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kiss me episode 1

????klzz ME????

( If only I hadn’t fallen for you )





“I only want a klzz from you…as long as I got that everything would be okay…as long as you could give me that…everything would be fine. So give me a klzz…young man”

“You want a klzz right?”


“Good luck on getting that then….Young lady”


The land has its inhabitants so does the water.

And each inhabitants is expected to adapt where it belongs.

But what happens when an inhabitant tries to fit in where it doesn’t belongs?

Rules would probably be broken and sacrifices would have to be made.

She’s a mermaid but she loves the humans

Her home is the water but the land calls her

She’s a princess but living as an ordinary human is her lifelong dream.

She belongs to the water but the land keeps calling onto her.

It keeps calling her.

Would she heed to the calling of the land?

Even if she did…would she be able to fit in where she doesn’t belongs?

Even if she did…would things end up well for her?

Find out in the story klzz ME.

This is my first mermaid story and I hope you guys love it.

And of course you shouldn’t miss it for the World.

Wait for it.


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡



Kailani held the little baby mermaid in her arms as he ran vigorously. She was already sweaty and her hair was all over her face. She looks back repeatedly at her attacker as she runs.

Some men ran after her holding different weapons. [email protected], guns and spears in their various hands. Some women ran after her with the men chanting different insultive and cruel words.




Kailani ignored their words and keep running for her dear life as the little mermaid’s voice she’s carrying ranted out.

“I’ll save you…just a little more…just a little more baby” She was almost at the sea…it’s just a little far ahead. A glimmer of hope shone in her as she increases her pace.

“AGH!!!” She groans out in pain falling to the ground along with the baby. Blood started gushing out at her back. She had just been shot. She held her bleeding back…the little mermaid wouldn’t stop crying also.

“THERE SHE IS! KILL HER!!!” One of the men shouted angrily. They were already catching up. And she would be caught in no time. One of the men aimed the gun at her as he was about shooting. Kailani with the last strength in her build a circular barrier around her and her baby. Immediately the gun was shot at her, the bullet bounced back to the shooter. He laid down dead instantly. The women [email protected].

“That witch!!”

“You have to kill her…we’ll all be dead if this continues!”

“Get rid of that monster!!” The women started crying.

“Let me go…I have no intention hurting any of you…please let me and my baby go” Kailani pleaded within trying to calm down the crying mermaid.

“That cunning witch! How dare she!” One of the men gritted.

“We have to do something about her!” The men tries going near the barrier but it blew them away. They couldn’t attack it nor do anything. But they still won’t back off.

“GET THE SHAMAN!!!” One of them shouted.


Kailani could feel her strength already leaving her. Though the little mermaid in her hand has called down and fell asleep she could feel she’s dying slowly. She gets weaker by the second which made the barrier weaker also.

“Save me please…Dylan…save me…” She keeps mumbling.

“My baby…don’t worry…I’ll protect you…I’ll protect you…”

“LOOK! it’s fading…you have to kill her now!” One of the people shouted. They started throwing their weapons at the barrier and each time they do this she gets weaker. Finally they succeeded in getting rid of the barrier and happiness grew in them.

“Dylan…this is it”One of the men handed over a spear to him.

“Kill her and end this village misery” The man said. Dylan seemed hesitant. He looked at the half dying kailani. Until some hours ago that was still his wife…until some hours ago they were still happily married. His eyes darted to the mermaid in her arms. Anger clouded his eyes…hatred joined also.

She had lied to him. She was actually a monster. There’s no way she could have a monster as a child and daughter. Until some hours ago he was happy he was gonna become a father…but then it turned out to be nothing but just a monster. He birthed a monster.

Shaking his head, he walked closer to kailani who kept pleading with her eyes not to hurt her or her daughter. But Dylan wasn’t in his right state of mind anymore.

“Dylan…” She called slowly.

“At least spare my baby…” She sobs

“Monster….DIE!!!” He roared throwing the spear at her.

“NO!!!” Kailani put her arms around her baby to protect it. Just as the spear was about to hit her…suddenly a great force s£nt it twirling and it went back hitting him directly in the stomach. He coughs out blood immediately as he went down on his knees right in front of her. Kailani watched with tears filled eyes…as the love of her life…her husband and the father of her baby died…right in front of her and her baby.

They people [email protected] loudly as some creatures appeared out of the sea. They were like five their leader look so intimidating they were clearly mermen.

“Mon…MONSTERS!!!”One of the shouted as they women started fleeing in fear. But seems that was impossible as the leader performed a great Hydrokinesis which swept them all away. They all died without no trace.


Kailani opened her weary eyes to see Colbert staring back at her. Colbert was the one who saved her earlier. They have been best of friends since childhood and obviously he had feelings for her. Colbert is the first prince of king Lyrl. While kailani is the daughter of the great water warrior. Kailani had always liked it out on the surface. She had such a melodious voice which makes men go crazy so she had always snuck out of the water to sing and that’s how she came to meet Dylan a common fisherman. He lives in a small village not far away from the ocean. Kailani fell at first sight on seeing him so as Dylan. Since then kailani’s greed to live on land increases.

Colbert came to know of this and became very angry almost letting the cat out of the bag but kailani did all she could to calm him down telling him she won’t ever go out to the surface secretly or meet that human lover of hers again. Things didn’t go as she wanted she ended up getting married to Colbert via threat. Colbert believed she had forgotten about that human but little did he knew that she was planning on how to escape. And eventually on the night of their Royal wedding she did escaped to be with her human lover. Colbert was more than enraged and vowed never to see her again. He kept her escaped a secret making all sorts of excuses to the mer people who wouldn’t stop demanding for her pres£nce. But things got out of hand the cat got out of the bag. Colbert vehemently disagree it isn’t true and he was dared to bring out his wife that’s when he went out of the water and met her in her misery. The same lover of hers was holding a spear at her to kill her.

“My…my ba…by” Kailani mutters weakly.

“Forget about that thing” Colbert said coldly.

“No col…bert…where is my…baby…where is she…where….my…baby…” She began sobbing trying to leave where she was placed but Colbert held her back furiously.

“I TOLD YOU TO FORGET THAT THING!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING KAI! CAN’T YOU SEE THE MESS YOU’VE GOT YOURSELF INTO! YOU’RE DYING! YOU ARE!!” He yelled with his grip on her arms hurting her in the process.

“Colbert please….”

“Why did you do that? I told you I’d protect you…I told you I’d keep you safe but you just had to betray me like that!” He snarled angrily making the whole place to shake.

“Please…let me see my baby Colbert…I’ll pay for everything I’ve done…just…let my baby go she’s innocent”

“She has that human blood in her…she shouldn’t exist”

“Colbert NO!!!”

“KAILANI!!!” He shouted angrily at her. Kailani shakes her head.

“I know I’ve done you wrong…I’ve caused you pain and agony…I’ve also let you down several times and put you in a [email protected] position and I’m ready…to pay for all those…I’ll pay for my crime Colbert so just please…let me see my peninah for the last time…let me hold her…let me embrace my baby…please Colbert” she sobs.


“What’s this all about? I have to be somewhere”Jason said checking his wristwatch.

“Grandson…I think it’s high time for you to become serious in life”

“Wow….never knew I was living a useless life up to this moment…thanks for letting me know grandfather”

“Why are you twisting my words?”

“I never did that…so what do you want from me?”

“Take over the cooperation”

“Grandfather…are you sick?”

“It’s time…we just can’t continue to leave it like that”

“I don’t want to and also isn’t Mr Travis taking care of it?”

“You want me to leave it in care of a stranger?”

“How is he a stranger? He works for you for over twenty years now”

“It’s yours_”

“I’m…not gonna do anything grandfather”

“You’re not getting any longer Jason”

“I’m only twenty four…im still young I still have a life to live. I have a dream to achieve”

“What about the company then?”

“It’s not like you’re dying now….just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Live your life while I live mine…we shouldn’t disrupt our lives”


“Why? Is this how you forced father too? I’m…not interested in your company grandfather…at least not for now”

“Alright…I’ll give you time…sort yourself out first”

“I…I’m not gonna change my mind ”

“I’ll see you when you come back”

“I’m moving out”


“I think…I’m at the age to be independent now…”He stood up.

“See you later…Jason’s beloved grandfather” he smirk before going out.

“That punk…what am I going to do with him seriously”


“So you decided to move out?” Cain asked while Jason sipped his drink.

“You did great man” Josh pat his shoulder.

“Didn’t I? You guys should have seen his face earlier” Jason joked.

“Don’t you think you’re been too much…he’s just an old man” Cain said while Josh rolled his eyes.

“There he goes again…” Josh said in a bored tone.

“Hey spare me the sermon I’ve already made my decision” Jason wave him off.

“Aren’t we gonna celebrate this? Let’s go to your new mansion we should throw a huge party! I’ll calls the girls” Josh suggested.

“We’re gonna do that but not now…I have to visit Mom first”

“Really…how many days would be spending this time?”

“Just few days”

“Have you informed Margret?” Cain asked.

“Not yet…she’s busy these days I’ll see her when I return.”

“You should at least call her”

“Not that she’ll be surprised anyway…let’s just drink”

“Yeah…let’s celebrate here to Jason’s jackpot cheers!!” Josh raised his [email protected] up.

“Cheers!!” They all clink their [email protected].


Peninah hid behind a huge rock staring at the humans in their various activities with utmost estacy.

“Princess I think we should go back now” Shira her maid said beside her nervously.

“Why are you so anxious? Look at those” she pointed to the humans.

“Isn’t it so fascinating? How could they be so different and awesome?”

“Princess I’m sure the king would already be looking for you we should just go back for now”

“Don’t fret…nothing will happen” She smiles and took her gaze back to the humans.

“How do you think it’ll feel like…to have legs like that also?”

“Don’t ask me I don’t know and I don’t care”

“You don’t seems to like the humans much Shira?”

“Of course they are monsters who kills the Merpople as if it’s nothing…they’re dangerous beings…let’s just go back now uh? For my sake princess please” Shira please and she sighs.

“You’re such a pain…I don’t get why you’re so scared this isn’t our first time here”

“Let’s just go” Shira grab her hand and they dived into the water together.

“Oh!” Jason ohhed looking at the sea.

“What’s that?” His mother asked.

“Oh…nothing…i think I saw something” He smiles back at her.

“Let’s have a seat over there” He pointed to the rock peninah and shira had left earlier.


Peninah and Shira swam to the palace hurriedly.

“Slow down Shira…why are you so fast?” Peninah grumble behind her. Shira ignored her as they make their way to their secret [email protected] but Shira had to stop abruptly making peninah bumb into her.

“Ouch! Hey why did you stop suddenl_ brother??” She called on seeing the prince at the entrance who stood with folded arms.

“Welcome back sister” He said with an evil smirk

“Father seek your attention…dear sister”


Peninah swam into the palace with her head bowed.

“Father…you seek for me” she said slowly.

“You really love disobeying don’t you?”

“Father I just..I’m…im sorry I won’t do it again ” She kept her head down shamefully.

“No use…guards take her maid lash her hundred times RIGHT NOW!” He ordered strictly.

“Yes your majesty” The guards bowed and went out to carry out his order.

“No….no father…punish me instead…she did nothing wrong I forced her to go with me father!” Peninah pleaded holding onto his hands. King Colbert turns deaf ear.

“Father please I’m begging you i did all these alone please let her go”

“Go to your room quit begging cause the more you beg the more her punishment increases” King Colbert turns to sit on his throne.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

Princess go back to your chamber”

“You’re always harsh on me ever since I was young what have I ever do to you? Why are you always so harsh on me!!”


“Am I really your daughter? I wonder if what others said is true”


“NO FATHER….no father has this much hatred for his child! I hate you father I do!!”


“Your majesty…”


“Father! Father!! Let me go!! Let me gooo!!!”

As they dragged her out kailani’s last words replayed in his head.

“Please protect her…never let her make the same mistake like me…don’t hate her…think of her as me…I beg you Colbert”

“She’s just like her mother” King Colbert mutters angrily.


“Mom…should I just stay here with you? We can live together happily also”

“Then what about your grandfather…he’ll be alone”

“Why do you even care about him? After everything he’s done”

“Jason…you shouldn’t be so [email protected] on him I’m sure he’s going through a [email protected] time also”

[email protected] time?” Jason scoffs.

“Not only did I lose my father because of him…I also lost you”

“He already apologized…he asked me to come back…I was the one who decided to remain here you know too”

“You may have gotten over what he did but I can’t mother…I can still remember vividly…how he seperated you from me…I was only five years but he didn’t care…he didn’t care about me”

“My son…for my sake please forget about the past uh? It’ll do us no good if we keep bearing grudges him”

“I’ve vowed to pay him back in his own coin you know…if not for Margaret…I would have done much more worse to him”

“You…you like her don’t you?” His mother asked while he kept quiet.

” Your father loved me a lot too…even though your grandfather vehemently oppose us being together…he was willing to go end of the world just to be with me…he fought for our love…but where did that leads us? I ended up losing him…my son…im sure he regretted what happened in the past also…if not he wouldn’t be willing to take me back…so forgive him already”

“Not like I haven’t forgiven him…I just get angry anytime I remember what he makes me go through”

“He’s your family…and he loves you a’re the only one he has now son…don’t forget that.”


“Oh my sweet sister” Prince Kelsey swam to where Peninah is locked up.

Peninah rolled her eyes on seeing him.

“You look terrible…what to do?” He in a mocking tone.

“You know I could help you beg father…he listens to me”

“I don’t need your help”

“Oh why? No one will save you here except me…father is really angry you know”

“Ah or…you waiting for your dead mother to come save you uh?” He laughs.

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother”

“Oh please I don’t want to either…I heard she was just like you when she was alive…maybe even worse”

“Stop it”

“Figures what do I expect? You mother brought a bastard like you to the palace father was generous enough to take you in and this is how you repay him…you’re just as worthless as your mother…tsk tsk tsk…pathetic” He shakes his head leaving her.

This is not the first time peninah have heard hurtful words because of her mother.

Rumors that she’s a bastard.

Rumors that her mother ran away on her wedding with a merman.

Rumors that her mother had an affair.

Now she’s even tired of crying. She hates her father for always been harsh on her but hates her dead mother the more for birthing her. Because of her…her life is hell.

Prince Kelsey is the only son of the Queen. He has two siblings who also makes life [email protected] for her. Living in the palace is like walking on thorns. No body loves her and she feels worthless as they call her.

Strangely the only place she finds solace is on the land. Somewhere forbidden for her. Looking at the humans makes her feel at peace strangely she’s drawn to them and wished she could be like them but that’s such a dream that can never come true for her.

“I hate you…mother” She mumbles to herself repeatedly refusing to shed a tear.

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