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hugs and kis-ses episode 27 & 28

???? HUGS & kis-sES ????
(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✮(???????????? ????????????????)✮

They kis-sed for a brief while but strangely, both parties felt nothing like the last time

Abbie broke the kis-s and her heart fell when she realize she was still in Alex’s body. She immediately broke down in tears.

“Are you sure there’s even a solution to this our problem?” Abbie cried.

Alex sighed and sat back on the bed then buried his face in his palms..

“I’m sorry” He suddenly muttered.

“Huh?” Abbie sniffed and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry,, maybe if I had just minded my business back then and stopped pestering you like you asked none of this could have happened” Alex said while looking down..

Abbie just looked at him, a little bit surprised. Is it for real? Alex is saying sorry??

Abbie nodded and cleaned her tears.

“It’s fine… Nothing can change what has already happened, let’s look for another way to fix this..” Abbie said.

“Sure” Alex nodded.

“So who gets to sleep on the bed?” Abbie said, looking at the only bed in the condo.

“Me of course” Alex replied.

“You? Why you!!”

“It’s my condo so I make the rules” Alex frowned.

“I’m in your body so it’s technically mine now” Abbie smirked.

“What? Well since you’re saying that, I’m a girl now and the rule says ladies before gentlemen” Alex smirked.

Abbie frowned and they immediately began arguing..


Alex got down the car with Abbie. They glared at each other for a while before scoffing and looking elsewhere.

Abbie suddenly remembered about the mission Beauty gave her.

“Uhh Alex?” She called and Alex turned to her

“There’s a friend of mine who really likes you and she has feelings for you.. I was wondering if-”

“That friend is Beauty right?” Alex asked.


Alex chuckled and looked front..

“If it’s to be in a serious relationship with her then count me out, she’s too cheap for my liking.. Besides, I’m trying to deal with an engagement case and our case.. Can’t add her to my burden” Alex said.

Abbie’s eyes wide-ned. No wonder Alex asked her not to sleep at the mansion till everything is sorted out about their body issues.. So it’s because of the engagement issue??

“Alright” Abbie shrugged, feeling a little bit bad that she’ll be letting her friend down.

“Love!!” Blaire ran to them, she pushed Alex aside and jumped on Abbie.. Almost kis-sing her.

“What the fuc-k !” Abbie harshly pushed her off and she staggered.

Blaire immediately broke down in tears..

“I don’t get it,, why is it that [email protected] for you to love me.. I love you Alex, can’t you see that. We’re also engaged, let’s try and sort things out then make this marriage work.”

Abbie smirked and bent down to her level

“It’s just so fascinating at how two faced you are. Well if you’re going to be two faced at least you should have made one of them pretty to compensate for your lack of brain” Abbie shrugged.

Blaire [email protected] loudly and touched her face..

Alex bursted out in laughter.

“That’s a good one there…” He laughed.

“Read my li-ps and face. I’ll never, and I mean never! Have something to do you with you,,, you can go and choke on your tears for all I care” Abbie scoffed and began walking away with Alex.

“You’ll have to teach me all these insults coz dàmn!” Alex laughed as he followed Abbie.

Blaire turned to glare at them especially Alex in particular.

A smile slowly formed on her li-ps…

“Tonight, we’ll see who’ll be the one crying and who’ll be the one laughing… Abbie!” She said her name with so much res£ntment.

“Sis” Rudy walked to them with a smile on his li-ps. He frowned when he saw Alex with her.

“Abbie, I noticed you two hanging out a lot these.. What’s going on?” Rudy asked.

Alex looked at Abbie and then smiled nervously.

“Uhh, actually we read in the Bible that it isn’t good to fight… So we made peace, yeah!” Alex laughed nervously.

“Bible? Since when do you read the Bible?”

“I do! It’s even in the book of uhh,,, Pope! Yeah, in the book of Pope!!” Alex said.

Abbie and Rudy gave him a look that says “what the fuc-k !!”

“Alright! We need to go,, catch you later!!” Abbie pulled Alex away.

Rudy turned to look at them go. He brou-ght out his phone to search if there’s a book called Pope in the Bible..


“What the hell was that!!” Abbie ranted as the headed to their LH.

“What? I don’t know how to líe” Alex pouted.

Abbie scoffed.

“Says the guy who was looking like an Innocent puppy when he first flirted with me” Abbie said..

They walked in the clas-sand as usual people began murmuring..

???? See? I told you they were dating!

???? They kinda look cute together..

???? That means I don’t stand a chance with Alex anymore?? No!!

Violet rolled her eyes at them…

Lucas who was sitting on his place felt slightly jealous on hearing the comments about them..

“Take heart bro” Tyler patted his back from where he was sitting.

His eyes searched for Whitney to see her sitting beside Julian this time around.

Whitney saw him looking her way so she waved at him while smiling brightly. Tyler slowly waved back.

“Girl, I feel like there’s something you aren’t telling us” Alma crossed her hand when Alex came and sat next to them.

“Yeah, what’s up with you and Alex? Are you two dating?” Zoey asked.

“Huh? Me and Alex? No,, not at all!!” Alex smiled nervously.

“Ha-rin, can I talk to you in private?” Beauty walked to their seat.

“Sure” Alex stood up and left the Hall with her..

“What’s happening between you and Alex? Don’t tell me you’re now interested in him and you’re trying to keep him all to yourself” She asked with a serious look on her face.

“What’s wrong with all these girls going cràzy over me… I’m I that handsome?” Alex said inwardly..

“Nothing, like planned I tried hooking you two up but he refused.. He said you’re too cheap for his liking” Abbie shrugged and Beauty [email protected].

“He.. He really said that?” Beauty said and Alex nodded.

Beauty looked at her then slowly frowned.

“I.. I don’t believe you. What if you’re just lying to make me take my eyes off him” Beauty said.

“What!! You don’t believe me,, your friend?” Alex exclaimed..

“Yeah, and if that’s so I’ll advice you to take your eyes off him. Alex isn’t into flat people like you, plus just look at your body. You’re gaining weight and you look so ugly” Beauty spatted with a smirk on her face.

“Well he also didn’t say he was into two faced b*tches like you” Alex shrugged and Beauty’s eyes wide-ned.

Alex gave her a mean look and then went in the hall, leaving an angry Beauty standing there.

“Now I regret ever approaching that girl” Alex said inwardly as he walked back to his seat..

Few minutes later Beauty soon came in with a bright face look before the lecturer came in

She looked at Abbie and smirked. Soon, the lectures immediately began..


Estella walked in the hospital in her normal outfit, a T-shirt and skinny jeans with no makeup on.. A huge contrast to how she dresses in school.

Despite that, she still looked beautiful.

She went straight to particular ward and just then, a doctor was coming out of the ward.

“Doc..” She smiled..

“Miss Davis” The doctor smiled back.

“How’s my sister’s health? Is she improving?” She asked.

The doctor sighed and removed his lenses..

“We’re trying everything possible but it isn’t.. The brain tumor is really taking a toll on her and she needs to undergo a surgery asap.” The doctor said..

Estella sighed.

“Okay, how much will the surgery cost..” She asked.

“10 million dollars” He said and Estella’s purse fell from her hand to the floor.

10 million dollars?! With all the men she’s being sleeping with, she succeeded in gathering just 100,000.. How will she gather 10 million as soon as possible??

“Doctor, is it possible for you to reduce the amount of money? Please, I can’t gather up to that amount in a short span of time.. If you want, I can work here in this hospital but please,, the sum is too much” Estella begged.

The doctor sighed.

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do. The equipment and medicine needed requires that sum of money” The doctor said.

Estella’s shoulders fell.

“I have other patients to attend to.. Have a nice day miss” He said and left.

Estella slowly walked in the ward and her heart broke when she saw her 12 years old sister on the bed, looking so pale with an oxygen mask on her face and many tubes connected to her body.

Her once cheerful and glowing sister now looks so pale and skinny..

She broke down in tears when she couldn’t hold it in anymore..

Why must life be so cruel to her?? Why??

First, she lost her parents and twin sister in a fatal accident and now her younger sister, her only family was diagnosed with brain tumor??

She held her sister’s hand as tears couldn’t stop pouring from her eyes.

“I’ll save you sis,, I promise I’ll save you.. Even if it takes my life, I’ll do it. I promise” She kis-sed her hand and placed it on her forehead, crying bitterly.


“Finally! The only lecture we have today is over!!” Alma exclaimed, stretching her arms.

She looked at the time and it was just noon.

“Girls, how about we go have fun?” Zoey proposed.

“Yeah,, or does Miss Abbie want to spent time with her Beauty” Alma scoffed.

Alex looked at her then smiled.

“Are you perhaps,, jealous?” He asked

“How wouldn’t I be? Ever since she came here, everything is just about her and no one else..” Alma scoffed.

“Alright, I’m sorry.. Let’s go have fun then” Alex shrugged.

“Yay!” Zoey hug-ged him..

They stood up and Whitney joined them before they left the hall at once.

“Guess I’ll have a reason not to sleepover with Lucas” Alex smiled and immediately texted Lucas that he won’t be able to make it.

Lucas received the message. His face fell when he saw the message..

Blaire who saw Abbie (Alex) leave the hall smiled. She looked at Della who was sitting beside her.

Della smiled and nodded then stood up and left the hall too.

“Let’s see who’ll get to cry today b*tch!!” She muttered..


For the first time since they swapped bodies, Abbie decided to sleep in the mansion.

She walked in Alex’s room and twitched her face at the decorum.

“Who on earth paints his room black and red,, is he in a cultic society?” Abbie scoffed and went to the bed.

She laid on it and her mind drifted to how he pinned her on the bed..

“That màdman.. So he really was going to kis-s me if I didn’t threaten him” She scoffed.

She sighed sadly when she remembered Lucas was just next-door but she can’t even go to him.

“I miss you Lu-Lu” She muttered sadly..


The girls had fun till night and now currently they’re dancing while sipping on their alcohol except Whitney who was given juice to prevent any weird reaction from her.

Alex was sitting on a table while drinking on his cup when suddenly his phone beeped..

(N.B: He swapped phones with Abbie)

He brou-ght it out to see a message..


“He? Who’s he?” He was still wondering when the location was s£nt to him next

His eyes wide-ned..

“Abbie…” He muttered and immediately ran out of the club like flash.


Abbie gro-aned for the uptenth time at how boring the room was. She began wondering how Alex managed to even stay here everyday

“That’s it,, I’ll just go and talk to Lu-Lu Brother-to-brother won’t hurt right?” Abbie muttered

She stood stood up and left the room for Lucas’s room.

“Bro” She called and grimaced at how it felt weird in her mouth.

“Bro? You in here?” She called.

She held the door knob and slowly opened the door and immediately halted at what she saw…


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