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sold to Lucifer episode 30 & 31

???? SÕLD TO
LUCIF£R ????
{ Slave To s£nsation… }

EPISODE 30????31

THEME; Taking Her Innocence.


By: Summer Gold R.


“Lucifer!!” Vesper screamed out and shook his arm. Lucifer turned back to normal and faced her

Vesper sighed out when everything became stable again

“What was…..” Before she could finish,Lucifer was already gone while everyone in the arena were left to wonder what happened just now.

Vesper’s eyes caught with Orpheus and Larisa

“Gosh” She gro-aned and immediately walked over to them

“Hey little one” She smiled,taking Larisa from Orpheus

“How about a walk together?” She asked and Larisa nodded

Vesper squee-zed her nose at Orpheus before leaving with Larisa.

There was silence between them till Vesper spoke up

“Are you two close?” She asked and Larisa looked up


“Orpheus” Vesper replied

“Oh,we are friends” Larisa smiled and Vesper rolled her eyes

“Quite dangerous” She muttered and Larisa raised a brow up

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Nothing,I’m just saying you should be careful when making friends,especially guys” Vesper said and Larisa nodded

“Thank you” she said and Vesper smiled


Wednesday was walking with a total frown on her face

“I just can’t believe that girl,seriously? Now it’s Mona again?” She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

She didn’t know when she bumped into someone

“Ouch!” She touched her forehead and looked up to see Rocky crossing his arms against his chest.

“What happened?” He asked

“Nothing” Wednesday muttered and made to leave

Rocky immediately grabbed her hand and she faced him back

“What do you want?” She gro-aned

“You” Rocky replied and she frowned

“Hey!” She yelled but Rocky was already dragging her away

“Let go of me! I’m going to cast a spell on you if you dont!” She kept on shouting but Rocky didn’t stop until they entered his room.

“What are we doing here!” Wednesday asked,pan-ting heavily

“To calm you down” Rocky replied and moved closer to her

“What are you planning to do?” She muttered

“You said you have something to tell me” Rocky whispers and Wednesday frowned

She pushed his chest and Rocky laughed

“What were you expecting?” He asked

“Shut up” Wednesday snapped and sat down

“So what is it?” Rocky sat next to her

“It’s about your sister” She replied

“What about her?”

“I’m just thinking……what If she’s not dead?” Wednesday asked and Rocky scoffed

“I told you she died on our eighteenth birthday,that was five years ago Wednesday. How do you expect her to still be alive?? I was there when she was buried,she was murdered along with our parents” Rocky said and Wednesday sighed

“I don’t know why,I just keep on having that feeling…”

“It’s because you’re pitying me,there’s nothing like that” Rocky said and Wednesday sighed

“But thanks to you,she’s giving me some breathing space these days” He said and Wednesday smiled

“Good to hear” She muttered

“You left the party,why?” Rocky asked

“I just….wanted to” Wednesday answered

“Then,how about drinking together instead?” Rocky asked and she nodded immediately


“Why would she allow him to hug her? Are humans like that? Letting anyone hug and touch her,seriously” Lucifer said with anger in his voice as he threw the arrows into the bullseye

“You sound like a jealous boyfriend” Robbie said and Lucifer stopped

“Jealous? What’s that?” He asked

“I have a lot of answers here…”

“Just tell me one!” Lucifer snapped

“Okay,,one…when you’re upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person” Robbie said and Lucifer scoffed

“Seriously? Love? I’m not in love with that human okay? Just tell me another meaning” He said

“When you’re unhappy and slightly angry because you wish you have someone else’s qualities or when you feel that someone you love loves someone else or is loved by someone else…..”

“Hey Robbie,stop saying that word out okay? There’s nothing like love” Lucifer snapped

“But people do fall in love with each other……..”

“They are just bunch of dumb a-sses,Love doesn’t exist,okay?” Lucifer pointed his f!ng£r

“Are you trying to make me concur with you?” Robbie asked

“Just shut up Robbie” Lucifer gro-aned and there was silence again until Lucifer suddenly turned to Robbie again.

“What does a hug mean? When a guy hug a girl,it doesn’t mean anything right?” He asked without thinking

“Of course it means alot,it’s an act of showing love…….”

“Shut up!!!!!!!” Lucifer yelled and Robbie turned off by himself

“Ahh!” Lucifer kicked the nearest chair to him and exhaled

“Act of showing love? Is Orpheus in love with her?” Lucifer asked himself and then laughed crazily

“Of course not,I’m just being extra” he muttered

He suddenly felt someone coming over to his chamber,he disappeared from the underground room and appeared in the living room,sitting on the couch with his legs crossed,almost immediately Orpheus came in.

“Boss” He called and Lucifer looked up coldly

“I was wondering….if you were in the party earlier” Orpheus us

“So what?” Lucifer asked

“You left too soon” Orpheus replied and Lucifer stood up

“Yeah,that was because something made me mad and I had to come back here before the flow of blood starts” he grinned and tap Orpheus’s cheek.

He shoved his two hands in his pockets

“You must be so close to my slave girl” he said

“No I’m not” Orpheus answered almost immediately and Lucifer smiled

“You can go” he muttered and went into the bedroom


“He really think I will welcome him with a smile on my face? He’s just an idiot,I wish I can get rid of my feelings for that dumb head” BB kept on muttering to herself as she walked on the treadmill. The others are also working out separated in the gym

She actually met with Rocco just now and she ignored him again

“You look angry,who made you mad?” Jericho got on the treadmill next to her and she faced him

“Hey” She smiled and Jericho smiled back at her

“You just smiled,you’ve been fuming” he said

“Yeah” BB sighed

“Mind talking about it?” Jericho asked and she shook her head

“Then,how about this? The first to get tired do whatever the second person wants” Jericho smirked

“Sure,always in for a challenge” BB winked at him and they both increased the pace of the mills before starting the challenge

Rocky and Wednesday walked into the gym together,Storm was boxing with Pistol when they came in,she stopped as soon as she saw them. She let out a frown

“What’s with those two?” She muttered and turned to Pistol when she got no response

Pistol was already busy staring at Cash who was lifting the barbell,he was sweating so much but it added to his hotness. Pistol swallowed when Cash took off his top,his abs are so se-xy. He suddenly looked up and his eyes almost met with Pistol’s own but instantly,Pistol looked away and turned to Storm

“Let’s continue” she said immediately

“Seriously?” Cash muttered when he saw that

“What,are you two fighting again?” Hunter asked beside him

“Well,I’m at fault this time around” Cash said

“So,you’re not talking?” Ethan questioned

“I don’t think she’s ready to talk to me” Cash replied

“Then apologize,you know how girls are” Hunter scoffed and Cash sighed.

Rocco suddenly came into the gym and the first place his eyes went to was BB and Jericho who were having fun together with their bet. He began walking over to them and stopped beside BB

“Hey” he called

BB ignored him

Rocco sighed and stopped the treadmill

“What the h*ll do you want?!” BB gro-aned

“We need to talk” Rocco said

“We have nothing to talk about” BB replied

“I said I have something to say…..”

“And ion wanna talk to you!” BB snapped

The gang members all turned to them to watch the drama,

Rocco grabbed BB’s hand

“Come with me” He muttered but almost immediately a hand separated them and Rocco looked up angrily to see Jericho

“She said she’s not ready to talk to you,leave her alone” Jericho said

“And who the fuc-k are you to tell me what to do?” Rocco pushed his chest and Jericho pushed his own too

“Hey,are you crazy?” Rocco asked angrily and grabbed Jericho’s collar,ready to release a punch on his mouth but immediately BB froze his fist and everyone [email protected]

Rocco looked at his fist and then BB

“What the fuc-k is this?” He asked

“Leave him alone and I will unfreeze that” BB said and crossed her arms

“Seriously?” Rocco muttered and BB rolled her eyes

Rocco released Jericho rou-ghly and BB unfroze him

“Are you okay?” She turned to Jericho

“Yeah” Jericho nodded

Rocco glared at them both before storming out of the gym,BB’s eyes followed him and she rolled her eyes

“What the fuc-k is she doing?” Wednesday muttered


Rocco bumped into Vesper as he left the gym

“Hey pretty boy” she called but he ignored her,walking away.

He got to his room and slammed the door aggressively only to find Vesper waiting for him

“You’re here” She smiled,walking toward him

“How did you get here?” Rocco asked

“How do you think?” Vesper grinned

Rocco rolled his eyes and went to grab a cigarette

“Get out,I want to be alone” he muttered,picking the lighter

Vesper took it from him and he glared

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked

Vesper took the cigarette from him and wrapped her arms around his neck

“How about a better way to calm you down?” She asked and Rocco raised his brows

“Stop looking at me that way like you’re innocent,you know what I mean” She smirked

Rocco smiled

“For real?” He asked and Vesper nodded

Rocco grabbed her wa-istimmediately and was about slamming his li-ps on hers when the door bursted open,he looked up only to find BB.

BB’s eyes wide-ned and Rocco let go of Vesper

“BB” he called gently but BB turned back and walked out of the room

Rocco made to follow her but a force stopped him and he couldn’t walk

“You can’t leave me hanging,I hate it” Vesper said and Rocco turned back

“Aren’t you angry because of her? Now you’re going to run after her again?” She asked and Rocco sighed

“I’m still waiting for my kis-s” Vesper muttered and Rocco walked back to her which made her smile.

“Leave” The word made her frown again

“What do you mean?”

“I want to be alone,go Vesper…..please” Rocco muttered

“Fine” Vesper roll her eyes and disappeared

Rocco gro-aned and fell on the bed.


BB walked toward her room,she was feeling total anger inwardly and almost bursting out until Wednesday suddenly showed up

“Hey” She called

“Not now” BB muttered and ignored her

She entered her room and Wednesday followed her

“What happened this time?” Wednesday asked

“I fuc-k ing met Rocco in a mad position with the new girl or who the fuc-k she is!” BB shouted,rou-ghing her already blue hair

“I thought you don’t like him again” Wednesday muttered and BB faced her

“What are you talking about?” She asked

“You froze the poor guy’s hand BB….”

“He deserved it” BB snapped

“And now you’re mad because of Vesper?” Wednesday asked

“So is he trying to go to her or what?” BB asked

“Thought you choose Jericho already….”

“Shut up Nesday,you’re not helping at all” BB muttered,grabbing a bottle of wine

“Then stop pretending already,I know you’re in love with him” Wednesday gro-aned

“I’m not,okay? I’m not in love with him,I just feel super attracted with him and…..I just……and…..I don’t know” BB muttered and sat down

“You’re confused” Wednesday shook her head

“That girl is making me mad already,for real” BB said

“You should be careful,I don’t think she’s the soft type…..”

“I’m not soft either okay?!” BB yelled and Wednesday chuckled

“Sure I know” She said and BB scoffed.


Larisa was just about stepping out of her room but Bathsheba was faster to come in.

“Good morning” Larisa greeted with a smile on her face

“Hey Larisa” Bathsheba smiled

“Why are you here? I was about coming…..”

“No no,you don’t need to join the other maids” Bathsheba said and Larisa was confused

“Why?” She asked

“Go over to Lucifer’s Chamber…..”

“He didn’t call for me” Larisa immediately said

“You will be the one to clean his chamber from now on” Bathsheba smiled and Larisa’s eyes wide-ned

“Huh? Did…..did….he said that?” She stammered and Bathsheba nodded


“Don’t be late,go on” Bathsheba said and arranged Larisa’s hair before pulling her out of the room

“Take your time” Bathsheba waved at her and Larisa sighed out.

She walked toward the Chamber quietly and finally she reached the entrance and entered.

She walked in,peeping around as If to check if Lucifer is in. She kept on walking slowly

“Are you hiding?” The de-ep voice said behind her and Larisa [email protected] out,missing a step immediately,she almost fell down but something pulled her back and she balanced well before turning back

Lucifer was standing right there looking like a hot bad boy

“Good morning…master” Larisa muttered with a bow

“So,you’re here to clean?” Lucifer asked,walking closer to her

Larisa bit her bottom li-p,trying [email protected] not to move from where she was then Lucifer stopped walking. He bent his head to her size and brou-ght his face closer to hers,Larisa swallowed. She could feel his fresh breath against her face and her eyes went to his li-ps but she immediately looked away again,she was almost sweating with the crazy pressure already.

“What was the name you gave me again?” He suddenly asked and Larisa froze

She looked up and their eyes met,his face just inches away from her.

“Huh?” Larisa’s soft voice came

“The name you gave me… What is it?” Lucifer asked and Larisa bashed her lashes

“Lu…..Luci?” She called and Lucifer chuckled

Larisa stared at him in confusion,is he going to punish her for calling him that??

But the unexpected happened,he suddenly grabbed her wa-istand pulled her closer,a [email protected] escape her li-ps.

Lucifer stared at her intensely,his li-ps curling with a seductive smile

“I want to hear you m-oan that name out again” He whispers into her ear and Larisa melted in his arms,her heart started beating illegally.


To Be Continued

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