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distance but destined episode 53

????Episode 53????
By Tiana

I was still in shocked as i stared at Jordan, all of us were surprise seeing her.
“those are the docu-ments, transaction and all dealing of the illegal drugs from Toby and his dad. These are from the original source and am sure it will help,” she said and before we could even speak she hurriedly left.

“Jordan i said almost in whisper but she’s gone, even thou she has been the bad guy i still wanted to thank her for this.
“what’s this? Janelle quickly open the envelope and go throu-ghthe papers.
“Adrian Kitsch the drug lord. what! Janelle almost yelled still staring at the docu-ments, dad collect it from her to go throu-ghit.
“Toby is such as-sa-sshole,” she cussed.
“Maja,” i heard my name called and i turn to see Selene.
“they rumors were true, how the heck did you even get here? she asked looking so worried.

“you were right after all, Toby was just using me,” i cried.
“all their transactions are here, including some of their photos that shows enough evidence,” dad said.
“we need to do something dad, it getting late already and i need to get out of here,”
“i need to call Toby then,” Janelle said as she stood up.
“please be careful,” i said.

▪▪Toby’s POV▪▪
I went home thinking about the whole thing. Damn you Maja! all i feel for her now is hate! hate!! and i hate myself too for not even getting her on my bed before doing this mess, she’s so stubborn, she even broke up with me, i knew this how the goddamn relationship will definitely end but i should have use and dumped her so that she will forever regret that.

I haven’t receive a call from any of my men yet but i hope they will be able to wiped out these family. I tried calling dad but he wasn’t picking up any of my calls, a new number came in and i picked up.
“hi Toby,” a voice said and i could tell it sound familiar.
“who am i speaking to? i asked coldly.
“it’s Janelle, please Toby Maja has been crying all night and she really needs you, she said she just want to see you maybe that will cool her down,”
“oh my! am damn busy now i gat lots of things to do,”

“please Toby am not asking you to stay for too long just do this for my sister, remember you promise to always make her happy she really need you now.. please,” Janelle pleaded and i think i couldn’t say no.
“okay.. am gonna drop by now,” i said.
“thank you, i know you’ve always loved my sister,” she said while i sigh then hanged up.
“shit! this crazy. Well i guess am good to go since no one knows about me, no one can probably know about that. I tried calling Jordan but her line isn’t going throu-gh, i need her to do something urgently for me now.

I hurriedly left to the station, to the visiting area in precise, i saw her dad talking to one of the agent, just when am about to walked up to them a call came into my phone and it’s from Jiako.
“there’s a problem sir,” he said, he voice sounded so angry.
“what? i asked curiously.

“am sorry sir but your dad is found dead in his office and all docu-ments has been taken away, the doctor confirm him to be poisoned,”
“shit! shit* how the heck did this happen. Who killed my dad and why were the docu-ments taken,” i yelled, i didn’t even realize my eyes were clouded up with tears. Am stuck in this mess if dad is truly dead.
“rumors has it that it’s Jordan, she was the last person to be seen with him at his office but our men are still searching for her,”

Jiako said while i hanged up, i need to go and see everything for myself, i looked around to make sure no one saw me and just when i was about leaving immediately someone called my name and i felt like disappearing. I will never go to jail, never, dad has always gat my back. I did lots of illegal things and this not the first time something like this is happening, dad will definitely help me out of this mess.
“Toby, it’s a good thing you came,” Janelle said as she walked more closer to me. An idea pop into my head and i smirk.

“where’s Maja, i need to see her,” i quickly said and was about to go and hug her when her dad stopped me. My idea was to stabbed her so de-eply with the small knife i have with me when i hug-ged her.
“you are under arrest Toby, whatever you said or do will be used against you in the court of law,” one of the cops said while i laugh sarcastically finding the whole thing ridiculous.

“what’s this for? i yelled then stare at Janelle who just smirked. bit-ch ! i cussed then stabbed her immediately, it was so de-ep and the knife was so sharp, am sure she’s not gonna survived.. I wanted to run but i was caught immediately and next thing i was hand-cuff. If only i knew they were trying to set me up i wouldn’t have come here.
“Damn you all,” i yelled while Maja slapped me.
“if anything bad should happen to my sister you will pay,” she said in tears while i look at Janelle in a pool of her blood, she was rushed out immediately..
“i will make you pay for killing my dad and what evidence did you even have,” i yelled.. this whole thing is not over Jordan will also have to pay.

▪Lena’s POV????
someone barged in forcefully and i thought it was even Alvary, he always comes home late, looking all sad and this whole thing is weighing him down just like me. I couldn’t sleep. My children are not even in good terms with each other and to honest am so disappointed at Jordan but it’s still not her fault because Lewis has brainwash her and i cant just bring myself to hate my daughter, no matter what happens, Jordan is still my daughter and i know she loves me and Alvary so much but what i can’t fathom is why she will hurt him this way.
“Alvary,” i called then walked to the sitting room and was shocked to see Lewis looking so angry.

“you! he yelled.
“get out of my house this minute! what are you even doing here? i said angrily wondering why he even came i thought Jordan promise not to tell him anything yet.
“i have been patient enough with you and your fu-cking son, i guess it’s time i end your journey here,” he yelled.
“you have no right to do that because you’ve caused so much pain to Alvary already. I regret the day i meet you Lewis, i hate you for raising Jordan that way, you brainwashed her and make her do all that to her brother,”

“and i will even make her to kill her own mother,” he laughed sarcastically..
“Lena, you’re just like Rodney and i also think marrying was my biggest mistake ever, i hate you too,” he yelled while i picked up my phone to call Alvary but he grabbed the phone and smash it to the wall.
“i will kill you myself because that’s the only way to hurt your son so bad, i killed his father, i truly killed Rodney and i will kill his mother now,” he yelled while i slapped him.
“how dare you,” he yelled dragging me by my hair, he slapped me back then push me so [email protected] on the floor, pointing his gun at me.

“am not gonna beg you not to kill me but i want to a-ssure you that you will never have peace and Alvary will do everything to make sure justice is served, you have to pay for whatever you did to him and his dad,” i said while he pulled the trigger several times at me..
“and i will still kill your son,” he laughed. I was already in a pool of my blood when is when Alvary ran in, i was so scared.. Lewis might kill him.
“mom.. mom..” he said in a shaky voice.
“please stay alive for me,”

“am sorry for not giving you the kind of family you’ve always wanted but you can still be happy again with your sister, just try to forgive her,” i manage to say, blood drip from my mouth, my whole system was burning because Lewis almost used all his bullets on me. I never saw this coming, i just wanted to be there for my children now, i just want to see Alvary happy again and also to see Jordan changed for good. Am sorry Rodney i couldn’t even give our son the best.. i was slowly losing my breath as Alvary hold me close..

▪▪Alvary’s POV????
my fears increased when i saw mom in a pool of her blood, my eyes were filled with tears already. Mom is the only family i have left, the only woman who loved me so much even without judging me, she’s the reason am still alive and that’s why am still fighting [email protected] to make sure Lewis pay for everything he did to her and my father.

I can’t continue any of this without her by my side, i will be left alone in this world of cruelty without anyone to comfort me, i don’t want to start another journey of sorrow without her, i don’t think i can cope with this. I stare at Lewis who was looking shocked, he killed my father and now he shoot my mom mercilessly, he pulled the trigger at me but it’s a good thing his bullet got finished already, he ran out while i followed him, i was fast enough to catch him and the first thing i did was t to punch him so [email protected] on his face, eyes, nose and mouth, i almost disfigured everything in his

face, i was just so thirsty for vengeance, i just want to kill him with my bare hands. I pulled him closer then smash his head on the wall making him bleed, he gro-aned as he held his head.
“you’re such an ingrate, am still your father because i raise you to become who you are today, how can you do this to me,” he yelled.

“you’re not my father, you’re just an enemy, the enemy within who ruined my life, you killed my father and now you want to do the same with mom,” i said angrily and was about hitting him when i felt a cut on my hand, i stare at him and notice he cut me with a knife on my hand then he hurriedly stood up. The cut was not so de-ep and i stood up to follow him but damn he escaped, i hurried back to mom and i was shocked when i saw her in that condition.. suddenly the cops walked in ..

“he escaped,” i told them. Mom was hurried to the hospital but i guess we were too late, the doctor just announced that she was already death even before we arrived here, her body was taken to the morgue and i sat down quietly thinking about the whole thing, i don’t think my life will ever remain the same, Lewis has finally succeeded in ruining my entire life…
Life has been so unfair to me…????????
The next day Jordan came to the hospital, i guess she must have heard of the news but i didn’t let her to see mom’s remains.
“you killed her and i will blame you for everything, so you’re not going to see mom,” i yelled at her.

“i did what you asked of me Alvary, i even killed Mr. Adrian, his son is with the cops now and my life is at stake, the police are still looking for me so as the rest of the gang, i might die anytime soon just allow me to see mom, how could dad even do that to her,” she cried.
“you told him everything, you caused this Jordan and you’ve fu-cked up a bigtime so just leave,”
“she’s also my mother..

“your mom?.. huh! mom is so disappointed in you, your evil father is outside, somewhere hiding go and get him so he would pay for everything Jordan, because as long as you’re still alive i will always blame you for mom’s dead,” i said angrily.
“i didn’t tell him ,

i didn’t…
“i don’t fu-cking care, i just want him to be captured by the police weather dead or alive, can you help me do that? i asked while she she looked speechless…
“Alvary! i heard a familiar voice and i turn to the direction i heard the voice, i was surprised to see her..
Maja- what is she doing here??????


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