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Dwayne Miller episode 24 & 25

MILLER ????????
{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.


“What!” Nana [email protected], and Dwayne resumed smoking without replying.

Nana kept standing there like an idiot for some minutes, swallowing [email protected] each minute.

She was about to start walking to him when Shane came for her.

He grabbed her hand, and she faced him.


“Let’s go” he replied, and took her away.

Dwayne dropped his weed before taking the charm bracelet, then he smiled and klzzed it.

“Glad to have you back” he said and put it on, then Riley appeared.

“Hey baby!” She sat on his laps, and he klzzed her immediately, but it didn’t last cos he broke it quickly.

“Why?” She asked, caressing his body.

“I’m not in the mood” he replied.

“Seriously?” she said.

” Get up” he replied, but instead of doing that, she took off her thin blouse.

She’s not wearing a bra, so her b**bs dangled in front of him.

“See?, I’m all ready for you” she winked with a bite on her l!ps, then she took his hand to her skirt and dipped it underneath.

She’s not wearing [email protected] too, so she touched her cl*t with it directly.

“F**k me” she said, shoving his f!ng£rs into herself.

Dwayne removed them and sighed.

“Do I need to push you away before you listen?” He said plainly.

“Dwayne I…

Before she could finish, he pushed her away, and she fell from his laps.

“Oh wow!” Dean said naughtily, settling beside Dwayne.

Riley didn’t bother to cover her b**bs, she only picked her blouse and walked away.

“Sweet f!ng£rs, you ok?” Dean asked.

Dwayne resumed smoking without replying.

“Another fight with your mum?” Dean said.

“Dean please….

“F**k you” Dean replied and poured himself a cup of beer.


Shane got to the front of the females changing room before letting go of Nana, and they faced each other.

“Were you really gonna give him a lap dance?” He asked, and she blinked.

“You heard?”

“By chance” he replied, and she sighed.

“Something actually happened” she replied, and he nodded.

“Wanna get changed?” He asked.

“Sure” she replied, and he smiled.

“Should I wait?” He asked.

“Hmmn, sure!” She smiled, and he chuckled as she walked in.

“Dude!” Martin appeared, and he turned around.

“You here too?, Thought you said you weren’t coming cos of Stanley” he said.

“It’s [email protected] to stay home alone knowing fully well that my bud is here having fun!” Martin replied, and Shane laughed.


“You’re waiting for your potential girlfriend?” Martin said.

“Call it whatever” Shane replied.

“I knew it!” Martin shouted.

“Behave normal for once, please” Shane replied.

“Sweetheart!” A familiar voice called behind, and they faced that direction to see Aura.

“Aura?” Shane said, and she hugged him immediately she got to him, but he broke it almost immediately.

“Nice to see you again sweetheart, I see your face healed” she smiled, touching his face.

He stepped back. “My name is Shane” he said.

“I prefer sweetheart” she winked, and he sighed.

“I’m his friend, and my name is Martin” Martin quickly said.

“Nice to meet you too!, I’m Aura!” Aura said cheerfully.

“She’s my savior, put it that way” Shane said.

“Shall we all go have some fun?” Aura said.

“No I’m actually waiting for someone” Shane replied.

“Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend already” Aura said, and Shane blinked.

“No… But…

“Yes!” Aura jumped, and Martin laughed.

“You have a crush on my friend?”

“It was love at first sight” Aura winked, and Martin stuck hands with her.


“The next time I’ll have s*x is when I’m ready to be a mother, what’s the fuss about it when it’s actually so painful” Carmen complained after putting on her singlet.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it in the end” Bianca said.

“I did, but the pains in the beginning was hellish, I even called mum” Carmen replied, and Bianca started laughing with CeCe.

“You’re still a rookie, so I understand” CeCe said, then they all faced Nana who have been quiet.

“Retro queen, are you ok?” Carmen asked.

“You’ve been quiet” CeCe said.

“I’m fine, let’s go” she replied after rolling her hair into a bun.

She led the way out, and the girls faced each other.

“Strange” Bianca muttered as they all rushed out after her.

“I’ll go with Shane she said.

“Take care of her” Bianca said.

“Sure” Shane replied and held her hand, taking her away.

“Is he crushing on her?” Aura asked Martin.

“Kinda” Martin replied.

Maxine came out of another changing room, and the first person she saw was Honey.

She’s speaking to Toby, her ex!

She started walking to them, but before she could get to them, Toby left.

“I saw Toby here just now” she said.

“Oh…I was just talking to him about how cruel he was for breaking your heart that way” Honey replied awkwardly.

“Oh… I got over him anyways” Maxine said.

“I trust you!” Honey smiled, and they walked into the party lounge.

“I’ll set you up with another guy tommorow” Honey suddenly said.

“Not now” Maxine said.

“No objections” Honey replied.

“Finnnne” Maxine replied, and Honey sighted Dwayne.

“My baby is here!, See ya!” She gushed and rushed over to the corner.

“Hey baby!” She said, sitting on Dwayne’s laps when she got to him.

“Get off” he rolled eyes, and she frowned.

Dwayne’s eyes were fixed on Nana who’s currently drinking with Shane.

They’re chatting and laughing.

“If you’re angry about it, you can take it out on me” Honey said, but he only continued staring at Shane and Nana

Shane mistakenly poured alcohol on himself, and Nana is wiping his shirt with tissues.

Dwayne clenched his teeth, and Nana suddenly looked his way.

Their eyes met, and that was when Shane pulled her to himself and hugged her.

Dwayne bit his l!p [email protected] and Honey tried to turn him to herself, but he pushed her and she fell on the couch.

“Don’t touch me” he said, and she started breathing [email protected] in anger.

Shane broke the hug with Nana, and she blinked.

“Your shirt is soaked, we should get it dried first” she said.

“I’d rather spend that time with you” he replied, and she smiled, holding his shoulders.

He slowly held her waist cos he’s sitting while she’s standing between his legs.

“Can I cross my limits?” Shane suddenly asked, his eyes staring into hers.

“What?” She asked, and he began leaning in slowly.

Nana’s eyes widened at first, but when she figured out he’s for real, her eyes closed before she knew it, and Shane’s l!ps landed on hers.

Her hold on his shoulders tightened, and he held her waist more firmly as their l!ps kept pressing on each other.

Dwayne took took the bottle of alcohol in front of him and smashed it on the wall angrily immediately he saw that.

“Dwayne!” Dean stood.

He didn’t spare him a glance before walking out of the corner.

Dean suddenly got a ding on his phone, and his eyes widened immediately.

He ran out of the lounge.

Shane and Nana were still klzzing. It’s the first klzz for both of them but… sweet.

They both never knew it’d come this way.

Shane slowly broke the klzz, and when their eyes met again, they smiled brightly at each other.

“Your first?” He asked, and she nodded.

“Same here” he said, hugging her afterwards.

“Party animals!, Are you ready!” The DJ screamed over the speakers.

“Of course!!!” Everyone screamed.

“Scream V-I-B-E-S!”

“Vibes!!!!!!” They screamed, and the music went louder as they dance floor opened.

Riley began twerking on stage immediately, and guys surrounded her, spraying her @ss with money.

“Let’s go get pizza” Shane said, pulling Nana away.

Carmen and the girls got pizza and drinks too.

Immediately they settled down to eat, Aura pulled Martin to their table.

“Can I join you guys?” She asked.

“The girl from earlier?” Bianca said.

“My name is Aura!” She winked.

“I like you” CeCe said.

“Same here” Aura replied.

“Hey guys!” Stanley joined the table, sitting on the other side of Martin.

“Hey Stan!” CeCe said cheerfully.

“I’m here too!” Maxine sat.

“Our table always attracts people” Carmen said.

“We’re here too” Shane joined with Nana.

“I and my baby won’t mind joining” Atlas came with Serena.

“Leave this table Atlas” Bianca said.

“Why?, Are you jealous?” Serena said.

“Don’t be harsh” Atlas replied, sitting with Serena

Stanley suddenly touched Martin’s face, and he faced him quickly.

“You’re sweating” he said, and Martin smiled awkwardly.


Stanley got an handkerchief and started wiping the sweat with it.

[email protected] vibes” Aura muttered.

“What?” CeCe asked.

“Nothing” she replied.

They all started eating, and Atlas kept klzzing Serena every minute, Bianca kept staring.

CeCe kept trying to get Stanley’s attention, but Stanley was all over Martin.

Shane and Nana kept smiling at each other.

Aura acted carefree, like she’s not concerned with Shane and Nana.

“Let’s play a game” Carmen suddenly suggested.

“This is where a fight breaks out in every movie” Maxine said.

“I actually support it, a game” Bianca said.

“Nice!” Aura smiled.

“What game?” Shane asked.

“Each person will have to choose drop a comment about someone” Carmen said.

“Nice!” Nana said.

“I don’t like where this is going” Martin muttered.

“I’ll go first, and I choose Stanley” CeCe said.

“I think he’s the s*xiest guy in WSU, no cap” she continued.

????️ Aww!!!

“Thanks CeCe” Stanley smiled, and CeCe blushed [email protected]. His smile is always heartwarming.

“Shane is the only handsome guy I know, take it or gimme money” Aura said.

????️ Awww!!!!

“Martin is cute, seriously” Stanley said.

????️ Awww!

“He’s truly cute” Aura said, touching his hair.

“Nana is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, she’s got everything i like in a girl” Shane said

????️ Whoaaa!!!

“Why aren’t you guys dating yet?” Bianca said, and everyone laughed.

“CeCe might be short, but she’s hot” Martin said.

????️ Aww!

“How cute!” Carmen said.

“Must you talk about the shortness?”. CeCe rolled eyes, and Martin chuckled.

“Serena is better than my ex” Atlas said, and Bianca drank from her cup.

“Now this is getting mad” Maxine said.

“Bianca had a one night stand with Atlas last week” Serena said, and all eyes widened.

“It’s just a confirmation that she’s a b**ch” Serena continued

“Serena shut your trap” CeCe said.

“I was only stating the truth” Serena replied, and Bianca stood

She gulped all the drink in her cup before climbing the table, then she jumped on Serena and they went down together.

She began hitting her [email protected] on the face, and when Atlas made to take her away, Carmen and CeCe grabbed him.

They plunged him on a chair and started taking turns to slap him.

“You’re a failure!” Serena shouted, grabbing Bianca’s hair.

“I hate being called your report card!” Bianca shouted back, removing her hand before punching her on the face again.

“Ouchh!, Atlas!” She cried, but Atlas is still busy getting beaten by C and C.

“They deserve it” Maxine said.

“Aura?, What the heck are you doing here?” Honey said behind, and Aura faced her.

“Oh…aloe vera” she smiled, and Honey slapped her thunderously, leaving everyone speechless.

“Told you countless times to stop calling me that!, And now get out of here!” Honey barked, and Aura wiped the blood on her l!ps before facing her.

“You’re so dead” she said and charged towards her.

She pushed Martin out of the way, and he staggered on Stanley.

Stanley hugged her to himself so he wouldn’t fall, and Martin’s eyes widened.

Aura finally got to Honey and just one punch on her face made her [email protected] out.

Aura dragged her up and slapped her, and that woke her up.

“Never mess with Aura!” Aura spat and punched her again.

Honey [email protected] out for the second time.

“Cops!” Someone screamed, and everyone started running out of the place.

Shane grabbed Nana’s hand, and they were among the first to get out.

They climbed his bike, and he drove them away.

They got to her house after ten minutes, and she returned the helmet.

“Thanks” she said.

“See ya in school tomorrow?” He said, and she nodded.

He hugged her tightly, and she quickly reciprocated. He klzzed her neck softly.

“Goodnight” he said.

“Goodnight” she replied, and he drove off.

She was about to go in when she saw Dwayne outside the Millers mansion.

He was standing beside the flower garden, staring at her.

She stopped, and they stared at each other for a while before she went in.

Immediately she got to her room, she went to her wishlist on the wall.

The number six is *I WISH TO GET MY FIRST klzz FROM THE GUY I LOVE*

She smiled and marked it since it has been accomplished.

She fell on her bed and smiled, but when she remembered Dwayne, the smile vanished.

She got a text immediately, from Shane.

“Sweet dreams ????”

She smiled and typed a reply.


She got a message from the group chat immediately.

CECE: Did you guys get home safely?

NANA: Just getting home right now

BIANCA: Me too

CARMEN: Me too, but I’m still trying to reach Dean

CECE: Tomorrow is the D-Day!

Nana smiled and stood, then she went to her closet to start fishing out her outfit.

Seems tommorow is the most important day of her life.


Jisoo, Jimin and Rona were already eating breakfast when Nana came downstairs.

“Come here I’ll feed….

Rona hasn’t finished that statement when she saw her, and she choked on her food, spitting it all on Jimin’s face.

“Omo omo!” (Oh my oh my!) She [email protected]

“Nana is this you?” Jisoo said, her spoon fell from her.

“Nana!!!” Jimin shouted.

“I’m off to school” Nana smiled and left the house.

Bianca was already waiting outside for her, and immediately she saw her, she almost fainted.

“F**k!, Nana!!!” She screamed, and Nana smiled, turning around.

She’s wearing short denim skirt and thin-strapped pink floral tank top, revealing her navel, then black boots. Her hair was slightly curled, and she’s wearing a little makeup.

“Just kill me, murder me!, WSU here we come!” Bianca opened the car door for her, and she stepped in.

The drive to school was fast, and immediately they got down from the car, insane screams rented everywhere.


CeCe and Carmen joined them, and they started posing as required, getting more attention than usual, especially Nana.

????️ Kim Nana!

????️ Never knew she’s this pretty!

????️ F**k!

????️ She’ll be the s*xiest girl that ever walked the hallway of WSU!

????️ The bellybutton!

????️ Her b**bs are seductively large!

????️ I’m dying!!!

Serena and Riley arrived too, and unluckily for them, Serena has bruises on her face from last night, makeup couldn’t cover it all.

They all walked into the hallway at once, and the screams got crazier.

????️ BCCN for life!

????️ F**k Serena and Riley!

????️ BCCN!!!

Shane was smiling from the midst of students as he watched. He’s literally going crazy with Nana’s new appearance.

Dwayne was watching too, with a blank expression.

“Nana is hotter than fire” Dean commented beside him.

“Her real self is prettier” Dwayne replied and left, going to the rooftop straight.

Strangely, the klzz she had with Shane last night has been lingering around his head, he couldn’t sleep till daybreak.

He leaned on the wall and was about to lighten a roll of weed when Nana rushed upstairs too.

After the whole catwalks, she felt so nervous, that’s why she came here for some air.

She inhaled and exhaled three times before smiling, but immediately she turned to leave, she saw Dwayne behind.

She wanted to talk, but she stopped herself and walked past him.

Dwayne pulled her back immediately, then he pinned her to wall and leaned in.

Nana’s eyes widened, and she quickly avoided his l!ps as he tried to klzz her.

She moved her head sidewards, and he moved there too, trying to klzz her again.

She started struggling with him to break free, moving her l!ps around.

Dwayne struggled with her too, trying so [email protected] to have a taste of her l!ps.

He suddenly pressed his body on hers, holding her down forcefully in another attempt to klzz her.

“Dwayne Miller!!” Nana cried out, and tears came out of her eyes immediately.

“Please….let me go” she cried slowly, her tears falling on his arms.

He came back to his s£nses immediately, and he slowly let her go.

She squatted and continued crying slowly, and Dwayne swallowed [email protected], looking at her guiltily.

Shane rushed upstairs, and immediately he saw the scene, his eyes widened.

He rushed to them and punched Dwayne on the l!ps.

Dwayne staggered as his l!ps bursted.

Shane looked at crying Nana again and went more crazy, then he threw another heavy punch at Dwayne’s stomach, and another one at his face.

Dwayne fell [email protected], hitting his head on the wall.



TB Continued…

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