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forever mine episode 100 & 101

❤️???? FOREVER
MINE ????❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)

CHAPTER 100&101

By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(????????????????’???? ????????????????????????)✭


“Which gown do you think will look nice on me.. The blue or the white one” Gianna said to Dean who was busy on his phone.

Currently, they’re in a boutique to shop for new dresses for Gianna.

This one week was quite [email protected] for everyone, they were still sad about the untimely death of Nathaniel but they had to be tough.

“How about none,, What’s the use of wearing them when I’ll still rip it off your body when we-”

“Dean!!” Gianna immediately blocked his mouth as she looked around to see if someone heard him.

Dean couldn’t help but laugh at that act of hers.

“Why are you shy? You were the one mo-aning [email protected], faster, more, more!!” Dean said, mimicking her.

“You’re so shameless” Gianna scoffed and went in one of the dressing cabinet to try one of the dress.

She began struggling to unzip her gown when she felt a warm hand on her back, helping her.

“I’m sorry.. I just love teasing you” Dean kis-sed her shoulder.

Gianna scoffed..

“Go away!! Shoo!!” She began pushing him out.

Dean grabbed her hand and pinned them above her head before he claimed her li-ps. As usual, she succu-mbed to the sweetness of his li-ps.



“C’mon baby, please eat up” Beatrice said as she tried to feed Arianna.

“I’m not hungry mom.. If I eat it, I’ll just throw up and that’ll be wasting good food” Arianna said, hugging the plush toy, Nathaniel once bought for her.

Beatrice sighed.

“You’ve lost so much weight… And you don’t also go to school! C’mon baby!!-”

“I’m not hungry mom!!!” Arianna snapped loudly.

Her gaze immediately softened and her face turned to an apologetic one.

“Mom,, I’m-”

“I’ll be in my room” Beatrice said and immediately left..

Arianna sighed. Candy jumped on her bed and came to her then began placing it’s paws on Arianna’s thigh.

Arianna carried it and hug-ged it close to her chest, her mind drifting to her birthday. Tears already found it’s way out of her eyes.

“You said you wouldn’t leave me but you did..” Arianna cried.

In front of everyone and her friends, she always act tough, that she’s fine but de-ep down she knows she isn’t and she isn’t sure she’ll ever be fine.

Her teary eyes traveled to the engagement ring on her f!ng£r and she kis-sed it as a drop of tear fell from her eye to the ring

“I miss you so much bunny..” She cried.

Though everything happened in front of her, it’s still too [email protected] to believe that he’s déath for she still believes he’s alive.

“I can feel it right here” Arianna touched her chest as she cried.

Reuben who made to knock but stopped when he heard her cries leaned on the door, placing his head on it.

Somehow, he feels guilty.. If he accepted their love and gave his blessings to them earlier, maybe all these wouldn’t have happened.



Robert’s car stopped in front of her house. He got down the car and looked at the house before advancing to the entrance.

He rang the bell and for what seemed like eternity, Jody opened the door to peek on who it is. When she saw it was him, she immediately made to close back the door but Robert blocked it with his leg..

He walked in..

Jody’s face was so puffy and her eyes, nose were red too with her hair so messy.

“Get out or I’m calling the cops” Jody said so coldly.

“Jody, what’s the meaning of this” Robert brou-ght out a paper from his pocket.

It was a resignation letter from Jody saying she resigned from her post in his company.

He hasn’t yet signed it though.

“It means what it is.. I’m done with everything that concerns you, don’t come near me” Jody said..

“Jody,, you can’t quit.. What of his band mates” Robert said.

“I can’t keep working in that company!! Each time I look at his band mates, it just reminds me of my son!! Each time I see your face, it reminds me of Nathaniel… Everything reminds me of him!!” Jody shouted in tears..

“What of Michael..” Robert said while looking down.

“What of Michael? Isn’t he your son too?” Michael repeated as he looked up..

“I know you’re hurt, me too.. You don’t know how pained I feel at this moment but I’m just keeping it in… Please cheer up, if not for me but for Michael,, please” Robert said and came closer then made to touch her but Jody took a step away

“Leave” She muttered and turned then went back in her room.

Robert sighed as he watched her… He turned and left the house..

Jody entered the room and resumed what she was doing before Robert interrupted her. She knelt down and resuming sharpening the knife.

Tears kept falling from her eyes as she recalled all the [email protected] she went throu-ghjust to give birth to the twins.

Yes, she knows she had no right on them but that doesn’t mean she can’t love them..

All the [email protected] Noelle made her go throu-ghsince she was as a maid, how she pushed her off the stairs and the day she took Michael and threatened to kíll Michael if she ever shows up.

“I’ll kill your son if you dare show your face to me or my husband”

That phrase kept ringing in her head as she sharpened the knife with tears falling from her eyes..

“Done” She smiled, a smile that means danger as she looked at knife which looked so sharp and shiny.

“Noelle,, you took away my son’s life and you’ll pay for it with your own life” Jody said and began laughing manically.



“Can’t wait for your graduation.. You’ll take over one of your dad’s company that day. There’s also one of my friends who has a cute daughter, I think she’ll make a good bride for you..besides they’re rich” Noelle chatted lively while laughing.

Michael sat in front of her in silence as he looked at her with a pa-ssive expression on his face.

One who looks at Noelle will see she’s more happy and she doesn’t even look like someone who lost a child.

Michael on the other hand became cold and introverted. He rarely speaks now and you’ll rarely see him hang out with girls if it’s not Linda and the rest.

“Why does it look like Nathaniel’s déath brou-ght you more plea-sure” Michael finally spoke out his mind.

Noelle’s eyes wide-ned immediately as she turned to Michael.


Michael shrugged..

“Never mind, I feel suffocated here.. I’ll take a walk,, you can leave without me… Mom” Michael emphasize the “mom” before leaving.

Noelle watched as he exited the restaurant. She began panicking.

“Did he perhaps find out?”

Michael got out of the cafeteria before putting on his face cap. He dipped his hand in his hand as he walked, looking at the places.

He saw an ice cream stand and could picture him and Nathaniel fighting for who will pay.

He slowly to-re his gaze from there. He suddenly stopped when he felt he was been followed.

That’s the same person who has been following him for one week now..

“Rose,, I know you’re the one following me. Come out of your hiding” Michael said.

Almost immediately Primrose came out of her hiding and walked to him.

“Hey” Michael smiled when she got to his side.

Rose pouted and looked away while frowning.

“Thought you forgot I existed” She muttered rather indifferently.

“Why say so?”

“You always read my texts but you never replied.. In school when I come to say hi, you always reply with less than three words and you walk away.. Thought you said we were friends” Rose said at the verge of tears.

Michael was surprised that she was about to cry for a little thing like that. He pulled her in for a hug, placing her head on his chest..

“I’m sorry,, I’m just not me these days and I don’t want to say something that I’ll regret after” Michael said.

Rose broke the hug..

“We’re friends okay? You can tell me whatever, I’m strong.. I’ll take it” Rose said, demonstrating it with her arm which looked tiny and girly.

Michael chuckled for the first time since the incident.

“I can see how strong you are” Michael said rather sarcastically.

“Was that why you were following me,, around like an evil spirit.” Michael raised his brow.

Rose nodded and looked down shyly.

“Yes.. I thought that,, that you were seeing your girlfriend so I wanted to know how she looks like” Rose said, feeling embarra-ssed.

“Really? You wanted to know how my girlfriend looks like??” Michael said, holding back his laugh.

“Yeah,, my friends always said that you have a girlfriend and she’s curvy and very pretty so I wanted to know how she is”

“Oh okay” Michael shrugged and began walking away.

“Wait!, does that mean you now have a girlfriend!!” Rose said, following him.

“What do you think? A handsome and charismatic guy like me can’t be single” He looked at her sideways while hiding the smirk of his li-ps.

Rose pouted sadly and looked down while Michael chuckled.

“Does that mean she likes me?” He thought and looked at her



“I’m so hungry!!” Cole gro-aned and fell on the couch.

He and Linda had fun all day, and he dropped her off before coming back home. He would have arrived earlier if not for Linda’s triplet brothers who almost ripped him off his money.

“Dinner is almost done” Dean said from the kitchen

“Get your stinky a-ss off the couch and come help me” Lance said as he set the table.

Cole grumbled and went to help him.

“Um,, you brou-ght out four plates” Cole said.

“Really?” Lance looked at it was true.

Both Cole and Lance sighed.

“It’s still so [email protected] to believe he left us all with a blink of an eye.” Lance said.

“Let’s cheer up guys,, I’m sure our Nath wouldn’t like seeing us this way” Dean said, coming out with the food.

“Yeah, but it’s [email protected]” Cole said, fighting back his tears.

“First was my parents now the guy who became like a little brother to me.. Must I always loose all those I love?” Cole said with a cracked voice.

Lance went and hug-ged him, patting his back. Dean stood there as he cleaned his tears too.


“Guess this where I’ll leave you.” Michael said.

Well he really had a more lively day with Rose today. At least, he was able to forget all his worries even if it’s for one day.

“Thanks for the ice cream earlier and for the day.. Have a safe walk back home!” Rose smiled.

“Not even a goodbye kis-s?” Michael pouted.

“Huh?” Rose’s cheek flushed red immediately.

Michael chuckled and cupped her cheek before placing a kis-s on her forehead.

“I mean this kis-s, what were you thinking? nau-ghty girl” Michael poked her forehead.

Rose chuckled.

“Bye Rose, I had a nice day with you today” He said and walked away.

Rose smiled as she watched him walk away till he was out of sight. Her smile fell and it was replaced with a guilty face.

She crossed the road leading to her house and made to open the gate of her house when someone grabbed her neck from behind..

“Argh!!” Rose screamed and began hitting his hand.

Suddenly, someone landed a kick on the person’s back from behind and he release Rose immediately.

Rose looked up to see it was Natalia.

“Sis!” She exclaimed.

“Get in the house Rose, make sure you close your ears and if possible your eyes too.. You’re too young to hear what is about to happen” Natalia said.

Rose immediately nodded and ran in the house without looking back.

The man slowly stood up, flexing his back before looking at Natalia.

“So you’re the b*tch who a-ssa-ssinated my boss.. You don’t look like one” The man laughed, staring lvstfully at Natalia.

Natalia smiled too.

“Yunno, I wouldn’t mind if you came directly to me.. But my sister? You’ve crossed the line and you’ll pay for it” Natalia immediately frowned and threw a punch at him and they began fighting.

The man threw a punch at Natalia’s face and she did a handstand, kicking his face in the process.

She quickly got to her feet and before the man could recuperate, she stabbed his back with a knife she pulled out of her thigh.

Natalia’s strength in combat is speed, flexibility and technique

“Argh!!” The man shouted painfully falling on one knee.

Natalia stabbed his back again and his blood splashed on her face.


She brou-ght out her gun and aimed it at his direction.

“No.. No.. Please spare me!!” He began begging.

“Nobody spared my parents when they were dying” She muttered coldly and shot him. The bullet rammed into his forehead

He dropped down head immediately.

Natalia cleaned the blood on her face with her thumb before she went and dragged the man.

She dumped him into a recycle bin.

“That’s where you belong” She muttered and went into her house

When Rose felt everything was over, she slowly opened her eyes and ears before standing.

“Ouf!!” She heaved out before walking to a room.

She opened it and went in.. A guy who was shirtless could be seen with bandages wrapped round his tummy. Bandages was wrapped round his head too and he had lots of bruises on his face.

The oxygen mask was on his mouth as his chest rose and fell at a normal rate with the machine beeping at intervals.

On his neck, a necklace with ‘Nat&Ari’ carved on it could been see on his neck.

Rose cleaned her tears as she stared at him..

“Will Michael forgive me when he finds out my sister is the reason why you’re like this?” Rose muttered as she looked at him.

His f!ng£r shook slightly and his eyes immediately flew open.

“Nathaniel” Rose [email protected].


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