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accidentally in love with you episode 24 & 25

( Heart Magnet… )


By Rhema J.

✩[ ???????????????????? ???????????????? ]✩

“Erica wait!!” Xavier ran after Erica who kept running as fast as she could.

The street was empty, no cars and no pa-sser by just the street lights as they ran across it.

“Erica” Xavier finally caught up with her, he grabbed her hands and turned her to face him but almost immediately she threw a strong punch at his face.

The punch was so strong and [email protected] that Xavier found himself on the ground. He blinked more than thrice as he felt the air with his hands before trying to stand up.

He faced her with his hands up.

“Do it again if it will make you feel…” Before he could finish Erica threw another punch at him and landed on the ground again.

Yep definitely the Erica he knows.

He rolled over and made to stand up but she suddenly came on top of him and began punching and slapping his face really [email protected].

“Why did you have to say that!? How dare you! I hate you so much!!” She screamed angrily as she destroyed his face with her punches.

Xavier tried blocking his face with his hands but it was not working, she was hitting him real [email protected] that he could feel his li-p and nose bleeding.

“Once I’m done with you! You’ll know that I’m not someone you can toy with like that you bastard!!” She raised him by the shirt and dropped him, allowing his head to hit the ground.

“Ahhhh!!” Xavier gro-aned painful.

“You think that is painful, you’ve seen nothing yet!” She landed him another punch on his face.

“Erica stop, that’s enough!” Xavier managed to speak but she kept punching him, slapping him and trashing him the way she wants.

He grabbed her two hands and forcefully turned over so he was ontop of her now, she was struggling but he forcefully pinned her hands above her head.

“That’s enough!!” He said firmly and she stopped struggling.

They were both breathing heavily, Erica’s eyes were red while Xavier’s face was covered with blood.

“I’m sorry” he muttered and pressed his li-ps together.

“I thought doing that will make me feel better but hell no! Now I feel like the stùpidest guy on earth” he sighed sadly.

“Let me go!” Erica ordered but he shook his head.

“I’m scared of you, I’m keeping this face to model for the company I’m working with but you’ve destroyed part of it” he said.

“We are laying in the middle of the street to fóol!” She glared [email protected] at him.

“I don’t care, as long as you don’t hit me then I will release you” he replied.

“I’m not hitting you anymore” she scoffed.

“Promise?” He asked.

“Promise” Erica muttered and Xavier slowly released her hands, she pushed him off and stood up then dusted her body.

Xavier sighed and stood up too.

“I’m sorry again Erica, please forgive me” he pleaded but she didn’t answer him.

“You’re not gonna hate me for what I did to you right?” He asked and she looked elsewhere.

“What will I do to make you ever forgive me, I don’t want us to be like this Erica, I bond so well with you than any other girls and I want us to be friends” he said.

Erica turned to face him.

“I’ll think about forgiving you for what you did to me today and about that friends talk, I don’t want to hear it” she eyed him and left.

Xavier only just dipped his hands on his pocket as he watched her leave, he then brou-ght his hands to his face and smiled slowly.

“Now that is the Erica I’m familiar with” he muttered.


“Gwen!!” Naomi yelled with an angry look making Gwen and Chase dis£ngaged from eachother.

“N… Naomi??” Gwen heart was in her throat, her eyes were really wide open as she stared at Naomi in shock.

If looks could kill then Gwen should have been dead by now with the ugly looks she was receiving from Naomi.

“Naomi I can explain.. it’s not what it looks like I-”

“You traitor! How could you!!” Naomi stormed over to Gwen and Chase, she raised her hand up to slap Gwen but Chase suddenly appeared in front of Gwen so she slapped him instead.

Gwen [email protected].

“Don’t touch her, I mean it” Chase said with a serious look.

“Why?” Naomi asked with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry Naomi..”

“I don’t want to hear your sorry! Why did you do that earlier, why did you kis-s me? Why did you let my hopes up if it was her all along!” Naomi cut him off, tears were pouring out of her eyes.

“Naomi” Gwen called but Naomi hushed her by pointing her f!ng£r at her.

“You keep quiet, I don’t want to hear what you have to say!” She yelled.

“Okay don’t yell at her! Just yell at me instead, I didn’t know you have a thing for me too, I’m sorry but it’s your friend I choose” Chase replied.

Naomi began laughing all of the sudden which made them confused and before they knew it, she came at Gwen again.

“You traitor!! You should have just said that you were in love with him all along, why did you betray me, I thought we were friends” she began pulling [email protected] on Gwen’s hair.

“Let me go” Gwen struggled and pushed Naomi away from her with force, Naomi fell on the ground.

“I didn’t mean too okay! I already told you that’s it’s not what you think? I didn’t wanted things to end up like this!! I tried my best to stay away from him, I really did!!” Gwen yelled at her.

Naomi stood up and made to go to her again but Chase blocked her path.

“You have no right to get mad Naomi, we are not even in a relationship!” He said [email protected].

Naomi angrily pushed him on the chest but he didn’t budge.

“We are not in a relationship but you were using me to make my best friend like you! You think I’m a toy? Who gave you the permission to use me like that!!” She yelled at him with heavy tears falling off her eyes.

“I know i messed up real big time, I’m really sorry Naomi” he apologized but Naomi shook her head.

“I don’t need your sorry, feel sorry for yourself and you know what? The both of you deserve each other, you’ve won Gwen, you were using me all along to get him to like you, well you can keep him!!” She yelled and turned around then ran off.

“Naomi” Gwen wanted to go after him but Chase held her back, she pushed his hands off and gave him a heavy slap.

His face turned to the left due to the force of the slap but she slapped him again from his right cheek.

Chase held his right cheek in shock.

“It’s all your fault! You shouldn’t have showed up into our lives in the first place now please do me this simple favour and stay away from me since you’ve taken my best friend away from me with your stupid actions!!” She yelled at him and turned around then ran off.

Chase stood there in shock, he slowly clenched his fist tight before turning around and leaving.


“Naomi!!” Gwen ran after Naomi who was trying to stop a taxi.

“Naomi please let’s talk, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kis-s him!” Gwen said and Naomi turned to look at her in tears.

“You shouldn’t have but you did! You knew very well I liked him from the first day I saw him, I told you about it Gwen and I didn’t try to hide it from you but what did you do? You went to chase after him behind my back! You’re a two faced bit-ch !” Naomi yelled with gritted teeth.

“Naomi it’s not like that, I didn’t mean to..”

“Save your speech because I don’t care! You did what you did!!” Naomi’s yelled at her.

“I’m telling you that I really tried my best to stay..”

As Gwen was talking, a taxi stopped and Naomi stormed to it.

“Naomi please!!” Gwen tried going after her not Naomi entered inside and closed the door.

Gwen began hitting the taxi while calling Naomi’s name.

“Drive!” Naomi ordered and the taxi man speed off.

Gwen blocked her face before bending on the floor and crying her eyes out.

“Gwen” Erica who was just coming opposite her immediately rushed over to her side and squ-atted in front of her.

Gwen looked at Erica and immediately hug-ged her tight.

“It’s all my fault” she cried bitterly.

“Calm down and talk to me, where’s Naomi?” Erica rubbed on her back but Gwen cried even more.


The sound of two couples kis-sing vigorously came from the couch where Vicente could be seen laying onto of Shirley who was almost half half na-kedwhile kis-sing her pa-ssionately.

The door barged open and Dominic stepped in looking really angry.

“Hey this is still my house so try to knock the door!” Vicente immediately pulled away from Shirley while Shirley covered herself.

However, Dominic didn’t pay them any attention, he just stormed upstairs to his room and next thing was the door slam.

“I think you should go check up on him” Shirley said softly.

Vic gro-aned and planted a kis-s on her Chin before standing up and going upstairs.

What he could hear was Dominic cursing and trashing things so he immediately pushed the door opened and stepped in.

“What are you doing? Stop that!” He took the vase Dominic was about to throw on the floor.

“I’m done Vic! I’m done with everything! School and all and I think I want to go back to my father now” he suddenly said.

“What?” Vic [email protected].

“You heard me right! I don’t want to be Chase Lockwood anymore so let me go back home!!” Dominic yelled.

“Wait, what happened? How did the confession go?” Vic asked.

“I’m done with that girl, infact I’m done with girls, I don’t get why she’s giving me much a [email protected] time I mean I like you and you like me too so what’s stopping us from being together, I’m scooping so low to beg for love, if she knows that I am Dominic Jameson, the one and only president son I don’t think she’ll act this way!!” He said angrily.

“Woah man that was harsh, listen to me Dominic, breath in and say to yourself that you’re just angry and you don’t mean all what you’re saying” Vic said.

“I’m dead serious Vic, I’m calling my dad, he’s right, I don’t belong here, I’m going home” Dominic angrily took his phone and dialed his father’s number.

After three rings president Jameson picked up.


“Son, I was about to call you just now, tell Vic that I’m picking you up tomorrow!”


“I don’t even know what to say” Erica sighed after listening to the two different explanations from the two different girls.

“So Lucky you mean to say that you chickened out yesterday on your confession just because you were scared and Gwen you like Chase!??” Erica couldn’t believe her ears.

Gwen just sighed sadly.

“Of all guys it’s Chase, have you forgotten the girls code” Lucky said.

“Keep quiet, I’ve not started scolding you” Erica glared at her and Lucky pressed her li-ps together.

“You surprise me Gwen, then you kis-sed him” Erica shook her head.

“He kis-sed me first and I couldn’t help it but I’ve given him a piece of my mind already, I will not be with him no matter what” Gwen muttered.

“Naomi? How’s she doing? Have you tried talking to her?” Erica asked and Gwen shook her head.

“She was really mad last night”

“As she should, I mean she’s going to feel betrayed because she trusts you so much” Erica shook her head and held Gwen’s shoulder.

“Give Naomi few days to calm down and she’ll come around” she said.

“Hmm” Gwen nodded.

“Right, let’s go to cla-ss, Lucky I actually have nothing to say to you, I just didn’t want to hear your voice” Erica smirked and left.

Lucky [email protected] and went after her while Gwen sighed as she followed behind.


The girls were finding their way in when they bumped into Naomi.

“Naomi” Erica called and Naomi turned to her with a smile.

She looked like nothing happened yesterday at all.

“Sorry I didn’t come to visit you and Lucky, I was not in the mood” as she spoke casually, she didn’t pay Gwen any attention.

“It’s fine, how are you feeling?” Lucky asked worriedly.

Naomi smiled and gave her a confused look.

“Look at me, what can possibly be wrong with me? I’m fine” she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll be in the cla-ss” Gwen muttered and excused herself.

“Really? You’re not mad at Gwen because of Chase?” Lucky asked again.

Naomi creased her brows.

“Gwen? Chase? Who are those people?” She asked and Erica held Lucky’s shoulder.

“Don’t push it, let’s just go to cla-ss” she said.

“Good idea” Naomi smiled and went in. She didn’t sit with Erica and Lucky because Gwen was there so she went to sit in a different place entirely.

“It feels weird watching Naomi act like that especially to Gwen” Lucky muttered to Erica.

“Like duh? Is Naomi supposed to laugh with her?” Erica shook her head.

“But if I see that Chase, I’mma punch him till he bleeds” Erica whispered to Lucky.

Soon Xavier, Jace and Edward stepped in but Chase weren’t with them and throu-ghout the cla-ss, Chase didn’t show up.


???? Welcome back young master Dominic!

The maids and guards greeted him as he stepped in with his normal look, cold eyes and black nose mask.

“Is my father in his study?” He asked one of them.

“Yes master”

Dominic nodded and find his way to his father’s study, he knocked twice before opening the door and entering.

“Dominic!” A familiar female voice called immediately.

Dominic looked up and creased his brows.

“Mom?” He called and looked at president Jameson confusedly.

Judith, his mother stood up from the chair next to president Jameson and went to hug Dominic.

“I missed you” she smiled and inhaled his scent.

“I missed you too but why are you here, where’s Belinda?” He pulled away from Judith and asked president Jameson.

“Belinda and I are over, your mom and I are back together again” president Jameson replies and Dominic stared at his mother.

“Another good news, I’m finally letting you to attend a college” president Jameson added.


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