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the red cryster episode 96

©Sir Zach


Khalid’s eyes watched in horror as another beast came out, wrapping its body against Eimuth! It shocked him to the core, seeing how the young boy could summon two monsters at once!

He sneered, asking, “What made that boy so special?”

Fearing the outcome of this fight, Khalid fled in search of Hades using the wings of the red crystal. He determined it was wise to retreat!

Retiring outside the borders of Aeros, a giant ball of water met him, making him retreat using the green crystal.

“Cuss!” He hissed in anger after jumping ten meters behind. Just when he thought he escaped, Taara’s shuriken blade came at him at high speed! The spiraling weapon easily cut against his arms, wounding him in the process.

He ended up falling to the ground while gathering himself.

In response to the attack, he countered blades of steel, formed by the brown crystal! It just sprung out of his body out of nowhere, blazing in the direction of Amanda and Taara.

Tara was hit in the shoulders, even after her shuriken blade rebounded to her, and accepted some insignificant blades.

Amanda managed to protect herself, creating a cover of fire, but she knew she could only do so much. Her back was already injured, and she was equally in pain.

“You can never defeat me!” Announced Khalid. This time, he acted to turn himself into a giant man of steel, but out of nowhere, he shrieked in pain! “Ahhhhh!”

Khalid suddenly felt soreness all over his body that he fell to the ground. He saw as Amanda and Taara approach him that he protected himself with layers of shields. His transformation halted, returning to his original frame.

His body suddenly convulsed! But despite whatever it was that was happening to his body, Khalid still managed to create a small wormhole, bringing the remaining seeds of life in his hand. He quickly gulped ten seeds, s£nsing his body was dying.

In a fraction of a second, he seemed lifeless altogether, and his layers of protection vanished.

Still descending from the sky, Amanda muttered, “Is he – dead?”

The second she and Taara touched the ground, they saw his body shaking again, and came out from Khalid’s frame was the red crystal! It floated in mid-air, five hundred feet above them.

It was clear to Amanda and Taara that the spirits have finally acted to leave his body. As to why they took so long, they blamed it on the multiple lives Khalid had accu-mulated.

“He – he must already be dying!” a-ssumed Amanda, but just as he said this, Khalid’s body emitted a white glow again.

They recognized this from earlier. This was the effect of eating the same illuminating seed.

In a panic, Amanda tried to attack, but Khalid created a blast of sound waves, s£nding both Taara and Amanda several feet away from him, and deafening their ears.

He earlier died with the power of the red crystal exiting his body, but with the new sources of strength he had gathered, he still had a few lives left to fight against the masters!

Khalid was back up on his feet. He looked up at the drifting red crystal, waiting for the rest. He knew he needed more powers.

While hiding behind layers of protection, Khalid brou-ght back several charms and wore it around his body. Sadly, the remaining seeds of life were the only ones he had left to bring him back from the dead.

He s£nsed the spirits of the earth were clearly attacking him now. He did not expect it, but he knew it was happening.

Seeing Amanda and Taara were throwing away from him, he jumped in-between spaces, in search of Hades again. “Hades! Where are you?! We need to leave! Now!”

The earlier battlefield was filled with evil souls, but to his shock, only eight of them remained, fighting against Christopher and the master of the earth.

From afar, he saw Abasi and Trisha were discussing with the white witch. His mind contemplated whether to attack the witch or continue in search of Hades.

However, just as he thought this, his body once again plunged into a familiar convulsion. His body fell to the ground, and he trembled dramatically. his surroundings blasted like it was being b!0wn away that his downfall captured the attention of the masters of the earth.

After Christopher slashed two souls in one go, he announced, “Go ahead, Brody! I can take care of the rest of these souls!”

Still, Brody turned two of the approaching evil souls into ashes before leaving Christopher behind.

Trisha, Abasi, and Brody now circled around the seemingly lifeless Khalid when all of a sudden, the blue crystal came out of his body and he seemingly died.

However, just like earlier, Khalid remained alive again, being revived by the remaining seeds of life inside of him.

With Amanda and Taara arriving at the same location, they warned. “Stay away from him! He will create a blast!”

It was rather too late for them. The three masters ended up being sprawled to the ground after an injuring blast threw their bodies several yards away.

Khalid was back up again, on his feet. He sneered in anger, looking up to the sky. There it was, the blue crystal waiting for the rest to come out of his body. He saw the red crystal following in his direction, with no intention to return to his frame.

He screamed, “Hades! Where are you?! We need to return!”

He jumped in-between spaces again only to find the first master of the earth, attempting to attack Christopher from behind! It would seem to Khalid that Hades might succeed, but to his dismay, the soul of the master of water was quicker than he thought.

Christopher turned, seeing the shadow of Khalid behind him. With his extended two-meter soul slayer blade, Hades’ frame had no escape.

“Ugghhhh!” With one swoosh, Hades’ translucent body began to turn into smoke. Gone was the evil force that affected Khalid for so many years! He will no longer be able to possess anybody, nor influence the minds of others.

Hades was the last soul that Christopher struck on that day.

“No! No!” Khalid roared in anger as he arrived where Christopher stood. He tried to attack Christopher, but it was of no use.

Christopher was the current soul slayer. There was no living thing that could kill him. The soul slayer could, however, attack him.

With a strike above his head, Khalid was nearly hit! If not for the shield he created with the power of the brown crystal, he was certain the long blade would have hit him.

He jumped away into another space, a hundred feet from where the masters stood. He composed himself, thinking of what to do next. He needed more power. He could at least return to get the dagger of Eimuth!

Just as he was thinking this, he saw the young boy Orion flying from above him. His vision darkened, seeing an opportunity to attack.

Since he no longer had the power of fire, he could only use the wind to reach Orion. He pushed himself up while creating a blade of steel in his hand.

He was sprinting at high speed, expecting his attack to be flawless, but to his shock, Orion saw throu-ghhis attack and quickly spring out the golden blade!

A loud clashing of the swords could be heard, but Khalid’s blade was quickly cut into half by the power of the Venusian Sword.

“Oh, there you are,” said Orion. “I have been looking for you.”

Using his effective wings, Orion swung the golden blade repeatedly and vigorously in the direction of Khalid.

Khalid, on the other hand, kept retreating while sometimes creating another blade to block Orion’s attack. It was of no use, however, Orion’s sword was far too supreme.

Eventually, the masters caught up with Khalid and Orion. With no more distractions, no evil souls that stood their way, they all had their attention to Khalid.

“I’ll protect you, Orion,” Abasi announced.

“And we will distract him!” Told Taara.

Khalid received strikes left and right with various elements. While he could create a shield around him, it shocked him to find out that The Venusian Sword knows no shield! He learned this the [email protected] way when he confidently did not evade Orion’s a-ssault from above his layers of protection.

The golden sword managed to wound him in the back! It nearly killed him, but it was thanks to the green crystal that he managed to flee again.

The back-and-forth battle continued for another half an hour, with Khalid effectively evading so far. Little by little, however, he felt his body getting incredibly tired.

Just when the masters thought they were winning the feud, seeing Khalid carelessly throw attacks in an unclear direction, they saw the spirit of the heart come out of him.

It was the first time that Kardia came out from its host and appeared before the masters. The spirit said, “Stop, please! Stop! He only wanted to live longer for me!”

The masters froze at the shocking revelation, even Orion.. As it turns out, another powerful force was behind Khalid’s actions.


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