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sold to Lucifer episode 28 & 29

???? SÕLD TO
LUCIF£R ????
{ Slave To s£nsation… }

EPISODE 28????29

THEME; Taking Her Innocence.


By: Summer Gold R.


Larisa’s scream echoed in Lucifer’s ears,he groaned pleasurably as he reached his tip and came right inside her. Larisa exhaled when he pulled his d**k out of her. She couldn’t move,she was totally weak on the bed. Lucifer got down from the bed and left the room.

Larisa didn’t know when she turned on her side and shut her eyes,falling asleep almost immediately.

Minutes later,Lucifer returned to the bedroom,he just finished having his bath and now in his sleep wear,his hair was still dripping w€t while his two hands were stuck inside his pockets as he walked in. He stopped when she saw Larisa sleeping on the bed [email protected]£dly,his eyes scroll through her body and how she was sleeping peacefully.

‘She’s your mate’ The voice rang in his head

“A human” he muttered and grabbed a cigarette,his eyes still on her. He lightened it up and started smoking,he walked over to the bed slowly,taking a better view of her body.

She really look super soft and fresh that he became curious about how she ended up being sold,what if she was taken somewhere else??

His eyes suddenly caught with the mark on her neck and he remembered the night he had almost killed her,the mark was really visible around her neck,his eyes moved from there and then he saw some scars on her legs.

“Snake bite?” He muttered wondering how she got it

Larisa moved a little bit on the bed and then rub her arm

‘She’s cold’ Something whispers to him and immediately the duvet covered her up.

Lucifer pushed a hand into his pocket and continue smoking with the second one while watching Larisa sleep. After some minutes,he walked out of the bedroom.


Larisa groaned out sleepily and opened her eyes,her eyeballs moved up and down and suddenly she [email protected] out loudly,sitting up on the bed.

She was shocked to see herself in Lucifer’s room

“Did I slept off last night?” She asked herself and her eyes widened,but then she couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t chase her out or even throw her away. She still can’t believe that she slept till morning on his bed.

She was still thinking when Lucifer walked in handsomely,his pleasant lavender scent filled the air and Larisa couldn’t help but to stare at him but not too long,she jumped down from the bed and bowed.

“Good morning master” she greeted

“Get out” Lucifer said and Larisa bite her l!ps

She immediately got dressed and turned toward the door,that was when she discovered that she was indeed feeling the pains between her legs.

‘F**k’ she cursed inwardly as she walked to the door slowly.

Lucifer who was staring at her couldn’t suppress his laughter,her walking steps were so funny.

“Was it….because of me?” He asked himself when Larisa finally left the room

He chuckled and touched his hair,the memory of last night came to his head.

‘Luci…Ouch….Luci please!!!!’ Larisa’s voice made his chuckle again

“Luci? What was that? Don’t tell me she shortened my name…Luci” He didn’t know when he laughed out loud again

“Geez,that human is something else” he said,tapping his cheek gently.

He suddenly heard some footsteps in the living room and he vanished immediately,appearing on the couch in the living room

“Gosh!! You startled me!” Bathsheba screamed and touched her chest

Vesper chuckled and sat beside Lucifer

“Tell me,your little human mate slept here right?” She asked

“No she didn’t” Lucifer said

“That’s a lie Lucifer” Bathsheba said and Lucifer frowned

“So what? She slept here because she was so weak” Lucifer scoffed

“Really?!” Bathsheba and Vesper shouted

Lucifer sighed and got up

“I’m starving,are you done cooking?” He asked and Bathsheba raised her brows

“Wow,Lucifer. Did something happened?” She asked

“What do you mean?” Lucifer asked

“You sound so cool this morning,and now you’re asking for food? You never get hungry but you said you’re starving,what’s going on?” Bathsheba teased

“Call me when the food is ready” Lucifer said coldly and went in

“For real old one,he sounds so happy today” Vesper walked closer to her and Bathsheba smiled

“Is the mate bond working already?” Vesper asked

“Shhhh” Bathsheba said

“Don’t say a word,he might decide to refrain himself back if he notice. Just keep quiet and watch” She said and Vesper nodded before smiling.

Lucifer came out again and they looked at him

“I don’t know what happened,I’m so hungry Bathsheba” he said and touched his tummy

Bathsheba and Vesper exchanged glances

“Are you sure you’re the one and not your demons?” Vesper questioned and Lucifer smiled

“I’m sure they won’t be hungry for a long time,so right now…I need food,for myself. Make it ready before thirty minutes” he said and disappeared

“Thirty minutes?” Vesper faced Bathsheba

“I need to hurry up,he will flair up if he come here again,I can’t spoil his good mood this morning” Bathsheba immediately rushed into the kitchen


Larisa entered her room and met BB waiting for her

“Ice cracker” she called and BB faced her immediately

“Ecl!pse” she smiled and hugged her

“How long have you been waiting?” Larisa asked when they broke the hug

“Not too long,I told you to always lock your door” BB said

“Sorry” Larisa pouted

“I heard about what happened to Scarlett and Renata” BB said and Larisa chuckled

“That serve them right,I’m here to tell you that we won’t be able to talk a lot today,I am really going to be busy” BB said and Lariaa nodded

“Then tomorrow?” She asked

“Maybe tonight” BB muttered and ruffled her hair

“I wish we get to spend more time together everyday” BB sighed

“Me too” Larisa mumbled sadly

“So,see you later” BB waved at her and walked out of the room

She met Rocco on her way but she ignored him totally,Rocco’s eyes followed her

“What’s wrong?” He muttered,staring at her till she was out of sight.

Back in Larisa’s room,she was trying to undress and get a good wash when the door opened loudly and Renata stormed in. Larisa’s eyes widened and she moved back immediately

“Hey” Renata walked over to her and pulled her against the wall

“Ouch!” Larisa screamed as her back hit the wall

Renata grabbed her hair tightly

“Ahh” Larisa winced out in pain

“Tell me..what he did to you” Renata said in an angry voice

“What..are you talking about?” Larisa asked

“I’m asking what type of punishment he gave you!!!” Renata yelled,tightening her grip on her hair

“Please….let me go” Larisa said,trying to get loose from her but couldn’t

“He did nothing to you right?” Renata asked again and Larisa swallowed

“How dare you do this to my face! How dare you!!” Renata screamed and threw her on the floor

“Ahh!” Larisa cried out and shifted back

Renata grabbed her hair and pulled her up again

“Please” Larisa pleaded

“Please??” Renata scoffed and hit her head on the wall

Tears were already falling from her eyes

“Pray you don’t bump into me,or you prepare your funeral,b*tch” Renata muttered and walked out of the room.

Larisa immediately checked to see if she was bleeding

“Thank goodness” she sniffed when she found no blood

She wiped her tears and immediately went to close the door,she went into the bathroom


Larisa was all alone in the kitchen doing the dishes,she has been working all day and seems it’s never coming to an end. So badly she wanted to sleep

She yawned again and sighed out.

“Hey” A familia voice said behind her and she turned

“Orpheus” she smiled

“Your smile is so pretty” Orpheus said and she blushed

“Thanks” She muttered

“I have a request” Orpheus said

“What is it?” Larisa asked immediately

“Can I get a hug?” Orpheus asked and Larisa looked at him

“Can I?” He asked again and slowly she nodded

“Not now…..I will see you tonight” He winked at her before going out

“What’s going on?” Larisa muttered and continued with her work


Outside,the gangs are all ready and waiting beside the cars,seven of them are there.

BB,Jericho,Rocco,Cash,Rocky,Pistol and Scarlett.

“Where’s Orpheus? Is he the only one we are waiting for right now?” BB asked

“Yeah” Pistol said and just then Vesper and Lucifer showed up

They are both dressed in complete black

“Oh wow,she’s hot” Pistol said and BB rolled her eyes

“Evening boss!” They all greeted when Lucifer got to them

“Waiting for who?” Lucifer’s cold voice came out

“Here I am” Orpheus answered from the back and rushed to them

“Stick to the plan and don’t make a mistake” Lucifer muttered

“Yes boss” they chorused

Lucifer entered the car,Vesper winked at Rocco before joining Lucifer and then the car took off.

“I didn’t know she was involved in this” Scarlett said

“Well she is…let’s go or you all are dead” Orpheus said and they all entered two cars.

Driving after the other out of the empire


Lucifer stopped the car and Vesper looked out

“This is going to be fun” She grinned

“Don’t say a word without my permission” Lucifer warned

“Yes boss” She smirked

“Good,start” Lucifer muttered as he pressed the car horn,immediately their faces changed completely into different people.

“These are the faces of Andrew’s guests” Vesper mutteted

The gate was opened for them and Lucifer drove in,the guards opened the door for them and they came down.

“You’re welcome” The guards bowed

Lucifer used his [email protected] and followed the lead of one of the guards with Vesper beside him

As soon as they entered the large living room,Andrew showed up. He’s one of the most richest billionaire in Italy but in the dark world,he’s a Mafia ,he was supposed to be meeting with his bank holders right now.

“I’ve been expecting you” Andrew said

“We are sorry about that ” Lucifer smiled charmingly

“Please sit down,I really don’t have much time” Andrew said

“I guess you’re going somewhere” Vesper said and Lucifer almost growl but he maintained his smiley face

“Yes,I will be away for few months and that’s why I want all my savings out of here” Andrew said

‘Too bad,Andrew’ Lucifer said inwardly as the conversation continued


The gangs just got into the compound

“There are countless guards here,be careful” Orpheus said and almost immediately,about ten guards surrounded them with guns

“On your knees” They said

“Scarlett” Orpheus winked at her and she smiled before moving forward

“Get down!!” One of the guards yelled

“Why don’t you…sleep for about two hours?” Scarlett smiled and her orange eyes glow on them. Immediately,the guards fell on the ground and slept off deeply

“Good job” Rocky chuckled and they proceeded into the mansion

“Do you know where the bags are kept?” BB asked

“Sure” Cash replied

BB suddenly stopped

“What’s wrong?” Pistol asked

“I can’t feel my powers” she said and they all stopped at once

“Me too” Pistol suddenly said

“There’s supernatural power absorber here,don’t try to force it or you might die” Jericho said

“I knew it,He’s not an ordinary person” Scarlett muttered

Just then,more guards covered them up. They were about thirty in numbers.

“F**k sh*t” Scarlett cursed

“Plan B,right now” Orpheus muttered and immediately

Cash,Scarlett,Pistol and Rocky ran off,[email protected] another route.

Three of the guards tried following them but immediately Jericho shot them all down.

Jericho,BB,Rocco and Orpheus faced the other twenty seven

“Shall we?” BB smirked

“Yeah” Orpheus muttered

BB was the first to charge against the guards, and the others separated also.

Three of the guys were on her alone,The first thing she did was hacking one of the guns since she got none,She shot one in the head and he dropped dead,the second one kicked her tummy throwing her against the wall,she didn’t go down just like that,as she was going down,she shot another one. Falling on the ground,three more surrounded her

“Surrender or you die” She heard one of them [email protected] as he said those words. She kicked his member and he groaned out loudly,she immediately grabbed his neck and shot the other two. She was about shooting the one she was holding when a gun landed on her head

“Let him go” A voice said and BB scoffed

The next thing she heard was a gunshot,when she turned back,the guards are all laying on the door helplessly,she looked up to see who shot the gun,it was Rocco. She shot the last guy and then smiled.

“That was satisfying” She said

“Going out of the mansion already,we got the bags” Orpheus heard Rocky’s voice from the airpod and he faced them

“Let’s get out of here” He said and they immediately walked out.


“That’s all,I will call someone to get me the bags” Andrew said and Lucifer smiled

“Sure” He said

Andrew made a call but nobody answered,

“What’s going on?” He muttered and stood up,but immediately,Lucifer pointed a gun to his forehead

Andrew’s eyes widened

“What’s going on?” He asked and Lucifer’s face changed back to normal

“Lu….Ci….Fer?” Andrew called

“You pronounced it so well” Lucifer smiled and Vesper chuckled

Andrew suddenly chuckled and immediately a gun appeared in his hand

“Oh wow” Vesper grinned as she watched the two pointing a gun at each other

Lucifer chuckled and dropped his gun

“You must have been expecting me,you look prepared” He pushed his two hands in his pocket,Andrew still pointing his gun at him.

“Those money are not yours alone Andrew,why are they here?” Lucifer asked

“So did master Fox s£nt you here?” Andrew asked

“You think I run errands for him?” Lucifer chuckled

“Don’t be mistaken,you can’t hurt me. You won’t be able to use your powers here no matter what” Andrew said

“For real? Should I check it out” Lucifer smiled and he controlled the gun with his eyes

Andrew started shaking in front of him as his gun was removed from his grip,

“You will be greatly punished if you hurt me” He said

“Don’t make me mad,I’m not here to kill you” Lucifer said,the gun was now pinned on Andrew’s head

“Then take this from me!” Andrew snapped

Lucifer yawned

“I’m so sleepy,good luck on your journey” He winked at him before vanishing along with Vesper.

The gun dropped From Andrew’s head also

“That devil!!!!!!!!!” He screamed out.


The whole arena was filled up,everyone having fun,drinking and dancing,some are making out crazily already.

BB and Wednesday were together when Desdemona came in

“Mona!” BB immediately called and Wednesday frowned

Desdemona smiled at BB and started walking toward them

“Don’t tell me she’s coming here” Wednesday said

“Oh sorry,I forgot to tell you. We became……”

“I don’t want to hear it,enjoy with her alone” Wednesday snapped and walked away

“Hey! Nesday!!” BB called but she didn’t wait

Vesper walked into the arena,holding Lucifer tightly. Lucifer had a cold expression on,his two hands in his pocket. Everyone started bowing as they entered

“Come on brother,let’s have fun together” Vesper said

“I told you I’m not interested” Lucifer muttered looking around as he saw some maids

He sat down

“Looking for your little mate?” Vesper asked,giving him a [email protected] of wine.

Lucifer scoffed and sipped from it,Renata came over immediately

“You really came here,unbelievably” She said and caress his cheek

Vesper frowned

Lucifer on the other hand was still looking around and suddenly his eyes caught with Larisa who was at one end of the arena,serving the gangs,his eyes followed her around as she did everything until Orpheus showed up and Larisa let out a wide smile,smiling cutely at him.

A frown appeared on Lucifer’s face and he tightened his grip around the [email protected] but then something worse happened,Orpheus hugged Larisa and she hugged him back.

Immediately,Lucifer’s eyes turned to red and the electric lights started shaking,the lights turning off and on,getting everyone’s attention. Lucifer’s eyes are still on Orpheus and Larisa,Orpheus broke the hug already as the lights still remained shaken

“Brother” Vesper called

Suddenly,Orpheus got hold of Larisa’s hand and the [email protected] in Lucifer’s hand broke alongside with the lights,they all blew up at the same time and everyone screamed out in fear.

To Be Continued

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