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the demon’s bride episode 51 & 52

( I Fell Into Your Charms… )


By; Succie Brown.



“Really Tiana, Your lover died yesterday?” Cheng asked with unbelievable eyes.

Tatiana ignored him, and gulped down the entire liquor inside the cup.

“I am over the moon!” She screamed so loudly, laughing as well. She wasn’t tolerant to liquor, so she got drunk just drinking a cup of liquor.

“Do you want me to take you home?” The man said trying to place his hand on Tatiana’s shoulder, but Cheng held his hand.

“Do you want to die?” He asked squeezing the man’s hand and he yelps in pain.

“You are so lucky that we are in the midst of lots of people, if not, I’d have turned you to a table for three days” Cheng said still holding the man’s hand, while Tatiana was busy waving her head sideways smilies.

“Please let go of me” The Man pleaded with Cheng, and Cheng let go of his hand.

“Now leave my pres£nt before I lose it” He said with a serious look on his face, and the man quickly left.

“And as for you” Cheng said and turn his head to look at her, and sees her in the center of the arena, dancing to the soft beating of the Qin.

She wasn’t a good dancer, so the way she danced made so many people laugh. Cheng heaves a sigh and walked up to her.

“Enough with your madness Tiana, let’s go home” He said in a calm voice, trying to take her hand, but Tatiana run away from him, and resumed dancing, and laughing crazily as well.

“I am having so much fun!!” She screamed loudly. She takes a cup of liquor from a table and tried to drink it, but Cheng took it for her.

“Oh is my handsome husband” Tatiana said laughing.

“Let’s dance hubby” She added holding Cheng’s hands, puckering her li-ps at the same time.

If not that they were in the midst of so many people, Cheng would have teleported Tatiana back to the palace.

He didn’t want to be the talk of the whole Maelstrom, but Tatiana was too drunk to understand him.

“Let’s dance cute hubby” She said again, dancing with her shoulders.

Cheng looked at the people available in the arena, and he could see them waiting for him to dance.

“My husband don’t want to dance!” Tatiana whines sitting on the ground.

“Can you please stop?” Cheng whispers to her.

“Dance with me hubby, I want to dance with you!!” She screamed and laughs like a psychopath.

???? Dance with her

???? Dance with your wife

???? She’s so drunk, just take her home

???? Dance! Dance!

Came the words from people available in the arena. There was no way he can dance in front of so many people.

He looked at Tatiana, and he knew he won’t be able to leave this place without teleporting her back to the palace.

Cheng sighed when an idea came to him, he hasn’t perform such magic before, so he wasn’t sure if it will work.

He moved his eyes a little, and everyone freezed, including the people playing the Qin, and the fire stick stand.

Cheng smiled when he saw it actually worked, now he can teleport without anyone knowing.

“Why is everyone not moving? Why is the Qin not playing anymore?” Tatiana asked drunkenly.

Cheng carried her in a bridal style and they teleported back to the palace, and to his room.

“Did you teleport me back to the palace?” She asked smiling with her eyes sightly close.

Cheng squat close to her. “You aren’t tolerant to liquor why did you drink it?” He asked.

Tatiana looked at him and landed a slap on his face.

“Ouch! why did you slap me?”

“Why did you sit and accept liquor from those women?” She asked.

“And did you have to say I was died? You literally killed me before my time” Cheng said.

“That’s because I got jealous when I saw you accepting liquor from those woman, I don’t like it when you are with another woman except for me” Tatiana said, and puckers.

And the way she puckers her li-ps made Cheng smiled. He sits beside her patting her hair soflty.

“Is never going to happen again Tiana. And you shouldn’t go anywhere near any man except for me, if you don’t want them to taste my wrath. I get really jealous anytime you are with someone else apart from me”

Tatiana looked at him and giggles. “I am all yours Cheng, and I love you so very much” She said smiling drunkenly.

Cheng kis-s her li-ps.

“I love you too Tiana” He said putting her to sleep. Tatiana’s head gently fell on the bed, and Cheng’s eyes were fixed on her beautiful face.

He felt someone’s pres£nt at the door, but when he looked at the door, he didn’t see anybody.

“I thought someone was at the door, or am I imagining things?” He asked himself, but nevertheless, he continues watching Tatiana’s face, like he was watching a beauty contest festival.


The footsteps of the person who has been watching Cheng was heard, as its entered a room.

The person took off the veil, staring into the mirror, and made some incantations and Isha appeared on the mirror.

“Why did you summon me?” Isha asked.

“Cheng and Tatiana are getting too close, is it a good thing?”

“I am not sure yet, but I think them getting attached together will wake up whatsoever powers Tatiana has” Isha said.

“Does that mean you know what kind of power she has?”

“Not yet, like I said the powers of heavens are protecting her, and I think Cheng is the only one who might trigger her powers”


“Yes. She is unaware of the kind of powers she has, and Cheng might be the one to help her get her powers back”

“What if she regains her powers? What will happen next?”

“I don’t know yet, the only way for us to know what she is capable of doing is if she regain her powers. But there is one thing I am having doubt about” Isha said.

“Which is?

“Tatiana might not be a human”

“Tatiana is not human?”

“I am not sure yet, I can only clarify it once she regains her powers, but there is a 50% a-ssurance that she might not be a human” Isha said.

“Continue inquiring everything you need to know about Tatiana”

“I will”

“And one more thing, Waylon is still on the lookout for you, so make sure your existence isn’t known to him, and don’t even try to harm him, understood”

Isha remained silent for a while before speaking up. “I do” Isha said and disappeared from the mirror.

“Tatiana might not be a human, how is that possible? She looks more like a human to me” The person said and heaved out a sigh.



The pleasant fragrance of a meal, wake up Tatiana who was still sleeping soundly.

“Good morning Beautiful damsel” Cheng said smiling at her.

Tatiana rubs her forehead feeling so much headaches.

“What happened to me Cheng? My head hurts” She said like a baby.

“You had only one cup of liquor last night but it made you drunk” Cheng said.

“Really? Did I make a mess, or did I do something crazy?” Tatiana asked.

“Apart from dancing in the pres£nt of everyone and telling me to join you in your crazy dance, you did’nt do anything crazy”.

Tatiana nodded and rubs her forehead again.

“Does your headache hurts so much?” Cheng asked, and Tatiana nod her head, pouting her li-ps.

Cheng place his hands on her forehead, caressing it softly.

“Do you still feel aching in your head again?’ He asked, and Tatiana shakes her head smiling.

“Thanks a lot Cheng, you are the best” She said smiling.

“Don’t ever get drunk okay, or I won’t heal your aliment”

“I won’t, your highness” She said smiling, and Cheng chuckles.

He brou-ght the tray of food closer to her, with a charming smile on his face.

“I made breakfast for you” He said.

“Really? You were the one who made this?” Tatiana asked looking at the tray of food.

“Yes” He answers smiling.

“You were allowed in the kitchen?” She asked.

“The moment I stepped my feet inside the kitchen, the entire maids ran away, so I had free chances to prepare breakfast for my beautiful bride” Cheng said poking her cheek.

“Let’s see what my handsome Demon prepared for his bride” Tatiana said with a smile on her face.

She took the chopsticks and ate from the bowl of rice, and she quickly spit it out

“Is this rice or stone?” She asked.

“Does it taste like stone?” Cheng asked.

“Yes it does Cheng. Did you even cook the rice?”

“I did, but I guess it didn’t get fully cooked. Try the scrambled eggs” Cheng said taking away the bowl of rice.

“This look like nice, is going to taste so delicious” Tatiana said with a smile, since the scrambled eggs was looking so nice.

She took a little from the scrambled eggs, and rather than eating eggs, she was eating egg shells.

“Did you take out the eggs shell while breaking them?” Tatiana asked.

“I didn’t, I poured everything inside the pan” Cheng said and Tatiana’s jaw dropped.

“Your poured everything?” She asked.

“Yes I did. Does it taste bad”

“Yes it does, Zero over hundred” Tatiana said.

Cheng sighed sadly.

“Sorry Tiana, I wanted to wake you up with a nice breakfast but it turns out to be bad, the only thing I am good at is grilling meats since it’s the only thing I ate for ten years” Cheng said wearing a sad face.

“You don’t have to feel bad. I’m sure even Prince Waylon or Princess Narmada don’t know to cook too. I was really expecting to taste a delicious breakfast, since the fragrance was so nice, but too bad it didn’t taste like its fragrance” Tatiana said.


“Don’t be Cheng, since you are finally staying here in the palace I will teach you how to prepare delicious meals”.

“Please do Tiana, I want to be waking you up with a delicious breakfast every morning” Cheng said, and Tatiana smiled.

“Alright, I’ll teach you how to cook, my handsome demon” Tatiana said patting his hair.

“I love you Tiana, you are the best”

“Of course I am the best for you, no one can love you the way I love you” She said.

“And that’s why I am grateful to have you in my life wifey” Cheng said.


“You are the demon’s bride, remember”.

“Of course I am. I am the one and only bride of the demon” Tatiana said and pecked Cheng on the li-ps.

“One more” He said with a nau-ghty smile. Tatiana kis-s him again, she tried to break the kis-s, but Cheng pulled her more closer to himself, de-epening the kis-s.

Waylon who saw them kis-sing sighed and walked away, and as he walked around the premises of the palace, he had a sad look on his face.

“Prince Waylon” A bodyguard called his name and Waylon looked at him.

“Lady Harlow is outside the gate, she said she wants to see you” The bodyguard said. Waylon looked at the big gate of the palace and sighed.


“Tada, I made you your favorite gem biscuits” Harlow said with a smile on her face. Both were sitted in a huge rock near the river.

“Thanks” Waylon said, taking it from her.

“Are you all right? Your face looks sad, or are you by chance not happy to be here with me?” Harlow asked.

“Of course not Harlow”

“Then why are you wearing a sullen face?”

“Because I am not over her yet” Waylon said.


“Tatiana, I still love her so much” Waylon said, and Harlow was so heartbroken by what he said.

“You love Tatiana?” She asked.

“Yes I do. I thought I have already forgotten about my feelings for her, but seeing her and Cheng kis-sing, broke my innocent heart into pieces” Waylon said

Harlow fights back her tears and asked. “So what are you going to do now?”

“Keep on getting heartbroken. My brother loves her a lot, and Tatiana loves him so much too, and I don’t want to be a burden in their love story, so I will keep on bearing the pains, even if is killing me, that’s how much I love Tatiana and my Brother, Cheng” Waylon said.

“And I am always here for you Waylon, always” Harlow said, and Waylon smiled slightly.



“Please mother, help me talk to Thiago, he’s refusing to talk to me” Supriya said, as she walked with Queen Anjali.

“You shouldn’t have said he was a Prince, and of all the palace you could announced his identity, it had to be the brothel” Queen Anjali said.

“I lost control when I saw him surrounded with those good for nothing courtesans. You know I love your son so much right? Please talk to him to stop avoiding me” Supriya pleaded.

“Fine, I will think about it” Queen Anjali said and turns to leave without looking, and the way she turned made Tatiana bumped into her, and the oolong tea inside the tray Tatiana was holding poured on Queen Anjali’s Kimono.

“I am sorry Queen Anjali” Tatiana quickly apologize, but Queen Anjali landed a slap on her face, and Tatiana fell to the ground.

“How dare you ruined my expensive dress!!” Queen Anjali shouted at her, she tried to slap her again, but Supriya held her hand.

“Don’t mother, Cheng might get mad” Supriya said.

“But thankfully he is not here. Stand up to your feet, now!!”

Tatiana stands up to her feet, bowing her head.

“You are the reason why my son got paralyzed for five days. How about I make you make since your so-called protector isn’t here” Queen Anjali said and slapped Tatiana again.

“Enough mother, if Cheng sees you hurting his bride, you are dead” Supriya said.

“He’s not here, so let me teach her a few lessons” Queen Anjali said and tried to slap Tatiana again, but her hand hanged in the air when she saw Cheng approaching them.

The smile on Cheng’s face immediately disappeared when he saw Tatiana on the floor.

Supriya melt immediately she saw Cheng.

“What did you do to my bride?” He asked already getting angry.

“I didn’t do anything Cheng, it was all Queen Anjali’s doing, she was the one that slapped her five times” Supriya unknowingly said out of fear.

“You slapped my bride” Cheng asked walking more closer to Queen Anjali. Tatiana tried to stop him, but chose not to.

“I didn’t slap her five times, it was only two times” Queen Anjali said walking backwards, already getting scared of what Cheng might do to her.

“You don’t even have the right to touch her face talk more of slapping her, how dare you!!” He roared, and Supriya faint.

Cheng didn’t want to disrespect her by slapping her, since it wasn’t allowed in Maelstrom. A younger person can’t raise his hand on an elderly person.

So rather than slapping her back, Cheng grabbed her neck, and teleported with her, and arrived in the busy market of Maelstrom.

“Start frog jumping and croaking” He said.

“How can you tell me to frog jump in this busy market, I can’t do that. I am the first queen of Maelstrom” Queen Anjali said.

“You should have thought about that before raising your hands on my bride. Start frog jumping, or I might turned you into a frog, so you can jump properly”

He pushed her to the center of the busy market of Maelstrom, and Queen Anjali looked at Cheng from the alley he was standing, and when she saw dark magic in his hand with his eyes burning in anger, she quickly went down and began jumping like a frog.

All eyes fell on her as she croaked and jumped like a frog.



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