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first kis-s with a bad boy episode 51 & 52

????FIRST kis-s
with à
BAD BOY ????
{£nchanted by her…}????

Chapter 51☆ 52

By, Gbemi Writes


༒︎♔︎ (Third kis-s )♔︎༒︎


“Sir you were gone for a long time” Marcus, Anthony Campbell right hand man said to his boss who was busy starring at a picture.

“That was because I was impersonating someone” Pierce father replied still starring at the picture.

“It was [email protected] for me trying to blend but I did and I stirred up a few fights but then it didn’t work out” he added remembering the news he got today about Joanna and Francis reconciliation.

“So what’s your plan for now?” Marcus asked.

“I will continue with my impersonation but this time, I plan to do some thing more drastic. The one am doing all this for hasn’t figured it out yet” Anthony replied starring at a picture of Jennifer, Joanna’s mom.

“So once she figures it out, what will you do next ”

“Discard every thing and take her with me. We’ve spent our years apart and so it’s time she comes back to me. Jennifer and I had a history back in the days and I doubt if you will understand even if I explain but what you should keep in mind is that I won’t be home for a couple of days” he stated.

“Yes sir”

“So continue my business until I return. My adopted son is proving to be useless, I don’t know if I will discard him or use him but I will think about that when I get back ” Anthony said referring to Pierce.

“Now it’s time to cause another chaos” he said moving to a portrait where he pressed a button behind it.

It open up a wall and Pierce father went into the room to see a girl all tied up.

“Am sorry dearest but I will have to impersonate you again” He said touching the girl who was squirming on the floor……


“I came as soon as I saw your message” Alice who was in a good mood said as she walk into the room but on seeing Pierce, the smile on her face disappeared.

“What’s going on?” Alice asked on seeing the serious expression on their face.

“We have some thing important to tell you” Joanna said.

“Pierce has gotten his power” Francis said which got her starring at Pierce.

“And just like Joanna did with me, you’ve got to explain the whole thing to him” Francis added.

“Just like Joanna did? Don’t tell me that you also possess some sort of power?” Pierce asked Francis who nodded.

“Just like you,I got my kis-s from Joanna which ended up giving me my power. If you can make things fly on air then I can read people’s mind ” Francis said.

“Wow! This is really weird ” Pierce stated.

“Once Alice explains it to you then you won’t think it weird but a blessing like I do now” Francis said smiling down at Joanna

“Let’s give them time to talk” Francis added as he took hold of Joanna’s hand and walk her out of the room.

“Start talking, I want to understand the whole thing” Pierce said as soon as Francis and Joanna had made their exit and Alice briefed him on the history of their power, just like how Joanna had done with Francis.

“So what you are saying now is that thanks to the second kis-s we share, I now have this power?” He asked and she nodded.

“What about the first kis-s?” Pierce asked.

“It gets us attracted to one another” Alice answered slowly.

“Now I get it! I found it weird that I suddenly took interest in you but it was all due to the kis-s” Pierce said which got Alice starring at him.

“What am feeling for you now is all a facade thanks to the kis-s thing, am I right?” Pierce asked having a relieved expression on his face which got Alice angry.

“Really? Are you that happy that you feel nothing for me?” Alice asked which brou-ght his gaze on her.

“Aren’t you? You clearly don’t like me as I don’t like you and you should be glad that the only thing tying us both is this attraction thing” Pierce said

“You are right. We are only attracted to each other because of the kis-s and so I will do my best and find some one who I will share my first, second and third kis-s with” Alice blurted out in anger.

“Are you angry? I didn’t mean to offend you and besides what does the third kis-s entail?” Pierce asked hating the fact that he upset her.

“The guy I share my third kis-s with will be my soul mate for good and so you don’t have to worry. You’ve been blessed with powers but you won’t be burdened with me since you aren’t my soul mate. Excuse me, I still have to search for my soul mate” Alice said walking out of the room, ignoring Pierce apology.


“How are things love?” Francis asked as they video call each other.

“Bad. Alice came back home in tears” Joanna replied.

“Really? What exactly did Pierce say to her?”

“That he’s glad that he’s not really attracted to her and that it’s all due to the kis-s and all. Alice vowed to look for a guy to share her kis-s with so nothing will connect her with Pierce and that is what am worried about” Joanna stated.

“What do you intend to do? They don’t like each other”

“I think other wise. They do like each other, well on Alice side there is no mistake that she’s in love with Pierce but Pierce is the one who isn’t sure and so we’ve got to find a way to make him see reason” Joanna said.

“And what do you have in mind?” Francis asked.

“It’s a plan have been etching up all evening, I hope it works” she said having a grin on her face.


“Why did you bring me here? I seriously don’t feel like it” Alice said even as Joanna pulled her into the park.

“Common, its gonna be fun and everyone will be here” Joanna said which got her stopping in her tracks.

“Every one? Who does the every one entail?”

“Nicho and Mirabel, Theo,Francis and I and Pierce” Joanna said.

“Pierce! Am not going. I don’t want to see him” Alice said but Joanna pulled her back.

“He’s here already and we can’t tell him to leave but you can as well ignore him. Even though Francis is here, I intend to spend my whole time with you” Joanna said.

“Really?” Alice asked knowing Joanna was up to some thing.

” I swear” Joanna said crossing her f!ng£rs behind her back.

“Then let’s go” Alice said and together they went to join the others.

Joanna was surprised to see Evelyn as Theo companion.

“I felt bored and thought it will be better hanging out with you guys” Evelyn said which made Mirabel and Alice more suspicious of her.

“Hope you aren’t planning any thing up your sleeve?” Mirabel asked.

“It’s known to us all that you hate Joanna and that’s all because of Francis” Alice chip in.

“Well that was true and I….”

“Stop suspecting her guys. She is no longer the villain in Joanna and Francis love story” Theo said wrapping his arms around Evelyn who looked up at him in surprise.

“And how are you so sure of that?” Nicholas who had been drinking his can of Sprite without saying a thing finally spoke out.

“Well th….that’s because she is my girlfriend” Theo said which surprised Evelyn more.

“Really?” Francis said and Theo nodded as he took hold of Evelyn hand.

“She’s got me hooked” Theo murmured watching Evelyn intently while she wondered why his words got her tingling all over.

She had been feeling bored all day and when she saw Joanna’s post about going to the park, Evelyn had went to Theo and had forced herself on him, wanting him to take her along.

She had thought that he would refuse but then he had agreed.

The wooing of everyone got Evelyn back to the pres£nt and she was about to deny the whole thing Theo said when he took her li-ps in his.

“Get a room” Nicholas admonish while every one else laugh.

“So since everyone is here, it’s time for us to visit every ride around” Joanna said taking hold of Alice hand.

“Aren’t you going with Francis?” Mirabel asked.

“I want to spend some time with Alice and I think Francis can do for a while without seeing my face” Joanna said as she took off with Alice, while Francis and Pierce went the opposite way.

“Where would you like to go babe?” Nicholas asked.

“I have an excellent place in mind, come with me. See you guys later” Mirabel said waving off to Evelyn and Theo who were the only ones left.

“Why did you do that?” Evelyn asked.

“It was the only way to convince them that you are no longer the villain in their story” Theo said.

“You could have just convince them some other way but you had to…..” She pause touching her li-ps while remembering the kis-s they shared.

“What? Don’t tell me you like my kis-s?” Theo asked.

“Your kis-s wasn’t that good. You’ve been a playboy for years but you aren’t an expert when it comes to kis-s……” She stop talking when Theo took her li-ps in his again and this time it wasn’t a gentle kis-s but a very de-ep one which blew Evelyn mind away and left her feeling shaky.

“Why did you do that?” She asked when he finally ended the kis-s.

“To make you see that am an expert in every thing. If you want I can also teach you one or two things on love” he suggested.

“Love! I doubt you know what that is” Evelyn said trying to get out of his arms but he pulled her back, earning her attention.

“What if I prove to you that I know what love is?” He asked.

“Why would you want to prove it to me?” Evelyn asked feeling tempted just by looking at his li-ps.

“Cause it’s time some one make you see that there’s more to life than s-ex” he said.


“Just let me show you. Come along, let’s start our first lesson today” Theo said pulling her towards the merry go round.


“So, Do you really not feel a thing for Alice?” Francis who had kept his mouth shut staring at his friend who wasn’t saying a thing finally blurt out when he could no longer stand it.

“I don’t know,I don’t know if what am feeling is the real thing or if it’s just the kis-s doing” Pierce replied.

“I understand, Joanna also felt that way when I told her about my feeling but I will advice you to listen to heart. Let your heart tell you what to do and am sure that it will lead you to the right path” Francis said as they left the ice cream stand.

He got a message and when he check out the message, he let out a nau-ghty smile.


“What about we go to the aquarium ” Francis suggested lightly.

“Aquarium? But this is an amusement park not a zoo” Pierce replied.

“It is but the owner is trying to earn more money and also decided to add the aquarium business to make money. So let’s stop with this questions and go there already” Francis said enthusiastically.

Having no choice Pierce followed and when they got there , Francis pretends to have a call.

“You go ahead, I will be with you soon” Francis said heading out of the aquarium.

Pierce went further in and wondered why the aquarium had no body in it, he was still starring at the fishes which were in the tank when he noticed Alice standing a distance away also fascinated by the fish.

For a while he stood studying her and he couldn’t help but to think her beautiful while she smiled to herself still starring at the fishes.

Alice felt some one eyes on her and turn only to see Pierce there.

What’s he doing here? She thought as she wondered what was keeping Joanna long.

It was then she realized that she had been tricked into coming here just so she would see Pierce, she thought as she decide to leave.

“Hold on a sec Alice” he said holding her by arm.

“I didn’t plan to be here” she said quickly.

“I know, I figured it out that Francis had tricked me too” he said.

“Then it’s best that I leave ” Alice said as she pull her arm out of his.

“Am sorry about yesterday. I said things which made you angry, I didn’t mean to and…..”

“It’s okay Pierce. You were only saying your mind and so I understand and don’t worry, am trying [email protected] to find my Prince charming and soon enough I will have my kis-s with him” she said and with that concluded she was almost out of the Aquarium when she heard him say.

“Is there a way for you to think of me as that Prince charming? ”

“What did you say?”

“Am saying that I….I want to be the one you share your third kis-s with” he said.

“You shouldn’t say what you don’t mean”

“But I do mean…..”

“Stop it Pierce! You made your self clear yesterday and so there’s no need for you to try to pacify me by saying some thing you don’t mean. I will pretend you never said it” She said turning to leave but Pierce lifted her off her feet with his power and pulled her towards him.

The second time he ever used his power, he thought.

“How dare you use your power on me!” Alice who was now standing in front of him said as she tried to pull away but he put his arms around her, preventing her from escaping.

“I meant what I said Alice, I want to have the third kis-s with you, I want to be your soul mate ” he said and without further discussion, he kis-sed her for the third time…….

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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