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first kiss with a bad boy episode 53 & 54

????FIRST klzz
with à
BAD BOY ????
{£nchanted by her…}????

Chapter 53☆ 54

By, Gbemi Writes


༒︎♔︎ (Where is Joanna?)♔︎༒︎


“They want me to what?” Francis who stood by the door way of the apartment he share with Joanna yelled out in surprise.

“They want you to come visit ” Joanna replied as she went towards him.

“But why? Are your parents planning on accessing me” he asked nervously and that got her chuckling.

“They aren’t planning on accessing you like you’ve said but instead they want to meet you and get to know more about you after all you are my soul mate and the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with,so common love” she cajoled pouting slightly which made her look pretty.

“Fine then but if this meeting of theirs is about me leaving you then I won’t agree with them” Francis said and she nodded before giving him a hug.


Francis got out of his car feeling nervous, he didn’t know what’s making him nervous when her parents just want to see him.

Wiping his sweaty palm on his jeans, he took the gifts he bought and went to the door and as soon as he knock, the door open revealing Joanna who was dressed in a knee length gown which made her look pretty.

“Your here” she said giving him a swift klzz before pulling him into the house.

“Are these for my parents?” She asked when she saw two box of chocolates with him.

“Err, yes. I bought them on the way, I hope they like chocolate” Francis said.

“Am allergic to Chocolates” A voice said and he turned to see an older version of Joanna watching them.

“You didn’t have to tell him that, Mom” Joanna said starring at her.

“What? He asked and I answered” Jennifer replied starring dreamily at her daughter boyfriend.

“Am sorry, I didn’t know you were allergic to it ” Francis apologised.

“But am not allergic and I don’t mind eating the two” Granny Grace said as she came to take the box from Francis.

“You don’t have a problem with that right?” Grace asked her daughter.

“Of course I don’t and besides thanks for keeping me in mind and buying the chocolate. Apart from being so very handsome, you are thoughtful and I do approve of that in a guy” Jennifer said which somehow calm Francis.

“Thank you ma ‘am”

“Ma’am? Call me mom”Jennifer offered as she link her arm into his and led him to their dinner room where Joanna’s Father was arranging some plate.

“Gregory, come meet Francis. Isn’t he cute?” Jennifer said feeling proud of the fact that Francis is very handsome.

“I don’t know and besides men aren’t cute” Gregory said looking at Francis coldly.

“Why don’t we all have our seats” Granny Grace said while they took their seats to have their dinner.

While conversation flow between the elders, Francis who had kept his mouth shut move towards Joanna.

“I don’t see Alice and Kylie” He muttered.

“Kylie went out with some friends and as you might have guessed, Alice is with Pierce” Joanna replied as she help him to wipe off a stain from his l!ps which drew her father gaze on them.

“What course did you say you are studying ?” Gregory asked earning Francis attention.

“Business Administration” Francis answered.

“Why did you go for it?” Gregory asked still having that scary look on his face which got Francis heart beating fast.

“Cause it’s what am good at”

“Explain further ” Gregory cut in

“There’s no use quizzing him about that….”

“Let him speak” Gregory said interrupting his wife.

“Well I….I….to be sincere I had no dream in the past, when I decided to study business administration, I thought then that I will just inherit my father’s company and that’s it ”

“But recently I find it that I do enjoy studying business and that I have what it takes to start my own business instead of waiting to inherit my Father’s company ”

“So? Did you start your business or do you plan to still inherit your father company?” Gregory asked.

“I did, I started some thing with my friends and I can proudly say that it’s going well” Francis added and brought out a business card which he gave to Gregory.

“I think have heard of this shopping company. Do you really own it?” Jennifer asked and he nodded.

“Feel free to visit, a big discount will be waiting for you and granny” He said which got them both smiling except for Joanna father.

“Well am glad that you did not choose to inherit your dad’s company. To be sincere I would have been disappointed if you told me you choose to inherit rather than to build one yourself”

“You must be wondering why I chose to ask you all of this but I want to know that am leaving my daughter in capable hands and not in the hands of a man that depends on his father wealth ” Joanna father said with a wistful smile on his face.

“And so is he capable enough?” Granny Grace asked Gregory.

“Welcome to the family” Gregory said stretching forth his hand to Francis who shook it immediately.

“Now we can eat in peace” Jennifer said as they dig in while conversation flow more easily this time.

A while later while her parents and granny talk downstairs, Joanna took him up to her room with their permission.

“My dad isn’t always like that, am sorry if he put you on spot” Joanna apologise as they got to her room..

“I understand. You are his only daughter and child and he would certainly want the best for you” He replied starring around her room.

“And you are definitely the best. Did you know that if you had never talk about your company, I would still be in the dark about it?” She asked frowning slightly.

“Am sorry dearest. I would have told you about it, I just didn’t have….”

“Am not scolding you. I just feel that I don’t know enough about you while you know so much about me” she said.

“Would you like me to start talking now?” He asked.

“No. You can tell me later but now what do you think of my room? ” she asked.

“Cute and feminine just like you ” he muttered even as he move towards a picture.

“Is this you?” He asked showing her a photo of herself at a much younger age and she had braces on.

“You aren’t meant to see that! Give it to me” she said moving towards him to take the picture but he put his hand up.

“Why? But you are cute” he said laughingly while she tried to take it from him.

Her insistence on taking the picture from him got him falling on the bed and Joanna whose aim was the picture lay over him not minding the intimacy in it but Francis had froze on the bed, his male instinct coming alive.

Joanna took the picture from him and put it in her pocket still laying over him, when she realise what she was doing, she tried getting off but he held her still with his arms around her.

“Is this what you had in mind when you tried taking the picture?” He asked having a naughty look on his face.

“I….no…I ” she stop floundering when he turned her over with her trapped beneath and with him on top.

“It is” he said answering his own question before klzzing her.

Joanna wrap her arms around his neck while Francis deepened the klzz, the two were too busy with each other that they didn’t notice the opening of the door.

“Only foreplay is allowed” Granny Grace said suddenly which pulled them away from each other.

“Granny!” They both yelled which got her smiling mischievously.

“I know but I just had to remind you two, remember your parents are downstairs” She said b!0wing them a klzz before leaving the room.

“Why does she choose the wrong time to show up?” Joanna ask no one in particular.

“Don’t worry, we will surely get to have our time where some thing more than foreplay will occur” he said giving her a wink.

“Pervert” she muttered before getting off the bed and going to the balcony.

Francis joined her and while they stared at the stars, a shooting star went by.

“It’s a shooting star! Make a wish Francis” Joanna said as she close her eyes and made a silent wish.

She opened it only to see Francis starring at her.

“You didn’t make a wish” She accused.

“I don’t believe in shooting stars” He replied

“And besides why waste my time on a fallen star when I have the most brightest star with me” he added earning a smile from her.

“And who is this brightest star of yours?” She asked even as he wrap his arm around her waist.

“You already know that” he answered slowly.

“Reading my thoughts again” she said enjoying being in his arms.

“Yes. Reading your thoughts is the only way for me to know you are safe, so promise me that whatever happen you will always speak to me with your….” He pause finishing the last part by lightly touching her head.

“I promise, now klzz me!” She demanded which he readily fulfil.


“So why did you ask us to meet during the weekend?” Joanna asked.

“While going through my babe phone, I saw this” Mirabel said showing them some thing on Nicholas phone.

“It’s Nicholas birthday today?” Alice asked while Mirabel nodded.

“And I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t held onto his phone this morning and so I need your help in planning a birthday surprise for him” Mirabel said.

“You can count on our help” Joanna @ssured while Alice nodded in reply.

“So this is what I plan on doing during the …..” Mirabel stopped when she got a message on Nicholas phone.

“What does this bitch wants again?” Mirabel said after reading the message and immediately Joanna and Alice join her on the sofa.

“*I love you Nicholas and I don’t think I will ever stop loving you *” Alice read out.

“*If you don’t come to me now then I will be forced to black mail you again which is some thing I don’t want to do*” Joanna read.

“*Talk to me! You’ve been reading and ignoring me. Fine then if I do some thing drastic now you will certainly come to look for me right*” Mirabel read the last part which made her see red.

“This girl obviously need some beaten!” Mirabel said as she got out of the seat.

“I wouldn’t mind helping you to beat some s£nse into her” Alice said suddenly.

“Why don’t you ask her where she is?” Joanna added which Mirabel did and a while later they all left the empty [email protected] they were in going in search of Jessica.

They got to the school hall and found her there.

“What’s this? I message Nicholas not you and this two idiots” Jessica said referring to Alice and Joanna as the idiot.

“That’s because am with his phone you dummy!” Mirabel said showing her Nicholas phone.

“I thought you are his girlfriend, I didn’t know you are also his mess£nger who answer his messages” Jessica said scoffing at her.

“You are right am his girlfriend and also his mess£nger as you’ve put it but am also his protector who is prepared to protect him from bitches like you” Mirabel said launching at Jessica even as she pulled her hair.

“You are the idiot you slut!” Alice said also moving towards her to pull her hair while Joanna keep watch for any intruder.

They left the hall feeling triumphant after beating the hell out of Jessica who promised to stay away from them for good.

“So let’s continue our discussion on Nicholas birthday surprise party” Alice said as the three of them burst into laughter.


“Where did you go? Have been looking for you” Francis said after spotting Joanna.

“Really?” Joanna asked wrapping her arms around his waist while pulling him close to her which startled Francis.

“Yes, I was….what are you doing?” Francis asked as he felt her hand on his @ss

“Showing you that I want you, let’s go. Let’s leave this darn party and go back home to make love ” Joanna said biting her l!ps and that got Francis hesitating a bit.

“Okay then, let me say goodbye to everyone” he said as he went to bid the rest goodbye and soon Francis was driving them both to the apartment he shared.

As soon as they got into the house, Joanna pulled Francis towards her and began to klzz him.

Her hands drifted off to his trouser belt and that got Francis pushing her away from him gently.

“Only foreplay” he told her softly.

“What foreplay? I want to have you right here and now” she said as she klzz him on the neck this time around and that got him pushing her away from him.

“What’s wrong Francis?” She asked starring up at him.

“Francis? You only call me your love when we are alone” Francis said and that got her looking away from him.

“But Francis is your name and I prefer using it” she said which got him starring at her intently.

“What?” She asked when she could no longer take the scrutiny.

“I can’t read your thoughts, you aren’t Joanna right?” Francis asked which wipe off the smile on her l!ps.

“How did you figure that out?” She said glaring at Francis who immediately pinned her to wall, looking down at her with rage.

“Who the hell are you and where is Joanna ?” Francis yelled at her……

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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