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sold to Lucifer episode 26 & 27

???? SÕLD TO
LUCIF£R ????
{ Slave To s£nsation… }

EPISODE 26????27

THEME; Taking Her Innocence.


By: Summer Gold R.


Rocco has been pacing for the past five minutes in the balcony,he was on his way to BB’s room but was suddenly ate up by doubts. The rain was still dropping

“Sh*t” he cursed and rou-ghed his hair.

“Hey pretty boy” The familia voice behind him made him turn and Vesper smiled at him

“Oh,you” Rocco muttered and Vesper frowned

“Sound like you were expecting someone else” She muttered

“Not really” Rocco replied and she smiled

“Aren’t you cold? I’m so cold right now” She gro-aned and rub her arms

“You should go in if you’re cold…..”

“No,that’s not the solution to being cold. Let’s have a drink together” Vesper grinned and immediately grabbed his hand


“No argument,where’s the bar?” Vesper asked,dragging him away

“You’re quite stubborn” Rocco chuckled,finally giving up

“Quite? That’s such an underated comment for my stubbornness” she poured and Rocco laughed


“Yeah,I’m really stubborn” she winked

They both had to walk in the rain as they turned toward the bar house

“fuc-k I hate rains” Vesper growls

Rocco grabbed her hand instead and sped up till they were covered from the rain

“Oh wow pretty boy,that was awesome” Vesper grinned and Rocco gave her a cute salute which made her laugh

BB was standing,leaning against a pole,her hand inside the rain while she smiled happily. As always,rainy days are the best things that will ever happen to her,w-etting her hand inside it makes her feel so relieved and refreshed,to her it’s like a [email protected] to fill up her engine.

“I love you so much,more more please” She giggled to herself as the rain poured continuously.

Her happy moment was cut short when she saw Vesper and Rocco walking toward the bar,holding hands and laughing. She fold her hand as her eyes glowed blue immediately,the stagnant water in her palm iced up as she continue glaring at them.

She closed her palm against the ice,trying [email protected] to subdue her anger

“Hey!!! I’m freezing already,stop that blue eyes of yours!!” Desdemona yelled from the back and BB looked back,her eyes changed back to normal and she released the ice in her palm.

“Hey” she muttered,hint of sadness visible in her eyes

“Heard the new girl is the boss’s sister” Desdemona said

“Huh?” BB was shocked

“I was shocked too,didn’t know the boss got a sibling” Desdemona said and BB frowned

“She seems to be into Rocco” Desdemona said

“Where are you going?” BB asked,trying to change the topic

“Training room,wanna tag along?” She smirked and BB smiled

“Sure” she said and they both walked away.


“Why so cool tonight? Perfect timing” BB smiled,taking off her shirt,leaving her in just her bra top

“Whoa,seriously I’m jealous. Here I am,freezing so badly even while wearing this sweatshirt but you’re taking off yours?” Desdemona muttered and BB chuckled

“How about a challenge to warm you up?” BB winked and grabbed a sword

“I’m in” Desdemona muttered and grabbed another one.

“No supernatural powers involved” she said and BB nodded

“Sure,I know” she said and they both unsheathed their swords,maintaining eye contacts.

“Shall we?” BB smiled and dropped her sheath,Desdemona also dropped hers and they made the tips of their swords kis-s,immediately starting the first attack,their swords splashed against each other heavily and their feet made some sounds underneath them as they both maintained their balance.

They separated at once again and the real challenge began,the sounds of the swords could be heard faintly under the rain.

For the five minutes time,none of them had the upper hand,just defending and avoiding of the weapon clashing against them. Desdemona suddenly made a smart move,her sword diverting toward BB’s throat but she was fast enough to smash her sword off before throwing two legs kicks on her face.

Desdemona moved back in a fast motion,avoiding the two back to back kicks from BB,her back hit the wall but BB followed her,slashing the swords all over the wall while Desdemona continue ducking and dodging

“Hey!!!” She yelled when BB didn’t back off

“Oh sorry” BB chuckled

Desdemona glared at her

“Are you still holding a grudge against me?! You almost killed me!” She yelled

“Of course not,I wouldn’t have hurt you,come on,I’m not that bad” BB said and Desdemona scoffed

“Here,drink up” BB said and made up a flowing water with her hand

Desdemona drank a bit and gro-aned

“fuc-k I hate you” she muttered

“I know” BB laughed and they both fell on the floor,staring into the ceiling

“Heard about what happened to Scarlett and Renata?” Desdemona asked and BB faced her

“No,what happened? Did they finally died?” She asked

“No,the new girl….”

“Larisa?” BB asked and Desdemona nodded

“I think she’s not ordinary,they tried bullying her but got hurt in the process” Desdemona said and BB smiled

“For real? Gosh I missed alot,can’t wait to ask her about it tomorrow” She said

There was total silence after that until Desdemona spoke up

“Sometimes…….I wonder why we fights a lot” She muttered

“You hate me” BB muttered

“No,I don’t” Desdemona said immediately

“Maybe not anymore” BB said

“I never hated you” Desdemona said again and BB faced her

“But I did” she said

“Why?” Desdemona asked

“Coz I thought you hate me” BB replied

“That’s everyone’s thought….only Iris understood me…but she died” Desdemona muttered

“I almost lost my mind the first week….”

“Because she was your only friend” BB cut in and she nodded

“I’ve always thought… were full of yourself and arrogant..”

“Yes I am” BB said and Desdemona looked at her

“I’m super arrogant and I am full of pride,it’s the reality. I’m really crazy” BB smirked and Desdemona chuckled

“I didn’t know I will grow to like you around me this much” she said

“Are you confessing your feelings right now? You want us to be friends?” BB sat up

“You don’t want to?” Desdemona also sat up

“I don’t mind” BB smiled

“Then…friends?” Desdemona grinned

“Yeah sure” BB replied



Wednesday was just coming from the library,she has been waiting for the rain to stop but when nothing of such happened,she left the library and didn’t bother holding a book this time around.

“Gosh I hate rains” She sighed out as she ran inside it.

She was still running when suddenly she sighted the ghost again

“That must be her” she stopped running

Bonnie was pacing around inside the rain,her two hands behind her

“Is she waiting for Rocky?” Wednesday muttered and began walking to her

Bonnie turned and their eyes met

“Hey” she waved,surprising her

“You can see me?” She asked and Wednesday nodded

“Wow,you must be a witch then” Bonnie said

“Yeah” Wednesday smiled

“Have you seen my brother?” Bonnie asked

“No” Wednesday shook her head

“He’s angry with me,I think he’s avoiding me” Bonnie muttered sadly

“I think you should give him some space at least,don’t you think?” Wednesday asked calmly

“Why? Does he hate me Now?…”

“Not that,I’m sure he’s heart broken seeing you this way” Wednesday replied and Bonnie was quiet

“If I stop showing,he will have a girlfriend. I don’t want that” She finally said and Wednesday looked at her

“Why?” She asked curiously

“He can’t have a girlfriend……..” She suddenly stopped and Wednesday looked up to see Rocky walking,he doesn’t seem to see them

“Bye…..” Wednesday immediately grabbed Bonnie’s hand before she could leave

“Don’t go to him,just for tonight….please” she muttered and Bonnie kept quiet

“Please” Wednesday pleaded again and gently,Bonnie nodded and vanished.

Wednesday immediately got up and ran after Rocky

“Rocky!” She called but he didn’t wait

“Rocky wait!” She called again

He got to his room and opened the door,he went in and almost closed it when Wednesday rushed in,her body all w-et

“What are you doing here?” Rocky asked

“We need to talk……”

“About my sister? Hell no” Rocky cut in

“So,you saw us” Wednesday bit her li-ps

“I don’t want to talk about it……”

“She won’t be coming tonight” Wednesday immediately said and Rocky stopped

“I pleaded with her,she won’t be coming. You should have a sound sleep tonight” she said,Rocky only kept quiet,staring at her

“Goodnight” she smiled and turned to walk but

Rocky immediately grabbed her hand and she faced him back


“Will you sleep with me instead?” She asked and Wednesday raised her brows

“Why? Are you scared?” She teased

“Yes I am” Rocky replied and Wednesday shrugged

“What if others…misunderstand….”

“Not like they will find out” Rocky cut in and she nodded

“Fine” she said

“You need to change your w-et clothes first” Rocky grabbed the tip of her blouse,dragging her toward the closet

“Hey! I’m not a teddy” she snapped and threw his hand away

“Oh sorry” Rocky chuckled


“What is going on?” Renata gro-aned,she’s been staring out of her window,waiting for Larisa to come out of Lucifer’s chamber.

She was so curious to know what he did to her but Larisa isn’t coming out.

“Did he killed her?” She suddenly asked herself and then smirked


Larisa’s loud mo-ans and screams covered up the whole chamber,even though the rain falling made it super [email protected] to hear how it echos around.

Larisa’s two legs both hanging on Lucifer’s shoulders as he thru-sts inside her avariciously,pa-ssionate yearnings of excessive lvsts and hunger filled the air.

“fuc-k !!” Larisa grabbed his arm tightly,her low rasps and pan-ts made things h@rder for her,she was sweating vigorously even in the cold night

Lucifer suddenly removed his dic-k from inside her and Larisa let out a restful mo-an,finding it [email protected] to close her vibrating thighs together until his voice came again

“Give me your back” He said in an ordering voice and Larisa swallowed,was she out of her mind? She really thought it was over forgetting that he had sworn to destroy her legs tonight.

Almost weakly,she got up on the bed and knelt down in front of him,her a-ss hitting his still ever £r£¢ted co-rk.

Lucifer slaps her butt cheek and she bite her li-ps,just doing that alone made her w-etness increase,she could feel the warm liquid pa-ssing down from her honeypot,she couldn’t a-ssimilate the feelings enough when Lucifer started driving into her again

“Gosh” She inhaled a soft mo-an

She was growing wider with every length he drove inside her

She could hear him grunt out,warmly and she couldn’t help but to wonder if he loved the moment more than any of their recent ones,she has never heard him making a single sound since he started having s-ex with her but just now,he did.

After pushing in his whole length inside her,he grabbed her wa-istand began the slow thru-sts.

“Ahh gawd” Larisa mo-an-ed

Feelings of gratification,desires and satisfaction mixed together with crazy urge for more filled her up and instantly she let it out

“More…please…I want more” She mo-an-ed softly

Lucifer increased his pace immediately,he grabbed her wa-istmore tightly and began pounding her de-eply.

Extreme intensity of thirsts and wants,he was becoming more hungry for her with every thru-sts he makes.

He gro-aned loudly and his eyes changed to the hazel color immediately

Larisa could feel the sudden force added,forceful and powerful speed thru-sts inside her

“Ahh!” She screamed and grabbed the bedspread

“Oh mine,,,oh mine” she stuttered.

He squee-zed her b**bs while still fuc-k ing her and Larisa whined out a mo-an

Lucifer was driving in his whole full length inside her de-eply that she was almost tearing apart,her two legs are trembling so crazily on the bed.

“Fuuuccckkkkk!!!!” She screamed out lasciviously

Her mouth opened,her eyeballs rolling in the socket,she could [email protected] breathe.

‘I’m going to fuc-k you so [email protected] until you scream and beg me to stop’ his voice rang in her head and she gro-aned

“Slow down…..please” she cried softly but instead,his pace increased

“Luci…Ouch…..” Her voice cracked

“Luci please!!!!” She screamed.


To Be Continued

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