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the demon’s bride episode 49 & 50

( I Fell Into Your Charms.. )


By; Succie Brown.



“Isha? Her name is Isha?” Waylon asked.

Amica heaves a sigh and said. “Yes that’s her name. She is the only dark witch I know, because she always help people in carrying out their evil plans on innocent people” Amica said.

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“How did you know her?” Waylon asked.

“Is just happened that I know her. I have seen and talk to her a couple of times”

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“Can you take me to her?” Waylon asked.

“Huh? You want to see Isha?” Amica asked in return.

“Yes. Do you know where she lives, or where she performs her dark magic?”

“Isha is a dark witch you can’t joke with. She is very powerful, a lot of people in Maelstrom don’t know her, but the few people that knows her fears her a lot” Amica said.

“Amica, I know we just met recently, but you have to help me. My brother has been suffering ever since he was possessed him with the power of a demon, and because of it, he was neglected for ten years, but now I want to make it up to him, and in order to do that, I have to find the witch that possessed him” Waylon said.

“Your brother? The hearsays that died down few weeks ago, although not everyone in Maelstrom heard about it, was that the third prince of Maelstrom is a demon, does that mean you are a prince too?” She asked.

Waylon heaved and said. “Yes, I am the second Prince of Maelstrom, and Cheng is my brother who was possessed with the uncontrollable power of a demon” Waylon said, and Amica bowed to him.

“Greetings to you, your highness”

“You don’t have to bow to me Amica. Outside the palace I am just an ordinary man, so don’t tell anyone I am a Prince” He said, and Amica looked at him and smile.

“You are so kind Waylon, and you are willing to help your brother” Amica said.

“I failed in my promise to be by his side, and now I want to be a good brother to him. I will try my very best to seek to it that he becomes a normal human being again, even if it means dying at the end, so please Amica, you have to help me”.

“But what if she’s not the witch that possessed your brother?” Amica asked.

“Like I said, it’s a starting point of finding the witch that possessed Cheng. Do you know where she lives?” Waylon asked.

“It’s been long l last spoked to her. I don’t where she lives now, but I am going to look into it, and get back to you” Amica said.

“Thanks a lot Amica, I am grateful I met you” Waylon said.

“Really?” She asked smiling.

“Yes” Waylon answers.

“So you don’t mind being friends with a courtesan, right?” Amica said looking at Waylon.

Waylon smiled and said; “I don’t mind being friends with you Amica.

“Thank you Waylon, for not downgrading me, and choose to be friends with me. Can I pour a liquor for you?” She asked smiling.

“Thanks Amica, I don’t drink. I only drank liquor that day because I was heartbroken”

“Okay” She said in a voice that wasn’t audible.

“Do you know how to make gem biscuits?” He asked.

“Gem biscuits? Yes I know to make it” Amica said.

“You can give it to me when next I come here”

“You will come back here again?’ Amica asked.

“Yes I will. Please inquire the whereabouts of Isha, okay” Waylon said, and Amica nodded her head.

“See you soon” He pats her shoulder and leaves. Amica watch him as he leaves smiling.

“Don’t even think about it?” A courtesan said waking Amica from her dreamy world.

“Think about what?” Amica asked.

“Falling in love with that noble man”

“And who told you I am falling for him?’ Amica asked.

“Because it’s showing all over your face. I don’t know his identity, but with his dressing, I can easily tell he’s from a highly respected Noble family, and he will never fall in love with a courtesan like you. But if by chance he likes you, they won’t accept a girl from the brothel as their son’s wife”.

“The moment we become a courtesan here in the brothel, there’s no life for us anymore outside this brothel, because you are entitled to serve men for the rest of our lives” The courtesan said, and Amica glared at her.

“Are you done puking? Now get your stupid self out of my sight” She said.

The courtesan smirked and leaves the room. Amica fell to the ground and sighed sadly.


Waylon arrived at the palace and was about to enter the palace, when Harlow grabbed his hand. The bodyguards who was in charge of protecting the palace gate, tried to intervene, but Waylon stopped them.

“What are you doing here Harlow?” Waylon asked.

“Waylon, I am sorry for everything I did. I am already a changed person and I won’t repeat what I did again” Harlow said.

“Why did you even poison Narmada just so Tatiana could be killed? Why Harlow? From what I can record she hasn’t done anything to you, so why did you do such a thing? I didn’t have the chance to asked you because I was going through a lot” Waylon said.

Harlow tried to confess her feelings for him, but she couldn’t do it, because it was prohibited in Maelstrom.

“Why did you want Tatiana dead?” He asked.

“I.. I was just jealous of her beauty. She’s so beautiful and attractive, I got jealous and I wanted to kill her, but is all in the past now. Please forgive me Waylon and accept me back as your friend” Harlow said, pleading with her eyes.

“I forgive you Harlow, but the fact still remains you aren’t allowed in the palace”


“The King forbids it, and Narmada will be furious if she sees you in the palace. You tried to kill a royal family, and that’s why you will never be allowed to enter the palace anymore” Waylon said.

“But you are still friends with me, right?” Harlow said.

“I don’t know how to hold a grudge against someone, so yes we are still friends, and don’t worry I will visit you from time to time” He said and Harlow smiled.

“Thank you so much Waylon” She said.

Waylon smiled lightly and entered the palace.



“Aren’t you going to talk to me?” Supriya asked as they walked towards the huge dinning table. Today happens to be the day that they eat together.

“And why should I talk to you when you have ruined my name. I can’t walk freely in Maelstrom anymore, because almost everyone knows I am the first Prince thanks to you!’ Thiago shouted at her.

“I won’t have done it if you didn’t go to the brothel. You keep going to the brothel when I am available for you” Supriya said.

“Just leave me alone Supriya” Thiago said, and enters the dinning area, and Supriya followed him.

“Greetings Father, mother” He greeted and rolled eyes at both Waylon, Narmada and Queen Vanya.

Jai was pres£nt too, and he was sitting next to Queen Anjali. The maids served them their food, and they were about eating, but King Osvaldo stopped them.

“We should wait for Cheng, he will be here soon” He said.

“Don’t tell me he will be eating with us? Was allowing him to live in the palace not enough? Why should he dine with us, What if he does something bad to us?” Narmada asked.

“But Cheng hasn’t harm anyone since he started living here in the palace” Waylon said.

“That’s because his demon is gathering enough powers to harm us” She said.

“That’s enough Narmada, since when did you hate Cheng so much?” Queen Vanya asked, and Narmada didn’t say a word, but there was lots of frowns on her face.

“Your daughter is right Vanya, sooner or later Cheng will show off his powers on us” Queen Anjali said.

Thiago just kept calm, he wasn’t in the mood to talk about anything concerning Cheng.

Cheng entered the dinning area, and Narmada stood up to her feet.

“Where are you going Narmada?’ King Osvaldo asked.

“To my room father, I can’t dine in the same table with a demon” She said. Narmada looked at Cheng hatefully, and walked away.

Thiago stood up and leaves without saying a word, Supriya also joined him.

“I just lost my appetite” Queen Anjali said and stood up to leave.

“Let’s go Jai” She said.

“But I am hungry mother, and I want to dine with Brother Cheng” Jai said.

“Do you want to get smacked?” She asked and Jai sadly stood up and leaves with Queen Anjali.

“Come join us Cheng” Queen Vanya said with a bright smile. Cheng smiled a little and sits next to Waylon.

“Don’t be affected by the little drama you just saw, okay” Waylon said and pats him.

“I am happy to be eating on the same table with you Cheng, and I’m so glad you decided to stay here in the palace” King Osvaldo said, and Cheng only smiled.

“How’s your search about the dark witch? Any leads yet?” Queen Vanya asked and the king looked at Waylon.

“Not yet mother, but I am still on it” Waylon said.

“Don’t stress yourself because of me Waylon”

“I’m not stressing myself Cheng, and I won’t stop until I find the dark witch controlling you” Waylon said and the four of them continued eating, more like a monogamous family.


“I found a lead about a dark witch” Waylon said when he entered his room with Cheng.

“You do?” Cheng asked and Waylon nodded.

“But earlier at the dinning area, you said you haven’t find a lead on the whereabouts of the dark witch that possessed me”

“That’s because I am not sure yet. I don’t know if she’s actually the one that possessed you. The only thing I know about her is her name”

“Her name?” Cheng asked.

“Yes. Her name Isha, and someone at the brothel said she’s going to help me find the location of where Isha stays, I am just waiting for her feedback”

“Thanks a lot Waylon”

“Don’t thank me, I am trying to correct my mistakes” Waylon said, and Cheng smiled. Deep down, he’s so happy to reunite with Waylon again.

“Where’s Tatiana?” Waylon asked.

“She left the palace to see her friend”

“Okay. I am happy for the two of you Cheng, you should get married to her soon”

“I will”

“And that reminds, you didn’t tell me you know how to teleport, in and out of the palace, I almost died of shock that day. Can you teach me how to teleport to the moon?” He asked and Cheng laughed.



Tatiana arrived in Marcellus’s house, since Cheng told her Swati was working for him. She was still looking around the house when Swati came out from the back, and the tray she was holding fell from her.

“Tatiana!!!” She screamed loudly and quickly went to hug her. Tatiana almost fell due to the way Swati hugged her.

“Did you miss me that much?” Tatiana asked smiling.

“Yes I did, so much that I wanted to break the palace’s gate, so I can see you”

“I missed you so much too Swati” Tatiana said, hugging Swati tightly.


“How is your new master treating you Swati? I heard he’s a scholar from Succie kingdom, who came to Maelstrom to become Prince Jai’s tutor, but I haven’t seen him, not even once” Tatiana said. Both were seated, drinking oolong tea.

“He is very nice Tatiana, and different from the rest of the Masters I have served. And come to think of it, he’s the only young master I have served. He’s handsome and a carefree person” Swati said smiling.

“What’s up with the smile? Do you like him?” Tatiana asked wiggling her eyebrows.

“Well I guess I do” She said and Tatiana screamed.

“Why are you screaming Tatiana?” Swati asked.

“I am just happy Swati. My best friend is finally in love, sooner or later, you will be part of the LS team”

“LS team? what’s does that mean?” Swati asked.

“It’s means Lover’s squads” Tatiana answers.

“You are so silling Tatiana, must you show off that you and Prince Cheng are lovers”

“You already know I and Cheng are together?”

“You don’t need to tell me before I will know. You have been in the palace for almost two months now, there’s no way he’s not going to fall for your beautiful face, and you won’t have created the LS if you both aren’t lovers” Swati said and Tatiana laughed.

“I miss you so much Swati, especially your craziness”

“Should I show off some of my craziness?” Swati asked making a silly face and Tatiana laughs so [email protected].

Marcellus who was looking at them from where he was standing let at a satisfactory smile as he admires Swati, who was still making silly looks.

“She likes me. Should I tell her I like her to?” Marcellus muffed.


After Tatiana left Marcellus’s house, she decided to walk around Maelstrom with Cheng. It was late, but the full moon in the sky made it brighter.

“This is my first time taking a walk around Maelstrom” Cheng said holding Tatiana’s hand.

“Oh that’s right. You have been in the cottage alone for ten years. I have somewhere to take you Cheng” She said smiling.


“Just come with me” Tatiana said.


Tatiana smiled as she gained her way to the front of the crowd. Yangqin and Gehu were loudly played, and the crowd available was busy cheering.

Tatiana also screamed and clap as she watch the people on masks fighting and dancing with a sword.

“What’s this called Tatiana?” Cheng asked.

“It’s called the blind fighting dance”

“Blind fighting dance? What does it mean”

“You sword fight with your opponent while dancing, the reason why is called the blind fighting dance is because you won’t have an idea of who your opponent is, and the funny part is when they take off their masks and realize their opponent is either their father, brother or sister” Tatiana explained.

Cheng smiled, and it’s was funny with the way they were dancing.

“I will get some liquor” She said.

“No, I will get it myself” Cheng said.

“Don’t bother Cheng, you aren’t familiar with this place” Tatiana said and leaves.

She came back some minutes later, and discovered that the Blind fighting dance has ended, and everyone was sitted in different tables drinking.

Tatiana’s eyes searched for Cheng, and she sees him sitted among some women who was literally pouring a liquor for him.

“How dare him sit with so many women?” Tatiana muttered with so much anger inside of her. Cheng looked at her with a smile and accepted a liquor from the woman who was sitting next to him.

“Is he doing that on purpose? Well let’s see who is going to get more jealous” Tatiana said to herself burning in anger.

She walked to a man who was sitting alone and sits besides him, fluttering her hair.

“Do you want me to pour a liquor for you?” She asked with a sweet voice, and he quickly nodded his head, admiring Tatiana’s beautiful face.

Tatiana poured a drink for him, and the man did the same for her, both clinked [email protected] laughing.

Cheng sees her with a man and immediately got jealous.

“Why is she pouring liquor for another man?” He muttered Jealously.

His jealousy grew worse when the man whispered something to Tatiana’s ear and she laughed so [email protected], hitting the man’s chest.

Cheng quickly stood up from where he was sitting, and approach them.

“Let’s go home Tiana” He said.

“Do I know you?” Tatiana asked.

“Okay fine, I am sorry, you won. Stop talking to him, and let’s go home” Cheng said.

“Is he your lover?” The man asked.

Tatiana looked at Cheng and snickers. “Of course not, my lover died yesterday”.



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