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three episode 71 & 72


THEME: {Where do I belong??}

✍️Written By Precious Pinky✍️

❣️Episode 71&72❣️


????Narrator’s pov????

“Mom, what are you doing here?” James asked in a very husky voice as he stepped inside his house to see his mother walking out of the kitchen.

“You are finally back. How was work?” She asked grinning.

“It was fine. But you haven’t answered my question yet, why are you here and how did you even get in?”

She roll her eyes. “What sort of a stupid question is that? Your maid is here to tend to the door, remember? And I’m just getting here not quite long.” She sighed. “I flew out of the country actually.”

“Good for you.” James said nonchalantly, getting his necktie loosed.

“I went to Boston.” James stopped right on his track in his way to the kitchen. he turned around to look at his mom hoping that the bomb she had just landed was nothing but fake. “Stop giving me that look. I’m not joking.”

“What the hell, mom!?” He yelled angrily, going closer. “Why the Fuc-k will you go to Boston. Wait, don’t tell me you went to Mia’s.” He narrowed his eyes at her, suspiciously.

“Who else did I went to see there if not her?”

“Shit, shit, shit, SHIT!?” He stomped his feet on the ground so loudly. “What did you tell her?”

She shrugged sipping from the cup of tea. “The usual.”

“The usual?” He repeated, confused.

“Yes. The usual.”

“What the hell are you talking about!?” He snapped angrily, almost knocking Elena off her feet as she staggered back in fear.

“James get a grip of yourself. Why are you yelling?”

“Fuc-k that mom. I told you not to go anywhere close to Mia. I told you not to try anything stupid. I told you…,” He was so annoyed at his mother right now.

How could she just go ahead and do things as she please without even thinking about those around her…he has the Fuc-king right to make whatever decision he wants to so why does she always have to bu-tt in!

She made him this way,,, she turned him into a sadist,,, he has lived his life for the past twenty years going throu-ghshit and that’s because of his stupidity for letting his mother make his decision for him.

He was a grown man at that time so no, he won’t blame his youthfulness but rather blame himself for everything.

Mia sees him as a weakling who can’t fight or stand up for himself. A man who will do whatever his mother wants even if it would ruin his happiness. A man who still behaves like a little boy wrapped inside momma’s wrapper. He was stupid.

But enough is enough… it’s high time he stand up and fight for what he wants. It’s high time he out his mother in her Fuc-king place and make his own decisions by himself like every other man will.

He’s tired of being a puppet.

And he wants to tell Mia about this,,, he wants to show her the best version of himself now,,, he wants to protect her and his Princess, Gwen,,,,he doesn’t want to repeat that foolish mistake of his.

But how can he possibly to do when his mother has just flew out to ruin his damn chances! He hasn’t even gotten the chances and she has already ruined it for him.

“I have no choice, son. You gave me no other option than to intervene and correct whatever mistake you intend of committing. You should be thanking me right now.” She scoffed.

“Thanking you?”

“You’re welcome.”

“Mom, Mia isn’t just any woman… she’s the mother of my daughter!”


“Don’t you have any conscience, mom? Why are you this mean and heartless towards Mia? She did nothing wrong to you so where are all this hatred coming from?”

“She’s from a poor background, James. She’s not fit to be amongst us. Listen, I warned her to stay far away from you and she promised to do that. So i would advice you respect fate and keep away from each other.”

“Are you fate?” James asked now.


“Are you fate?” He asked again.

“Isn’t it obvious that fate is using me to do the right thing? Fate is using me to guide you to the right path.”

James nod his head in agreement, laughing. “You know, you are actually right.”

“Thank goodness you’ve just realized that.” She grinned.

“Fate is actually using you to be an obstacle to my happiness…you are the problem I should fight against just to achieve my dreams and happiness.”

“What did you just say?”

“The person fate is going to use is my daughter and maybe that’s the reason she never died even after all the pains you made her mother go throu-ghwhile she was pregnant with her.” He pointed an index f!ng£r at her. “Stay away, mother. I am not the only child you have…go and look for someone else to control over.”


“Please…” I turned to leave but she stopped him by saying a word…

“Do you think she will accept you back? She a-ssured me that nothing is ever going to happen between you two. So stop wasting your time and think about marrying someone of your cla-ss.”

“Mia tried to fight for us twenty years back but I gave up on us so what harm will it do if I be the one to fight for us now.” He raised a brow at his mother.

“Don’t forget she never won the battle. So what gives you the rea-ssurance that you will win this time around?”

“I gat Gwendolyn by my side. That’s my rea-ssurance.” He smirked before walking away, leaving his mother in total confusion and anger.

But guess what, he doesn’t care!


????Brenden’s pov????

Now that she had her li-ps on mine, as I tasted her, I knew immediately that I will not be able to get enough of that taste. I was in de-ep, too de-ep for my liking.

I ki-ssed her slowly, locking my li-ps on hers. My li-ps moving over her soft plump ones, I put my arms around her wa-istand pulled her closer not wanting any distance between us.

Why exactly did I ki-ss her first? Honestly I have no answer to that question. But ki-ssing her was the only thing that made s£nse to me at this point.

She pushed her chest into mine and wrapped her arms around my neck running a hand throu-ghmy hair. I was getting so eager. I wanted more. I wanted her.

The need of hunger was so new to me and damn, I’ve never felt this way before.

I have her here in my arms and yet it feels like if I let go then she would disappear from my life forever…I didn’t want that.

I picked her bottom li-p wanting her to grant me entrance. She didn’t refuse me this time around, she parted her li-ps, I ki-ssed her har-der sli-pping my tongue inside her mouth.

She cooed and tilted her head moving her li-ps over mine as soft su-cking noises soumded from our tongue gliding across each other’s and our li-ps moving together.

I wrapped my arms tighter around her wa-istso her body was flush to mine. She pushed her hips dee-per into mine and started grinding earning a gro-an from me.

Fuc-k…this girl was going to be the death of me.

The ki-ss was electric, awaking every cell in my body. My li-ps tingled and my body grew more and more greedy for her.

We were only just making out and I desperately want to be buried de-ep inside her…I Fuc-king wanted to ki-ss, touch her, tease her, Fuc-k her and make her have multiple org*sms while mo-aning out my name at the top of her voice.

I know I said I don’t do repeats with girls…well I see myself breaking that rules any moment from now.

There is just something about this girl…

She opened her mouth and leaned up on me, mo-aning softly against my li-ps.

Her mo-ans were like music in my ears. I will have no regret listening to them for the rest of my life.

We were ki-ssing so pa-ssionately. Our hands roamed over each other’s body, desperately asking for more.

I slid my hand down under her shirt, moving them upwards to cup those round firm t*t of hers when we suddenly got interrupted by the beep of a phone, bringing us out of the s-exual tension.

She grabbed her phone and stared down at it, her eyes suddenly went wide at whatever was s£nt to her.

“We should go home.” She was going to stand up but I held her firm on my lap, refusing to let go. “Uhm, you heard what I just said, right?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because dad just s£nt me a message asking of our whereabout.” She answered, breathlessly due from the ki-ss we just shared.

“Oh.” I reluctantly let go of her waist. She stood up and stared down at me. I was a mess right now. Fuc-k, I was so Fuc-king [email protected]…why did her father have to intrude.

“You have to stand up, you know.”

“Um…can we at least just do a quickie?”

She eyes me from head to toe. “Are you crazy? Quickie?” She scoffed. “We were only making out and there was no way we would have had s-ex… interrupted or not.”

Ouch, that burns.

Was I the only one who enjoyed this make out or what?

“First we need to go to school and drop off this key off unless we will get into trouble.”

“I didn’t know you were afraid of getting into trouble.” I teased.

She started walking away while I followed her from behind and no, we weren’t cuffed yet but I just didn’t want her far away from me.

“I’m not. I’m only trying to respect myself. Someone like you won’t understand me.”

“You are just complicated. Who the hell understands complicated people? You likewise don’t understand yourself if you are being honest.”

“Complicated people are interesting to be with but people like you are very boring and annoying.”

“Did you just call me boring?”

“Oops, I must have thought out loud. What can I do, my thoughts loves speaking the truth.”

“You are just jealous of me.”

She smirked. “You wish. And hey, zip up your trouser you don’t want my lovely father suspecting something, do you?” She glance in between my eyes and pan-ts.

What? I looked down at my pan-ts and find my trouser zip flying open

“Fuc-k!” I cursed.

“Don’t worry I didn’t see anything.” She winked laughing as she walked away.

Fuc-k Brenden, you just Fuc-ked up. Big time!


????Narrator’s pov????

“Wait, you mean you saw your driver stepping out of our room while adjusting his trouser and the next thing you could thing of was that I was cheating on you with him?” She asked calmly.

“Explain it then. How can my driver step out of the room adjusting his clothes and when I got in, I saw you wearing nothing but towel ,,, wasn’t it very obvious that you broke my trust?”

“Your trust?” She shook her head. “You were the one who broke my trust and not the other way round.” She sighed. “Here I was thinking you were only trying to discipline Brenden for his stupid behavior but I was wrong. You are just so heartless and mean!” She huffed. “And point of correction your driver and I never did anything that day, I was in the bathroom while he was in the main room trying to kill a rat that had somehow gotten its way to our room.”

He started laughing shaking his head. “What a cheap excuse.” He said not believing a single word from her.

“You think I’m lying?” She ran her f!ng£rs throu-ghher hair almost at the verge of crying. How can she have been living with a man who doesn’t trust her? How can she be this stupid and gullible? Now her son had to suffer for her own foolishness and stupidity. “Why didn’t you ask for a paternity test on him and see if you are his biological father or not? Why did you keep it to yourself and hate that poor boy for no reason!?”

“Paternity test?” He smirked. “And what, have my heart shattered in million pieces?”

“You already have it in mind that he isn’t your son, haven’t that shattered your heart already. Wouldn’t it be only fair if you just run the test and get everything over with?” She paused. “You know what, Let’s take a paternity test on Brenden and figure out whose son he is.” She took some steps closer towards him.

“You feel so rea-ssured.” He observed.

“I have nothing to be scared of.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

Eric nodded his head taking a step back from her. “Alright then. Let’s do just that.”

“Good. But, “She popped up her index f!ng£r to indicate. “There’s a deal here,” She began. “If Brenden turns out not to be your son, i will take him with me and walk out of your house and your life without taking a penny…”

“And Lexi?” He questioned.

“You will get to keep her. But if he turns out to be your son after all,,, I will still carry Brenden along with me and leave your house, taking half of your properties with me…” She smiled. “But this time around I will get to keep my daughter.”

He smirked burying his hands inside his pan-ts pocket. “I love your boldness…I can’t wait to see how your face will look like when the truth comes out to the open.”

“Is that a deal then?” She challenged.

“That’s a deal.”

****To Be Continued****

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