her. Khalid was downright evil, and there was no justification for encouraging his ways to acquire power and immortality.

However, just when they all thought of resting, Orion said, “Grandma, you need to bring Akurra here!”

Agatha was suddenly awakened from awe, having been relieved all the fighting and killing was over. She looked behind her and realize that her son’s body was still… technically dead. Christoper was a soul, carrying the soul slayer blade.

They needed Akurra to bring him back to life!

She said, “Right! Move away, everyone! We need all the space for Akurra!”

Abasi joined Agatha, for Akurra was such a monstrous creature to carry through a wormhole. She needed all the strength she could get. It was different when Akurra was merely summoned than being brought to another world completely.

Dealing with Kardia was momentarily put to a halt, Christoper needed to be revived first.

It took almost half an hour for Abasi and Agatha to bring back the sea serpent from Solaris, reappearing through a grand swirling void.

Akurra practically consumed the entire space outside the borders of Aeros, standing tall in his serpent form.

He watched as Amanda and Theo carried Christopher’s body and rested it in front of him.

Akurra held his chin high, proud of his master’s sacrifice. He said, “What a sacrifice, only someone so selfless as Christopher is worthy of my sacrifices too.”

Christopher, in his soul form, walked to Akurra with a sad expression. He looked up to Akurra’s great height and put a hand on his body. He said, “My dear friend. I will forever owe you… Thank you.”

Akura only laughed and said, “It is my pleasure to serve you, my master. Again, you are worthy of my life.. Goodbye, Christopher.”


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