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accidentally in love with you episode 26 & 27

( Heart Magnet… )


By Rhema J.

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Jace groaned and dropped his phone down.

“What’s the matter? He didn’t pick?” Xavier asked as he admired his face in the mirror.

The bruises Erica gave him were fading off a little.

“As usual, it’s been few days now and it’s like he just disappeared after the party, or did Dante do something to him?” Jace reasoned.

Xavier turned from the mirror and turned to Jace with a realization look.

“So true, that can be the case, we have to meet Dante today! He haven’t been coming to [email protected] since Chase disappeared” Xavier said.

“Hmm” Jace nodded.

The door opened and Edward stepped in with a rose and chocolate in his hands.

“Do you think this is okay to give a girl?” He asked them with am unsure look.

“Are you planning to give this to Lucky? I heard she’s in love with you” Xavier smirked and Jace just smiled.

“Yeah, she made me popular, everyone loves me now and I have extra followers on my Instagram account” he smiled happily.

“She will love it” Jace said.

“Thanks” Edward smiled and rushed out of the room.

Both Xavier and Jace gave themselves a look before laughing.


“Don’t you think it’s a bit weird, Chase has not been coming to school these days after the party” Lucky muttered.

“Even Naomi don’t talk to Gwen anymore, what if Naomi killed Chase and shoved him in a sack bag?” Erica whispered and Lucky [email protected].

“Dummy, it’s a joke, I know you will believe it” Erica smiled and entered the [email protected] room.

Lucky was about to go in when Edward suddenly appeared behind her.

“Lucky, wait I have something for you” his hands were behind his back as he spoke.

“What?” She asked with a frown.

“That day in the hall when you said you were in love with me..”

“You know I didn’t mean it” she cut him off and he nodded.

“I know that’s not why I’m here, after that day I became popular like everyone liked me so i wanna appreciate you that’s why I got you this” he brought out the rose and chocolate.

Lucky stared at him before slowly collecting it.

“A rose and a… Half eaten chocolate?” She asked when she saw a half bite on the chocolate.

Edward’s cheeks turned a bit red.

“I might have gotten a bit hungry on my way here” he muttered and scratched the back of his neck.

Lucky just chuckled and resumed walking to [email protected].

“So you like it?” Edward followed her.

“Of course” she shrugged.

“Cool, enjoy it then” he smiled and went to his seat.

Lucky shook her head and went to her sit, she sniffed on the rose and smiled unknowingly.

All of a sudden, a girl rushed into the [email protected].

“Guess what? The president announced that his son is going to reveal his face to everyone tomorrow!!” She announced.

????I’ve always wanted to see what Dominic looks like!


????I’m sure he must be very handsome!!

Students began screaming excitedly.

“What are they so happy about? Who is Dominic Jameson?” Gwen whispered to Lucky.

“You don’t know him? That means you don’t know your president?” Lucky replied.

“I know of the president but we’ve seen president Jameson’s face already” Gwen replied.

“His son dummy, he’s always putting on a black nose mask, that’s the Dominic Jameson” Erica rolled her eyes.

“Oh I don’t know that one, I’m not that interested in politicians life” Gwen muttered and faced her book.

“Aren’t things strange these days, Dante host a party, Naomi and Gwen fought, Chase went missing now Dominic Jameson is about to reveal his face… Gwen have you tried to reach out to him? I know he’s a jerk but is he okay?” Lucky said worriedly.

Gwen hands froze on her book as she was about to open the next page.

“He’s not a baby, some few words can’t make him do anything bad to himself” she muttered and turned the page she was about to open, over.


Dante came out of the shower only to were Xavier and Jace standing close to the door and holding his clothes.

“What the hell is your problem? Please give it back” he wanted to move towards them but they moved back.

“We just have some few questions to ask you and if you don’t give us a satisfying answer, we are leaving with your clothes” Xavier said with a smirk.

Dante stood one place and folded his arm with an eye roll.

“Where is Chase?” Jace asked.

“I don’t know” Dante replied.

“You don’t know? You hosted a party and after that party, Chase went missing” Xavier said.

“I still don’t know anything, my aim was to make things [email protected] for Lockwood and I hosted a party because I wanted Lockwood to have his heart broken by the girl he loved which he did so I have no business with him anymore and since I’ve played my part by chasing Lockwood out of this school then I have no business with attending the dumb [email protected]” Dante explained.

Xavier and Jace looked at themselves.

“Give me my clothes already” Dante glared at them and they threw his clothes for him before leaving the dressing room.

“So Chase got his heart broken that’s why he haven’t been coming to school” Xavier muttered and nodded.

“Makes s£nse now, so when he’s fine he’ll come around” Xavier nodded.

Jace suddenly stopped walking.

“Look dude, I’ve gotta go, I have a meeting with someone and I’ll see you later” he said and without waiting for Xavier’s reply, he left.

Xavier sighed and dipped his hands on his pocket before finding his own way out.


“Hey” Jace smiled as he approached Jenis who was pressing her phone and sitting on the swing.

“Hi” she smiled at him and he came to sit beside her.

“You said you wanted to talk, are you okay?” She asked slowly.

Jace sighed and rested his head on the swing chair then closed his eyes for a while before opening them.

“I don’t just get it you know, I thought she liked me” he suddenly said.

Jenis creased his brows.

“There’s this girl I like and I thought she liked me too, I thought we were gonna be a thing after that stùpid party but turns out it was my roommate all along and not just a normal roommate, the odd one” he said all at once before breathing out.

“If you liked her, why didn’t you tell her earlier, you were waiting for her to tell you first? Bro!!” Jenis shook her head.

Jace straightened up and faced her.

“Do you think I should tell her now, maybe she can still like me?” He asked.

“But I thought she said she was in love with someone else?” Jenis asked.

“I know I just…” Jace sighed and looked elsewhere.

“You can start showing her that you like her, give her signs and know if it’s a green light or red light, if she’s really in love with your roommate and he loves her too, coming in between them will make you “that boy” unless that’s what you wanna be” Jenis raised her brow up as she talked to him.

“No Jenis, I’ll take it slow, I’ll change and try to give her some light that I also feel the same way and God I’m wondering why I didn’t do that earlier!” He clapped his fist together in a regretful way.

“Atleast now you know something” Jenis chuckled and looked at him.

“And why are you telling me of all people these?” She asked slowly.

Jace sighed and faced her.

“I know we just met for a short while but the truth is we bond so well, I bond so well with you than any other girl and I think we make really good friends so I’m telling you these because I trust you, hey I trust my male friends too but they won’t take me seriously and they will tease me which I hate a lot” he muttered

Jenis just laughed.

“Thanks for the advice” he smiled afterwards.

“You’re welcome” she replied with a low smile.


Dominic was laying on the bed without his nose mask and facing his ceiling at once he was playing with a yoyo.

A knock sounded on his door.

“Who?” He asked coldly.

“It’s me” he heard his mom’s voice and he didn’t say anything else.

The door opened and Judith entered with a smile.

“It feels so good to see you without your nose mask” she smiled.

Dominic stopped playing the yoyo and sat straight.

“How long?” He asked slowly.


“How long were you and Dad planning to get back together? Will you two divorce again?” He asked.

Judith sighed and held his hands.

“The both of us had a good talk in improving ourselves to give you a good mental health,no kids will love to live the way you did, it’s scary” she said softly.

“And Belinda, how did you kick her out?” He asked carefully.

“It was really [email protected] at first but we still did it” Judith replied.

“You still need to be careful, she seems like a really crazy person that can do crazy things to get what she want, right from when dad brought her in, I never liked her” Dominic scoffed.

“Don’t worry about all these, the security is really tight so we are save now tell me about how you feel by letting people see you for a you?” She asked with a smile.

“Great mom, I’ve always wanted this” he replied and remembered Gwen.

“About the school, I know the school I want” he said.


“Yeah, I wanted to talk you and Dad about my school choice yesterday, I want to attend Bright way” he said.

Judith touched his shoulders.

“Anything you want that’ll make you feel like others, get a good sleep and get ready for tomorrow” she smiled.

Dominic nodded, she leaned towards him and klzzed his forehead before leaving.

After a while he stood up and opened his wardrobe then brought out a paint crush and drawing board with colours.

He sat down and closed his eyes then began [email protected]. His mind went back to the supermarket when he saw her face for the first time, going to the supermarket openly was the first time he would be publicly going out and seeing her face was like finally seeing a girl of his age face in real life and not phone, TV and magazine.

She looked so pretty, talked so different that he couldn’t stop himself from intervening in her personal problem then seeing her in the first college he’ll be attending was something else.

From there, he realizes that he didn’t just admire her beauty as he has seen other girls, he wanted something serious with her but with the way she treated him…

He suddenly clenched his fist tight and tore what he was painting into pieces.

“She’s so full of herself, once I’m back I promise to teach you how not to be proud” he muttered angrily.


Erica just packed her car in the parking lot, last night she didn’t sleep in her hostel, she went to visit her parents.

She came down and locked the car and on her way out of the parking lot, she was hearing some funny sounds.

She stopped and moved back to a red car beside her.

“Go faster!”

“Hit me faster… Yeah!!”

She blinked twice and peeked in what she saw made her push her face backwards.

It was Xavier, there was a girl straddling him as he banged her from below.

She angrily hit the window and he whined down.

“Erica?” He called in shock.

“Can’t you do that anywhere but there?” She asked angrily.

Xavier wanted to reply, but Erica already left angrily.

“Shît, get off me!” He pushed the girl away from his body and began struggling to open the car.

“Xavier we aren’t done yet” the girl held his hands but he slapped it off and came down from the car.

Luckily Erica haven’t gotten to the girls hostel yet so he immediately chased after her.

“Erica wait” he ran towards her so he can be on the same side with her.

“Don’t talk to me, you disgust me” she eyed him and increased her pace.

“Last time, I swear you’ll never find me doing that again” he said and she stopped walking.

He stopped too and she turned to face him.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” She asked with her eyes narrowed.

Xavier paused and blinked severally.

“Why am I apologizing to you?” He muttered and began thinking.

“See… you have no reason to apologise and I thought you were dared not to be any girl for a month?” She said again.

“I..” Xavier scratched the back of nervously.

Erica rolled her eyes and walked away, Xavier wanted to follow her again but on a second thought, he stopped.

“What’s wrong with me? Not like she’s my girlfriend or something” he rolled his eyes.

“Hey man” an arm was wrapped around his shoulders and he turned back to see Jace.

“Sup” he muttered.


Gwen breathed out repeatedly before bringing her hands to Naomi’s door and knocking on it.

The door opened, revealing Mabel with an angry face.

“Naomi.. I’m here for Naomi” Gwen replied.

“Naomi a dumb girl just like you is looking for you” she rolled her eyes and went back in.

Naomi removed the headphones from her ears before going to the door, she stood with her arms crossed as she looked at Gwen.

“Naomi I don’t like the way we are now, let’s just forget anything happened and go back to the way we were before, I mean we’ve been friends for so long are we really gonna let a guy come in between us?” Gwen said.

Naomi folded her arms under her brèast even more.

“It’s been few days now, it’s valid that we stop fighting” Gwen added.

Naomi chuckled and clicked her tongue repeatedly.

“So in short you’re blaming me?” She finally spoke.

“What?” Gwen replied.

“No you just walked in here, giving me bunches of reasons why it’s stupid to fight your ‘best friend’ over a guy I mean if it was so then did anyone told you it’s stùpid to klzz the only guy your ‘best friend’ likes?” Naomi asked with one of her brows raised.

She did some air quote as she said the word “best friend”.

“Naomi” Gwen called slowly.

“You should have just told me Gwen, what is so [email protected] in saying ‘hey I like Chase too’ so we can fight for him fair and square, I was telling you everything about my feelings for him and you were chasing him, can’t you see you made a big fool out of me?” Naomi said.

“Okay let’s not get into this again Naomi, I told you that I wasn’t chasing after him!” Gwen said too.

“If that’s so then why did you klzz him? Were you thinking of me when you did that?” Naomi asked, Gwen wanted to reply but Naomi raised her hands up, cutting her short.

“I know we weren’t in a relationship but of all guys you picked Chase? Someone you’ll charm with your ‘hey I’m too perfect’ facade and all then you were enjoying it while you knew stupid me was throwing myself at him and he was secretly chasing after you behind my back!” Naomi added.

“Naomi” Gwen called slowly.

“What? Defend that part, you claim to be my ‘best friend’ yet you can keep things like this from me, you know what Gwen just go I don’t want to see your face and the next time you try to talk to me, you won’t like the result!” Naomi eyed her and slammed the door closed.

Gwen sighed deeply before turning around and leaving, she was [email protected] near some group of girls who were looking at their phone and gushing about the president son.

????Finally he’s ready reveal his face!

????Can’t wait to see what he looks like!

Gwen decided to peep in, she narrowed her eyes when she saw a familiar guy in black nose mask standing beside president Jameson and the first lady.

“Isn’t that the shopping mall boy?” She muttered to herself and leaned closer to take a deeper look.

He then brought his hands to his facemask and slowly took it off.

Her eyes widened.


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