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let me be your soul mate episode 1 & 2

❣???? SOULMATES ????❣

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )





‘Our soulmates is the one who makes life comes to life’

[email protected] Bach.

Ever heard of ‘STARR BOYZ?’

One of the most popular band across the country.

It’s comprises of three demigods.

Fin, Ash and Bin.

1. Stage name Finn.

The third member of the band.

He doesn’t talk much nor interact much.

No one knows what runs through his mind.

He’s the mysterious flower boy of the group.

He’s Finlay Adams.

2. Stage name. Ash.

The flirt of the band.

He knows literally everything that goes on in the band including their dark sides.

He plays a lot, smiles a lot and talks a lot.

He’s the Prince Charming of the group and the country’s sweetheart.

He’s Ashton Rivers.

3. Stage name. Bin.

Leader of the band.

All he thinks of is music.

Every minute, every second, every hour, he’s always looking for a way to make music.

He cares about no one.

He only lives for himself.

He’s the perfect guy with many flaws.

The country’s hubby.

He’s Robin Huston.

And there comes Aiden Beckett, a young naive guy whose dreams is to be part of the STARR BOYZ.

He’s got a crazy twin sister which no one knows of.

Addison Beckett. An exact replica of Aiden both in face and voice. But she has given up on music a very long time ago after an incident which causes her a trauma.

Alden has got a [email protected] crush on Robin since forever and always dreamt of singing along with him on stage a day.

Fortunately, there came an opening for one more member to join the STARR BOYZ and without wasting time he applied for the opening which he’s very sure of being picked.


Cause he has got the talent he believes they’re looking for.

Things went as he planned and he got chos£n.

But then an unfortunate incident happened which landed Aiden in a coma.

Just before he went into unconsciousness he pleaded with Addison to finish what he had started.

Now Addison for her brother will find herself going back into the world of music which she had abandoned ages ago.

Not only that, she’ll have to conceal her real identity as Addison and become who she isn’t Aiden.

Will Addison will able to manage living with these three strange demigods?

Or will she finds love while trying to adjust to their way of living?

Can she really last long living as Aiden?

What happens when she got caught in the cobweb of love of the STARR BOYZ bringing about confusion and rivalry?

Who will steal her heart among the three?

Find out in the story SOULMATE.

Let me be your…

❣???? SOULMATE❣????

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )
















7:05 AM.

Stopping in the midst of the multitude, her green luggage on her right hand and her white handbag on the other hand. Black shades on her face with her colorful long hair falling down her shoulders. She spread her arms wide breathing in.

“Aww…the smell of home. How long as it been?” She smiles broadly with her eyes closed.

“Giving up is never in my dictionary…today you’re caught Robin Huston” A small petite lady snuck behind Robin with a camera in her hand. She wore large [email protected] as disguise and a muffin around her neck covering half of her face with it also. She was obviously stalking him.

Robin keeps looking back as he walks as fast as he could. He held unto his hoodie which was covering half of his face, his long legs finding its way between the crowd of people at the airport.

“Oh yeah…I knew it! I knew it!!” The lady, who was actually a reporter snapped her f!ng£rs together hiding behind a bench. She stared intently at the lady spreading her arms out smiling and also Robin who was walking towards her.

“Finally jackpot!” She brought forward her camera taking different shots though she couldn’t get her face.

Robin getting the instinct he’s being followed keep looking back and on doing so he crash into Addison. Addison staggers back almost losing her balance but she gained her composure back by holding onto Robin tightly.

“Yes!” The lady keep taking numerous pictures of them. The way they were holding each other made it seems like they were actually embracing.

Robin instantly pulled her away forcefully but Addison groaned the moment he did that.

He frowns the moment he realized her hair got tangled with his pendant.

“Wait…wait a minute” Addison mutters trying to get her hair off while Robin stood impatiently waiting for her to.

“Wow can’t believe they’re even doing this in public…do you think you will not be caught?” The reporter mutters in hiding still taking their pictures which looks like they are klzzing.

Addison was still on getting her hair from his pendant when Robin suddenly grabbed her taking her to God knows where.

“Hey! It’s hurts!” Addison groans as he pulled her along.

“Oh!” The reporter stood up to follow them but bumped into someone. She went flat on the floor with her camera while the person she bumped into [email protected] lightly.

“Oh, my! are you okay miss?” A soft cool voice asked and she couldn’t help getting carried away by just the voice alone. She raised her head to just to find one of the most cutest guy on planet earth smiling down at her.

“No…I’m not okay” She replied s£nselessly.

“I’m so sorry…I was in a rush” he helped her up while she drools with her mouth hanging.

“Oh, my gawd…you’re soo cute” She gushed while he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Here” He bent picking up her camera.

“Your camera” He smiles out cuteness.

“My camera…” She repeated collecting it like someone completely hypnotized.

“My camera! Oh!” She [email protected] loudly.

“Camera!!” She started looking around.

“Where is he?”

“Is everything okay? Who?”

“My future! F**k!” She rushes away pushing Aiden who had a confused look on aside.

“Her future…” Aiden mutters itching his hair.

“Not done yet!” Robin gruffs tapping his foot on the ground.

“If I could get one more hand who knows, it might come off” Addison snap back getting pissed off at the hair which won’t come off.

“Flight 101 to Texas boarding now through gate three…dear [email protected]£ngers please make your way forward” An announcement boomed out on board.

“Sh*t!” Robin checked his wristwatch only to see he has no more time to linger anymore. He looks at Addison who was still struggling with the hair on his pendant and groans inwardly.

“Just take it” He pulled the pendant off placing it on her palm. Addison looks up at him and gaped at the sight she saw. This guy is damn cute to the moon. She couldn’t help drooling as she stares at him. Robin gave her a look before rushing off covering his face properly with the hoodie.

“The heck” Addison watch as he disappears into the crowd of people. She brought her face back to the pendant and smile. It was a guitar. He must love music. She thought. She wore the pendant over her neck not even bothering to loos£n the tangled hair again.

“How sweet…” She mutters looking at it.

“ADDIE!!!” She heard a familiar voice and snap her head up.

“AID!!” She yelled back on seeing Aiden who was waving at her grinning at the same time from a distance. They both ran to each other and immediately they got together, instead of embracing, they rub their hairs against each other’s giggling like babies.

“Bro!” Aiden hugged her after they finished their hair rubbing.

“Sis!” Addison wrapped her arms around him tightly as he carried hair swirling her around.

“It’s been forever!” Aiden said after dropping her.

“Tell me about it. Where’s MD?” She asked looking around.

“Home they’re waiting. Let’s go”

“Let’s goooo!!!” She linked hands with him and Aiden took her luggage with his other hand. They walked out of the airport in happiness beaming at each other.


“THE QUEEN IS BACKKKKK!!!” Addison bounce inside the house swirling and giggling at the same time.

“Where’s my RC? (Red carpet) Why can’t I see anything on the damn floor?” She grutch dramatically.

“My little bunny” Her mother called excitedly coming from the dining.

“My sweet daughter” Her father followed.

“M! D!!” She ran over to her parents crashing onto them.

“My goodness I missed you two like C! (Crazy)” She klzzed both their cheeks making a pouting sound.

“We missed you too dear…in fact we’ve been awaiting your arrival”

“I cooked your special only come on let’s eat. Come on Aiden” Mrs Beckett walked to the dining whilst others followed suit.

“Wow.. I can smell it already!” She took her sit.

“M…are your dishes still the best?”

“No dear her hands are failing this days” Mr Beckett replied.

“Really M? Is that true!” Her eyes widened.

“My hands are failing but his taste buds are declining also.” Mrs Beckett retaliated jokingly.

They all laughed.

“After breakfast Aid you’re gonna show me round the T (town) ”

“Shouldn’t you rest for today? You can do that tomorrow”

“Yes dear…you just came back. Today should be for us spending time together with you catching up”

“M, D we still have many days for that. I just wanna go out with Aid today since he won’t have time to do that after he leaves. I came back practically for this”

“Mom she’s right. I’ll be leaving tomorrow so I won’t have time to spend with her remember?” Aiden added. Mrs Beckett sighs in defeat.

“Sweet daughter…isn’t your brother great to have got accepted into the band?.”

“Beats me. He has grown so much that I’m so happy for him. If I were a fox or dog you’d have seen my tail wagging about” She joked making them all laugh.

“I’m so proud of you sis” She ruffle Aiden’s hair while Aiden grabbed her hand.

“You’re touching a star hair…be careful or my fans are gonna eat you raw!”

“Do you even have any? Uh? Uh?” She continues ruffling it.

“Alright alright eat fast I’ve got something to show you”

“Can’t wait” Addison squeals.


“So, tell me about this SB (Starr Boyz)”

“Umm…Finn, Bin and Ash. Bin is the vocalist and their leader. He’s my role model”


“My crush”

“Don’t tell me you’re going into this band solely because you’ve got a thing for him?”


“Ohh come on sis…don’t be foolish”

“I’m not…I just like him that’s all. Come on you asked me to show you around…where do you wanna go first?” He smiles taking her hand.

“Anywhere funnnn!!!”


“AMOR FATI!!! YEAH! HOO!!” Addison breathe out heavily after ending the song. She stared at the machine intently as it counted her scores.

“93 %” It brought out and she screams into the mic in excitement.


“YOU’RE THE BEST!!” Aiden shouted back where he was seated.


“YOU’RE THE BEST BROOOO!!!” Aiden shouted again and she winks going to where Aiden is seated.

“Wow…bravo!! That was excellent!!” He applauds her while she flaunt her hair proudly dropping the mic.

“You still sings so well…just like before”

“It’s been a while since I sang…now my throat hurts” She stretch her hand forward to his l!ps, picked the crumbs there and insert it in her mouth.

Aiden knocked her forehead.

“Ouch!!” She winced glaring at him.

“What was that for!”She scrowl.

“I thought you stopped doing that? ”


“What you did just now!”

“Ahhh…that. I did. I did but…you know…your habit can’t just leave you like that. I’m F (f**king) Add!¢ted” She replied taking the beer on the table.

“Try to get over it…it won’t be good if you do that to other people. They will mistake you for a psycho”

“Then I’ll just become one for them”

“Seriously you!”

“Should I follow you to the agency…I wanna see how it is” She suddenly grinned.

“I’m sorry Addison but…you know I’m just getting started…I don’t want them to know I have a twin. It might bring a set back”

“I feel like I’m a jinx”

“No you’re not”

“Why hide it then…I don’t understand”

“Come on…can’t you understand me?”

“I can’t understand the situation either…I just came back after years and now you’re leaving”

“I’ll never stop contacting you”

She smiles.

“Live well with your crush…I know you’re damn excited”

“So much” He beams.

“Gosh…I’m so proud of you sis” Addison ruffles his hair.

“I’ll let you go for now…just wait till I became famous. I’ll arrest you for this” He joked while she smack his occiput.


“Now you sound like a man” She grins while he scoffs. His eyes caught the pendant around her neck and he couldn’t help staring.

“Why?” Addison asked noticing him staring.

“That…where did you get it?” He quizzes pointing to the pendant.

“Ohh…this” She smiles knowingly remembering the hoodie guy.

“I feel like I’ve seen it before somewhere” Aiden mutters taking his eyes to hers.

“Addie!” He snap his f!ng£rs at her face when he realizes she wasn’t listening to him anymore. She seems to have zoned off to her own world.

“Snap out of it will you?”

She chuckles.

“Do you like it? You want it?”

“No…it seems precious. You can keep it”

“I was going to” Addison stuck her tongue out at him. He smiles.

“let’s go watch a movie after this”

“Anything you want Milady” He bowed slightly.

“You should go sing too”

“After I use the restroom” He stood up.

“Relief your bladder and nothing more. No FK (F**king) in the restroom twinnie” she teases him.

“Shut up Addie” Aiden chuckle going out.


“Is he really f**king a b*tch in the restroom?” Addison asked herself when Aiden won’t come back.

She got up and went out of the room bouncing. But just as she got out she halted when some hefty men who clearly looks like thugs trooped out of the room just beside hers. They all had a mean look on and looked dangerous. She frozed where she was as they all [email protected] her by.

“Phew!” She heaves holding her chest after they all had left.

“What was that?” She walks slowly and gently to the room they came out from. They door was opened so she was able to take a peek in.

She [email protected] when she saw how scattered and rough the room was. Traces of blood was even on the floor. Something definitely happened in there. What if someone had died?

Letting her curiosity gets the best of her, she walks slowly inside the room but immediately she did a hand covers her mouth from behind. She [email protected]. Her eyes dilating in its sockets.

Her back was against a really broad [email protected] chest she could tell. The person chest goes up and down which indicates he or she was breathing heavily. An unfamiliar smell hits her nose…it was a pleasant one but she couldn’t tell what it was.

“You know right…that curiosity kills the cat” A male voice came behind her ear.

It was cold and enchanting at the same time.

Finn slowly retracted his hand from her mouth whilst she releases heavy breath.

“And satifaction brought it back” She spun around instantly but before she could catch a glimpse of his face Finn pulled her head towards his chest. Her head landed there and she could hear his rapid heartbeats.

She wasn’t left out also.

He heart skipped a beat at their proximity.

She has never been that close to any guy like that except Aiden.

Well…there was the hoodie guy at the airport earlier.

Was it her luck today to hug guys which she can’t even see their faces well?.

Finn’s hand remains at the back of her head not making her back away.

Addison could feel some liquid on her hand as she held unto him. She brought her hand forward and [email protected] when she saw it soiled with his blood.

“Blood…” She mutters.

Finn exhales.

That was when she realizes he was beating heavily because he was in pain. Those thugs must have done this to him.

“You’re bleeding” She forced herself out of his hold and almost immediately, Finn wore his face cap on her head bolting out of the room before she could knew it.

She touches her head removing the face cap looking at it.

“Wait…” She ran out of the room but couldn’t find him anymore. She exhales and look at her soiled hand.

“It must hurt…” She mutters making her way to the restroom to clean herself up. By the time she got back to the room Aiden was already there.

“Why? You needed an urgent FK too?” Aiden joked.

“So you admit that’s what you went there to do?” She smirked.

“I went to take a dump”

“Good for you. Let’s go…I’m suddenly tired”

“Wow…that’s a surprise.”

“Yeah…” She took her bag. Strangely, her mood suddenly went down after meeting that strange guy earlier. She couldn’t help but worry.

“Go ahead…I’ll just settle the bills”

“Meet me at the car garage” She excused herself.

“What’s with her suddenly…” Aiden mutters.


“Where are you…I’m already there just wait! I’ll be there in a jiffy don’t make a move and just ow!” Ash’s phone fell from his hands as he suddenly bumped into someone. Instantly he picked up the phone and made to move but the person pulled him back before he could.

“Ash? Oh, my gosh ASH!!” The high schooler he bumped into squeals in excitement.

“Shh…yeah it’s me. Don’t make a noise can you_”

“Girls it’s ASH!!!” The high schooler alerted her friends before he could finish his statement.

“No sh*t!” He cursed beneath his breath as he got flooded immediately.







“klzz ME ASH!!”


Ash wiggles uncomfortably as the girls touch and swarm around him. His manager wasn’t there to take him away since he went out in secret and right now he has to go to Finn who needs his help.

“F**k this!” He groans as the girls clung unto him almost ripping him off.

“IT’S FINN AND BIN!” He pointed forward and they all diverted their attention to where he’s pointing at. Immediately they did this, Ash took to his heels without wasting any second.

“HE’S GETTING AWAY!” One of the girls shouted and they all started running after him.


“Why isn’t he coming?” Addison who has been waiting for Aiden mutters impatiently dialing his number but then it started ringing from the car.

“Tf!” She pecked in the car and saw his phone on the back seat.

“He left it” She opens the door to take the phone but then her back crashes on the seat instead when someone suddenly pushed her in closing the car door.

“WTF!” She scowl while the guy place his second f!ng£r on her l!ps.

“Shh! It’s me I’ve got some crazy fans after me and I mustn’t be caught or the president will kill me…just let me hide here for a few minutes it’d be nice if you keep quiet also” Ash said in a rush. Her eyebrows quirked.

“Do I look like I give a FD! (F**king damn) Get out now or I drag you out myself with your FD! (F**king d!ck)” She barked back at him but Ash only smiles.

“It’ll only take a while” He said and before she could process anything, his l!ps pressed against hers. Her eyes grew big.





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