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the dangerous heiress 2 episode 44




Anastasia felt like her world has been torn apart. It was a gloomy day and even the weather is with her. She sipped on her mimosa as she recall her encounter with her eldest child. Of course, what should she expect? For him to hug her tightly? Not at all.

She called her father since it’s going to rain any time soon. He answered after few rings and she smiled.

“Dad, where are you? It’s going to rain any time soon. And it will be sli-ppery on your way here.”

“I am still on my appointment. It’s raining [email protected] here. Sorry, darling but I will be back tomorrow. It seemed that there’s a typhoon coming.”

“Okay. Take care. Do you have your medicine?”

“Everything are packed up by you, darling. Don’t worry. I’ll be home first in the morning.”

“Okay. Love you, bye.”

“Love you too.”

She hang up and let out a heavy depressing sigh. She was alone. All alone on a cold rainy day. Usually, if it was raining, Sabrina would love it. They would gather in the family room with pop corns, home made pizza and blankets at each other as they watch horror movie.

She put down her phone. She carelessly brush off her gla-ss. She stood to pick it up and then she look at the lawn to see a man standing there. She was taken aback as she looked at that handsome face standing few meters away from her. Her heart was pounding. She bit her li-p to avoid her traitor tears.

Ferdinand look at his wife with eyes full of longing and desire. His heart was beating so loud that its deafening him. Big drops of rain showers above him yet he didn’t move and just look at his beautiful wife. His first love. His one and great love. His every first.

She cover her mouth as tears falls from her eyes. She didn’t move. She couldn’t move. It felt so heavy. The desperation she felt was becoming a confusion for her emotions. But she wanted him. To hug him, kis-s him. Her one great love. The man whom she gave everything. Her love, her heart, herself and her every firsts.

“Ana…” He murmured.

She walked to him slowly holding back the crazy emotions she felt. She felt nervous. She felt happy. She felt sad… it was crazy. She didn’t expect that they would be here. In the same place and face to face.

Ferdinand dropped down on his knees and reach her hand. He is crying together with the rain when he felt that it was really her.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for failing you, my love.”

“Shh.” She stepped closer to him and hug-ged the back of his head. He cried [email protected] as he shove his face on her stomach. “It’s not your fault, my husband.”

She bit her li-ps. She finally touched him. They stand there for long with him crying and asking for her forgiveness. Years of being apart was [email protected] for them. For Ferdinand, he felt that his half had died. He became a rebel and he hated the world.

Anastasia took his hand for him to get up. He hug-ged her tightly and then scooped her face looking into her face just to make sure that it was his wife. Anastasia can see the pain in his eyes. She also felt the pain of longing.

“I’m sorry. I become weak… because of a woman.”

“Shh.” She stop his mouth with her fore f!ng£r. “Past is past. And it’s truly not your fault. I know that you are wrong on somethings like not trusting and giving me your faith. But I love you and I already forgave you.”

He hug-ged her and started sobbing on her neck. She was crying as well, but now, it felt so real. Both of their hearts has been filled.

She took him inside. She pick her phone and hold his hand as she take him upstairs. Both are soaking w-et from the rain. She reach the fresh towel and gave it to him. Then she reach another one and stand in front of him as she wipe off the water. He also did the same, damping it gently on her w-et face.

He caressed her face. His warm li-ps pressed on her forehead, down to her nose and to her li-ps. She automatically wrapped her arms around him and kis-s him pa-ssionately with full of longing. The coldness faded and the room’s temperature intensify. Years of being apart was [email protected] for both.

He caress her body while she’s unbutto-ning his shirt.

“Is it okay?” He asked her. She smiled at him and kis-sed his li-ps.

“Let’s take a shower first, okay?” She said sweetly. He nodded and both stay in the hot bathtub wrapped with each other for long. It’s been so long however, it felt like their first time. It felt like just before. He caress her hair, hold her hand and hug her for long until the water gets cold.

She stood and take his hand.

“Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.” He stand and stop her. He stepped off from the tub and look down on her chest. A scar was there. He caress it lightly.

Ferdinand imagined how she got it. Janine did this to her. He hold himself not to cry but he just did. Anastasia understand that he is full of regrets. She gave him a fresh robe and he put it on. He help her put the robe on and then he dried her hair.

“Ana, my love. Don’t leave me again.”

She kis-ses his hand. He still wore their wedding ring. From the recent pictures and posts of Marga from two years ago, he wasn’t wearing any wedding ring on his ring f!ng£r but wore their wedding ring under his shirt as a necklace.

She turn to him and look at the lace and the small ring as a pendant. She lovingly caress his handsome face and tip toe as she kis-ses his li-ps.

“You are mine. No one can ever have you. Do you understand that?” She said softly but with hint of dangerousness. Ferdinand smile and nodded.

“I am always yours, Ana.” He caress her hair. “Do you remember when you said the same exact words? You were so mad at me when I got drunk with my friends and girls lingers around. You were so adorable that I couldn’t help but to make love to you all night.”

Anastasia smiles and their memories come back like it all happened yesterday.

“What can I do? You are tied to me. And I am not dead yet and that woman—who touched you and sedu-ce d you…” She caress his face dangerously. “I will make her pay a thousand folds for taking everything what’s mine.”

“My love, you are scaring me.” He smiled. He wasn’t scared of her at all. He was turned on by her. The dangerousness and her sweetness was all he missed.

“Remember, my love. I forgive you and I don’t care what you and Janine did while I’m gone. But I will make sure that you won’t love another woman but me while I am alive.”

“I am forever yours. Okay?” He kis-s her li-ps. “You are way too more possessive… I love it.”

“And I love you.”

They went downstairs and Eugene, Ezekiel’s personal butler prepared a soup and ingredients.

“Thank you, Eugene.” She smile sweetly. “I can handle this.” Eugene eyed him.

“I will bring new clothes to your room.” He left and they look at each other and hold their laugh. Eugene probably hate him for what he did to her. But she accepted him again and he will never let anyone manipulate him, ever again. He reached her hand and kis-sed it.

“You know that I can cook for you.”

“It’s alright. I always want to do this. Just sit there, my love.”

They eat and talk at each other, holding onto each other and touching each other. They didn’t even finished the food because they can’t stop the pa-ssion and longing and eagerness between them. He carried her upstairs and kis-s her pa-ssionately.

In that romantic rainy night, their pa-ssion grows, old memories came back like it happened yesterday. They didn’t sleep at all. Ferdinand was wide awake and kept his eyes on her holding her tight making sure that she was there and he won’t lose her ever again.

“My love… can you dance with me?” she asked as she put on the long silk robe of her negligee.

He sat up and follow her on the speaker as she play their favorite song. Ferdinand put his arms around her and they sway a little. Anastasia turn to him gracefully and kis-s his li-ps. Just like before—he danced with her all night and he never get tired of it.

Francisco was looking around the cold cell. This is a real torture. He remembered how they beat him up. Even his own daughter was watching. He laughed out loud. He was sure now that Anastasia is alive. He laughed again and again as he looked at where throne like chairs are. He will see her there. He can’t wait for them.

Someone gets in and he thought that it was Anastasia. But to his disappointment it was Calvin Ivanov.

“Expecting someone, Francisco?” Calvin smirks. “Well, you can see her—for the last days of your life.”

“Where is she, Ivanov?” Francisco gritted.

“Why would I tell you?” Calvin smirks. “Oh.” He snapped like he forgot something. “I think she’s in a romantic rainy night now. Let’s not elaborate what else happened.”

Francisco suddenly get paled and then he looked down. Is she already with Ferdinand? No! He can’t accept that. He must make a way to escape. However, he looked at Glenn on the other side that’s trying to break the unbreakable gla-ss. Then to Janine. Everyone here are useless. Then he looked at Sylvia who just stay by the corner with eyes full of regrets.

“This is all your fault!” Janine shouted at Francisco that is just beside his own cell. “You bring me up with Anastasia and this all happen!”

“You failed me, you whore. You can’t even make Ferdinand fall in love with you.”

“How can I? When every time he mo-an-ed and babbled every time calling Anastasia name? The two of you need to get over her because she’s dead. I killed her and burned her. What else do you want to know? Do you expect her to appear in front of us?”

Calvin laugh out loud while enjoying the show. Francisco’s veins are showing as he clenches his fist and grit his teeth in front of her. He started punching the wall in front of Janine. Calvin was enjoying the show and he made sure that Anastasia would see this.

“You whore! You will always be a whore! And you will never be better than any woman… you can’t even get on Anastasia’s level.” He smirked at her with gritted teeth. “If only I knew that you would do that to Ana, I regretted taking you. I fed you, gave you a luxurious life and this is what you did? You will pay for it you whore!”

Janine scoff.

“You aren’t just the one who tasted her. Lots of men did…” She smirked deviously. “She was mo-aning and crying for more… she enjoyed it more than what you did to her.”

Francisco scream out loud and start punching the glas-spartition in front of Janine. Calvin was laughing that almost hurt his stomach. This is fun to watch. Their torture haven’t started yet, but now this is an appetizer for their main course.

Mark visited the Elite Red Room and drink a little and the girls thought that he was up for rent. They rubbed on him and a big fat lady almost kis-sed him. If it weren’t for the bouncers, he would get raped there in the guest area.

He rushed out and drove to the EPUA hospital to pick his fiancée. He exhales and then get out of the car. He went to Catriona’s room. She’s done from everything. Checking her and then her vitals. She stepped out from the room and look up at him.

“Hey, darling.” He bent down to kis-s her. She wasn’t that responsive at all. She looked at him and kept quiet. Mark was puzzled. So he waited for her to dress up and then he took her hand as they went to the parking lot.

“You smell of alcohol. I’m going to drive.”

He let her. Then he looked at her and then put a hand over her thigh. She jolted and hit the break so [email protected] that they pushed forward. He blocked it and then exhales.

“Don’t touch me.” She said with gritted teeth. She shudder a little and exhales.

Of course, she was s£nsitive but after they made love multiple times—she wasn’t that s£nsitive of his touch anymore. Wait? What’s happening?

“Is there a problem?”

“I don’t like the smell of different perfume, cigarette and alcohol on you.”

He checked himself and found li-pstick marks on his shirt and neck. He exhales and remove his shirt.

“I was in the Elite Red Room. Girls thought that I was up for rent. They almost raped me.” She started the car and ignore what he said. It was like she’s affected. He took a w-et tissue from the compartment and wipe off the li-pstick marks.

Allison gripped her hand on the steering wheel as she glanced at him. She bit her li-p and stopped the car by the corner. She removed her seat belt, took the w-et tissue and start wiping off him. She even straddle on him and quickly adjust the seat to recline.

“Allison.” He muttered. Allison was fierce as she unbuckled his pan-ts and pull his [email protected] manhood. She made a way for herself and ride on him. Mark was also in euphoria and couldn’t help but to kis-s her. Ripped her shirt, remove her bra and su-ck on her nip-ples.

The car is shaking, and they didn’t care at all but to make love to each other. It took more than thirty minutes to please each other. She collapsed on his chest, they are breathing heavily. Mark caress her hair and kis-ses her forehead.

“Alli, were you jealous a while ago?”

“Can’t I get jealous?” She asked and play on his chest and let him stay inside her. She just wished to get pregnant too soon. So, she’ll be satisfied even though he might leave her and marry another one. She wouldn’t be alone. Like before. Her mother left her and her father treated her like a computer, a robot. She might be too rational. But this is the only way for her not to suffer for years.

“Let’s go home.” He reach his jacket and put it on her. He caress her face and kis-s her li-ps. “We can make babies when we get home.”

She nodded and fixed herself. She reached the w-et tissue and wipe herself. She was still quiet as she drove to the penthouse. He now understands why she acted that way. She probably plan on getting pregnant and letting him go. Once they got home, he prepare their little dinner. She just got out of the shower and he followed. He quickly rubbed everything just to get off the scents and then he eat with her.

“Alli, what’s the matter?” He asked. “Do you still plan on just getting pregnant and not letting me marry you?”

“Yes.” She answered. He reached her hand.

“Allison, we are engaged. I love you—I know that you are anxious. But I’ll never leave you.”

“Mark, I am not the only woman in this world and there will be a time that you’ll find someone much better than me. This is the only way—so none of us can get hurt.”

“But I love you. And it hurts me that you can’t accept my love for you. What else should I do then?” He asked. She remain silent. “Is it [email protected] to accept, Allison?” Mark exhales and look away. He was exasperated. Okay, he understands that she has doubts. He understands that she has trust issues.

He stood and pick her up. He tossed her to bed and pull off his boxers. Allison sat there and look at him. He didn’t want to force himself when she isn’t ready. So he caress her hair lovingly.

“Allison, I love you. We aren’t going to break up. We aren’t going to separate. And every day—I will make sure to give you a reason to accept my love.”

That night, Mark did everything to make love to her and satisfy her. He didn’t sleep at all. He checked on his properties and check the update on the old house that he bought. He called people that would help him renovate it. He wanted to give her a home. He wanted her to stay with him and grow old with him. He doesn’t care if she’s autistic. He is in love with her.

“What are you doing?” She sat up and rubbed her eyes. “It’s—” she look at the watch. “Two in the morning.”

“Darling, I have a surprise for you, and you can’t know about it. Go back to sleep, or do you want me?” He grinned and kis-s her li-ps. She touches his face—newly shaved and kis-ses his cheeks. “I am more handsome right?”

“Yes.” This is what he likes about her. She’s honest and straightforward.

“I’ve got a beautiful body, right?”

“Yes.” She caressed his ma-ssive chest.

“I’m going to make love to you now. So we can have little angels… when do you plan to fix our wedding? Or do you want me to settle it?”

“Are you sure about marrying me?” She asked. He smiled slowly.

“I am so sure now that I could make love to you every day.”

He reached her down there and when she’s ready, he thru-st on her.

She fell asleep quickly after their hot love making. He got back to designing when he suddenly received a message from Shadow.

Good Morning Early Bird,

Need your ASAP report in EPUA. Just so you know, that little Bratt of Francisco and Janine had brou-ght an army of gangsters.

Truly yours,


“Shit.” He muttered.


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