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fall in love with the contract episode 1 & 2

Fall????in???? love❤️‍???????? with❤️‍???? me????

(????The contract????)
????Synopsis ????
Skylar Campbell is a 22 year old lawyer in one of the crumbling law firms in new York who was lucky enough to get employed as a private lawyer in a company

Liam Cambridge is a 24 wealthy workaholic young CEO,he is an only child who is often pressurized by his parents to get married, he is known as the dream prince of ladies and has little or no time for romantic affairs

What happens when fate brings them together and their path clash?

Fall????in???? love❤️‍???????? with❤️‍???? me????

(????The contract????)

By Authoress Beauty ????

“Brrrrrrrrr”was the annoying sound of my stupid alarm which was immediately preceded by my phone ringtone I hadn’t remembered setting any alarm last night
I checked the caller ID it was Wendy my childhood best friend even though we had different occupations and degrees we still somehow managed to be best friends
We attended the same school up to college and university
We were in different departments due to her being a therapist/psychologist and me being a lawyer
I finally answered the call

“Wendy why are you calling me this early” I said rubbing my eyes

“Well someone had to wake you up from your deep slumber and I wasn’t sure the alarm would ring so I just called” she said over the phone

“I can wake up by myself ” I replied sitting up on my bed

“Judging by the way you drowned yourself in drinking last night I didn’t think so” she said

“What’s was I supposed to do the only solid job I have is about to come to pieces Why did my stupid boss have to sell his f**king company in the first place ? Now I’m not sure of my job and there’s no way I’m returning to that petty law firm” I replied finally getting up to the bathroom

“Look at the bright side If you sustain your job you might get paid way more than your misers salary” she said

“That so called misers salary is what I feed on” I replied

“Enough chit chat we both should get to work” she said

“Lucky you,you literally have your own freaking company ” I replied

“ And My work hours will soon begin you should get to work”she said

“I know,I need a favor” I asked

“Miss Wendy speaking please direct any complaint or appointments to the front desk” she replied

“Ha ha funny just help me” I Said

“See you after work bye” she replied

“Bye” I said

Wendy unlike me was lucky enough to be born into a rich family and also had an older brother while me having two younger siblings wait let me make a correction there two very annoying younger siblings
She was the last child of her parents and I was the first child of mine and I kinda felt somewhat responsible for her well I’d to be responsible for two freaking siblings
Since school we had been inseparable and people often mistook us for twins you [email protected] find me anywhere without Wendy and likewise her
I’m glad to see she finally gotten some guts when we were little she was as shy and as timid as a Meerkat or an aardvark
I guess she’s a real Meerkat she’s now really as aggressive as me

Enough explanation of me and Wendy’s friendship back to the actual story

I approached the office with my coffee in my hand
I asked the receptionist where the new CEO’s office was
You see I don’t really come to this place much I only come when the need arises
I walk towards the office when a man who looks pretty young with a neat look and outward appearance spilled all my coffee on my clothes
“Arrrrh what’s wrong with you” I said

“Here,take that for damages and get yourself a new shirt” he replied throwing a bundle of cash at me and attempted to walk away
I went up to him
“I don’t need your money just an apology ” I lied while folding my hands to give up a intimidating impression
He pushed past me and just said

“I don’t apologise,should I double the money ”

“Is it that you’re always that rude it you just don’t have manners ” I replied and he finally stole a glance at me

“I don’t really care what you think about me people have thought lots of things about so I just don’t care” he said

“You arrogant son of a bitch ” I replied but he scoffed and just said

[email protected], who made you so bold”

“First arrogant it’s Skylar and not [email protected] and I’ve always been bold” I replied

“Well [email protected] I don’t care about you or your name” he said

I scoffed and replied
“Well I’m running late on an appointment” I replied and picked the money up and said “ I’ll take this for damages” I said and walked towards the office

“I see you’re very desperate” he said

“Who are you I haven’t seen you around you must be new and rather arrogant for a new employee well with that attitude you’ll get fired first thing during @ssessment by the new CEO” I said ignoring what he said

He chuckled and replied
“Well who are you if I may ask”

“I asked first” I said as we got into the elevator

“It’s always ladies first you know” he replied

“Well since you persisted on know who I am you’re probably a stalker anyway” I said whipping my hair back

He scoffed and said whilst chuckling “ “Stalker I have rather higher standard than you”

“Anyway.. I’m Skylar Campbell the honorable private lawyer of this firm that is before that stupid CEO bought the company” I replied particularly stressing on the words ‘anyway’ and ‘private’

“ I’ve seen your file ” he said

“You really are a stalker” I replied

“I strongly tell you that I’m not” he said

“Then who are you?” I asked

“Well I’m that particular stupid CEO you just mentioned ” he said as we got out of the elevator

“Ha I knew it ..wait what you’re the new CEO ” I said stuttering
“I’m really sorry Sir I had no idea ” I said hit my head as I thought aside to myself
I’m so stupid

“Next time try to be more conscious of your surroundings” he said

“I will Sir” I replied

“And Miss [email protected] Skylar Campbell keep it in mind that you’re fired ” he said

“Sir what I promise I’m sorry I’m really really sorry it won’t happen again ” I replied

He wrote a check and threw it at me
“Consider that your pay check for this month” he said

“Sir are you paying me off ” I replied

“What else,,,now security take this young lady out of my sight ” he said

“Sir Please I’m really sorry” I replied

“Save your apology” he said and got into his office

“Get your hands off me”I said to the security men and took the check of the ground

“500 grand” I screamed as I saw the pay check in my hand

“Miss please let us do our job ” one of the security men said

“I have legs I can walk ”I said and pushed them off me

I was supposed to appeal to the CEO not make him fire me well plan B has to work but first I need consultation from my personal psychologist/therapist
Wendy Millington

Fall????in???? love❤️‍???????? with❤️‍???? me????

(????The contract????)

By Authoress Beauty ????

???? Skylar ????
I approached Wendy’s office and screamed her name
The receptionist said without looking
“ Please know that this is a centre and you can book an appointment”

“Really” I said and she finally looked at me

“Oh miss Skylar,Miss Wendy is in the office” she replied

“Ok Katie” I said and moved inside

“Wendy…..” I said with pleading eyes

“What’s wrong” she replied

“I got fired ” I said

“What talking to the new CEO didn’t work” she replied

“Oh right new CEO ah” I said stuttering

“Wait you didn’t talk to him” she replied

“I did talk him” I said

“ Then he disagreed” she replied

“Not technically” I said

“Then what happened ” she replied

“I kinda mistook Him for a worker after he spilled coffee on my new dress ” I said

“This dress ” she replied touching my dress

“Yes I got it last week” I said

She sighed and said “then what happened ”

“Then I may have insulted Him a little teeny tiny bit just a little ” I replied

“What exact insult” she said

“I called him a SOB and called Him stupid illegitimately though ” I replied

“Skylar what am I going to do with you”she said

“I didn’t know he was the CEO CEOs are supposed to be old with grey hair right at least that was what I was expecting not a hot young model like guy in his early twenties” I replied

“What era are you what generation do you think you are, you’re are so slow-witted ” she said

“What are you going to do ” she said

“What I always do ” I said

“Oh no Skylar don’t ”she replied

“Can you stop kicking against everything” I said

“If you had your opinion and plan all made out why did you come to me if you knew I’ll just disagree ” she replied

“I just wanted your opinion and advise”I said

“Advise you don’t even care about you always go ahead and do your own thing” she replied

“Fine just trust me on this one ” I said

“I did trust you on things like this but I stopped when you almost got expelled for it ” she replied

“It was just that psychoneurotic principal” I said

“Well that psychoneurotic principal almost expelled both of us” she replied

“Like you said almost ” I said

“Anyway I need you to lend me some money” I said

“Seriously isn’t that a pay check in your hand” she replied

“Yeah he paid me off” I said

“So buy something with the money” she said

“It’s not enough I’m a shopaholic you know” I replied

“You should stop that habit and actually think of how to manage ” she said

“Manage is not in my vocabulary ” I replied

“Fine how much do you need” she said

“You’re the best friend ever I just need $300” I replied

”Are you buying a whole set” She said

“Fine $100” I replied

“I’ll follow you just to make sure you don’t finish all the Money at the Mall someone has to stop you when you get into shopping frenzy mode” she said

“Thanks bestie ” I replied

“Besides what’s his name” she said

“Now that I think of it I never really got his name” I replied

“You’re hopeless how are we going to find out his taste in women” she said

“We don’t need that it’s always 10 minutes and any man will fall ” I said

“Oh I forgot I’m speaking to goddess Skylar”she replied sarcastically

“Stop being so sarcastic” I said

“Let’s get going I kinda have a blind date this night” she said

”Your mom” I replied

“Yeah keeps insisting I get married” she said

“I’m lucky my mom doesn’t set me up every now and then ” I replied

“She [email protected] remembers you she has your two younger siblings to look after” she said

“I still Pay their fees well I feel for Clark he’s the one that mom constantly worries while Victoria only comes home once in a while ”i replied

”Speaking of that when last did you go home” she said

“Last 2 years I guess ” I replied

“She must really miss you” she said

“I’m avoiding that house she might remember that I’m not married and set me up with some guy just like you” I replied

“Easy for you to say well let’s get shopping” she said

“Yay my home the mall” I replied

The Next day
Location: Malcolm enterprises
I strut into the company with my head held high
I had my new designer bag with my 6cm high heels and my new dress it was a really short gown like really short ???? with a V neck and an open back

I walked straight to his office and knocked

“Don’t Come in” he said

I walked to the chair opposite Him and sat down and crossed my legs and gave a really seductive pose
“Ahem ahem” I said but he didn’t look up from the file he was holding

“Ahem” I said loudly this time but he still didn’t budge this guy is so annoying

I banged my hand on the table softly he finally looked up and said

“I’m busy come back later ” he said and look down at the file

“Um sir I just wanted to ..” I said standing up

He scanned me from head to toe and said
“Miss Skylar I know you’ve come to plead your case you’re a lawyer after all but at least have some dignity and self respect and if you don’t have any at least acknowledge the proper dress code of a company this is what you wear to a club not to an office ” he said

I sighed and sat on the table Making sure I’d shown my cl£@[email protected]£
“Sir if you’ll try to understand yesterday I didn’t know it was a mistake let’s forget about the past and move on so you can just hire me” I said with a low seductive voice

“Miss Skylar you really don’t have self respect just leave before I press charges” he said

“Press charges” I said and drew him by the tie his face was so close to mine then I said

“Press charges on what” I added

“Pestering and stalking of course or I’ll just simply pay them to put you in jail” he said and put his hands on mine trying to remove my grip then the door opened and we both looked at the door to see a shocked looking guy he would be around the same age as the CEO

“I’ll come back later I can see you’re busy ”the person at the door said locked the door behind him

Immediatedly the guy left he pushed me off him

“ Miss Skylar” he said glaring at me“ this is an office not a pub ” he added
“I ask for you to desist from coming here or else I’ll sue you
You should leave before I call security”
I scoffed and left

Location:The therapist centre
“Wendy” I said as I lay on her shoulder “he didn’t budge he even said I had no dignity and self respect ” I said

“Just that I would have done worse” she said and I hit her
“Ouch”she said

“Maybe he’s not into girls like he’s [email protected]” I said

“Maybe what’s his name ” she replied

“Um I sneaked a peek on his desk Um something like um limea Cambridge” I said

“Wait Liam Cambridge ” she replied

“Yes yes Liam Cambridge” I said
She blinked continuously at me to show disbelief

“Like” she said and brought out her laptop and typed something on it then showed me
I read it out
Liam Cambridge youngest CEO in New York City also known as the dream Prince of ladies
Wait give me that I said and took it c
From her
I typed Liam Cambridge relationship status

Then read it out loud again
Liam Cambridge has been known to have many girlfriends but none of them have lasted for more than 3 months some are just weeks and according to him he is not ready to settle down just yet he must have very high standards in ladies which explains why most ladies Don’t meet his standards

Then I remembered what he said in the elevator

“He must like a lady above average” she said waking me up from my thoughts

“Simple he’s [email protected]” I said

“Stop jumping into conclusions ” she replied

“I’m not” I said

“You are ” she replied

“Fine” I said

“Just klzz your job goodbye ” she replied

“Ahh it really didn’t work I promise to listen to you from now on” I said

“Ooh when did you get interested in women” Jaden said

“Really funny Jaden” I replied

“Who is she?” he asked

“Former lawyer of the company fired her just wouldn’t let go ” I replied

“I thought she was another one of those you know what I mean ” he said

“She’s not besides she’s so desperate” I are

“Really where did I hear that statement before” he said

“Why are you here ” I said ignoring his statement

“Do I need an excuse to visit my Best friend” he said

“You never visit me your schedule too occupied remember being a celebrity and all” I replied

“Being a celebrity has its ups and downs but I’m not by any means measured to you I’m a singer but your just a workaholic CEO with girls trampling at your every step ” he said and I scoffed


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