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scent of romance episode 7

???????? SCENTS OF ROMANCE ????????

( Being his chef )

Written by: Ella N.K

Copy at your own risk????????




“How could you be so stupid”? Aunt Vina said to Nina over the phone.

“But ma’am” I only did what you asked me to do” Nina answered.

“Why did you over do it”?

“And now that he has fired every one of you,what do I do now”?

“Gosh”! You’re so dump,now I have to cook up another plan” she said angrily and hung up.


“Skai” I’m kind of bothered about this job I got.

I mean,he didn’t even ask about my qualifications and he just gave me the job.

“Even after talking shit about my food, he still employed me” hmm,Peyton said.

“Sis” you worry yourself too much over nothing”

“He loved your food that’s why he employed you”

“Forget about what he said, okay? I know that was another for what you did to him.

“Just relax your brain and get ready for tomorrow” remember it’s gonna be your first day at work,gosh! I’m so,Pey. Skai said, but Peyton only rolled her eyes.

“Whatever his plans are,I am ready for him” Peyton said smirking which got Skai laughing.


*Good evening, sir.
* Welcome, sir.
* Wow! Master Gray is back.
* I’ve really missed him.
* Oh my gosh! My crush is back!

All the maids said as Gray walked in. He just kept chuckling at everything they were saying.

Gray is Nolan’s best friend, though they’ve known each other for just few years.

Gray doesn’t even know Nolan’s twin sister,but he knows he is,or rather, was a twin.

“Master” Jack,one of the guards ran to inform Nolan that his friend was around.

“What do you want” he asked from inside his room.

“You have a visitor,sir. Jack answered.

“Who could that be”? Nolan asked

“I’m sorry, sir” but I was told not to tell you,he said politely.

“Nons£nse” I will be down,he said and Jack bowed before leaving.

“Gray”? Nolan called as soon as he saw his friend, Gray.

“Common,man”. Why didn’t you tell me you were in town already? Nolan asked,sitting down.

“Well” I love giving surprises, you know.

“You surprised me in deed” Nolan said, smiling.

“So good to have you back” how have you been and about your Masters degree, tell me you’re done. Nolan said, expecting a positive answered.

“Sure,man” no more traveling,Gray answered and Nolan was so happy and proud of his friend.

“How have you been,yourself”? How’s the restaurant”? Gray asked.

“The restaurant is doing great,I got new chefs yesterday. Nolan said,proudly.

“Waooh” what happened to the old ones?

“They cooking shit and almost closed down my restaurant, cause we were beginning to lose customers already.

“I fired them all and got new ones” he said, making Gray laugh so [email protected].

“So,who’s the woman behind this happy face”? Please tell me you’ve stopped sleeping and dumping girls,Gray said and Nolan scoffed.

“There’s no woman, and yes, I still do that. Nolan said without hiding it.

“F*ck you,man” when will you stop this shit? Gray asked laughing.

“When I find someone” but there’s this….

“Never mind” he said, stopping himself from saying anything more than that.

“Oooh” looks like someone is in love but doesn’t know it,Gray jibed.

“Stop talking nons£nse” I’m not in love with anyone, Nolan said, defensively.

“Alright if you say so” sooner or later,I’m going to find out,Gray said, smirking.

****NEXT DAY****

Peyton arrived at the restaurant, looking all beautiful and looking se-xy as ever,with her well created body and curves that make men go hay wire.

No wonder everyone wants to have a moment with her, too beautiful for any to resist.

She walked in majestically into the restaurant to start the day’s activities.

“You’re late” she heard a husky voice from behind her.

She didn’t need anyone to tell her who’s voice that was.

Of course, it was Nolan’s.

“But sir” I am not late, look at the time,she said.

“Are you trying to say I don’t know how to tell time? Nolan asked.

“I’m sorry,but that’s not what I meant” Peyton said politely.

“Get to work” Nolan ordered.

“Yes,sir” she said

Later in the day.

Many customer praised Nolan for having such great chefs.

Their food was so tasty that some even ordered for more.

Nolan’s restaurant made a lot of sales.

Some even went as far as telling Nolan to compensate his chefs, they’re so good,especially Peyton.

Of course Nolan knows it’s more of Peyton’s work,but he just won’t admit it.


“You s£nt for me,sir” Peyton walked into his office.

“Your cooking is horrible” he said immediately Peyton got in.

“What did you say”? Peyton asked,fuming already.

“I said your cooking is horrible” try going for cooking lessons, he said trying to get her angry.

That’s just what he wants, to see her angry face that makes her look even more beautiful.

“So why do you employ me,huh?

Why did you employ me if my cooking is horrible.

“Did you employ me just to bully me?

“You’re insane”! If you think you can bully me using this job,cause I will quit this f*cking stupid job! She yelled.

“Hmmph” lioness, so fierce and fearless, Nolan chuckled.

“You know, your guts are making me like you even more.

“You’re the kind of woman I like to keep, he said getting up from his sit.

“I like you” he whispered to Peyton’s eyes, b!0wing some hot air on her neck.

Making her feel somehow she could not explain.

“Sorry to disappoint, Mr Nolan Peterson.

“I don’t do office romance” I am here to do my job which is cooking.

“Now,if you would excuse me,I’ve got work to do,she said and left.

Nolan chuckled inwardly, knowing fully well what is in his mind.

“We’ll see about that” Peyton Mackenzie, he smirked and sat on his swivel chair and smiling.


What is this baba planning????????.

You better leave my baby alone huncle Nolan

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