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the dangerous heiress 2 episode 45




Sabrina woke up early in the morning to find that its still rainy. She loved the weather so she snuggled back to her husband. Her parents surely love the weather because Ezekiel can’t go home due to the bad weather.

“So, your parents are now back together?”

“Yeah.” She snuggle on him more.

“I have to go to the office right now.” He was about to leave but she pressed him down.

“Leave it to your secretary.” She said.

“Oliver is my secretary not the boss of the company.” He caress her face. “I haven’t been in the company for so long… they need me.”

“But it’s raining.” She pouted.

“Okay. I’m going to stay until it stops raining.” He cuddle on her. His eyes are fierce when he found out that Ivanov and Anastasia raced on who would get them first. What a game? It will be time for their torture anytime soon.

They start klzzing and only get interrupted when Sabrina’s phone chimes. She pushes him down and reach her phone. She checked the message from Shadow and play the video. Sabrina was satisfied on how Francisco get crazy and furious to Janine. They haven’t started yet it seemed that Elder Ivanov already enjoy it all by himself.

Gabriel was too curious on who Shadow was so, he holds her waist and pull her dress. Sabrina was too focused on the video that she’s watching. He reached her down there and start that naughty thought.

Sabrina stopped and her eyes widens. Gabriel klzzes her shoulders while his hand was busy pleasuring her down there. She hold on the sheets and [email protected] some air.


“Hmm?” He asked innocently like he’s not doing anything at all. Gabby reach her breast with his other hand and s√¢k her supple skin on her neck.

“Fck…” she murmured.

“Honey you are so noisy. You might wake up Athena.” He said innocently. Sabrina struggle from holding her mouth not to moan loudly or scream.


Janine was on the small bed lying there with sheets around her. She missed outside. It’s been like forever that they got here. No one is there to rescue them. She look at Glenn who is doing pushups. They have water. They gave them water. And the food that they are giving them are like dog food.

Janine just drank water and has no appetite to eat dog food. Then she glower at Sylvia who is sleeping and didn’t care about anymore.

“Dear Red Girl, did you now regret siding with Francisco?” Janine asked. Sylvia sat up and look at her then she smirked.

“It’s not my fault at all. You killed Anastasia and the three of you are all behind it. That also means that you big guy—raped Anastasia.” Sylvia said. She smirked. Glenn looked at Sylvia and the more he look at her the angrier he becomes.

Sylvia was laughing out loud and lay back. She hasn’t done anything to Anastasia and she was sure that she wouldn’t get involved.


“Good morning, my love.” Ferdinand greets as Anastasia open her eyes. Anastasia look into his eyes.

“You haven’t slept my love.”

“I just want to make sure that you are still there. But,” He reach the table tray. “I prepare breakfast in bed.” He sighed and caress her hair. “Let’s go home with me.”

She held his hand and nodded.

“We will go home. But I must see few people first, do you want to go with me?”

“I will go anywhere with you.” He klzzes her l!ps [email protected]. “Eat first. I prepared that with my love.”

She took the rose that he probably pick outside although it was raining. It wasn’t a heavy rain like yesterday.

“Honey, you really know how to please me.” She smirks.

“Of course, my love. I am your soulmate.” He put away the table tray first and remove his robe. Anastasia sigh at the sight. Her husband manage to work out although Gabriel would say that he became an alcoholic. His body isn’t like before. Hey had aged however—she would still make him work on his body.

“Love, let Gabriel teach you some tai chi okay? Maybe other stuff. I don’t like it when you drink too much.”

“Okay.” He klzzes her chin. “Are you turned off?” He asked. “Because my abdominal isn’t trimmed and my packs from six became four?” She giggled and wrapped her legs around him as she opened her robe.

“You really think that I’ll be turned off so easily?”

“Nah… I am too sexy even if I get fat.”


Hailey was preparing breakfast for her hubby when he comes out already dressed up. She sighed and put down the spatula.

“Where are you going?”

“Uhm.” He look away and scratch his head.

“Jason, do you have to go EPUA?” She asked.

“Hailey… Shadow called. It will be quick.”

“Okay.” She look at the food that she’s preparing. Sadly, he can’t eat it because he’s in a rush. He walked to her, scoop her cheek and klzz her l!ps.

“It will be quick. Really quick.” It was supposed to be their honeymoon. She nodded although, she was calm, he can see that she’s pouting a little, so he klzzed her l!ps again and walk around, picked bottle of water and hugged her from behind. He klzzed her neck. “I’ll come home as soon as possible.”

“Just go.” He reached one piece of pancake and start eating it while going out. “Don’t throw away my pancakes.” He said aloud while walking out.


Oliver was busy checking things that Gabriel would be signing. He called his own secretary the one that he’s training for Gabriel. So when he leaves, everything will be settled. But his boss had found out already when he arrived late in the office and went directly to his own office.

Oliver looked up at him. Maybe he would be cool around him. Right? He round up reviewing, then took the papers to his boss that is watching him.

Gabriel cleared his throat and Oliver sigh.

“Boss, here are highly important papers you need to sign. I already put notes on it… I’ve summarized it and—it’s ready to go. Our sites has fewer problems regarding security so I adjusted the budget and told the coordinators to monitor installations.”

“You are training your @ssistant.” He said. “It’s been months since you’ve been teaching her lots of things about my schedule and other stuff.”

Oliver smile politely.

“I need to leave, Mr. Lawson.” He said in a very professional way.

“Why? You’ve been my secretary for six years now.”

“I need to chillax.” He said again. Gabriel laugh out loud on his secretary’s choice of word.

“Chillax isn’t in your vocabulary.” Gabriel was noticing something from him.

“I don’t know how to put this. But I want to be in an island where females wearing bikinis and some of them just don’t wear anything.”

Gabriel laugh out loud. It’s not something that his secretary would say. He can’t let him go. He was way too efficient in everything.

“I’ll triple your allowance.” He said.

“Boss, I have to quit. I have learned a lot and I easily get bored. It’s time for me to go. I mean—I don’t want to be a bachelor anymore while lots of people around me are getting married.

“You are just twenty-eight.”

“Twenty but time run too fast. We can’t go back to the past.”

Gabriel sigh.

“I’ll only give you two days to train my secretary.” He stood. “And who are you going to work?” He asked again.

“No one. Just me and just play around.”

It will be [email protected] for Gabriel to let go such an efficient secretary. But he can see potential in his @ssistant. He went to his office as Oliver followed him with do¢vments in his hands. He started wondering now.


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