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distance but destined episode 51

????Episode 51????
By Tiana

Alvary’s POV▪▪
I watch the footage closely. This was the cctv footage the cops were able to get and Henry face shows clearly with some of his men.
“do you think he’s telling us the truth, why will

Jordan do that? i asked officer Tagui.
“Henry will be in our custody and with that we will be able to trace some of those kidnappers, Jordan have to come for questioning too,” he said.
“okay officer, i will try to confirm that myself and she dare not deny anything,”
Am just fed up with everything, i feel so sad about this whole thing.

▪▪▪I went back home and it’s a good thing Jordan already left. I walked straight to the wine bar to have myself drunk.
“why the hell are you looking like this? mom asked so worried as she collect the bottle of wine from my hand.
“just spill it Alvary why are you like this? she asked.

“i just want to forget about everything, i fu-cking want to forget about the whole thing,” i yelled angrily.
“i told you this mom, my suspicious about her were all true, she was the one behind my kidnapped, her and her fu-cking father and who knows if she was still the same person that wanted be killed,” i yelled, mom looked shocked.

“okay…. what are you trying to say. Jordan can’t do that to you, remember the goddamn kidnappers shoot her,”
“that’s the thing- you trust her so much and she might still be the person to kill you someday. Jordan is just like her father and i will make them pay for all the pain they’ve caused me,” i hurriedly rush back to my room ignoring mom’s call. I locked the door in my room and threw whatever my hands laid on. Jordan’s hatred towards Maja make her do all this to me and i won’t spare her nor her father.

Maja’s POV
After dinner we talked about lots of things with my parents and we even watched a movie together. Dad suggested we do that so we could have time for ourselves as families because we’ve all been so busy lately, he also suggest we go on vacation and we all agreed to it, i guess with this we can have a great time together.

I and Janelle retired back to our room, actually it’s tomorrow we are leaving to Dubai, dad has already make arrangement and our visa is ready as well.
I sat down feeling so worried about the whole thing, i need to know my stand with Toby before i travel out. ever since he called saying we should just break up with him, we haven’t talked since then, he didn’t call and i also didn’t bother to call him.

“i think i will just break up with Toby before i leave,” i told Janelle.
“it’s not like i don’t like him anymore but i think we both rushed into this relationship. It’s time we start all over again not as couple this time but as friends so that i will get to know him more,” i sigh sadly.

“it doesn’t make any s£nse, i don’t think you and Toby are meant for each other, well it’s a good thing you will breakup with him for good, just follow your heart and do what makes you happy,” she smiled.

“yeah, i guess that’s what am gonna do,”
“well, let me get my things ready, at least this two weeks i don’t have to worry about anyone and who knows if i might find my someone special there in Dubai,” she smile dreamily while i rolled my eyes.
“are you planning to cheat on Clark?
“well he did that to me before, maybe it’s my turn to do so now. It’s a payback time but don’t get it twisted i still love Clark,”

“i think am just so unlucky when it comes to relationship,” i said sadly.
“don’t talk that way am sure Alvary is still coming back for you,” she said while my heartbeat increased at the mention of his name, i suddenly felt so sad.

The next morning i was surprise to see Toby at our house. He came to our house!
“Toby,” i called then walked up to him.
“I’ve missed you so much,” he hug-ged me.
“we have to talk you know,” he said holding my hand as we walked to the pool side.
“are you trying to avoid me? he asked after a brief silence.

“of course not,”
“maybe you don’t love me anymore,”
“don’t say that,”
“anyway am sorry about the thing i told you last time, i was just angry. I’d really love you,” he cooed.
“i have think about the whole thing Toby and am ready for the breakup,” i said while he looked surprised.

“because i want us to start all over again, i want to know you better before getting into any relationship with you. I still love you Toby and trust me i just want this relationship to worked out well next time,”
“starting all over again, you know me too well already. I love you Maja,” he said looking hurt.

“am sorry Toby, it better we just remain friends for now,”
“if that will make you happy but trust me Maja i only have a good intentions for you and i love you so much,” he said pulling me into a hug, i felt so relief at least he’s not angry about this.
“i perfectly understand you Maja, i just want to make you happy and am sorry for all my mistakes, i just hope no one is trying to take you away from me?
“you’ll always be the one,”

i a-ssured him. I told him about our vacation and we’ll be leaving in few hours time, he felt so sad about the whole thing but still wait behind and have breakfast with my family, he even accompany me to the airport and i felt so relief. I felt as if the burden in my heart has been lifted from my shoulders.

Few hours Later…✨
Toby was outside making a phone call while our driver pack few things into the car. Dad insisted for that Mrs. Loren should follow us but she refused insisting that she’ll fine staying here.
Dad, mom and Janelle already left in the same car while i was with toby in his car.

We arrived to the airport and Toby helped me carry my luggage, we reached to those security guards at the security checkpoints, my luggage were screened but one of the security man called my attention.
“am sorry Miss but we just found something inside your handbag,” he said as he dipped his hands in my bag and removed a big folded paper leather.
“well that’s not mine,” i said disgustingly wondering how it even get to my bag.

“this doesn’t belong to my sister, am sure someone must have put it in there,” Janelle said angrily to the man
“i don’t think this belong to Maja,” Toby said while i was so confused now.
“this cocaine Miss and you need to come with us for questioning, this a serious case,” he demanded while others security officers came to see what was happening .
“my daughter has no business with this,” mom told them.
“we are just doing our job, she can’t go scot free just because she claimed that it isn’t hers,” the man insisted.
“i will just call dad,”

Janelle said while i was in tears already. What the heck is all this. Toby hug-ged me a-ssuring me everything will gonna fine, but i don’t think so.
shortly after, Janelle and dad came. Dad explain everything to them but yet they still insisted to take me to the station for questioning.

Dad suggest they check their cctv footage maybe they can have a clue about the person trying to frame me, it’s a good thing they agreed to that but nothing happen. No one even touch my luggage and i felt so scared now…
“am sorry Mr. Ramirez but your daughter has to answer this herself for trying to smuggle out with this those drugs,”
and before i knew it people were already taking pictures of me and the whole thing happening..
am doomed…..????

Alvary’s POV
Mom tried to calm me down last time but i refuse to listen to any of her words. Jordan has been pretending so bad and yet she claimed to love me, who those that!!!

Good thing she showed up this morning, i told her everything and she deny it, saying she don’t even know henry and he’s only trying to frame her.
“Henry isn’t lying about this and the more you keep lying to me the more i will hate you. Just spill it out Jordan i already know about your dad evil deeds and he will have to pay for everything he did to me, so tell me everything before it’s too late,” i yelled.

“how can i do such a thing, i know i never liked Maja but doing that sound pointless,” she said still insisting that she know nothing about it.
“just forget you have a brother then. I have always knew you were evil as your dad or even worse than him Jordan,” i yelled.
“Alvary… why are you saying all this to me.

“just tell me the whole truth, i fu-cking want to hear the whole truth from your mouth but if you keep denying then you’re already on my black list and i don’t freaking care if you’re my sister anymore because i might end up hurting you so bad Jordan,” i said coldly.
“okay fine, am sorry it’s all my fault. I was part of it, but i never meant to hurt you. I love you Alvary and i only wanted what best for my brother,” she cried while i stood speechless.
“am sorry Alvary that Maja isn’t the right woman for you,”

“you’re in no position to tell me who to love, just leave Jordan and i hope you’ll never show your face to me again”
“am sorry, i have to do what i think is right, am sorry,” she apologies but this so called apology is not enough to amend the damages she have caused already.
“just leave,” i yelled while mom quickly came.

“i never meant to do any of those mom, am sorry about this,” she cried.
“i will talk to him,” Mom a-ssured her then took her outside with her. I Sat down in anger thinking about the whole thing. I thought Jordan was truly my sister but i was wrong.

I know she never liked Maja but i never thought she was this evil to do that to me, what if she’s the one that even s£nd those thugs to kill me, her and her fu-cking dad. I sat down on the couch trying to calm myself, the television was on and just when am about to off it- something grip my attention.
???? * Mr. Sebastian’s daughter(Maja Ramirez) has been caught with a cocain trying to smuggle it out..- investigations is still going on..????


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