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gangster’s Princess episode 1 & 2

(Love or Revenge????)

Tags:Highschool drama,fighting,betrayal,hatred,deep secrets,Love triangle and comedy
Note:written by Ezeani Favour


Brielle is a carefree girl,always happy and jovial and her twin sister Brenda is also not left out
Despite their parents divorce and the fact that her mom moved to Cali with Brenda leaving her with her dad,the twins are always in touch even though they are far from each other ,they are more closer than siblings in the same house
Unfortunately,Brielle’s happiness is shortlived following the news of her sister’s murder….yeah crazily enough all investigation made to find the culprit was discarded and no one was allowed to take up the case,it was closed in an absurb manner,
Still not satisfied with the results of the investigation,Brielle moved to Cali and transferred to her sister’s school…

Her motive: To find her sister’s killer

Drake,a handsome but cold guy whose very popular for his cool lifestyle,he is dangerously irresistible even without trying to be,somehow Drake got into the picture and it looks like he is involved in Brenda’s past…

Will Brielle find her sister’s killer?
Let’s find out

(Love or Revenge????)
Chapter one
**Her crush**

‘Brielle is on a video call with her twin,it’s been three years since their parents separated’

“You’re mean,how can you say i look chubby when i’m still on a diet”Brenda frowned

*chuckles*”okay I’m sorry twinnie,but don’t you think your eyeballs are a not the normal size”Brielle teased again while Brenda’s eyes widened

“Mom!! Brielle is making fun of me again”Brenda pouted sadly while Brielle couldn’t hold her laughter

“Rielle dear,please stop teasing your sister”Maria,the twins mom said as she came close to the screen

“Yeah,she’s jealous that I’m pretty while she looks like a pumpkin”Brenda scoffed while Brielle [email protected]

“Mom she just called me a pumpkin”

“You started it,please girls i don’t have the strength for arguing,don’t stress me”Maria said while the girls smirked at each other

“Um…your dad isn’t home?”Maria asked slowly

“Oh dad…he has completely buried himself with work just to forget you and our chubby princess,I’m even lucky to see him twice a day,but he still takes care of me”Brielle said as tears dropped down Maria’s eyes

“Mom…i know you miss dad,why can’t you guys settle your issue”Brenda said

“You girls won’t understand,just let it be”Maria said and left

“They still love each other why are they behaving like kids”Brielle asked

“I really want us to come together,i miss you and dad so much”Brenda pouted

“We will,i can feel it dear”Brielle said

“Pumpkin guess what”Brenda said excitedly

“I already know it’s something related to your crush”Brielle rolled her eyes

“Yep,he just moved to my area,his house is three blocks away”Brenda said excitedly

“You said this guy doesn’t talk and only has two friends,he seems like a moron to me”

“Pumpkin!! I won’t talk to you again”

“Let’s see if you won’t call me in 30minutes”Brielle smirked and ended the call

(Love or Revenge????)
❗Copy and die❗
By:Favour E.

Chapter two:
*Rockspice High*

“I won’t call her,i can do things on my own”Brenda scoffed as she dropped her phone

“Sweetie,I’m off to the store,um…the call ended early,I’m sure you had a fight”Maria said

“Brielle cut the call on me again,she’s expecting me to call her but i won’t till tomorrow”Brenda said while Maria rolled her eyes

“You girls will be the end of me,um…Mrs Henry just placed a huge order which should be delivered by tomorrow so i need to place some finishing touches on her goods”Maria said as she wore her apron

“Um…can i come with you,i can @ssist you with some things”Brenda offered

“No sweetie,i won’t stay long besides,i need you to prepare for your [email protected] tomorrow,you know you’re on a scholarship in ROCKSPICE HIGH,i don’t want you to slack”Maria said as she klzzed Brenda goodbye and left

“I’m so bored”Brenda groaned after scrolling through her phone

“Yeah,i’ll call Brielle…no she will be happy,i won’t call her till tomorrow”Brenda said as she checked her group chat with her friends(Gina,Luna and Zoey)but none of them is online

“I guess I’ll have to watch T.V”Brenda pouted sadly and turned on the tv

*Florida*’Brielle’s place

“Goldie…get off my legs,I’m trying to concentrate”Brielle said to her cat as she tried to focus on her video game

“Yes…almost there…and…No! Goldie!!!”Brielle screamed because she lost the game

“Don’t yell at the innocent cat,you s√¢k at playing video games why torture yourself with it”Justin -Brielle’s bestie said as he carried the cat

“dude,i was so close but miss clingy here won’t let me focus”Brielle rolled eyes at her cat while the cat meowed sadly

“The only time you play video games is when you are anxious so what’s the matter”Justin asked

“Brenda hasn’t called me,i’m missing her already”Brielle pouted sadly

“Let me guess,you hang up on her,expecting her to call you”Justin chuckled

“Whatever”Brielle rolled her eyes

“She won’t call you so i’ll suggest you call her”Justin said as he connected a game and started playing while Goldie snuggled around him

“Hey,you’re my cat,stop snuggling him”Brielle said to Goldie

“Maybe if you start acting nicely to her,she will like you more”Justin said

“It’s Brenda’s cat but she can’t afford to take care of her that’s why she’s here”

Brielle parents are not that rich but her dad is financially stable than her mom,that’s why Brielle is attending a normal school and is living a comfortable life while Brenda has to work and read really [email protected] to get admission into ROCKSPICE HIGH

ROCKSPICE HIGH is the best school in Cali,it’s filled with different celebrity teens,models etc it is definitely a school for the rich so the poor ones on a scholarship often gets bullied by the rich kids and Brenda is among this poor victim

The head of the bully is Satana Morrison,the only child of the owner of the school Mrs Morrison and her minions are Sydney and Sophie,they are the hottest and prettiest girls in the school and are very arrogant,they are popularly called the S3([email protected] trio)

The boys too aren’t left out,the second most popular band group attends the school,they are called the Triple (T)as in(Teddy,Trevor and Trent)

They are also bullies but they are still loved no matter what,then our band leader Teddy-the most handsome of the three has two rivals:

Bryann-a popular masked singer with triple the number of the Triple T fans,he is also the most populer musician in Cali while Teddy’s band is next in line and

Drake-our cold but handsome devil

The fact that Drake keeps beating him in every modeling contest even without applying always drives Teddy crazy but that’s for another day

“I’m done with all my @ssignment,which gown will i wear tomorrow?”Brenda asked herself

“I’ll ask Brielle”Brenda said and video called Brielle,the call has already gone through before Brenda remembered her promise of not calling Brielle

“Oh no why did i call her?”Brenda cursed inwardly

“Wow,you did call me?”Brielle smirked

“Hi Brenda,[email protected]”Justin said as he popped his head on the screen

“dude get off”Brielle said as she stood up

“Justin i’m good…”

“Focus on me girl”Brielle said as she interrupted Brenda

“Fine…i can’t decide on the colour of the dress i should wear tomorrow”Brenda said

“I think you should wear the green one”Brielle said pointing to the green dress on the bed

“I’ll also wear green to school”Brielle chuckled excitedly

“Seriously,i won’t wear it,you really have bad taste”Brenda scoffed

“I can swear you will wear it”Brielle smirked

“Gosh…i hate you”Brenda yelled

“I hate you too,goodnight”Brielle said and hung up

“I’ll wear green,it’s the best”Brenda smiled as she went to bed then she frowned when she remembered that she is going to be bullied tomorrow

“Lord pleasei don’t want Satana to come to school,she drives my peace away”Brenda said as she close her eyes

“I’m feeling sleepy,Goldie lets go”Brielle said

“A while ago you were yelling at the cat,now you are acting nice,so strange”Justin said as he sipped his drink and continue playing his game

“Just lock the door when you leave,Dad isn’t coming home tonight”Brielle said and left with goldie


As usual,different fashion clothes can be seen,girls wearing crazy trending clothes while boys wearing their trending clothes and pulling off crazy hairstyle,immediately three cars parked and the S3 came out

???? OMG Satana is breathtaking

???? Sydney and Sophie…gawd

Satana smirked as she walked majestically then she sighted Brenda wearing the same color of her clothes,she became angry

“Oh no…Satana is wearing green,why did i wear it?”Brenda cursed herself as she started shivering because the S3 were coming close to her

“Wow….i love your dress”Satana smirked at Brenda

“Please…I’m sorry….i didn’t mean to wear green,i’ll go change….please don’t hurt me”Brenda stuttered fearfully

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