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forever mine episode 96 & 97

❤️???? FOREVER
MINE ????❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(???? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????)✭


“Who can’t wait for Travis’s concert tomorrow?” Linda said as they all walked to the exit of the school.

[email protected] were over and tomorrow is a general day off for them to attend Travis’s concert.

“Me!!” The rest chorused.

Travis chuckled and dipped his hands in his pocket.

“Thanks guys.. I can still remember back then, all my concert were always blunt and boring to me” Travis said.

“That’s the power of friendship.. When you have reasons to perform or to live, nothing can stop you” Linda held his shoulder as she said.

“I’m I right Nathan?” Linda said and Nathan nodded with a smile..

“Okay, but your b**b is slightly touching his shoulder” Cole said, separating them..

“Jealous freak” Linda pinched his cheek.

“Don’t worry, I’ll soon have my own girlfriend” Travis scoffed

“Who?” Nancy immediately asked..

“I’ll pres£nt you to her tomorrow” Travis smiled at her.

“Oh..” Nancy took in her l!ps as sadness invaded her..

“By the way, where’s Arianna?” Michael asked Nathaniel..

“She took a day off, to go visit her father. He’s in a coma currently” Nathaniel said.

“I hope when he wakes up, everything should get better” Jasmine sighed..

Michael spotted Primrose going out of the gate.

“Excuse me guys, I’ll catch you guys tomorrow at the concert” He said and immediately left

“Who noticed that this dude is spending too much time with that junior” Theodore said.

“Me” They all began chorusing.

“The love bug has bitten him” Nathaniel smirked..

“Let’s go and eat burger, I’m starving.. Bills on me” Dean said.

“Deal!!” They chorused.

The D•D removed their facemask to wear so that the public won’t recognize them when suddenly someone bumped on Nathaniel and his facemask fell before he could wear it.

“I’m so sorry” A girlish voice said as she bent down to pick his facemask.

She looked up to reveal a very beautiful girl with long blonde hair and whitish skin, looking like a doll.

“Here” She smiled and handed him his facemask.

Nathaniel took it indifferently. She smiled again before leaving.

“Holy f*ck! She’s hot and cute at the same time,, how come” Lance immediately exclaimed, his gaze following her as he walked.

“Well I don’t see that” Nathaniel said as he wore his face mask.

“How will you see? When all you think of is Arianna” Travis said and Lance chuckled as they all left..

The blonde girl stopped walking and looked back at them with her gaze focused on Nathaniel. She smirked

Her phone began ringing almost immediately.

“Boss?” She picked.

“Have you seen you target?” The man spoke.

“Yes boss” She replied, playing with her hair..

“Good, the operation is tomorrow.. Do not miss your target” The boss.

Natalia chuckled..

“You know I’ve never missed my target” She said.

“Good” He hung up.

Natalia looked at the direction they took and sighed, throwing a gumball in her mouth.

“Too bad you’ll be dying tomorrow. You’re actually cute and definitely my taste.. I love tall cute guys but I love money more” She chuckled and walked away



Arianna sat at the far end corner of the room as she was texting Nathaniel while occasionally glancing at Reuben who had tubes connected on him.

Well when Beatrice broke the news to her that he’s in the hospital, she literally ran all the way here.. Completely forgetting that she disowned him as her father.

Each day, she’ll always come here to check up on him before leaving.

Also Beatrice told her the whole truth and that Reuben wasn’t her father. If not for Nathaniel who was there by her side, she wouldn’t know how to take it..

She was still pressing her phone when she heard a faint cough.. She looked up to see Reuben’s eyes was slightly parted.

He has finally woken up.

Arianna sat there as she watched him, she doesn’t know if she should hàte him or forgive him..

Nevertheless, she stood up and went closer to him.

On the other hand, Reuben kept starring at white ceiling. He slowly raised his hand up and checked it.

“I’m still alive? Why?” He muttered.

Why did he survive? What’s the ess£nce of living when he’ll live in solitude, regret and guilt for his whole life..

He closed his eyes and tried remembering what happened before he opened them back..

“Beatrice saved me.” He thought..

His thought was cut short when he felt someone sitting down next to him

He turned his head to the right and couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw it was Arianna

“A.. Arianna”

Arianna just stared at him for what looks like eternity. She closed her eyes and took inhaled before exhaling.

“How are you doing dad” She asked.

Reuben looked at her for awhile before he closed his eyes, fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall off but it still sl!pped off.

Arianna raised her hand to his face and wiped it..

“You’re crying? Wow! I thought you never knew how to cry..” Arianna said, cleaning his tears.

“I’m sorry Anna,, I’m so sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me” Reuben took her hand as more tears couldn’t help but fall.

Arianna smiled slightly before she touched his hair with her free hand.

“I’ve always dreamed of touching your hair to know it felt” She said, touching it..

“If I told you that all your actions didn’t hurt me, then I’ll be lying.. It hurt, it badly hurt me.. At several times I’ve thought of ending my life and at one point I suc¢vmbed to the thought.. Thankfully, I’ve met friends and there’s mom and Nathaniel. They are the reasons why I decided to keep pushing through” She said and chuckled..

“If I forgive you and everything goes back to normal, how sure I’m I that you wouldn’t hit me again,, that you wouldn’t tell me mean things.. That you wouldn’t force me to do things I don’t want to” Arianna said in tears.

Reuben struggled and sat up before he cupped her cheek.

“I promise I’ll never do that again,, I swéar on my life.. I don’t care if you’re not my daughter, I’ll treat you like one.. Please, just give me a chance to make up for all the 18 years I’ve failed as a man, a husband and a father.. I beg you” He said pleadingly.

Arianna sniffed and smiled before nodding.

“I forgive you dad” She said.

Reuben smiled as tears escaped his eyes. She immediately hugged him, burying her face on his chest just like a baby.

Reuben klzzed her hair and hugged her back..

This is actually the first time that they’re hugging each other since she could remember and right now, she didn’t want the happiness to stop.

The door opened and Beatrice walked in.. She smiled when she saw them..

“So you guys are having a happy time when I’m under the sun, looking for which snacks to buy?” Beatrice smirked.

“Beatrice-” Reuben began.

“Since Arianna forgives you.. Who I’m I not to forgive you” Beatrice smiled, coming closer.

“Make space for me too” She went to the other side of the bed before hugging Reuben too.

Reuben hugged her with his other arm before he pecked her l!ps. Beatrice blushed.

“Eww don’t do that in front of me” Arianna squeezed her face.

“Look who’s talking.. Should I tell your father what you’ve been doing with you know who” Beatrice wiggled her brow.

“No!! No need to say that, it’s irrelevant” Arianna immediately said.

“What was she doing?” Reuben asked curiously.

“Your daughter here had s*x with-”

“Mom!!” Arianna immediately screamed.

“S*x? Wait what!!” Reuben turned to her.

“Dad, lemme explain.” Arianna immediately shifted away from him.

“Who is that idíot!! What if you got pregnant!! Wait what has been happening in my abs£nce!! Most importantly who’s that bàstard!!”

His gaze went to the door and saw Nathaniel who was trying to sneak out.

He came here earlier and saw them hugging so he stood by the door and decided not to disrupt their moment but when that topic came up, he knew he had to leave with immediate effect.

“It’s you right?” Reuben spoke and he stopped on his track then gulped down.

He slowly turned to them.

“Sup old man” He smiled awkwardly.

“How many times?” Reuben asked.


“Answer me!!”

Nathaniel gulped down [email protected].

“I lost count” He said..

“What!! F*ck!!” He cursed and began removing disconnecting the tubes from his body trying to stand.

“Dad, calm down!!” Arianna and Beatrice began holding him back..

“Wait till I get my hand on you,, you’ll give back my daughter’s virginity!!” Reuben kept struggling while pointing at Nathaniel



“I’ve got the popcorn!” Jasmine said, coming in the living room, dressed in one of Theodore’s shirt..

She sat down on Theodore’s thigh before placing the bowl of popcorn on her thigh.

Theodore switched on the TV and they began watching the movie..

“Babe, my parents succeeded in tracking me down. They called me earlier” Theodore dropped the bombshell.

Jasmine’s heart skipped a beat.

“W.. Why? Does that mean you’ll have to get married to that lady they choose for you” Jasmine said.

“Yes” Theodore smirked.

“O.. Okay” Jasmine looked down at the bowl.

Theodore chuckled and hugged her waist..

“Was just kidding okay? Actually they called to tell me that the lady already got married to someone else this month and that means the engagement has been broken” Theodore said.

“Really?” Jasmine’s eyes brightened.

“I told them about you and when I s£nt a picture of them to you, they immediately fell in love with you” Theodore’s poked her nose.

“Really” Jasmine smiled widely.

“Yep! They want me to come back to them.. Tell me, do you wanna go to college in Chicago?” Theodore asked.

“OMG yes!!” She exclaimed.

Theodore smiled and pecked her l!ps before hugging her waste.

“Granny won’t be coming back tonight” Jasmine smirked and Theodore nodded

“She’ll be back only tomorrow” Jasmine added

“Yeah” Theodore nodded, facing back the film they were watching

Jasmine frowned and stood up from him. She pulled him up by the collar and began dragging him to his room.

“Babe,, what you doing?” Theodore asked in surprise as he was been dragged.

She pushed him to the bed before she came on top of him. Theodore’s eyes was wide as she stared at him

“Since you’re acting dumb now, let me tell you directly… Let’s f*ck” She smirked

“Huh? You sure? I don’t want to bring back the pain your uncle inflicted to you in the past” Theodore said.

“I know and I’m perfectly fine,, I’m over it.. I need you so badly tonight” Jasmine said s*xily.

Theodore smiled and she immediately slammed her l!ps on his, her hands in his hair.

Theodore’s hand began performing magic to her body and she couldn’t help but moan in his mouth.

He immediately sl!pped his hand in her [email protected] and began rubbing her w€t p*ssy.

“Oww,,, baby” Jasmine moaned in his mouth.

Her hand left his hair and began running round his chest, turning Theodore more on than he is.

They broke the klzz and Jasmine immediately pulled off her top from her body. She also helped Theodore out of his shirt.

They switched position with Theodore on top. He klzzed the s£nsitive part on her neck, his tongue swirling around the area.

His hand cupped her br**st and he gave it a squeeze while playing with her n*poles.

“Awww… Theo” She moaned out with her eyes closed.

Theodore stopped what he was doing and pulled off his [email protected] before pulling off her undie.

He lowered his head down and licked her p**sy before nibbling on her cl*t.

“F*ck!!!” She released a sharp moan as she held his head, pulling him closer.

Theodore licked her w€tness as his tongue probed into her core. He raised his head and pecked her l!ps before slamming his full length into her at one go.

“Ahh!!!” She moaned out as sweetness invaded her and when he began moving, she felt herself teleported above.

Back then to her, s*x was something forceful and quite painful due to what her uncle made her feel but right now, it was the contrary of what she thought.

“Theodore..” She moaned..

“I love you..”

Theodore slammed his l!ps on hers



The big hall was filled to the brink as people kept talking to themselves, wondering how the concert will be like.

It’s been half a year since Travis last performed and right now, it was something none of his fans would wanna miss out.

Those who could make it to the concert, were all tuned live to watch it from the comfort of their home.

“Hey guys,, sorry we’re late” Arianna said when she arrived with Nathaniel, both wearing matching outfits.

“We understand, when it needs to be done.. Nothing can stop it” Dean smirked, eyeing them.

Nathaniel wiggled his brows at Dean while Arianna cleared her throat, blushing.

“If someone told me I’ll one day be friends with this bastard, talk less of attending his concert.. I could have denied” Lance smirked.

They were all in the VIP slot.

“It’s about to start” Gianna said excitedly.

“Yeah,, let’s see who that girlfriend of his is” Nancy said jealously.

???? What’s up California!!!” The emcee screamed.

The crowd went wild with shouts and screams..

???? Who can’t wait to see our Travis!!


???? He’s talented, he’s super hot, he’s every ladies dream!! Give it up for… Travis!!!

People began screaming widely as the lights dimmed down.. Even the girls weren’t left out..

The scream doubled when the saw someone’s figure being elevated from below as smoke began dissipating on stage.

The lights came up and some girls began fainting when they saw Travis..

He was shirtless, revealing his s*xy packs and wide chest. He dipped his left hand in the pocket of his ripped jeans as he s*xily walked front with that “I don’t care” look on his face.

Two backup dancers came to him. One wore a white shirt on him, leaving it unbuttoned. He stretched his right hand and the other placed his microphone on it.

“Haa…” He exhaled on the microphone, sweeping his head backward and the screams doubled

The intro beat began playing and soon he began singing

????Last night
You know I didn’t mean to do all those
I know you had a bad night
And I know it cuz all my actions and I regret those
You told me that you don’t like her around
But I still f**ked up
In the end I still had s*x and make out with her last night

I know it ain’t easy
But can we go back to the way things were
I promise I’ll make up
For the hurt I gave you
But please don’t breakup
I don’t think I’ll survive without you

So please baby, I’m sorry

(Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry)

Baby I’m sorry.

The beat began playing as he slowly walked front to the fans who began struggling to touch him, luckily the bodyguards stopped them

???? Sorry for not listening to you.
I know I broke your trust in me.
With my actions
I still do love you insanely.
And nothing will every change-
That feeling

I know it ain’t easy
But can we go back to the way things were
I promise I’ll make up
For the hurt I gave you
But please don’t breakup
I don’t think I’ll survive without you

So please baby, I’m sorry

(Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry)

Baby I’m sorry.

A short silence issued and the screams of the people became wild when a sweet voice began singing as the figure descended the stairs towards Travis.

She was putting on a short red transparent gown which was only covered in her private parts with a fur coat on top.

She smiled as she winked at the fan while singing.

That’s Baddie-K, a popular singer too. The song (Sorry) was a collaboration song with her and Travis

Baddie-K: Baby you know.
I was always there to heal you
I gave you my fragile heart
But you turned it into pieces.
You knew I hàte it..
When you d*tch me for her!!

She sang as she ran her hands on his abs, staring seductively at him. The fans went even more wild when Travis held her waist

Nancy glared fire at them.. Is she the girlfriend he’s talking about? Well, upon all of Travis’s song, this is the only one she doesn’t like because it was featuring her.

When it was released that time, the fans began shipping them together and that was so annoying. Of course she was a year older but the fans said age didn’t matter

She couldn’t help but stare jealously at her huge butt, big firm b**bs and beautiful face. Well it’ll be normal if he fell for her. She’s [email protected] pretty

Baddie-K: If you love me
Like you claim it
You would never fall for her seduction
I’m sorry but you misused your third chance and that’s all that you’ll be getting

You can’t treat me like you treat her
Darling, I’m never coming back no no.
You’re gonna miss me
You’re gonna miss how I move and rock my body on you

She rapped the second verse while rubbing her butt on Travis, moving downwards before going back up..

Nancy felt like evoking the God of thunder on her at that moment.

Baddie-K: So what you want again?

Travis: All I want is you!!

Baddie-K: Yeahh…. Ouuuuuu

She sang in a high pitched voice.

Travis sang again the chorus and it ended.. The crowd began clapping, screaming loudly for them..

They both gave each other a friendly hug and Baddie-K blew klzzes at her fans before leaving the stage.

While his friends were cheering, Nancy was busy scoffing and rolling eyes.. She turned and made to leave.

???? I have something to say

Nancy paused and turned back to see him starring directly at her. Her heart literally skipped a beat

???? I wanted to take this moment to say something.. To the one my hearts beats for

???? Awn!!!

???? I wonder who’s the lucky girl

???? I’ll first start by saying sorry, sorry for all the pains and hurt I inflicted you. I was ignorant, chasing after the stars when I had a precious gem beside me.. I don’t know how you did so but all I think is you, all I breath is you and only you.. Nancy, I love you

???? I’m blushing on behalf of Nancy girl.

???? Where’s she?

???? Nancy!! Nancy!! Nancy!!

The crowd began chanting her name for her to come out. Nancy smiled as she cleaned her tears.

“C’mon,, go girl!” Linda pushed her forth.

Nancy sniffed and immediately began climbing the stairs.

The crowd began screaming cràzily when the spotlight pointed at Nancy who was coming towards Travis with tears in her eyes, feeling a bit shy and [email protected].


Nancy immediately jumped on him and his mic fell from his hand, making a “thud” sound on the ground.

“I love you!! I love you so much!!” Nancy screamed and crashed her l!ps on his.

???? Woahhhh!!!!!!

“Go girl!! Wooh!!!” Linda screamed cràzily with the girls.


“I can’t believe that was actually Travis surprise. It’s so romantic!” Arianna gushed as Nathaniel drove her to her mansion.

Well she and her mother moved back to the mansion since everything was settled.

“Well I was planning on doing that during my first concert.. Too bad sh*t happened and we were in bad terms” Nathaniel said.

“Aww,, it’s okay.. I prefer our relationship this way for now. I don’t want the cràzy reporters following me everywhere I go.. Maybe when I become a model then we’ll make it public” Arianna smiled.

“Sure baby” Nathaniel smiled back.

They began driving on a bridge above a very deep deep rocky valley.

Suddenly a huge truck came to view, driving towards them at full speed. Their eyes widened.

“Bunny!!” Arianna screamed.

Nathaniel began pressing the brakes but it wasn’t responding. His eyes widened as he stared at the truck coming closer.

He turned the car and it began driving to the rails of the bridge.

He pushed the side of Arianna’s door since his own couldn’t open.

“Bunny” Arianna said with tears eyes.

He pecked her l!ps.

“I love you baby” He muttered and pushed her out of the car.

The car immediately broke the rails of the bridge and fell off.

Natalia who was in the truck smirked as she pressed the button on the remote control she had.


The car exploded as it fell inside the rocky valley.

She got down the truck and looked at Arianna who laid unconscious on the floor, bleeding from the head

She brought out her phone and made a phone call.

“The job is done” She smirked



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