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hugs and kisses episode

???? HUGS & klzzES ????
(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(???????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????)✮

Their score for the project came out and all those who did their project like Alex and Abbie, Rudy and Zoey, and others.. They had perfect scores while some who didn’t, failed it.

Today was a grand day because it’s going to be the annual sports festival and that year, it was going to be hosted in their school.

The college was filled with people coming from different universities. It was a perfect day to socialize with people and also a perfect day for hookup.

Violet and the backup dancers were in a hall, getting ready for opening dance. Well as she said earlier, she won she’ll be the one to open the dance.

One of the backup dancers were Alex..

The makeup artists finished her makeup and she smiled, seeing her reflection on the mirror.

Violet stood up proudly and turned to Alex who was warming up. Just like the other backup dancers, he was wearing black.

“How do I look?” Violet asked Alex with the aim of mocking her.

Alex looked up and glanced at her.

She was wearing black crop top with a crop leather jacket on top and leather [email protected] too, looking really s*xy as usual.

“Good” Alex replied to her question and looked away..

Violet smiled and came closer..

“These days I’ve been seeing you with Alex a lot of time and I just wanna tell you to stop wasting your time.. He’s just gonna f*ck you and move on.. Lot of girls has actually thought they will change him but they couldn’t succeed and don’t think that a flat and ugly thing like you will change him” Violet smirked.

“Besides,, the only girl Alex cares about.. Is me” Violet chuckled.

Alex just stared at her, he just couldn’t recognize her. What happened to the sweet Violet he thought he knew?

“We’re up in 4 minutes” A man announced.

“Hope you do well.. Too bad you can’t do better than me” Violet chuckled and left with the other backup dancers.

Alex frowned and followed them.

The hall was filled to the brink with people coming from all sorts of universities, whispering at their neighbors.

The light dimmed and the spotlight came on, shining on the stage. That’s when they saw Violet there, looking s*xy and ravishing.

Abbie who was sitting in the crowd next to Julian rolled her eyes..

“Just wait till I get my body back” Abbie thought.

“Cry for me” by Camilla Cabello began and she began dancing s*xily, following the rhythm of the music.

The hall was so quite as they watched her keenly.

???? Who’s she?

???? She’s a student of L&C University I think

???? So beautiful and… f*ck!

????When I said I hope you’re happy, didn’t mean it
Never thought you’d be so good at moving on
When I’m lying wide awake, you’re probably sleeping
And maybe what I’m thinking is wrong

I want you to cry for me, cry for me
Say you’d d-d-die for me, die for me
And if you can’t, then maybe, lie for me, lie for me
‘Cause you haunt me when I’m dreamin’
And it’s time you know the feeling
So cry for me

See that pretty life in pictures
See your l!ps erasing me
You’re so good to her, it’s vicious
Yeah, she should be thanking me
Ohh, who’s gonna touch you like me?
Yeah, tell me: Who?
Who can make you forget about me?????

The people in there began vibing to the music and soon the backup dancers came in and they began dancing in unison till at the end were they struck a pose

Wild screams erupted in the hall. Violet smiled and blew klzzes at everyone before the curtain closed.

“And now! I officially announce our yearly sport festival… Open!!” The emcee said and people began screaming here and there.

“I’ll be going, need to prepare for the basketball game” Abbie stood up from her seat.

“Sure man” Julian said and Abbie left..

Abbie went to the backstage to see Alex gulping down on a bottled water, sweating..

He smirked when he saw her…

“Brat!” Alex muttered.

“Too bad I wasn’t able to beat Violet” Alex said.

“It’s okay,, once I get back my body I’ll set her back to her place” Abbie shrugged.

Violet who was watching them from afar began glaring at them.

“I was the spotlight of the day and Alex came to congratulate her!!” Violet thought, glaring at them.

“The basketball game will soon start, hope I do as well as you though” Abbie shrugged.

“Bye..” Abbie waved.

“Break a leg!” Alex said.

Abbie turned and for the first time, she smiled at him before leaving..

Alex slowly smiled..

“Maybe this body swapping thing isn’t bad” Alex muttered and turned to leave then met Violet glaring at him

He sighed and went his way..


Luckily the school’s basketball court was big so it was filled to the brink with people awaiting for the match to begin.

The soccer and handball game was also going on at this time so the audience can choose which one they would want to watch.

Of course majority of people choose to watch the basketball game. Who would want to miss seeing Alex (Abbie) playing??

Even those schooling in other universities have heard of him and they want to see him in person to know how handsome he is…

Abbie already changed to the school’s official jersey. She was sitting in the dressing room, biting her nail.

She always have a panic attack when about to do something big.

“Can’t believe the almighty Alexander Leighton is having a panic attack,, so funny.” Tyler laughed as he wore his jersey.

“C’mon bro! You can’t start having a panic attack now,, everything will be fine okay?” Everett muttered

Abbie took deep breaths and nodded, trying to revive her self confidence..

“Alright,, let’s do it.. Let’s win the cup!?” Abbie said loudly.

“Yes captain!!” His other members replied enthusiastically.

Tyler rolled his eyes and left the room. Alex and the other members left the room too

“And here comes,,, Sunnyside College!!” The emcee pres£nted and people began cheering as the opponent team made their entry..

“Now we have the…. L&C University!!!” He said and people began screaming madly as Abbie and the team made their entry..

???? L&C University will win again. With Alex in our team, nothing can stop us!!

???? OMFG!! That’s the Alex guy!! He’s so handsome!??

???? Those biceps and those pink l!ps!!

Abbie forced a smile as she waved at the girls screaming Alex’s name.

“Must he always have this much admirers??” She thought..

Her eyes caught Alex who was standing with the cheerleaders, already changed in their outfit. He gave her a thumbs up and she nodded before looking front.

“Go Alex!! Go baby!!” Beauty kept screaming to the top of her voice. She was sitting in the audience seat.

Lately, Beauty noticed Alex has been distant with girls in general. She thought that maybe he’s playing [email protected] to get.

Violet who was sitting not far from her hissed and rolled eyes..

Abbie and four other members stood on the stage, facing five opponent members.

The referee blew the whistle and threw the ball in the air then the match began..

“Go L&C University, you’re the best.. We’ll win the cup, we’ll win the day.. Yay! Yay! Yay!” The cheerleaders did their job.

“Dammit!!” Everett cursed when the opponent team scored 2 points..

“The match isn’t over” Abbie patted his back and he nodded then smiled.

They continued the game till the first half was over and they gave them 10 minutes break

The score was at 40-36 in favor of Sunnyside College.

“They’re quite good” Everett said, breathing heavily after gulping down water.

“Yes but it’s not the time nor the place to give up. 4 points difference is nothing, we’ll catch up and then we’ll win this match who’s with me!” Abbie said

???? Yes!!!!

“Since when did you began giving life inspirational quotes huh?” Everett teased.

“10 minute’s over, let’s go and win this cup!!” Abbie said and they began screaming while going back to play

Abbie paused beside Tyler..

“If you play again solo, I’ll replace you” Abbie said and without waiting for his reply, she went off.

“Who the f**k does he think he is!!” Tyler gritted his teeth.

The second half began and this time around L&C University aren’t joking at all..

The game became so intense when Everett scored a two points and it was now at 50-50

People like Violet and Beauty were almost standing due to how intense it was.

Even Zoey and Whitney wasn’t left out..

(Alma didn’t come to watch because she was warming up for the foot race)

It went on like that till there was just 5 minutes left

4 minutes..

3 minutes…

Even the cheerleaders stopped to watch.. Alex was almost biting his f!ng£rs.

40 seconds remaining, Abbie succeeded in taking the ball from the opponent. She dribbled the person who came at her and then jumped before shooting at the net.

The ball hit the ring of the net and began rolling round the ring

Alex’s eyes widened, praying for it to enter.

It rolled and rolled till it finally entered the net.

???? Yayyyyy!!!!!!

The hall went in an uproar and the final whistle was b!0wn.

It ended with a score of 43-40, in favor of L&C University.

“We did it!!” The members jumped on Abbie, except Tyler.

Abbie laughed in happiness as they all went down. She looked at Alex who was smiling, he nodded at her.

She smiled back.


Alex walked out of the changing room, back into his normal outfit.

“Actually, it’s not bad wearing a crop top” He thought

Suddenly, someone pulled him to an alley and the pinned him against the wall.

His eyes widened but a frown settled on his face when he saw it was Lucas and he almost rolled his eyes.

“Babe,, I really missed you. Why weren’t you replying my texts?” Lucas said

“I’m sorry,, was so hooked up in training for this day” Alex said with a forced smile on his face.

“Really? But I always see you around my brother” Lucas said.

“Tell me, is he bothering you??” Lucas asked seriously.

“Oh no! Not at all,, we were project partners remember?”

“Alright, I was wondering if you could come sleep over tomorrow at our house” Lucas asked, scratching his head.

“Uhh, I don’t know but I’ll think about it” Alex smiled and made to leave but he held his hand

“What again?” He mentally rolled his eyes.

“I love you babe” Lucas said

Alex turned to him with a force smile on his face.

“Me too Lucas” He said and left.

“Lucas? It’s not longer Lu-Lu anymore?” He thought as he watched her leave.


The festival were over and everyone were gathered outside waiting for the winner to be announced..

The president of L&C University, a tall guy in third year climbed the stage and took the mic

Alma won the foot race but unfortunately she lost in the swimming competition.

“Greetings dear ladies and gentlemen, I trust you had a fun filled day… Sadly, good things must have an end and it’s an honor for me to announce the winner of this year’s festival” He said and opened the envelope.

“And this year’s winner is… L&C University!!” He announced and screamed filled the place.

Alex’s and Blaire’s father climbed the stage to shake the hand of the school’s president as the cup was handed to him since he repres£nts the whole school.

Alex clapped happily from his seat.

They began giving trophies to people who were outstanding. Abbie got a trophy as the captain of the day, even Violet got a trophy too, and many more..


“It hurts…ahh!!” Alex rolled on the bed, holding his tummy.

Abbie who was sitting in front of Alex’s laptop kept laughing at him..

“Now you see what we ladies go through every month” Abbie kept laughing.

It just so happened that he’s in his period.. It started an hour ago..

Well Alex called Veronica and told her she’ll be staying at a friend’s house and Abbie told Lilian same too, they’re planning on using the night on finding ways to go back to their original selves.

“Now that I look at you,, maybe it’s not bad staying in your body for a while or two” Abbie smirked and Alex shot her a pillow

She resumed mocking him.

“I’m dying… God save me!! Argh!!” Alex began crying.

“Hey hush down! The neighbor will start thinking someone is getting ràped” Abbie said but he began crying louder.

Abbie sighed and walked to the kitchen. She boiled water and poured it in a cup then handed it to him.

“Drink,, it’ll sooth the pain” She said and he immediately took it and made to gulp it but paused when it burned his l!ps.

Abbie walked back to the laptop and resumed her search..

“What are you searching?” Alex asked, slowly sipping on the cup.

“Since there’s no scientific explanation of what happened to us, I’m searching for the non scientific one” Abbie said.

“You mean superstitious things? It doesn’t exist” Alex said.

“I also thought swapping bodies was fake but look at us now..” Abbie turned the swivel chair to face him.

“So if I’m following your line of thinking then you’re insinuating that there’s something unusual that happened that day and that resulted to our bodies being swapped?” Alex asked standing up from the bed, walking towards her.

“Yeah” Abbie said

“But there’s nothing unusual that happened that day,, I mean we were bickering each other as usual till I forcefully klzzed you and…” Alex paused and his eyes widened.

“The klzz!” Abbie’s eyes widened too.

“Yeah, I kind of felt some sparks when I did that” Alex said.

“Yeah.. Me too” Abbie rubbed her chin.

“So if the klzz was why our bodies got swapped,, maybe if we klzz back then we’ll go back to normal” Alex said.

Abbie bit her l!ps at the sound of “klzzing back”

“I.. I don’t know. Lucas, I’ll be-”

“You’re still thinking about that dimwit at this moment? If we don’t find a solution to what’s happening to us then you’ll never be with your precious Lucas” Alex said, slightly irritated at the mention of Lucas. Was it irritation or jealousy?

No one knows..

Abbie thought for a while and heaved deep breaths before closing her eyes and puckering her l!ps.

Alex twitched his face at the idea of klzzing his own l!ps but nevertheless, he closed his eyes and leaned down to were she was sitting.

And like that, their l!ps slowly met…


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