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the demon’s bride episode 47 & 48

( I Fell Into Your Charms… )


By; Succie Brown.



Marcellus smiles after he was done selecting the books he needed to tutor Jai.

“Thanks for coming to the bibliotheca, we have a lot of sales thanks to you” The bibliopole said.

Marcellus just smiled at him, and took the books to the palanquin he came with.

“Where is Prince Jai?” One of the palace bodyguards who is in charge in lifting the palanquin asked.

“He is still inside the bibliotheca” Marcellus answers smiling.

“He should return back to the palace, before the king or his mother noticed he is not in the palace. He’s not yet allowed to leave the palace as he pleases”

“I know. I just wanted the little kid to have some breathing space outside the palace. But since I am done with my business here in the bibliotheca, I will go in and get him, so we can leave” Marcellus said and went inside the bibliotheca.

He search around for Jai but he wasn’t inside the bibliotheca.

“Where did he go?” Marcellus muttered to himself. He saw one of the servants who was working Inside the bibliotheca, and he quickly approached her.

“Please did you see anyone leaving the bibliotheca?” He asked.

“Who exactly?”

“A little boy, he is ten years old, and this tall” Marcellus said describing the height of Jai with his hand.

“Was he wearing an expensive Jade hat?” The lady asked.


“I saw him leaving the bibliotheca throu-ghthe back exist” The lady said and Marcellus’s eyes went wide opened.

“When was that?”

“About an hour ago”

“An hour ago? Why didn’t you tell me when he was leaving!!” Marcellus said raising his voice at her.

“And how was I supposed to know he came with you!!” The lady shouted back at Marcellus.

“Sorry” Marcellus apologize. He peeped out from the window and he could see the palace bodyguards waiting for him to come out from the bibliotheca with Jai.

“I’m Dead. Where on Earth did that kid go?” Marcellus muffled, ruffing his hair, and in his eyes lies lots of trepidation.


Marcellus was still in search of Jai when Swati approach him. He has managed to sneak out of the bibliotheca, and informed Swati about it, both have been searching for Jai without having an idea on where he might be.

“Have you seen him?” She asked.

“No I haven’t Swati, I don’t even have any idea where he might have gone, this is his first time outside the palace” Marcellus said with a worried look on his face.

“Why will you take him out of the palace in the first place?”

“I just wanted the little kid to explore”

“Wow, really? Alright then explorer Marcellus, can you use your exploring ability to find where prince Jai is?”

“This is not the time to crack jokes Swati, if I can’t find Prince Jai, is over for me. Like totally over” Marcellus said with a little bit of trepidation in his voice.

“Fine. Let’s check around the woods to see if he got lost there” Swati said.



Anisha’s eyes were glued on Jai who was still unconscious.

“Why is he not waking up? I didn’t hit him that [email protected]” Kenji said.

“Is obvious he hasn’t worked under the sun before. His skin is so soft, and his face is kinda of cute” Anisha said, and Kenji frowned.

“I would have been more cuter than him, if I was born from a rich breed” Kenji said.

Anisha looked at Kenji and snickers. “In your dreams Kenji. You can’t be cute like him even if you are from a rich breed” Anisha said, and Kenji frowned the more.

“His eyes lashes are so long, and his noise is small” Anisha said tracing his face with her f!ng£r and she stopped when she got to his li-ps.

“He has the heart shaped li-ps or is it the round li-ps?” Anisha muttered. She leaned closer to Jai’s li-p to see what kind of li-ps he has, and that was when Jai woke up.

He quickly pushed Anisha away, and she fell on her butt.

“Why are trying to kis-s me!!” He yelled at her.

Anisha stood up from the ground and puffed out air from her mouth.

“I wasn’t trying to kis-s you”

“Then what was your face doing close to my li-ps?” Jai asked.

“I was just checking out something, not trying to kis-s you”

“Like I will believe a word that comes out from the mouth of a thief like you” Jai said, and Kenji hits head.

“Ouch! Why did you hit me?”

“Because I won’t be here and let you call my friend a thief” Kenji said.

“But is true, I saw here stealing a book from the bibliotheca”

“You stole from the bibliotheca again? Your obsession for books and knowing about the stars will get you into trouble Anisha” Kenji said.

“You love knowing about the stars?” Jai asked.

“And what does it has to do with you, if I love knowing about the stars?” Anisha asked in return.

“I also love knowing about the stars, do you know what the three stars that are always together signifies” Jai asked with a smile on his face.

“No I don’t. What does it mean?” Anisha asked curiously.

“It signifies protection or guidances of the universe” Jai answers. Anisha smiles and quickly sits beside Jai.

“What about the king’s star?”

“Rightful heir to the throne”

“Wow you are genius. What does the brightest star in the sky signifies?” Anisha asked smiling.

Kenji wasn’t happy with how Anisha was warming up with Jai, so he quickly pulled her up to her feet.

“What was that for Kenji” She asked.

“Don’t tell me you are going to be friends with him, because he knows about the stars? Is our rule not to befriend people from rich Noble families, just like him” Kenji said, trying to hide his jealousy.

“And who was the one that made such rules?” Anisha asked like a boss.

“You” Kenji answered.

“Great. Which means I can easily terminate the rules”

“Don’t tell me you want to befriend him?” Kenji asked looking at Jai.

“I don’t think is a bad idea. I have been friends with you, but you loathe anything about books, so why can’t I be friends with someone who loves exactly what I can’t do without?” Anisha asked.

“But you don’t know him Anisha”

“And did I know you when we first met? Friendship is a gradual process” Anisha said and looked at Jai with a bright smile.

“I’m Anisha, what’s your name?” She asked.

“My name?”

“Yeah, the name everyone around you calls you” Anisha said.

“Well my name is… My name is Ansel” Jai lied.

“Ansel, your name is cute just like your cute face, will you please tell me everything you know about the stars” Anisha said blinking her eyes.

“I will, but on one condition” Jai said.

“Why will you be asking for conditions because of a mere lectures about stars” Kenji said and pushed Jai, and Jai fell to the ground.

“Why did you push him Kenji!” Anisha half yelled at Kenji, helping Jai to stand to his feet.

“Because he’s been pompous of himself” Kenji said looking at Jai hatefully.

“That’s not true, I am not a pompous person” Jai said.

“If you aren’t a pompous person, you won’t be asking for conditions!!” Kenji yells at Jai.

“Just shut up Kenji, don’t ruined my opportunity of knowing about the stars. What’s is your condition Ansel? Anisha asked.

“Return the book you stole from the bibliotheca. Stealing from others is wrong” Jai said.

“Hey, don’t lecture my friend like you are Mr. Righteous” Kenji said.

“Stop bugging in Kenji” Anisha said hitting Kenji’s head.

“If you return the book, I have lots of books about the stars in the pa.. I mean at home, I can lend them to you”

“Really? You will?”. Anisha asked smiling.

“Yes I will. Is more better than stealing” Jai said.

Anisha quickly brou-ght out the book she stole from her kimono, and wrapped her arm around Jai’s neck.

“Let’s return it together” She said leaving with Jai with her arm hung around the his neck.

“How can she wrapped her arm around someone she just met?” Kenji muffed.

He went to their center and separated them from each other on purpose.

“I want to come along too” He said.

“And since when did you start going to the bibliotheca?” Anisha asked.

“Starting from today” He said smiling at her

“Tsk tsk tsk, let’s go Ansel” Anisha said leaving with Jai, holding his hand and Kenji frowned.


Jai watch as Anisha dropped the book inside the shelf in the bibliotheca and smiled. The three of them entered the bibliotheca throu-ghthe back entrance.

“I already returned it, so can we go over to your place so you can lend me the book?” Anisha asked smiling.

“About that, I will give it to you when I come to the bibliotheca. That should be five days from now” Jai said.

He wasn’t sure if he will be able to leave the palace like he did today, but he might find a way to leave the palace, maybe throu-ghMarcellus’s help.

The reason he lied about his Identity was because he didn’t want Anisha and Kenji to feel unease with him.

“Just admit it Ansel, you don’t want Anisha to come to your place because she’s poor, right?” Kenji asked.

“That’s not true Kenji” Jai said. If it was up to him, he’d have brou-ght both Anisha and Kenji to the palace, since is his first time making friends with kids like him. But knowing the rules of the palace, he can’t bring them to the palace.

“Then what? Is obvious rich breeds like you are always filled with pride” Kenji said, and Anisha hits his head.

“Don’t worry Ansel, I am going to wait. Five days from today, right?”. Anisha asked smiling, and Jai nodded his head.

“Alright. See you till then” Anisha said leaving.

“Don’t even think about coming back” Kenji said.

“What are you doing?” Anisha asked from where she was standing.

“Nothing” Kenji said with a smile. He tried wrapping his arms around her shoulder, but Anisha kicked his knee and leaves the bibliotheca.

“Wait for me Anisha” Kenji said going after her.

“Don’t follow me” Anisha said running.

Jai chuckles as he watched Anisha running with those small feet of hers.

“She is so energetic” He said smiling.

“Jai!!” Marcellus screamed his name, entering the bibliotheca with Swati from the back entrance.

“Where did heck have you been?” Marcellus asked, he was sweating all over.

“I’m sorry for making you worry scholar Marcellus, I didn’t mean to leave without telling. I am sorry” Jai apologize sincerely.

Marcellus sighs in relive. “Is fine. All that matters is you’re here now. I had to distract the bodyguards just so I could look for you, but is a good you’re back and unharmed”

Jai smiled and looked at Swati. “Is she your lover? She’s so beautiful”

“Yuck, of course not Prince Jai. She’s not my type of woman” Marcellus said and Swati frowned at him.

“But she’s so beautiful” Jai said.

“Thanks for the compliment Prince Jai. Your so-called scholar Marcellus doesn’t know he looks like a frog” Swati said and Jai laughs.

“What did you just call me?”

“Frog. You look exactly like one from an abandoned well” Swati said croaking like a frog, and Jai laughs so [email protected].

“If I am a frog, then you are ostrich”

“What!! Me ostrich!!” Swati yells at him.

“Yes. Because you eyes so big, is bigger than your brain” Marcellus, sticking out his tongue and Jai laughs

“You two are so cute together, you should date already” He said laughing.

Swati and Marcellus looked at each other, but quickly looked away, smiling secretly.



“Have you talked to the king about Zelda?” Tatiana asked pouring yellow tea in a ceramic cup for Cheng.

“Yes I have”

“What did he say?” Tatiana asked giving the cup of yellow tea to Cheng.

“He has nothing to say. He is planning on getting a new personal bodyguard” He said drinking the yellow tea.

“I feel so bad for him Cheng. I know what he did to me was wrong, but exiling him to a world unknown is so cruel. Since you blinded him, can you at least let him live among humans, so he can survive?”

Cheng sighs and cupped her face. “Why are so kind hearted?” He asked.

“I guess that’s how I was born. To feel sorry for people even they hurt me. I know you won’t agree to set Zelda free from his blindness, but at least, keep him in a place where he can be see by humans, that way he will be able to survive”

“I will think about it” He said caressing her hair.

“But Cheng….”

“I love you Tiana” He said kis-sing her li-ps, and Tatiana smiled.

“Why are you trying to change the topic?” She asked smiling.

“I love you so much” He said kis-sing her again.

“Are you going to keep on saying those three words to me everyday” She asked still smiling.

“I won’t ever get tired of saying those words to you Tiana. I love you even till death” He said caressing her face softly.

Tatiana smiled and pecked his li-ps.

“Do you want me to spend the night here? We can spend the night cuddling each other” Tatiana said, and Cheng smiled naughtily.

“I like the sound of that” He said capturing her li-ps with his.



“Do you want me to entertain you?” A courtesan asked when Waylon entered the brothel.

“No. I am here to see someone” Waylon said.


“Amica, I am here to see her”

“What is so special about Amica, that everyone always wants to see her?” The courtesan asked with a frown.

“Can you get her for me?” Waylon asked ignoring what she said.

“Fine I will” She said forcing out a smile.

Waylon sits down in the VIP room inside the brothel, and in no time, Amica entered the room.

“I didn’t know you will be back soon. Do you want me to pour a liquor for you?” Amica asked.

“No. I’m here to talk to you”

“About what?” Amica asked and Waylon signaled her to sit down, and she did.

“What do you want to talk to me about?”

“I heard you are one of the popular courtesans here in the brothel, which means you know most of the things going on in Maelstrom”

“Not everything actually… But what do you want to know?” Amica asked.

“Dark witches”

“Dark witches? Why do you want to know them?” She asked.

“Because someone precious to me have been possessed and the only way to stop him from being controlled is to find the witch that possessed him” Waylon said.

“I know of a dark witch who has dark powers, but I am not sure if she’s actually the one you are looking for” Amica said.

“What is her name? Waylon asked

“What if she’s not the actual witch that possessed the person precious to you?”

“At least I am going to start looking for her. What is her name?” Waylon asked again.

“Her name is Isha”




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