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hug and kis-s episode 23 & 24

???? HUGS & kis-sES ????
(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel



“Here I’ve taken the bath.. Are you happy?” Alex hissed and sat down on the bench, near Abbie.

“I can’t believe someone saw my body,, my precious body free of charge!!” Abbie lamented.

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up.

“Not like there’s something new I haven’t seen in a girl’s body” Alex muttered.

“What you should be worried about is how you’ll do about to play the match next week. I don’t want to let my team down and that means you’ll have to learn how to play and act just like me..” Alex said

“By acting, you mean… Like a playboy?” Abbie asked and Alex nodded.

“Hell no! I can’t kis-s and touch my fellow girls!!” Abbie flared.

“You think I’m happy dating my brother?” Alex rolled eyes..

Abbie sighed and pinched her brows. Upon all the people she could switch bodies with it had to be him!!

“Let’s keep all the playboy and boyfriend aside.. What’s important now is first winning the cup at that sports festival and second, finding ways to return to our respective bodies” Abbie said.

“After lectures, meet me at the basketball court.. I’ll coach you on how to play” Alex said.

“Yeah and after I’ll teach you everything you need to know about cheer leading and dancing. You must béat that Violet, I’ve had enough of her arrogance” Abbie scoffed.

“But,, has she always been like this? I mean so arrogant and unfair?” Alex asked

“Yeah, they’re lot of things you don’t know about people just because you’re close to them and the love you feel for them blinds you from seeing their true nature” Abbie said. Alex just eyed her

“We’ve already missed one hour of the lectures,, let’s go!” Alex said and they began heading to the door.

They both made to walk out of the door so they ended up being stuck in the door together.

“Step aside!”

“No you idíot!!”


The lecturer was busy explaining his lecture in cla-ss. Some paid attention while some were less concerned.

People like Blaire and Della could be seen pressing their phones while chewing bubblegum.

Whitney wrote down some few things as she listened. She looked at Tyler who was in his phone too.

She immediately pouted. Tyler who felt gaze on him looked up to see Whitney frowning at him.

Whitney gestured at the lecturer with her head. Tyler sighed and kept his phone then faced the lecturer.

Whitney smiled widely.

Julian who was watching them all along, frowned and looked front.

The door suddenly opened and Alex and Abbie stepped in.

“You’re one hour late” The lecturer said.

Alex made to reply but Abbie blocked his mouth.

“We’re sorry sir” she apologized and everyone [email protected]

???? Was I dreaming or did Alex just apologize?

???? Cràzy things are happening..

“Alright walk to your seats” The lecturer said and they parted ways to their respective seats..

Alex walked and sat next to the girls.

“Abbie, are you okay?” Zoey asked.

“Yeah! I’m fine” Abbie chuckled nervously.

She faced Alma

“Uhh Alma, about what you saw earlier. It’s not actually what it looked like” Alex said

“Sure, was just teasing you. My Abbie can’t possibly fall for Alex’s charms” Alma hung her hand round his shoulder.

Alex looked at her hand and gulped [email protected].

“Being in the middle of girls I won’t be able to f*ck… Sh*t!” Alex cursed inwardly.

Abbie sat down next to Violet who kept gawking at her..

“Alex..” Violet smiled and Abbie looked at her, already irritated by her face.

“Why did you come here with that Korean wench! Thought you two weren’t in good terms” Violet asked.

“None of your business” Abbie muttered and Violet [email protected] loudly.

“Ohh…” She said, slightly feeling hurt.

Meanwhile Julian wasn’t even with them. He was busy watching Whitney.


“It’s been almost a month that I’ve been waiting now, where’s the girl I asked of you!” A man complained to Don throu-ghvideo call..

“Relax sir,, the girl isn’t just any girl. She’s the step daughter of the big six, one of the most richest and influential family in the US. Kidnapping her will be really tough” Don said.

“Alright,, but don’t keep me waiting!” He said and Don nodded.

“Of course, we know your time is very precious. Just give us three months and we’ll bring her to you. The patient dog eats the fattest bone.” Don said and the person laughed.

“Alright,, I’ll wait” He smiled.

“Have a nice day Don.. Need to go now” He said and disconnected the call.

Don sighed immediately. He picked a picture which was none other than Abbie’s picture.

“Rex, I hope you know what you’re doing” Don muttered as he looked at the picture


Alex immediately stood when the electronic bell rang.

“Alright girls, I’ll leave you now. Need to practice for the sports festival..” Alex smiled.

“Yeah me too. I’ll be part of those doing foot race and also swimming” Alma said.

“I’ll be going to Rudy’s house!! We’re having a sleepover!!” Zoey screamed in excitement..

“Bye girls!!” Alex said and immediately rushed out of the hall.

“Don’t you think Abbie is acting weird today?” Whitney said and they both shrugged.

Alex was heading to the basketball court since Abbie will be waiting for him there when Beauty blocked his path.

“Ha-rin!” Beauty smiled.

“Beauty” Alex smiled back trying not to gawk at her body.

“I noticed you came in the hall with Alex, what were you two doing together?” Beauty asked.

“Uhh, nothing special! We just happen to reach the hall at the same time” Alex said

“Alright! Don’t forget the plan okay?” Beauty winked.

“Which plan?” Alex wondered but he just nodded.

“I have to go.. Bye!” Alex said and ran off.

Beauty turned to watch her run. She immediately frowned.


Alex got to the basketball court and met Abbie trying to score a goal but she kept failing

“Dammit!!” She hissed.

“It’s not like that you’re supposed to do it.. You need to calculate a precise angle before shooting” Alex said, placing his bag on the bench then walked to her..

“So here are the rules of basketball. First unlike soccer which has 11 players on the field, this one has just 5. To move with the ball, you have to bounce it on the floor and you don’t hold the ball in your hand for more than one minute that’s why we bounce the bal or pas-sit to our team members…” Alex explained.

He then pointed at the lines on the floor.

“See this half circle around the basket pole? It’s call a ring. If you score inside the ring that’s 2 points and if you score out of the ring that’s 3 points unlike soccer and other games which you have 1 point per score. Basketball isn’t a game of brutality so beware” Alex explained to Abbie who kept nodding.

“Good, now that you know the basic rules in the game let’s move to the playing part” Alex said and threw the ball at Abbie.

“Try to keep the ball with you as much as possible while I attack you” Alex said

“Okay” Abbie said and began bouncing the ball then Alex attacked.


Abbie fell on the floor, breathing heavily.

“This is suicide attempt.. How I’m I supposed to score when you don’t let me to score” Abbie frowned.

“You think the other school we’ll be playing against will let you score??” Alex said and walked to her.

“Get up, let’s continue brat” Alex said.

“Alex-” Violet called when she walked in the basketball court.

She has actually been searching for him everywhere in school..

Violet paused when he saw Abbie and Alex playing. She immediately frowned and gritted her teeth.

“I knew it! She was just pretending of hàting Alex just to get close to him.. Just you wait,, you’ll regret it!” Violet scowled and left the area in anger..


Julian laid on his bed as he pressed his phone. His mind suddenly drifted to yesterday, how Whitney hug-ged Tyler and then to today how she was smiling at him.

“Why I’m I thinking about this again… Gosh!!” Julian gro-aned and turned to the other side of the bed.

“Maybe I’m just being worried about her being close to a playboy like Tyler,,, yeah! That’s it!” Julian convinced himself.

He smiled and nodded to himself then resumed playing the game he was playing on his phone.

Whitney opened the door to Tyler’s room and peeped in.

“Lian? Can we do something?” She asked.

“Yeah, come in..” Julian said, his gaze still on his phone.

Whitney opened the door and walked in..

“So what do you want us to… ahh!!!” He screamed when he looked up from his phone to see Whitney completely nake-d.

He gulped down as his eyes traveled throu-ghher body. He quickly closed his eyes and turned away..

“W.. What are you doing?” Julian asked.

Whitney tilted her head to the right as she looked at Julian, wondering what’s happening to him and why he’s reacting this way..

“I want us to have s-ex!” She beamed.

Julian’s eyes wide-ned.

“What?” He whispered to Whitney’s hearing.

“Yes! I saw prince doing it with a girl and she looks so happy then I asked him to do mine too and he said I should ask you. The girl wasn’t putting on her clothes so here I am,, let’s do it!!” Whitney smiled, coming closer to Julian..

She jumped on him and hug-ged him, her perky b**bs pressing against his chest.

“Lord please have mercy on me” Julian said inwardly. He began sweating on his palms and face

He inhaled before picking up his jacket which was on the bed then covered her with it..

“Y.. You really don’t know what s-ex is?” Julian asked softly and she nodded.

Julian then remembered what the doctor said about the nature of her memory loss and he sighed.

“Whitney, we can’t have s-ex because that’ll be taking advantage of you” Julian said.

“Huh? How?”

“You have amnesia and you don’t remember certain things. If we do it, my conscience won’t take it and I don’t want you to hàte me when you regain your memory” Julian said.

“Besides I don’t want my first time to be this way” Julian bit his li-ps.

“I get it,, so it’s something bad?” Whitney said.

“No! Not bad,, well it is when both parties aren’t willing. In fact tomorrow we’ll go and see the psychiatric okay? Let’s speed things up about this your memory issues” Julian asked and Whitney smiled then nodded.

“Thanks Lian” She hug-ged him.

Julian smiled and touched her hair..


“And…done!” Zoey exclaimed when they just finished her project.

“Finally!” Rudy gro-aned and fell on the bed then Zoey chuckled.

“Now that we’re throu-ghwith studies, let’s have some fun” Rudy smiled.

“F.. Fun?” Zoey stuttered, already blus-hing.

What does he mean by “fun”??

“Yeah, I was just about to watch Prison school” Rudy said, turning on the TV in his room.

“You watch animes? OMG! Me too!!” Zoey gushed and immediately came to sit beside him in front of the TV.

She looked at Rudy and then smiled widely..

“We’re match made from heaven” She thought and giggled to herself..

The episode 1 began and then they began watching it in silence.

Zoey stylishly placed her head on Rudy’s shoulder and she smiled when Rudy didn’t mind.

“I was wondering,, what’s your type of girl..” Zoey asked.

“Well I like cute girls with long hair and then s-exy girls too” Rudy chuckled.

“Oh..” Zoey muttered and she glanced at her tiny small br**sts.

“What about you?” Rudy turned to her.

She immediately covered her disappointment with a smile.


Five days pa-ssed since Abbie and Alex switched body and though it’s [email protected] but they’re slowly getting used to their new temporal life.

Alex sat in the audience seat as he watched Abbie play with the basketball team. Tomorrow will be the sports festival so they’re training one last time before the main deal..

“Yes,, that’s it brat! Yeah!” He cheered.

Some watching the match turned to look at Alex who was watching the basketball game so keenly.

???? Since when did Abbie begin watching basketball.

???? Yeah, and is it me or Alex doesn’t flirt too much like before?

“Alright cheer ladies gather here,,” Blaire said with an authoritative voice.

Alex rolled eyes and walked to where the cheer ladies were. He was also putting on the outfit with the yellow pompoms in his hand.

The cheerleader outfit was a yellow and red crop top with long sleeves and then a flare short red skirt which they wore bum shorts beneath.

“Alright girls,, listen up! Tomorrow is a grand day our school will be playing against other schools and we as the cheerleaders we are here to encourage them so.. Let’s start with what we rehearsed.” Blaire said.

She glanced at Alex who was smirking at her. Ever since Blaire knows that Abbie has the video, she hasn’t really been that bothersome.

“Smile all you want. I’ll be the one to make you cry just you wait!” Blaire smirked

The girls immediately gathered and began doing the rehearsal. They later formed a pyramid and then Blaire did some fli-p before jumping to the top, smiling s-exily.

They continue with their rehearsal.

“Yes!!!!!” Abbie screamed when she scored a 3 point.

“Wow! We’re sure gonna win again” Everett jumped on her then she smiled.

“Yeah,, sure!” Tyler scoffed and went to grab a bottle of water to drink from.

???? Alex you’re so cool!!

???? Alex we love you!!

Abbie just smiled at them. Her gaze went to Alex who was with the cheerleaders.

He smiled and gave her thumbs up and she did the same.


Estella snuck in the room and went straight to Abbie’s locker

“Let’s get this over with” She thought and opened it then began searching till she saw her phone.

She immediately brou-ght out the phone from the locker.

Due to her hacking skills, she succeeded in unlocking the phone and she began searching for what Blaire can use against Abbie..

Her eyes wide-ned when she went to her WeChat app. She smiled afterwards.

“This would do”


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