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forevermore episode 21

❤️???? FOREVERMORE ❤️❤️????
(I love you
Purple Gwen)



????EuGwens POV????

“Wow am so impressed with you EuGwen, you have
really improved” miss Kathleen said smiling at me . Yes ! It’s been a week since we resumedschool , our vacation was really awesome and I and marion really got close During the short time we spent together, after he took me out that day , we always FaceTime, hang out, we became so close and yes he still tutor’s me when ever he visited and I will sing sometimes
while he will play my guitar but no , he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet , well I know he will ask me sometime and am still looking forward to that .

Right now am in miss Kathleen’s office, she had given us a-ssignment and guess what , I and marion had the highest score in clas-s, everyone was really surprised
because Marion always takes first in clas-swhile his friends score second and third, but I got first mark as Marion , am so excited, She was really amazed and asked me to see her after clas-s.
” Am glad that your improving this shows that your really Willing to learn ” she said and i nodded smiling happily
. “Am happy Gwen , and am grateful Marion really took his time to tutor you, is he still being rude to
you ? She asked .

Oh ma’am only If you know he is courting me, I smiled at my thought.
“No,his really nice miss Kathleen” I said and shenodded I smiled at her . After that , it was break time I and Jess went to the school restaurant, I brou-ght cookies for Marion am just waiting to see him .
“Yummy ….I brou-ght bread and jam ” Jess squired happily as I Chuckled.
“Let me have some ” I said she shift her plate to me and i applied jam on my bread and took a bite .
“Hmmmm…’s been so long I last taste this” I said and Jess smirked .
“So tell me, what’s up with prince charming, hasn’t
he asked yet? She asked I looked at her .
“No, he hasn’t” I replied.
“You know, I never knew Marion could be this friendly, I mean it’s already a month since he started treating you well , but it seems like just yesterday” she said I smiled .
“Me too , I never thought this wouldever happen, it just seem like a dream” I smiled happily. She Chuckled.
“Well it isn’t a dream girl cause your prince charming is right behind you ” Jess said Making me turn quickly,
I saw Marion entered him and his friends, when our eyes met he smirked and winked me before they sat. I Chuckled and mouthed.
“Cookies ” he raised his eyebrows not understanding me so I took my bag up and pointed it and mouthed ” cookies” again , he smirked that means he got what I said , he said something to Andrew and Jose then stood up and started walking towards me .

I quickly faced front as Jess chuckled.
“Hi purple” he called and i glared at him.
“Hi Jessica” he greeted Jess .
“Hi Mario ” she smiled back at him .
“I hope you don’t mind if I borrow her for a while ? He asked Jess who smirked.
“Of course I don’t ” she replied and marion took my hand and pulled me away we pa-ssed his friends and they winked me .
“Purple Gwen” Jose yelled smiling at me Andrew spa-nked him and they started hitting each other before Marion pulled me out , I was a laughing mess .
” Don’t mind them they are crazy ” he said smirking.

I finally stopped laughing I looked up at him.
“Where are you taking me too Mr? I asked and he smirked.
“Mountain of Eden” he joked and i spa-nk him he chuckled.
“a-sshole” I said and he held my hand tight as we enter the studio, thank God no one is here .
“What are we doing here ? I asked as he left my hand .
“To be alone ” he said and back fli-p I [email protected], he did it four times .
“I don’t know how to do that ” I said dropping my bag he smirked and walked towards me.
“Well I will teach you if you give me my cookie’s” he said and suddenly sat on the stage floor,

I Chuckled and sat beside him I brou-ght out the cookies for him and he opened it.
“Always delicious” he said smirking as he ate and brou-ght it to my mouth,I was about taking it when he pulled it back.
“Hay don’t play such games” I hissed and he chuckled. “It’s mine so back off” he said I Chuckled, I took one cookie and ate , we sat in silent, then Marion lay back I looked at him.
“Are you planning to sleep here ? I asked and he chuckled.
“Nah , not when your here, lay beside me” he said .
“You know anyone can come here right ? I asked. “Forget them and just lay beside me ” he said stretching his one arm wide I smiled and Lay down my head on his arm ,oh I feel butterflies in my stomach.
“Can you sing for me? He asked. I turned to look at him but his looking up .
“Why don’t you sing for me ? I asked . He turned and our eyes met , he Smirked and we lay on our sides
facing each other , he caressed my hair gently.
“You want me to sing ? He asked. I nodded smiling at him.
“You know am really good at other things but not the voice” he said and i Chuckled.
“Your lying, you have a wonderful voice, you sang with me like two weeks ago remember? I asked and he. Chuckled.
“Yeah , I could do it because you sang along ” he said . I
shook my head at him , he has a nice voice and i know. “I know you have an awesome voice so sing for me “I said .
” Okay ” he said and we stare into each other’s eyes . (Song tittled OCEAN EYE BY BILLIE EILISH )
“Okay , I will sing Ocean eye by Billie Eilish” he said and i nodded , then he started to sing.

????I’ve been watchin’ you for some time
????Can’t stop starin’ at those ocean eyes
????Burning cities and napalm skies
????Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes
????Your ocean eyes
????No fair
????You really know how to make me cry
????When you gimme those ocean eyes
????I’m scared
????I’ve never fallen from quite this high
????Fallin’ into your ocean eyes
????Those ocean eyes
????I’ve been walkin’ throu-gha world gone blind
????Can’t stop thinkin’ of your diamond mind
????Careful creature made friends with time
????He left her lonely with a diamond mind
????And those ocean eyes
????No fair
????You really know how to make me cry
????When you gimme those ocean eyes
????I’m scared
????I’ve never fallen from quite this high
????Fallin’ into your ocean eyes
????Those ocean eyes

“Gwen ….I don’t know if it’s too early to say this ….but , I want you to be my girlfriend” he said and i [email protected]. I wasn’t expecting he would say it like now .
“Do you give me the permission to be your boyfriend? He asked staring intently at me .
“Yes” I whispered Why not , I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long , and having him as my boyfriend is all I want now, at least i know he belongs to me
and me alone. He smiled.

The next thing he did caught me off guard, he kis-sed me, my eyes widen since I wasn’t expecting it ,but I kis-sed him back , he moved his li-ps Gently on mine
and even tho this was my first kis-s ,I still try not to bite him . When we pulled apart I was a blus-hing mess,i looked down but he lift my jaw up and placed our foreheads together .
“You don’t need to be shy Gwen , your my girlfriend now, get used to my face “he said and i smiled, he perked my li-ps one more time and I blus-h , then he got up. And extended his hand .
“Common the bell must have gone off “he said and i placed my hand in his as he pulled me up .

He picked my bag and the cookie’s he put it in my bag and we held hands before leaving the studio. I can’t believe what I’ve always wish for finally happened, Marion is seriously my freaking boyfriend , I can’t
contain the happiness I feel ,I need to give Jess this news so badly . Gosh , am his girlfriend, this is so amazing.

????Marion’s POV????
“Am certain you have asked her” Briana yelled the moment she entered my room, I Chuckled she flop
herself on my bed as she chuckled.
“Yeah I did” I said .
“Finally he decided to date again “she yelled
” now I know the reason you ran away from your birthday, you know school will soon be over and you will have to go to England to study , what’s gonna happen to you two ? She asked .
“Nothing is gonna happen,and besides we still have 2 months left before school is over ” I replied.
“Yeah how can I forget, didn’t you speak about her family maltreating her? She asked .
“Yes…..but she doesn’t want me to be involved and I respect that ” I replied.
“Okay Marion I believe you, so umm….am really happy for you both , hope you would bring her home soon so we can meet her personal? She asked.
“Yeah , I will speak to mom and dad about it” I said and she smiled wildly.
“Okay big bro ,got to go out with my friends, love you” she quickly kis-sed my cheek.
“Yeah love you too ” I said and she hurried out of my room, I smiled.

Finally she’s my girlfriend, i like the sound of that , I will have to introduce her to my family soon,Infact mom has been eager to meet her since the day she tasted her cookie’s and I know my parents will love her immediately, am lucky to have her . When I kis-sed her today , I really felt alive again,i just want to hold her and never let her go, and I will never let her go.


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