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accidentally in love with you episode 28 & 29

( Heart Magnet… )


By Rhema J.

✩[ ???????????????? ???????????? ]✩

The whole school were in shock when they finally saw who the popular ‘Dominic Jameson’ was.

“I can’t believe this” Lucky muttered and looked at Erica who had a thinking expression on her face.

“So it turns out that Chase or Dominic whatever! Is not just player that can play both best friends but a play player that can play his entire friends and a play play player that can play the whole school” Erica said while standing akimbo.

“You’ve said my mind, so he was finding it fun to trick everyone of us in this school!” Lucky fumed angrily.

Erica cli-cked her tongue and sat back on the chair.

“He’s seriously gonna get it from me when he’s back, I don’t care if he’s the president whatever or not, I will teach Chase Lockwood a big lesson” she muttered and shook her head.

The door opened and Gwen stepped in with a sullen look on her face.

“Gwen are you alright? Have you seen the news about the president son?” Lucky asked.

“Who haven’t? I mean the whole school are talking about it now” Erica eyed Lucky and stood up.

She walked towards Gwen’s bed and sat beside her.

“How do you feel?” She asked slowly.

“I don’t know I feel so.. I feel so stùpid.. like he was the president son all along, I’ve been liking the president son along and even had a good fight about this with my best friend” Gwen said.

“So? What’s wrong with liking the president son? He’s a human just like us” Lucky scoffed.

“Come on Lucky, you think the president will let his son climb down from his high chair and stoop so low to Gwen or Naomi? Please let’s be realistic here” Erica rolled her eyes.

Gwen shut her eyes tight before sighing out.

“In whatever, neither you nor Naomi will have the guy” Erica added.

“I was not planning to be with him before and now that he’s the president son it got worst, now I know I will never be with him and I don’t know about Naomi but she should be thinking like me right now” Gwen muttered.

“Yeah I hope so” Erica shrugged her shoulders.


An expensive limo stopped in front of the school parking lot, the front sit opened and the chauffeur hurriedly went to open back door for the people inside.

Someone on a pair of expensive snickers came down along with someone on a pair of neat, well polished and really expensive office shoes.

Immediately their face came to view, some camera lights from the reporters began blinking on them.

????Mr President are you here with your son to register?

????Will your son start schooling here?

????What made you change your decision about letting your son do the home school?

As the reporters were bugging them, some students that just arrived began taking pictures and asking them questions.

???? I didn’t know the president son was so handsome!

????I can’t believe Chase is the president son!

????I knew a commoner like Chase can not just be se-xily handsome like this!

????I love his new name now, Dominic will do just fine!


The bodyguards blocked the president and Dominic as they found their way to the VVIP registration office.

“President Jameson and Dominic Jameson, this way place” a woman dressed in a neat and cooperate way said to them.

They followed her straight up with the bodyguards trailing behind them.


On sighting the president and his son, the chairman immediately stood up and rushed to give them a handshake.

He was not the one to handle the scholarship students so he don’t really know how Chase’s face looks like but he kinda find Dominic’s face familiar because he seen the list of scholarship students and one of them were looking like Dominic.

However he didn’t think much about it.

“Please have a sit Mr President and mr Dominic” he pointed the chair opposite him.

Dominic and his father were about to sit but the a-ssistant quickly helped them to draw out their table.

After sitting, they were offered a cup of coffee each.

‘They didn’t treat me like this when I was Chase’ Dominic thought as he looked at the cup of hot coffee.

“I’m here to register my son and I also wanted him to stay in a separate room, I don’t want him to share a room with anyone” the president said.

Dominic looked at his father but didn’t say anything.

“Consider everything you asked for done Mr President” the chairman said with a smile.


“Do you wanna go home and rest or do you wish to start school today?” The president asked when they came out of the office.

“Today dad” Dominic replied.

“Okay, the bodyguards will help in shifting your loads and if you’re having a [email protected] time come back home or call me to come pick you up!”

Dominic almost rolled his eyes at the way his father was talking but he didn’t say anything.

The guards helped in packing and arranging Dominic’s things for him in his room before leaving.

“If you don’t want to start clas-snow, you can just rest and go to clas-stomorrow” president Jameson said.

“I’ve heard dad! Can you leave now” Dominic rolled his eyes at his father.

Finally president Jameson left while Dominic fell on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Where do I start” he muttered.

All of a sudden, his phone began ringing and it was from Vic.

He sighed and picked, Vic face popped up on the screen.

“Dude you’re everywhere on the news do you know that?” He asked.

“Yeah” Dominic replied.

“So what now? How do you wanna go about everything? What about all your friends?” Vic asked.

“My friends are still my friends” he replied.

“Are you sure? After what you did to them?” Vic narrowed his eyes.

“I didn’t do anything thing to them” Dominic frowned.

“Really? Bro you lied to them about yourself” Vic reminded him.

“And you know I had no choice right?” Dominic replied.

“Still, I think you owe them an apology” Vic said.

“You’re right? I’ll do that tomorrow when I start cla-ss, for now I just wanna close my eyes” he muttered.

“Sure, I’ll leave you be and make sure you call me tomorrow to gist me about how your new life is going in school” Vic said before hanging up.

Dominic sighed and closed his eyes.


????OMG he’s here!

????Dominic is here!

????Dominic I’ve always been a fan of you!

????A picture please!

Students began screaming that moment Dominic stepped his foot in the hallway.

“Look” Lucky tapped Gwen immediately.

They were both standing beside their locker as he entered.

“The play play player is here” Erica said hatefully.

Gwen slowly looked at him, he looked at her direction and their eyes met for a while before he took his gaze elsewhere and continuing going to cla-ss.

“Look he’s here” Edward tapped Jace and Xavier.

“We know, nobody should say anything, act like you didn’t see him” Xavier replied.

Dominic walked over to them.

“Hey guys” he called but no one answered him.

He sighed and looked around, Edward is now sitting on his chair.

“I guess you guys are busy, I’ll just find another place to sit” he muttered and left them saw Naomi sitting alone.

He walked over and sat beside her.

“Hope you don’t mind” he said.

Naomi turned to look at him in anger.

“So because you turned out to be the ‘President son’ you can’t ask for permission before putting your flat a-ss on my chair!” She said angrily.

“I’m sorry” he muttered.

“Feel sorry for yourself!” She eyed him and began packing her books before standing up.

“I mean it” Dominic held her hands before she could leave.

Naomi smiled and forced her hand away from his not tight grip.

“What are you sorry for?” She asked.

“For using you to get your friend to like me, it was so jerk like and I shouldn’t have done that” he replied.

“Now here’s where you’re mistaking! Chase was the one who used me not Dominic so I don’t know why you’re apologizing to me, I don’t even know you, please get lost!” She eyed him and left.

Dominic rolled his eyes slowly.

Gwen entered the cla-ss, she saw him and their eyes met again but she immediately removed her gaze and went back to her sit.


Dominic knocked the door twice before opening it and entering inside.

He was surprised to see how the room looked like. His bed was left alone in the middle while Xavier, Jace and Edward pushed their beds far away from his.

The room was silent, Edward was busy eating noddles, Jace was on his laptop and headset as usual while Xavier was just laying on his bed and pressing his phone.

“Hey guys” Dominic called but no one answered him.

“I know you guys are mad because you feel cheated by me, I should have told you that I’m not what you think I am if it were that easy for me” he said.

Everywhere was still silent.

“To be honest I didn’t know I would stop being Chase so soon and I didn’t know that world will know me for me so soon I…”

He was cut short when Edward suddenly burst out in a loud cry.

Xavier and Jace turned to look at him in shock even Dominic looked surprised.

“You’re such a jerk! We were so worried about you because you didn’t show up for days! We thought something bad has happened to you, we thought Dante did something bad to you even Xavier and Jace had to confront him!” Edward cried like a baby.

“Dude! Shut up!” Jace said but Edward ignored.

“Where did you drop your phone when we were calling! We were worried sick meanwhile you were sitting in your high chair and sipping wine in your expensive gla-ss!” Edward cried again.

Dominic pressed his li-ps together in a sad way.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you guys were as worried as this” he muttered.

“How will you know? Probably because you don’t care about us” Xavier scoffed.

“No I do! I really do! I mean you guys are the first friend I’ve ever had and you don’t know how blessed I feel to remember I have friends like you guys” he said.

“I’m really really sorry, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness for lying to you like this but I really need it, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me now, I’ll just wait till you’re ready” Dominic pressed his li-ps together and turned around then began leaving.

“Wait!” Jace called and he turned back.

There was a while of short silence again before Edward suddenly burst out into another loud round of tears.

“I can’t take it anymore! I miss you Chase sorry I mean Dominic!!” He stood up and ran towards Dominic.

Without wasting time, he hug-ged him tight.

“Geez Edward” Xavier stood up and glared at him.

He moved closer to Dominic and placed a hand on his shoulders.

“You owe us a full table of lunch today and then we’ll consider” he said.

“Consider it done” Dominic smiled.

“Come here bro” Xavier smiled and hug-ged him.

“Save some hug for me guys” Jace stood up and went to them before hugging Dominic too.


Naomi just came out of the bathroom with a robe tied around her body and head.

She met her phone ringing on her bed, she took it, it was a call from her dad and she picked it immediately.

“Naomi!!!” Her dad’s voice rang out loudly.

“What’s wrong dad?” She asked worriedly.

“Your mom is crazy!! I want to get a divorce with her” he said.

“What!?” Naomi looked shocked.

“I’m sorry baby you know I love you but for the sake of my own health and safety I have to do what’s right, I can’t stand that woman anymore!!” He said, feeling frustrated.

“Dad!” Naomi called slowly.

“Listen to me darling, me and you will leave your mom and go far away before she does anything bad to us, your mother is a fu-cking sicko” he shouted.

“Don’t talk about mom that way dad!” Naomi looked angry.

“Listen, I’ll call you later and tell you how everything goes, good night darling I love you”

“Dad wait don’t…are you even listening to me at all” Naomi was talking but her father already hang up.

She stared at her phone in anger.

“Why can’t my family be normal for once” she rolled her eyes and threw her phone on the bed.


“And the good news about today is that the school talent show is coming up next week” the lecture announced.

Student began feeling happy and were starting to talk of it.

“What school talent show?” Gwen asked confusedly.

“It’s a talent show, it’s a day where the school appreciates people’s talent where you’ll just come up to stage and do what you’re best at” Erica replied.

“Oh” Gwen nodded.

‘Your mother is a fu-cking sicko! I wanna get divorce’

‘I can’t stand that woman anymore! I’m worried about my health!’

‘We will leave your mom and go far away before she does anything bad to us!’

Naomi’s conversation with her father kept ringing on her head throu-ghout the cla-ss.

“Hey Naomi! What’s your plan for talent show?”

Naomi shook her head back to earth and stared at Lucky who was in front of her.

“What?” She asked.

“I asked for your talent show plan?” Lucky repeated.

“Talent show?”

“Yeah weren’t you listening to the lecturer?” Lucky replied.

“Oh, I don’t know but I’ve got to go” Naomi stood up and began leaving.

As she was walking away, Gwen did nothing than to just watch her leave.


Gwen had spent her entire night thinking about what she’ll do for school talent show.

She was planning to try to do something that’ll fix her friendship with Naomi but she didn’t know how.

After packing up her paintings, she began heading for the door but as she opened it, she bumped into someone she didn’t wish to meet now..


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