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forever mine episode 98 & 99

❤️???? FOREVER
MINE ????❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel

✭(???? ???????????????????? ????????????)✭


“Are you sure about leaving the hospital? Yunno, you didn’t have to, you’re still hurting” Beatrice said worriedly as she sat down next to Reuben.

“No, don’t worry.. I’m fine, it’s just a small wound.. It’ll heal” Reuben smiled

“Oh okay.”

“Where you’re sitting I’m sure it isn’t comfortable. Come sit here” Reuben patted his thigh.

“Huh? A.. Are you sure?” A blush crept on Beatrice’s cheek.

Reuben smiled and nodded. She stood up and shyly sat down on his thigh. This is actually the first time he’s asking this to her and she felt somehow uncomfortable yet happy.

Reuben hugged her waist and placed his head on her chest.

“I promise,, I’ll wipe off all the scars I gave you.. You sacrificed so much for me to be where I am and I won’t let you down,, I’ll be the best governor this state has ever had and I’ll do my possible best to reciprocate your feelings for me” Reuben said.

Beatrice smiled and hugged him back. They were still smiling, living the moment when a maid barged in the study room while [email protected] heavily.

“Master,, it’s.. It’s Arianna! Someone called and they said she got involved in an accident” The maid said breathlessly.

Beatrice immediately stood up from Reuben with wide eyes..

“What!! But,,, but she was with Nathaniel?” Beatrice stuttered.

“Which hospital?” Reuben stood up

“Yolanda’s Hospital” The maid replied.

Beatrice immediately bolted out of the room. Reuben held his wounded tummy, following behind her..



The area was surrounded with the cops as they investigated the scene. A [email protected] was the one that actually saw unconscious Arianna with a big truck nearby and a side of the railings destroyed.

He hurriedly called the cops who came here. They took Arianna to the hospital while they stayed there and investigated the area.

Michael got down the car with his parents and they ran to the scene but they were stopped by the cops.

“You can’t go closer. The area is currently under investigation” The cops said.

“What the f*ck are you talking about!! My brother said he was going to drive his girlfriend home and now we hear he got involved into an accident!!” Michael yelled.

“I hope nothing happened to my son” Noelle shed fake tears.

Robert hugged her, rubbing her shoulder soothingly.

“Boss, we found a déad burnt body down there.” A cop said and Michael’s heart fell inside his tummy.

The body was slowly placed on the floor. Michael forcefully pushed the cop blocking them away before running to the body..

He stopped on his track and his eyes widened when he saw the bracelet he was putting on.


“Hey Bich!!” Nathaniel barged inside Michael’s room.

“It’s Mich not Bich,, idíot” Michael said, pressing his phone.

“I made a bracelet for us.. Here this is yours” Nathaniel said

Michael looked at him then at the bracelet.

“Don’t you think it’s too girly” Michael spoke.

“You said you’ll do anything for me and as your little brother, I want you to wear this” Nathaniel said and pouted.

Michael groaned.

“Must you always be cute..” Michael said, stretching his arm.

Nathaniel smiled and inserted the bracelet in his hand. Michael looked at it, it was green with “Nathaniel” boldly written on it..

Nathaniel showed his bracelet too. Same color but with Michael’s name on it. Michael looked at him then smiled slightly

“It’s ugly” Michael scoffed though he meant the opposite.

“Never take it off..” Nathaniel warned him.

“Or else what?” Michael smirked.

“I’ll chop of your d*ck and make you watch as I f**k Primrose” Nathaniel smirked.

“What!!” Michael shot him with a pillow and he ran of while laughing.


Tears slowly began trickling down Michael’s eyes as he folded his palms. His knees gave up and he knelt beside the body.

“Why..” He cried

Right now, the pains he felt at the moment is unmeasurable. Do you know the feeling of finally meeting your brother just for life to snatch him away from you forever?? Well that’s how Michael felt at the moment.

“Wake up idíot,,, wake up fóol… You said we were going play baseball tomorrow… Wake up, its almost morning.. Wake up!!!” Michael shouted the last phrase.

Robert turned his back from them and squatted down, letting out his tears. All the plans, projects, things he had to do with Nathaniel.. Are they really gone? Forever?

“Wake up and stop pretending!! It’s not funny!!” Michael began hitting Nathaniel’s body in tears.

“Wake up!!”

The cops came and stopped him. He bent down his head and cried loudly..

“Whoever did this to you,, I swéar.. The person is gonna pay dearly” He folded his fists tightly as his tears couldn’t stop dropping to the floor.

Noelle who was in tears too walked to her and hugged his shoulder. She was crying loudly but deep down, her joy knew no bounds.

Finally! He’s out of the way! Well the reason why she decided to come over was to check with her two eyes and see if he’s truly gone and now that she sees it, she’s so happy.

“I’m sorry Michael, I know you’re hurt but it’s for your own good.. Him being in our family will only make that pest Jody steal you from me and that’s no” Noelle thought, comforting Michael.

The cops looked at them as they held pitiful looks on their faces.



Beatrice kept pacing back and front while biting her nails nervously as they waited for the doctor to come out of the ER

“Calm down dear” Reuben pulled her in for a hug when he saw she was about to break down in tears.

Her shoulders began shaking as she cried..

“Nothing should happen to my daughter please,, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it.. I’d díe!!” Beatrice’s tears dampened Reuben’s shirt.

“Mr and Mrs Brauns?” The doctor came out of the ER while removing his nose mask.

The couple immediately broke the hug and Beatrice rushed to him.

“How’s my daughter? Please tell me she’s fine” Beatrice asked in a rush.

The doctor smiled.

“Not to worry, she’s fine and out of danger. She just got some bruises on her body and a long cut on her forehead which got stitched and the bruises are already treated. She’s already awake I think” The doctor said.

Reuben heaved out a sigh of relief..

“Can we see her?” Beatrice asked and the doctor nodded.



The sheet is already badly w€t due to Arianna’s tears. Since she woke up few minutes ago, that’s what she has been doing.

“I love you baby”

“I love you baby”

“I love you baby”

Arianna closed her ears, shaking her head in tears as Nathaniel’s last word and his face occupied her mind.

“No!! No!! Bunny!!” She shouted and immediately began disconnecting the infusion on her body.

Just at that moment, Reuben and Beatrice walked in

“Arianna!?” Beatrice [email protected] and rushed to her then held her hand.

“Nathaniel is in danger,, I need to know how he’s doing!!” Arianna said in tears and stood up from the bed.

“Arianna,, you need to rest. You’re weak” Reuben walked closer.

“No!! I’ll only rest when I know how he’s doing!!” Arianna said stubbornly and pushed them out of the way before running off.

The patients and nurses kept looking at her as she ran through the corridor, barefooted and only in the hospital apron with her hair slightly scattered.

Her vision was blurry and her body was weak, she didn’t even know her way around in this big hospital but she kept running.



She heard her parent’s voice behind her but didn’t bother turning back.

She got out of the hospital and just at that moment she saw Nathaniel standing in front of her with that usual bright smile on his face.

“Bunny!” Her eyes brightened and she blinked.

Her vision cleared and instead of seeing a smiling Nathaniel, it turned to a crying Michael. His face looked so dull and pale and his eyes was so red.

“Michael?” Arianna called.

Michael walked closer to her, not knowing how to break the news to her. Nathaniel’s corpse was already taken to the mortuary.

“Arianna” His voice cracked.

When he didn’t know how to tell her, he brought out the bracelet from his pocket and placed it on her palms.

Arianna looked at it.. It was Nathaniel’s bracelet. It was half burnt.

“That.. That was the only unburnt object we found in Nathaniel’s body” Michael teared up.

Arianna’s eyes widened as she felt her heart stopped beating for few seconds.

“B.. Body?”

Michael nodded.

“N.. Nathaniel d-déath” Michael cried.

“No…” Arianna said in a whisper.

She shook her head as she took a step back while looking at Michael who’s head was down as he wailed bitterly.

“No,, Bunny is not death,, it’s a líe” She shook her head.

The things around her began spinning to her eyes and before they knew it.

She blacked out.





“Cheers to a job well done Lia!” Bob said and clinked [email protected] with Natalia.

Natalia smiled charmingly and drank the champagne in the [email protected].

“Here’s your money, as promised” Bob handed her a fat bundle of cash.

“That would do..” She smiled, counting the money…

She changed from the truckman disguise she was wearing earlier. Now she’s in a s*xy black gown that clung tightly to her curves. It ended just below her butt, exposing her long whitish legs.

“How about we celebrate our victory in a spicy way” Bob said, caressing her thigh.

Natalia smiled at him, her painted l!ps curving up in a smile with the beauty mole just beneath her left eye emphasizing on her gorgeousness

One won’t even think she’s an @[email protected].

“Sorry boss,, I don’t do old men.. I’m just here for the money” She removed his hand from her thigh.

She sipped again on her wine before placing the [email protected] on the table, standing up.

“Have a nice day boss” She blew him a klzz and left, swaying her round @ss.

“Still so resistant” Bob smirked and crossed his legs then sipped on his drink.



The cloud was so gloomy, giving off signs that it’ll rain any moment from now.

Arianna woke up this morning and nobody, not even her mother could console her. She cried till no tears could come out of his eyes..

The death of Nathaniel spread like wildfire and at this moment, the whole music industry was in grievance.

They just lost the sunshine of the DEW•DROPS.

Loud cries were heard in the cemetery as they were getting ready to burry him.

A picture of Nathaniel smiling so widely, showing of his bunny teeth and dimples was placed on top of a white closed coffin.

Right now, Linda and the girls were unconsolable.. The news really came as a shock to them that they couldn’t believe it..

Right now, their boyfriends were trying to console them but it seemed futile.

Arianna’s cries was the loudest of all. She was dressed in white just like every other person as she cried while holding a framed picture of Nathaniel in her arms.

“Arianna, it’s okay..” Beatrice consoled her though she too was crying.

Jody arrived in a taxi and rushed to them. Robert who saw her arrive went to her.


Jody landed a resounding slap on his cheek the moment she got to him. Noelle made to march forth but Michael grabbed her arm.

“Do not cause a scene” Michael said with a voice void of emotion.

Jody kept slapping him as tears ran down her cheek nonstop.

“Its all your fault!! Nathaniel was perfectly fine when you didn’t come,, he was alive!! Now I decided to trust you and I handed Nathaniel in your care.. It’s not up to a month and he’s déath?! I hate you!! I hate you!!” Jody screamed as she kept slapping him.

Robert immediately pulled her in for a hug..

“I’m sorry” He muttered as tears escaped his eyes.

Jody buried her face in his chest and she broke down into loud tears as her shoulders shook.

Noelle folded her fists as she glared at them. Michael looked at her

Soon the priest arrived and the rituals began. Once he was the through, the coffin was slowly lowered.

Arianna stretched her hand as if to hold him as she watched the coffin going further and further down.

People began throwing their white roses in..

“Good bye baby bro.. I’ll-” Theodore’s voice broke.

All their childhood memories, all their funny moments began hitting him [email protected]. It’s just so sad that he won’t longer get to see Nathaniel’s pure and sincere dimple smile.

Jasmine came and hugged him, taking him away..

It got to Arianna’s turn and she starred at the coffin.. She shook her head.

“You can’t be déath.. You promised you’ll get married to me when we grow up” Arianna shook her head.

“Who will I pour all my sadness on when the whole world seem to be against me.. Who will give me reasons to smile again.. Bunny,, come back” Arianna cried loudly as her knees gave up.

Reuben came and hugged her..

Some boys began covering the coffin with sand. Dean picked the guitar he brought and began playing it as he fought back his tears.

“It’s been a long day… Without you my friend” He began singing.

The others joined him.

???? And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

???? We’ve come a long way from where we began

???? Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

???? When I see you again


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