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first kis-s with a bad boy episode 55 & 56

????FIRST kis-s
with à
BAD BOY ????
{£nchanted by her…}????


Chapter 55☆ 56

By, Gbemi Writes


༒︎♔︎ (The Shape Shifter)♔︎༒︎


Joanna opened her eyes only to find herself in a old worn out house.

What happened? How on earth did she get here? She thought sitting up while starring around her.

The last thing she remember was leaving Nicholas birthday party for a while so she could make a call and then it was black out.

She searched for her phone and it was no where to be found, who on earth is doing this? She thought even as she went to the door and began to hit it.


Nicholas who had suddenly been called and told to go to some hall finally got to the hall but there was no sign of anyone.

“What’s this? Did Francis play a prank on me?” Nicholas muttered even as he pulled out his phone to call Francis.

He was surprised when he began to hear Francis ring tone in the room.

“Hey dude!” Francis said as he walk out from behind a pillar startling Nicholas.


“Happy birthday!!!” Nicholas stop whatever he was going to say when everyone came out shouting an happy birthday to him.

“When did you prepare this?” He asked feeling touched even as Joanna, Alice and Jocelyn came to him with the cake which he made a wish and blew on the candle.

“We were invited as well” Theo said when the cake thing was out of the way.

“The girls planned everything ” Pierce added.

“Well we only help but your girlfriend is the master mind behind it ” Joanna said even as Mirabel walk into the room with a gift in her hand.

“Happy birthday babe” Mirabel said and Nicholas response was to pull her into his arms and give her a de-ep throated kis-s making everyone woo them.

“Since everyone is here, why don’t the party begin. DJ Kylie, hit it!” Alice said said just as Kylie played a song while everyone began dancing to it.


Kylie was busy searching for new songs to play when a can of cola was dropped beside him.

He looked up to see Jocelyn but instead chose to ignore her and some how that got her a bit annoyed.

Well apart from Francis, no guy have ever ignored her.

“A simple thank you might suffice ” She said seating on the empty chair beside him when she’s meant to leave.

“I never asked for it” Kylie replied as he kept going throu-ghhis phone not giving her a glance.

“Do you know that you are very blunt and rude?” Jocelyn asked and that earned her his attention.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black” Kylie answered as she recalled the rude way she acted towards him during their first encounter.

“I thought you were some bum oggling at me” Jocelyn said after some time.

“Just so you know, not everyone looks at you mainly for your beauty. Some look to admire your clothes, shoe or style of hair while some look at you while their thoughts are some where else and some look wondering how you will react if they approach you to ask a question. You are right to be on the defensive when it comes to men looking at you but you should put it in mind that not all of them have dirty thoughts ” Kylie said getting off the chair even as he took the cola.

“Anyway, thanks for this” he said walking off while Jocelyn kept watching him and unknowingly a smile spread across her li-ps.

Evelyn got to hall only to see the party in full swing.

“Thank God you came, I was about to come get you” Theo said as he walk towards her.

“You didn’t have to cause nothing would have hold me back from coming” She said smiling up at him while he push back a strand of her hair.

“Is this get up for me cause I love it” Theo said starring at her dress.

“It isn’t, I only came for Nico birthday and not for you” she said as he pulled her close to him.

“You know there’s a way to make you say the truth” he said teasingly but Evelyn attention was on Joanna.

“Have got to talk to Joanna, I will be back” she said pulling away from Theo before going to Joanna.


“You look ravishing ” Pierce whispered into Alice ear even as he pulled her close to himself.

“We are outside” Alice said laughing gently.

“And that’s why I can’t wait to have you in my arms again” he said remembering their night together last night.

“You know, if my grandmother finds out that we’ve done the you know what, she’s going to kill me” Alice confided.

“Why? We are adults and we very much in love” Pierce said which got her blus-hing.

“I know that but she’s old fashion and she believes that couples are only allowed to do some things when they are married which is why she’s been keeping an eye on Joanna and Francis” Alice said.

“Then we must be careful if there’s going to be a next time” Pierce said kis-sing her on the li-ps.

“A next time, I love the sound of that” Alice murmured as she pulled close wanting to kis-s him when a memory suddenly hit her making her feel a bit dizzy.

“Are you okay? Talk to me Angel” Pierce said calling out the nick name he gave her.

“Am fine, I just recalled a few things. Linda’s party, I remember what happen that night” she said just as her gaze went to Evelyn who was talking to Joanna and immediately she stood up going towards them.

“Stay away from her Joanna!” Alice yelled even as she pushed Evelyn away.

“What do you mean?” Joanna asked Alice who kept glaring at her.

“Linda’s party. I now remember what happen that night” Alice said still glaring at Evelyn while everyone gathered around them.

“If you will just give me a chance to explain,I…..”

“Shut up! You plotted that night with linda, you plotted that night to drug Joanna and I heard you both talking about it” Alice yelled at Evelyn before turning to Joanna.

“I ran then, I ran after being caught but Linda caught up to me and pushed me into the pool and what’s worse, she stood by it watching me drown while crying for help” Alice said.

“That was why she was the only one there when I got to the pool that night” Pierce said aloud.

“Linda is your enemy and so is Evelyn. You’ve manage to find your way into our midst but you’ve been caught, so go back and tell that to Linda” Alice said to Evelyn.

“Why don’t we all calm down and listen to what Evelyn has to say” Theo said.

“How can you say that when she’s clearly is working with Linda?” Nicholas asked.

“I can a-ssure you guys that Evelyn haven’t spoken to Linda for a while now” Theo said defending her again.

“And how sure are you on that? She might be lying to our faces again” Pierce said this time around.

“She isn’t…. ”

“Lets give her a chance to talk. She must have some thing she wants to talk about” Joanna said suddenly as all eyes fell on her.

“Don’t be bewitched by her lies ” Mirabel said just as Kylie and Jocelyn joined the scene.

“Let’s give her the chance to talk, leave the lying part to me, I will know if she’s lying ” Francis said as put his arm around Joanna.

“Thanks for giving me the chance to talk” Evelyn said starring at Joanna and Francis.

“You are right Alice. I made a deal with Linda in the past, she helps me get Francis and on the night of her party. We both plotted to drug a drink I will give you and then you will be taken up to the house while Linda handle the rest”

“Remember I was holding a drink that night? That was the drink I was meant to give you but I couldn’t do it and that was what I was telling Linda when Alice heard us ” Evelyn said.

Joanna stared at Francis wanting to know if what she said was a lie.

“She’s saying the truth” he murmured for her ears alone.

“So? That doesn’t mean that you didn’t try to harm Joanna” Mirabel said.

“Yes. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t try to harm her, I really wanted Francis back then but then I came back to my s£nses and did the right thing”

“I get it if you all don’t want me around you. I deserve it cause have been a mean witch to you but you should know that Linda is the enemy here not m” Evelyn said again.

“Am really sorry if have hurt anyone with my action. I truly am sorry” she added and turn to leave.

“Running away?” Joanna asked suddenly which got Evelyn stopping.

“If you are really sorry like you say then stay and help us catch Linda” Joanna said while Evelyn stood immobile with tears glistening her eyes.

Moving towards her, Joanna took hold of her hand.

” Am glad that you choose to become a better person” Joanna said again and that got Evelyn bursting into tears while Joanna hug-ged her.

“This shouldn’t stop the party, Let’s continue” Joanna said which got everyone back to partying mood.

“You have a very giving heart” Francis said when she was back in his arms.

“I know right” Joanna replied wrapping her arms around his neck.

Just then she got a call but due to the loud noise, she excused herself from the room.

“Hello, Hello, Hello” Joanna said into the phone for the third time but when there was no reply, she hangup the call.

“Is this a prank call?” She muttered turning to go back in when a clothe was put over her head blanking out everything.


“I asked you a question! Where’s Joanna?” Francis said pushing the imposter on the wall.

“Far away from you and every one ” She replied smirking devilshly

“You really want me to squee-zethe life out of you?” Francis asked getting impatient.

“Do that and you will never get to see Joanna again” she replied just as Francis let go of her.

“Okay! Tell me where Joanna is ” Francis said trying to be calm.

” Like I said Joanna is someone far away and she will only be returned after I get what am after” she said.

“What are you after and judging by the way you look exactly like Joanna, you are not an ordinary person” Francis said.

“You are right ! Just as you can listen to people’s thought, I can shape shift to any person I want just by touching them” the imposter said touching Francis.

Francis was shocked when he did change into someone else and that person turns out to be him.

Francis thought starring at the imposter who had now shape shift into him.

“Who the F*ck are you?” Francis yelled at him.

“A friend of Joanna’s mother. Just like you, I shared her first and second kis-s with her which earned me this power but then she turned on me and gave that bastard Gregory her third kis-s making him her soul mate” The imposter said.

“If you want Joanna back, Bring Jennifer to me” he said turning to leave and then stop to stare at Francis.

“Jennifer might not remember me but when you tell her that it’s Anthony then she will know who it is” He said.

“Anthony…..doesn’t Pierce father bear Anthony too?” Francis asked getting the missing Puzzle himself.

“Nice thinking my boy. So get to work and bring Jennifer to me and a warning, if you call the cops then you won’t get to see Joanna again ” Anthony said before leaving the room making Francis more worried.

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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