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mafia possession episode 19

( HIS Add!¢tION ????)



Copy and have your life shortened ????

LUCA SHUT the door behind him and leaned against it. Caroline lookedaround the room with a journalist’s curiosity. It wasn’t much to look at. Two
full beds in opposite corners, two dressers on the wall, a small spacebetween the beds. Just enough to make it too far of a jump from one bed to

the other, even for an auspicious child.
“Well aren’t you tidy?” she observed, wandering to the dressers. “Doyou keep everything clean to avoid suspicion?”
Luca’s pan-ts were still a little tight and that was reason enough for himto feel impatient. “Caroline.” She startled at the sound of his voice. “Youcan ask me anything you want later. I spent eight months watching you inyour tight little underwear and night dresses throu-gha shitty camera andnow I want to see it for real.” She looked at him, a bit like a deer inheadlights. He stepped farther into the room and gave her a quick up-and￾down. “If you’re sure you want this, st-rip.” A command, but she could still
back out. He wouldn’t press her.
But she didn’t back out. Her hands closed around the hem of her shirtand pulled it up over her head. Her bra was black and unremarkable, but shelooked so cute. He watched as she shimmied out of her pan-ts and kickedthem away. She crossed her arms over her stomach, self-conscious, butLuca shook his head minutely and she dropped her arms to her side.

Precious. So much better in person than throu-gha grainy camera. Slowhands reached behind her to unho-ok her bra and let it slide off her arms.
He’d seen her before, but she’d been trying to kill him then. He took thetime now to appreciate her.
Her thumbs hooked under the waistband of her pan-ties. “That’s£nough.” Luca stopped her and closed the distance between them. He tracedthe backs of his f!ng£rs over her cheek, along her jaw, down her neck,
between her bre-ast s, over her stomach, sinking to his knees. “So pretty,” hemurmured and looked up at her. “You can still walk away from this.”
“No.” She sounded sure, if a little breathless and lvsty.

“I’m not nice,” he cautioned. It was only fair to warn her.“Good.”
He smiled at her spunk, then pressed his li-ps across the top of herwaistband and tugged on it with his teeth to let it snap back into place. [email protected] and the flex of her hands at her sides, unsure whether she should touchhim, told him he was on the right track. He nosed over her, inhaling herscent, and then exhaling throu-ghhis mouth. She shivered. Too easy. Oh, he
was going to make her feel so good. He tugged her pan-ties down with histeeth until they could slide off her legs. She trembled like a leaf and he
loved it.
He looked up at her again. “Tell me what you want.”
She blinked rapidly and steadied herself with a hand on the dresser.
He hummed. “You’ll have to be more specific. What do you want me todo?” He made sure his breath hit her as he spoke.

She shivered again, looked up for strength, and then back down at him.
“Make me forget this whole mess.”
Luca could do that. He placed a soft kis-s right over her c-lit and thennudged her legs farther apart. He kis-sed and li-cked his way up her innerthighs, su-cking the occasional light bruise onto her s£nsitive skin. She was
whining and shaking by the time he got to where she wanted him. He li-ckeda st-ripe over her folds and hummed at the taste of her arousal. After a few
more kitten li-cks, she clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle an outrightmo-an.
Luca slapped her thigh, and she squeaked. “Stop that,” he spoke againstthe skin of her stomach. “I want to hear you.” She started to protest, but

Luca wouldn’t have it. “They obviously don’t care. Neither should you.” Heburied his face in her and she didn’t hold back. He teased her, lapping his
tongue over her entrance until she fisted her hand throu-ghhis hair andwhimpered. He pushed his tongue inside her and curled it. She cried out andhad to hold the dresser tighter so she wouldn’t collapse. He hummed against her and added a f!ng£r alongside his tongue. The sounds she made were
absolutely desperate.

Another f!ng£r and she was fluttering around him onthe edge of her release. He sat back on his heels and looked up at her. Her
shaky whine did things to him, but he wanted to do things to her first. Hedragged the back of his hand across his mouth.

“What?” she [email protected]. “No, don’t stop. Don’t stop, please. She tugged athis shirt as he stood up. “Please, please, Luca.” She was already begging,and Luca loved it.
“Please what?” he prompted, a whisper away from her face.
She stuttered for a moment, looking at him with wide green eyes.

“Please make me c★m.”
“I like your manners, so polite for me.” He stepped back to regard her.
“But by my count, you’ve tried to kill me twice and before that, youeffectively taunted me for months.” He dragged his tongue over his f!ng£rs
that had been inside her. “What makes you think you deserve it?”
She wrapped her arms around herself helplessly and bounced on herheels. “I’m being good. I followed all the rules,” she pouted. “I’msubmitting.”

Luca chuckled low. “This isn’t submission, baby doll.” She shivered atthe nickname and he noted that. This wasn’t quite submission, but it wasclose enough.
“What do you want?” she asked, a desperate edge to her voice. “Whatdo I need to do?”
“You don’t need to do anything.” He li-cked around his f!ng£rs again. Hewas being cruel now, but her face looked so precious. “I won’t make you doanything, and I meant that.”

She fisted her hands in his shirt. “No, I want- fu-ck, tell me. I want toc★m Please. I wan C★m.”
He kis-sed the top of her head. Perfect. She was perfect. Giving him allthe power like this. “Lie down on your back with your hands above yourhead.”

She moved quickly to obey. He pulled his shirt off and climbed overher. The room felt uncomfortably warm already and he knew it would onlyget hotter. “Do you think you can behave well enough to make it up to me?”
She looked ruined, and he’d barely started. “Yes, sir.”
“Good girl.” He cooed

down at her and caressed her cheek with hisclean hand. She leaned into his touch. “You tried to kill me twice and youtortured me for eight months. That makes ten, but I’ll be nice because
you’ve been so good.” She shivered. Her big, round eyes blinked up at himwith some intoxicating mixture of awe and lvst and adoration. His cleanhand smoothed over her hair.

“Do you think you can keep still for just fiveminutes?” She nodded desperately. He pressed a chaste kis-s to her mouthand smoothed his hand over her wrists above her head. “Use your words,
baby. Can you keep your hands right here for five minutes?”
“Yes,” she breathed. She sounded confident, and maybe she could do it.
But Luca doubted it.

“You can tell me to stop anytime and I will, no questions asked. Butthen you don’t get to come.” He pulled out his phone and set a timer. He
showed her the five minutes before he started the timer and placed it on thenightstand. He walked his f!ng£rs throu-ghher folds, then pushed two inside

her. Her hands clenched but didn’t move. Luca smiled to himself. He couldbe really mean. He could curl his f!ng£rs like so and make her back arch offthe bed and circle her c-lit with his thumb just enough to drive her crazy andlean over her to su-ck her perky nip-ples between his li-ps so she would writheand lose and then he would have to start the timer again.
He reached over to the end table and picked up the phone. “Twominutes and nine seconds. I thought you could do this, gattina.”

She screwed her face up and took a few de-ep breaths. “I can. I can.Please.”
He restarted the timer and thru-st his f!ng£rs into her without warning.
She [email protected] and gripped the blankets above her head with white knuckles.
His mouth kis-sed and li-cked its way down her stomach to join his hand androll her already over s£nsitive c-lit around with his tongue. He wasn’twatching her, but her hand clamped in his hair.

He caught her wrist and pinned it back above her head. “I’mdisappointed, Caroline.” A blatant lie, he loved this. And she seemed tolove it too, the way she shook under him and looked at him with slow,
gla-ssy eyes. “I should add more time for lying to me.”
“No,” she begged. “Please, please, I’ll be good. I’ll be so good.” Tearshung in the corners of her eyes and her body tensed and relaxed out of syncwith her labored breaths.

Luca imagined many things when he watched her grainy, pixilatedimage on his computer screen, but taking her apart like this surpa-ssed them
all. “I’ll give you another chance since you asked me nicely.” He was beinggenerous. He must really like her. He restarted the timer.

She did better, taking de-ep shaky breaths and swearing under her breath.
Luca had no mercy. His hand moved at lightning speed that made his wristache, but he didn’t let up until he felt her get too close. Tears glistened on
her cheeks in the low light, clumping her dark eyelashes together as theyfluttered, barely able to stay open. She was so unbelievably beautiful like
this. Ruined for him, helpless and vulnerable, and trusting.

He switched from rapid thru-sts to curling and twisting, always keepingpressure on the spot that made her squirm and mo-an. He leaned over her to

kis-s the tears from her cheeks. “You’re doing so good, baby.” A glance atthe timer. “Just a little longer.”
“Luca,” she sobbed.
He nipped at the shell of her ear, keeping one eye on her hands, whichclenched around each other rapidly, struggling to keep still. “Yes, dear?”
“Please, please, I can’t.”

He hummed and lifted his head. “I think you can.” He palmed over herbre-ast and pinched the s£nsitive bud.
She shook her head. “I can’t. I need—please.”
“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.
“No!” she all but screamed, then squee-zed her eyes shut, repeating
“don’t stop, don’t stop” until it turned into incoherent babbling.

His wrist felt better, so he went at it again, as fast as he could. Shejerked upright with her hands over her mouth. Luca pulled his f!ng£rs out of
her with a regretful sigh and she cried in earnest. He clenched her chin andtilted her head to force her to look at him. “You understand that I can’t let
you come until you’re good for me?” She understood. Her li-p trembled,

andshe closed her eyes. More crystal tears traced down her cheeks. Luca kis-sed
them away, murmuring, “So pretty when you cry for me.” More tears. “Youwere almost there this time. Only forty-two seconds left. Do you think you
can do it?” She bit her li-p and shook her head. “Words. Use your words,” heprompted.

Her mouth hung open for a moment, silent. “I want it. Please, I want it.”
Luca started the timer again. He wasn’t nice. He knew she had to beoverstimulated to the point of pain, but she didn’t stop him. Her hipsbucked up off the sheets to meet his hand and her back bent past what he
would have believed her capable of.

She sobbed throu-ghher desperatemo-ans while he kept her on the edge, never giving her quite enough to pushher over. He bit his own li-p watching her. His wrist ached, but he [email protected] for the throbbing in his pan-ts. She did something to him and she hadno idea.
The timer beeped. Luca shut it off and wiped his f!ng£rs on the sheets.
“Good girl, see? You did it.”
“You said you would make me come,” she slurred in a whine.

He smirked at her. “Oh, baby doll. I’ll make you come so [email protected] youforget your own name.” She whined again and he leaned in close to her ear.
“How do you want it?”
She turned her head to blink at him. “Want you to fu-ck me.” Exactlywhat he wanted to hear.
He grabbed a ¢0nd0m from the drawer and climbed onto the bed tomanhandle Caroline to face the side of the bed on her stomach. He situatedhimself behind her and pushed his pan-ts down far enough to roll the

¢0nd0m on. Just the thought of being inside her had him leaking. He pulledher hips up to slide his length along her a-ss. “Look up,” he ordered. She
propped herself up and looked right into the mirror on the wall in front ofthem. She hadn’t noticed it and sank to her elbows when she saw their
reflection. “Look how se-xy you are,” he drawled, digging his f!ng£rs intoher hips. “Watch how pretty you look while I’m fu-cking you.”

He pushed himself into her all at once and she dropped her head ontothe sheets. She felt so good. So hot and tight and sli-ck and perfect. “You
feel so good, baby,” He slid in and out of her slowly, loving the drag and thehigh-pitched noise she made. “So fu-cking good for me.”

She was already close and fluttering around him. She pushed her hipsback against him impatiently. He took the hint and fu-cked her [email protected] and fast,
watching her face contort in the mirror. She pushed herself back onto herhands for a moment, before she collapsed and face planted into the bed,
clenching around him with a choked cry.
He didn’t slow down. After all he put her throu-gh, one wasn’t enough.

He leaned forward to wrap a hand around the base of her neck and pulledher upright against him. His other hand slid around her hip over herstomach and down. She could barely support her own weight on her knees,
so she leaned heavily against his chest. “Was that good?” He pulled herearlobe between his teeth. She mo-an-ed and turned her face to nuzzle into
the curve of his neck. “Words,” he reminded her.
“Yes.” Her voice was more breath than anything else. “So good.”

His hand at her neck slid down to cover her bre-ast and tease her nip-ples.
The different angle hit everything just right for Luca. He was losinghimself. He watched her in the mirror. Ruined. She looked absolutelyruined. He found her c-lit again, and she cried out loud. “Can you c★m for

me again?” he whispered against her ear, low and hot. She trembled againsthis chest, unable to make a coherent sound. This time, he wouldn’t make
her speak. He was too close to his own release to tease her anymore.
It didn’t take long for her to clench [email protected] around him with a silentscream tilting her head back against his shoulder. She would have collapsedif he didn’t hold her up. It only took a few more erratic thru-sts for him to
topple over the edge.

He rode out his [email protected], vision blurring around theedges to give everything a romantic glow in the low light. His limbs felt
deliciously heavy and Caroline looked heavenly in his arms. He pulled outwhen he caught his breath and she slumped in a pile on the bed. He stepped
away to dispose of the ¢0nd0m.

“I’m sorry.” She laid on her back, wrecked, fu-cked out, tears streakingher flushed cheeks, nose runny, li-ps red and swollen and shiny. He wishedhe could capture this moment because it made something in his heart do a

fli-p and he liked that feeling.
He blinked as her words registered. “What are you sorry for?” Thiswould be the moment when she realized this was a mistake and she
shouldn’t have done this, or she should have told him to stop, shouldn’thave let him go so far. He’d been too mean. He should have eased into it.

She lifted a hand like it weighed fifty pounds and pointed to a w-et spoton the sheets. She looked halfway mortified and another tear hung on the
edge of her eye. “I think I squirted,” she admitted like it was the mostshameful thing.
Luca felt a warm smile on his face as he went to her to kis-s her cheeksand wipe away that last tear with the pad of his thumb. She didn’t evenrealize how se-xy she was. “That’s not a reason to apologize, Caroline.” He

scooped her up with a hand under her knees and the other around hershoulders. She locked her arms around his neck to make it easier for him.
He carried her to the shower to clean her up. “If you’re good, I’ll make youdo it again.”


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