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distance but destined episode 52

????Episode 52????
By Tiana

Alvary’s POV▪▪
I was shocked seeing that, i quickly change the channel to another news channel and it still the same thing. Seems the news have gone viral and so rumors has it that she might has something to do with the illegal business of drugs in secret and i find all that lame. Maja can never do that, i mean i don’t even know her for that except she has change so badly, could it be someone who want to frame her again..
Alvary,” mom called as she walked in looking so sad.
“if you are here to talk about Jordan to me then am not interested in that,”
“i know. Jordan has been a pain to us and am so disappointed at her but if she’s willing to change then why not forgive her she was only brainwashed by her dad,” mom enthused.

“no mom!
“she’s your sister,”
“and am her brother but yet she pushed through with all her dirty plans on me. Please i don’t want to talk about anyone not even Jordan. I said then hurried back to my room, my heart was so heavy and i don’t even know if it’s about Jordan or about what happening to Maja. An idea pop into my head. I think i need to talk to Jordan…

The next day….✨
Jordan’s POV????
I was already at the organization with Toby when he told me every details.
“you set her up….. that’s the serious case Toby,” i said
“you know her kind of family Toby. Her dad will do everything to get her out of there and mind you once they try going deep into searching for the whole truth the truth about you might come and also this goddamn organization,” i yelled.
“fuck them Jordan i already s£nt my men to have them killed and even if i get caught which i know would never happen i will still get away with that,”
“get away with what? we heard Mr. Adrian voice from behind.

“i knew you were behind what happen to the so called girl.. right? he asked while Toby nodded.
“what if..
“i will clean the mess i started dad. I already s£nt my men to kill her parents,”
“that’s not enough Toby, why didn’t use your s£nse. We might all get caught,” Mr. Adrian yelled at him.
“i will fix the mess i did,” he said then walked out angrily.
“i have an idea,” i told Mr. Adrian.
“what could it be? he asked while i smirk. This the perfect opportunity to ruin everything and everyone…

… I felt so bad about the whole thing but i didn’t even tell dad that Alvary already knows about my plan and he was damn angry at me. Well i like the fact that Toby has put Maja in her right place but i have a bad feeling about everything, the news is all over the net and i know Alvary must have heard everything i just hope he don’t meddle in this because he might end up being killed which i will never forgive myself if that happens.
I don’t want to end up in jail and once the truth is out i have to pay for everything. Toby just risked our lives by doing all this but the painful part is what Alvary told me, he hates me now and i don’t blame him for that. My phone rang and i was surprise to see the caller which turn out to be Alvary!… has mom talked to him already!

▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
Jordan came and she looked really surprise. Well i have to play this smart.
“am sure you know everything about your dad’s doing. Look Jordan i only wanted a good life for us, for the three of us, you, me and mom but seems you’ve ruin everything because i still find it difficult to believe my sister would do that to me,” i said.
“i know it will be so difficult to forgive me Alvary but please …

“yeah i will never in whole life forgive you because i don’t think theirs a little goodness left in you,” he said and i could tell she looked so sad.
“just prove me wrong Jordan, do the right thing. Just do the right thing and maybe i can forgive you,”
“what else do you want me to do,” she asked in tears.
“i know you might have know about what happen to Maja, just help her if you can,” i said while she looked at me.
“Am not trying to accuse you. If you know what actually happen just do that for her, to make it up to her for all the pains you’ve cause me and her,” he said.

“i don’t know anything about it but i just want you to know am not as bad as you think, i just hope you’ll forgive me someday,” she said as she stood up and was about to leave.
“just do the right thing, at least for once in your life,” i said before she finally walked away. I headed to the station already officer Tagui said he already has a warrant to arrest Lewis even thou we don’t have concrete evidence yet, but am sure Jordan might do something and we might get some information from those hoodlums that were arrested already…

Later in the evening…✨
Lewis wasn’t at home and same thing with Jordan. I tried calling her but she wasn’t picking any of my calls and that goddamn Lewis was no where to found, could that means he knows about everything but Jordan said she didn’t tell him anything..

I went back and just when i step put of the car i was shocked to see his car- yes Lewis car was packed outside and i was damn scared because mom was inside! How did he knows about here– Jordan must have told him everything already. I quickly call the police for back up and just when am about to go inside i heard several gunshots and my heart skip a beat. Mom!!!????
I swear i will kill this monster myself if anything bad should happen to my mom.
is either he die or i die…..????

.▪▪Maja’s POV ▪▪
I sat down in tears after going through so much questions from the FBI, question that i can’t even answers, annoying question but yet i pull myself together and defend myself, i told them everything i know. I mean i was just a poor girl leaving with my mom before my life later changed when i meet my sister and dad, i don’t even engaged in any illegal things talk more of drugs, why can’t they believe me. I wipe my tears when i saw dad, mom and Janelle, i quickly stood up and hugged dad.
“please dad take me out of here am innocent you all know that,” i cried.

“am doing my best and if this case is going anywhere further i have my lawyer already and we are all your witness. I have cancel our flight we need fight this with you together,” he said while i burst into more tears.
“i promise you this Maja you won’t spent a night here,” he @ssured me.
“your dad is doing everything he can Maja,” mom said in tears too.

“we are all here for you Maja, we won’t leave your side because we are your family. We are in this together,” Janelle said while i hugged her in tears. We sat down on around the table and dad suggested something which got me thinking.
“Toby was with you all and you could possibly do that,” Janelle conclude while i looked shocked.
“but dad… Toby isn’t

engaged in any illegal business, he works at Kitsch Cooperate. I mean he can never do that to me,” i said so confused.
“i checked the cctv footage at our house,” dad said while Janelle brought a system from her bag.
“we saw this in the footage. Fuck Toby that @sshole will gonna pay,” Janelle cussed.

I slowly watched the video in tears. Toby was so foolish not to have know there where cctv cameras everyday at our house and this video clearly shows how he put the goddamn thing inside my handbag. We were all inside and i guess he came out to make a call outside where my luggage was parked. I was in tears already. Why will he do this to me.
“is this enough evidence dad,” i whimpered.

“i will submit this to the FBI and am sure it will help,” he said.
“don’t worry Maja. We won’t tell toby about this just yet. He thinks he can play this dirty games with you, well am ready to help him finish what he started,” Janelle said angrily..

” i just hope this won’t result to something big, this evidence might not be enough for them” mom said so worried.
“i have more than enough evidence to take Toby and the whole organization to jail,” i heard a familiar voice and we all turned to see JORDAN????. Like Jordan!
What is she doing here, she was holding some files as she dropped in on the table.
“your lives is at stake here and once you’re out of here Toby’s men are everywhere waiting to see a glimpse of you…

“you can’t deceive us again Jordan, just leave,” Janelle yelled at her.
“am doing this not because am starting to like Maja or anyone am just doing the right thing just as Alvary told me. Am only doing this because of him,” she said and i was shocked.
where is he then??????


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