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Dwayne Miller episode 26 & 27

MILLER ????????
{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


Shane rushed to Nana and helped her up, then he wiped her tears.

“Did he try anything funny?, Did he hurt you?, Huh?” He asked breathlessly, and she only sniffed with an hiccup.

He took her hand and started taking her downstairs.

She looked back once, and she blinked when she saw Dwayne’s bloody unconscious face.

“Dwayne is…

“Forget about him” Shane interrupted and took her downstairs completely.

Dwayne opened his eyes and his body started shaking.

He just did what he has never done before, he has never forced himself on a girl.


Shane got to the base with Nana and faced her, then he held her face.

“Can you talk now?” He asked.

“It was nothing much, we were just talking and he behaved like a jerk” she replied.

“The Nana I know would have kicked or slapped him, why the tears?” He asked.

“Maybe….it caught me suddenly” she replied, and he sighed before wiping the remaining traces of tears on her face.

“No tears again?” He said.

“No tears” she replied, and he smiled before taking a long look at her.

“What?” She bit her li-p.

“You look hot, seriously” he said, and she blus-hed.

“Thanks Shane, let’s go to cla-ss” she said and almost led the way, but he held her back.

“Dinner tonight?” He asked.

“Like….a date?” She asked awkwardly.

“Ok….a date” he replied, and her eyes wide-ned.

Shane Warren just asked her out on a date!

“Did you just…say that?” She blinked, and he smiled.

“I’ll pick you up at 8, see ya!” He winked and left.

“I heard that!” CeCe appeared on her right side

“OMG!” Carmen appeared on the left.

“One of the three hottest guys in WSU just asked you out!” Bianca appeared in front of her.

“Three?” Carmen said.

“Of course!, I’d have to admit that my psycho of a brother is the hottest, Shane follows after him, then Martin, Stanley can be in the number four and Dean is number five” Bianca replied.

“I’m not supporting that, but the most important thing right now is how to doll up our baby for the date!” Carmen said.

“I’ve never really went on a date” Nana said.

“Leave it all to us. If Shane doesn’t ask you out tonight then I’m gonna commit suicide” CeCe said.

“He’s handsome” Bianca said.

“Check!” Carmen replied.





“He might not be rich but trust me, rich boyfriends aren’t always the best, take Atlas as an example” Bianca said, and Nana laughed

“You got that right!, We’re storming the sto-re right after school for your dress Nana!, But for now, let’s go to cla-ss!” CeCe said, and they smiled at each other before leaving the stairs.


[email protected] is on seat today, but surprisingly, no stress for Rona like he does, just her normal accounts.

Rona smiled when it was time for lunch, then she removed the band from her hair, letting it down before standing.

“Going for lunch already?” Mary asked.

“Yes, do I need to ask for permission?” Rona replied.

“You’re the best accountant here so yes” Mary replied, and Rona entered [email protected]’s office after knocking.

Surprisingly, she met him in tears. He was standing in the middle of his office.

“Boss, you’re…

“Get out” he said, and she shifted back.


“Leave!!!” He shouted, throwing a pen at her from the table.

She avoided it and ran out of the office, almost falling.

“Did you meet a vampire in there?” Mary asked.

“He s£nt me out”

“Is he in tears?” Mary asked again.

“How did you…

“He cries almost everyday. You got lucky today and that’s why you caught him” Mary replied.

“Cries everyday?” Rona blinked, and Mary grabbed her hand.

“Forty minutes left for our lunch, we gat to go” she said, and they left the bank together.

“Since Jisoo’s resturant is close, let’s visit her” Mary say and Rona nodded.

They got in her car and drove off.

“Life in Pullman is enjoyable, except for the daily sad stories” Mary said.

“Sad stories?” Rona replied.

“Everyone has one. Yours is the GM, and mine is my son.

“You don’t hate him, right?” Rona asked.

“I don’t hate him and I don’t love him either, I’m in-between” Mary replied.

“But he’s your son” Rona said.

“I hate that fact” Mary replied, and Rona blinked as the car pulled up in front of the restaurant.

Jisoo’s Korean Restaurant (JKR)

“Mary!” Jisoo gushed when they went in.

There are few customers inside already .

“How’s sales going?” Mary asked.

“Fair enough for a starter like me, I believe I’ll skyrocket after the few try it out and tell it to the multitude” Jisoo replied.

“Keep being positive” Mary said, and they stuck hands.

“eomma, fighting!” Rona raised her fist, and Jisoo smiled as they settled down.

“What’s the best Korean dish to taste?” Mary asked.

“Let’s eat the most popular” Rona replied.

“What’s that?”

“Ramen and kimchi, and top it up with soju” Rona replied.

“Right here” Mary said, and they both laughed.


“Dean hasn’t been replying my messages, he’s not even picking his calls and I’ve not seen him in school” Carmen complained during the walk to the canteen.

“Something smells weird. Dean is not the type to leave your calls unanswered” Bianca replied.

“I know, right?” Carmen replied.

“Oh!, That’s Dwayne why don’t you ask him?” CeCe suddenly said when she saw him coming.

“Dwayne!, Where’s Dean?” Carmen asked, but he only walked past without replying.

“That jerk” Carmen muttered, and Bianca rushed after Dwayne.

“Hey brother, she just asked you about Dwayne” she said and he shook off her hand, then she noticed bloodstains on his head.

“Hey, why are you….

She tried to touch it, but he slapped her hand away too.

“Don’t act like you care” he said and walked away.

“I don’t care!, Even if you die ok?” Bianca shouted after him before joining the girls.

They entered the cafeteria together, and immediately they settled, the TV came on.

“It came fast today” CeCe smiled, focusing on it.

Honey appeared on screen with her usual flashy but vain smile.

“Hey campus babes and dudes!, It’s your favorite Honey Windsor on screen again on this week’s edition of se-xiest crew Monday. Like we all know, BCC welcomed a new member by the name Kim Rubbish….sorry Kim Nana” she said.

“I feel like slapping her” Carmen said, and CeCe laughed.

“They’re now BCCN. Eww!, Sounds gross right?” Honey continued.

????️ Just say you’re jealous!

????️ Your a-ss must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth

????️ Announce the real deal and stop being a b**ch!

Students started showering her with bad comments, and she exhaled insincerely before continuing.

“Without wasting more time, I’ll reveal the results of the votes from students” she said, and the results came on screen.

BCCN: 3,999


????️ BCCN I stan!!!

????️ fuc-k big a-sses!, Nana is the real deal!

????️ Queens of WSU! BCCN!

The cafeteria turned upside down immediately, and another pictures section started as students began snapping them.

“You know we’re the face of the city, b**ch that’s why you mad ahh!” Bianca shouted, sticking out her tongue.

“Ahh!” CeCe shouted.

“Lil’ b**ch ahh!” Carmen screamed.

“How sure are we that you guys didn’t buy the votes? Huh?” Serena said, suddenly appearing with Riley.

“We don’t need to buy votes to win over you guys cos you both are so fake that even China denied making you” CeCe said.

????️ Whoaaa!!!

“And 99 percent of your beauty could be removed with a Kleenex” Carmen said.

????️ That hurts!

????️ Like damn!

“You guys are so ugly that as soon as your mothers went into labor, all the hospital staffs went on strike” Riley said.

????️ Wowww!

“The last time I saw something like you both…i flushed” Bianca said.

????️ Whoaaa!!!

“A rotten corpse is better than you guys” Serena said.

“The amount of meaningful things you’ve done in your life wouldn’t be enough to fill a single page” Nana said

????️ Jeezz!!!!

“And I always think that God made you both with his eyes closed” CeCe said.

????️ Whoaaa!!!

“No amount of self-editing can fix the ma-ssive failure your autobiography would be” Carmen said.

????️ That burns!!!

By now, tears was almost coming out of Serena’s eyes.

“Serena let’s go” Riley said, pulling her out of the cafeteria.

????️ BCCN!!!

“Honey is hosting an interview for you guys tomorrow at lunchtime” a student suddenly announced.

After the break, everyone went back to cla-ss, and professor Drinkwater gave them an a-ssignment as everyone has been suspecting.

“I knew it, I hate a-ssignments” CeCe muttered.

“It’d be easier to do in groups, so I’m splitting you guys into groups of three people each” he said, and the splitting started.

Martin, CeCe and Carmen fell in same group.

Bianca, Atlas and Serena unfortunately.

Shane and Nana were the last, so no one got paired with them.

“Submit to the clas-srep before Friday. Good luck” he said before leaving the cla-ss.

“Nice to work with you!” Martin winked at CeCe, and she dropped her head on the table.

“I hate Martin” she mumbled.

Martin touched her hair, and she looked up.

“See ya later!, Shortie” he winked, and she stood, running after him.

He took to his heels immediately.

“How many years will I spend in jail for murder?, I think I’m gonna murder my partners” Bianca said, and Nana laughed, but Carmen kept quiet,her face glued to her phone.

“Dean is not active” she muttered worriedly.


“Welcome darling!” Mrs Windsor said cheerfully when Mr Windsor returned from his business trip.

The maids took his suitcase upstairs, and she hug-ged him tightly.

“Missed you”

He pecked her, and Honey rushed downstairs.


“Honey!” He hug-ged her too, but his eyes wide-ned when he saw her wounded face.

“How did this happen!”

“It’s Aura” Mrs Windsor replied, and his eyes wide-ned.


“Aura!!!” He yelled, and Aura came downstairs.

A blinding slap landed on her face immediately, and she fell on the rails with a swollen face.

“How dare you hurt my daughter!, How dare your touch the heiress of Marbles conglomerates you wretched thing!” He shouted, slapping her again.

Aura kept quiet, and he got his phone immediately, dialling the cops.

“I have a criminal in my house,I need you guys to come have her arrested right now!”



Maxine came in, dressed as appropriately as she could, then she started looking around for any sign of a blonde guy.

Honey set her up with a guy as promised. She’s just gonna see how it goes.

“Maxine?” The guy called from an angle, and she faced that angle quickly.

“Oh… Alex?” She said, mesmerized by his beautiful eyes immediately.

“Sure” he replied, standing to pull out a chair for her.

She sat, and he took her right hand. He kis-sed the back of it, s£nding shivers down her body.

“Nice to meet you” he said afterwards.

“Same here” she smiled, and he sat.

Outside the resturant is Honey. She’s in her car with Toby, and they’re watching from there.

The resturant is actually a gla-sshouse, so the walls are transparent. They’re clearly seeing Maxine and Alex.

“See?, Three days after you dumped her, she’s already with another guy. I told you she’s a b**tch, good thing you dumped her like I advised” Honey said.

“Thankfully, just let’s go” Toby replied, and Honey smiled before leaning in.

She kis-sed him lightly, then she brou-ght her hand to his trousers, touching his member.

“Mind going to an hotel?” She winked.

“I’m an [email protected] fuc-k er” he replied.

“Just how I like it” she replied, driving away.


Nana came out of the house, dressed prettily in a short pink gown with st-ripes of white, then a short slit on her left thigh.

She matched it up with fitting shoes and matching bag, then her hair was left lose with a slight pink tint.

“Wow” Shane smiled when she got to him, and they hug-ged.

“You look good” he said.

“Thanks” she sli-pped her hair behind her ear before looking at the car he brou-ght.

A Benz.

“Where did you get this…

“I rented it for three hours” he replied.


“It’s nothing, please hop in” he interrupted, and she took in her bottom li-p before getting in.

Shane got in too and drove away.

He drove them to an expensive resturant, and immediately they came down, she [email protected].

“Wait…this place is too…

“Expensive?, Come on…” He said and took her in.

It’s a private resturant, and they were given one of the de-epest rooms.

“It’s warm and cozy, I like it” she said when they settled down.


“Trust me”

Their dinner came fast, and immediately it was settled in front of them, Nana started snapping them.

“I see you’re blending into the world of CeCe. She’s the one who snaps everything she does” he said, and she laughed.

“Need to update my WhatsApp” she said, snapping more.

“We won’t snap together?” He asked.

“Was about to say that” she replied, and he came closer.

They snapped a lot of selfies, and she posted everything immediately.

Hashtag: I and one of the hottest guys in WSU, cute us!

They started eating immediately, but Shane wasn’t eating.

He was staring at her as she ate, till she noticed.

“Hey you need to eat too” she said.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, and she blinked thrice like a programmed doll.

“Did I say that out?” He said, and she smiled.

“Sorry….I…..I just couldn’t…. Keep it in and…

“Yes” she interrupted, and his eyes wide-ned.

“Are you for real?” He said shockingly.

“I believe I said that out loud” she replied, and he stood, carrying her up from the chair.

He began swaying her around.

“Shane!” She giggled, holding him tight.

“I’m so lucky, gawd!” He screamed, and she laughed as he dropped her.

“I love you” he said.

“I love you too” she replied, and they hug-ged tightly.

“Need to write down today’s date” he whispered, and she smiled, hugging him tighter.

They left the restaurant after spending two hours and some minutes, then he drove her home.

“See ya in school tommorow!” He smiled, facing her.

“Sure” she replied, and they kis-sed lightly before she got down from the car.

He drove off. She was about to rush in when she felt her bag is lighter.

She checked, and her eyes wide-ned when she couldn’t find her phone.

“My phone!, Did I forget it in the restaurant?”

She rushed down the street and luckily got a cab which took her there.

Lights is already out when she got there, seems it’ll soon close.

She rushed in and ran in the darkness for almost ten minutes before she located the room

Her phone isn’t there!

“Gosh!” She said and rushed to the door, but it won’t open.

“Is this some kind of joke?, I’m in here!!!” She shouted, but only the echo of her voice came back, then a sound from behind.

She looked back, and a Torchlight came on, making her freeze.

“Who’s… who’s…there?” She stuttered fearfully.

“Kim Nana?” Dwayne’s voice said, and she blinked.

“Dwayne Miller?, What are you doing here?” She asked, walking to him.

“I sleep in here anytime I don’t wanna sleep at home” he replied, and she squ-atted in front of him.

“Is there a problem?”

“There’s always a problem at home” he replied.

“You could have gone to an hotel”

“I don’t like hotels” he replied, and she sat beside him.

“Seems I’m trapped in here” she said.

“Yes, it’s an international resturant so all the doors lock automatically by 11, and the time is past 11 already” he replied, and she sighed.

Silence descended in the room for three minutes, then Dwayne looked at her.

“I don’t think I can ever stop being a jerk. Seems I’ll keep begging you for forgiveness and saying sorry” he said, and she faced him.

“I’m sorry about the other time in school. That wasn’t my real self” he said, and she looked away from him.

“You bled” she said.

“I’ve bled close to hundred times, I’m strong” he replied, and she nodded.

“Your mum will be worried about you” she said, and he laughed dryly.

“Worried?, I don’t have that luxury. Even if I die today, she’d happily bury me. You’re lucky to have loving parents, I’m sure they’ll be looking for you right now” he said, facing her.

“Your mum hates you?” She asked.

“I’ve always wanted her love since I was young, but I never got any. She loves my late twin brother, and the fact that I was partly the cause of his death made her hate me more” he replied, rubbing the bracelet on his wrist.

Nana went silent for a while before trying to speak, but his head landed on her shoulder before she could.

The smell of his lavender mint hair shampoo flooded her nostrils immediately.

Her eyes wide-ned, and he smiled with his eyes closed.

“I promise not to try anything funny, so don’t push my head away please” he muttered.

Nana bit her li-p gently.

“Your real self with the retro style is more beautiful. You don’t need makeup or short skirts, You’re pretty just the way you are” he whispered, and she felt her heart skip a beat immediately.




TB Continued…

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