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three episode 73


THEME: {Where do I belong??}

✍️Written By Precious Pinky✍️

❣️Episode 73❣️


~Mature content ahead

????Narrator’s pov????

He held her up against the wall putting his hands on the door next to her head.

She ki-ssed up his neck and connected her li-ps [email protected] on his, her tongue flic-king over his hungrily. He pushed his hips over hers and rubbed his bulge over her we-t pan-ties.

She leaned her head back and mo-an-ed, “Please.” She begged only fueling his need for her. He shred their clothes and tossed it on the ground and moved his hands into her hair.

He ki-ssed her hungrily a rou-ghgrowl leaving his li-ps.

He picked her off the wall and she wrapped her legs around his torso as he walked them over to the couch laying her down and moving over top of her.

He moved his hands into pan-ties and slid his f!ng£rs down her we-t womanhood. She parted her li-ps and cooed wrapping her legs tighter around him.

He pushed his thumb in a circle around her cl*t as he slid his long middle f!ng£r into her soft entrance.

She bit her bottom li-ps [email protected] and squealed gently, her legs were shaking at the sudden relief. He thru-sted his f!ng£rs inside of her, her juices flowing down his f!ng£rs the more he slid them in. He worked on her neck ki-ssing and biting certain places, her mo-ans and hot breaths filling the air.

“Oh Fuc-k, Brenden!” She was a mo-aning mess right now. She slid her hand down his bare chest and into his underwear grabbing his [email protected] d***

“Shit, Gwen.” He gro-aned her name as she started stro-king his length…


“What are you doing?”

Abruptly, he opened his eyes, conscious of what dream he’d just had and about who….

He looked up to find Gwen staring down at him with her brows knitted in confusion.

How can this be possible? How can he dream about having s** with her?

He can’t remember the last time he had we-t dreams until now…until her…

How can he be so stupid?

“Were you having a we-t dream?” She suddenly asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.

He gulped. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She smirked. “Come on, you don’t have to pretend. You were really having a we-t dream!” She started laughing.

“No I wasn’t.” He denied.

“Yes you were.”

“What proof do you have that i was really having a we-t dream?” She kept mute. “You see…”

“You were grinding on me while mo-aning my name.” She cut him off.

“What the Fuc-k!?” He practically yelled at the top of his voice. “You are kidding.”

She raised an amused brow at him. “Am I?”

He can’t believe he was stupid enough to let this shit happen!

Maybe the fact that he hasn’t had s** for like almost a week was having a huge effect on him.

He was so embarra-ssed right now.

“I…you…no one should hear about this.”

“So you were truly having a we-t dream. And what, i was the victim?”

“Victim?” He repeated.

“There’s no way in hell I would have let you have s** with me like that. Not even in your dreams so it must be rape.”

“Rape?” He repeated. “I can never take advantage of a girl, Barbie. I might be a s** Add!¢t but definitely not a rapist.”

“It was a dream, Princess Brenden. Anything can happen.”



“It’s a dream so anything can happen. Which means i didn’t rape you but had s** with you. You were even enjoying it that you couldn’t even stop mo-aning out my name.”

She eyed him from head to toe disgustedly. “I can’t even imagine myself having s** with you.”

“When we first met you didn’t imagine making out with me but what happened, you did.” He smirked.

“I was not in my right state of mind, okay?” She stated.

“Oh really.” He leaned towards her, his face were just few inches away from hers. “So you think if you were in your right state of mind you wouldn’t have make out with me?”

“Of course not.” She replied, doing everything possible not to look down at his li-ps.

“You are right.” He agreed, smiling.

“What?” She seem confuse with the fact that he just agreed with her.

“My hot ki-sses blew you out of your mind… it’s normal.” He winked.

“You Fuc-king idiot!” She punched him on his chest, earning a loud yelp from him. “You should be thankful I let you ki-ss me.” She huffed lying back on the bed.

“You were the one who ki-ssed me, remember?”

“You initiated it first.”

“I never forced you.”

“I…Just forget and oh, don’t you dare grind on me again or even think of coming close to me.”

He roll his eyes. “You know, we can make that dream come true. I’m s** starve and you are literally the cause of that.”

“Blame yourself and principal Daniel but there’s no way in hell I will let you anywhere close to me.” She said, pushing out her b*tt in attempt to sleep.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to sleep.”

“I know but why are you pushing out your b*tt like that?”

“Why, this is my favorite sleeping position. Gat a problem with that?”

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

She scoffed. “You wish. Can you just shut up and let me sleep, I can’t be late for school.”

“Fuc-k you.”

“I will need a d**** for that, princess.” She flirted.

“Shit!” Brenden cursed loudly, lying back down on the bed with his gaze resting down on Gwen’s b*tt.

This was going to be the worse night of his life.


????Gwen’s pov????

I won’t deny how hot and turned on I was when I felt Brenden’s bulge grinding on my b*tt.

I practically mo-an-ed out but thank goodness he didn’t hear that. How would I have faced him if he actually heard me mo-an out his name in complete plea-sure?

God, I can’t just wait for the week to end so I can get out of this stupid handcuff and move on with my life!

I’ve always wanted to kill the idiot but recently I want to do something else with him… Something completely different from death…Hey, don’t give me that look it’s normal to want to have s** with a guy as hot as Brenden….Okay scrap the word *hot*

We were currently on our way to school, seated calmly at the back of my father’s car.

Neither of us have said a word to each other…The silence must have something to do with last night,,, I guess.

Finally dad car came to a stop in front of the school.

“You should be careful, okay?” Dad stated.

“Dad you should stop worrying about me, I’m no longer…” I started but dad cut me off.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” He turned to Brenden, smiling. “Be careful, son. Don’t let her bully you with anything.”

“Of course I won’t.”

“Good. Make sure you stand up for yourself and put her in her place.”

“I won’t let you down.”

“I can hear you two.” I stated, staring in between the both of them.

“We know.” They both answered in unison and started laughing, earning a scowl from me.


“Hey guys!” Arthur waved at Brenden and I as he made his way towards us pulling Alex along as well.

“Hey.” Brenden and I both answered.

“Girl,” He was staring at just me now. “You rocked! Last night was the best I’ve ever seen so far. You were so bold, fierce, and damn, I feel like worshipping you right now.” Arthur said smiling.

“I’m sure Brenden’s father hate me so much.” I muttered, smirking. Not like I even care. Our feelings will be mutual if he does hate me.

“Who cares?” Arthur waved that off. “You don’t know what you did to Brenden… he must be so indebted to you.”

“You think? I guess that’s the reason he had a we-t dr…” Brenden slapped my mouth with his palms, shutting me up.

“We will leave first.” Brenden said to them, dragging me out of Arthur and Alex’s pres£nce. “I can’t believe you almost said that in front of them.”

“Huhmmeongbka.” I couldn’t let a word out due to his palm still held up over my mouth.


“Uekmaodgvbsm.” I repeated again.

“I…” I stomped on his foot making him pull away from me immediately. “Ow!”

“Pr*ck.” I hissed.


We were currently in the hall waiting patiently for principal Daniel to step forward and state the announcement he called us out for.

Wait,,, could it be about last night?

Did the security recognized us and then reported us to Principal Daniel? Nah, that can never be possible. I can’t even recognize the security face so there’s no way he recognized ours…


But what if he truly recognized us and reported us to the principal? Maybe I should just blame everything on Brenden,,, I stared over at the idiot and saw him talking to a girl standing beside him,,, I don’t think the fowl will mind.

Finally Principal Daniel stepped forward. “Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning.” Every student in the auditorium replied.

He cleared his throat calmly. “It came to my notice that two students invaded the school building.” He began, his gaze coming to rest on Brenden and I.

Fuc-k…this isn’t good.

****To Be Continued****

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