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three episode 49 & 50


THEME: {Where do I belong??}

✍️Written By Precious Pinky✍️

❣️Episode 49&50❣️


????Lena’s pov????

“What the hell was that shit you s£nt to me?” I asked in annoyance, narrowing my eyes at him.

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He scoffed, stuffing his hands into his pocket and gave me a death glare. “I should be asking you the same thing, Lena. How dare you show up at my house like that without informing me first?”

“Excuse you? And when have I ever informed you of my visitation before dropping by?” I fired back.

Have you visited PIZARENA today?

“Can you hear yourself speak? You had that right as my girlfriend but not anymore,” He scowled. “You are just a stranger to me now.”

I won’t deny the fact that he was right there.

We weren’t dating anymore so what gave me the right to drop by at his house like that without informing him first?

I have no answer to that but there’s no way in hell I will admit my wrongs.

I folded my arms over my chest and tilted my head to the side, matching his glare.

“Stranger?” I laughed, shaking my head. “Are you crazy? What’s your problem exactly? So that’s your excuse for s£nding that piece of trash to me or what?”

“Piece of trash?” He repeated, staring at me closely. “And what are you going to refer yours as? Piece of shit?”

The urge to slap this jerk on his face was fvcking strong but I’m doing everything within myself not to put up my name in the school board as and I quote; “Bitchy girl slaps Rowan for double-crossing her path.”

How lame…

“You are crossing your limit, Rowan.” I warned, taking a bold step closer to him.

“Oh, am I?” He chuckles bitterly, glaring very [email protected] at me.

“Don’t forget,,,You owe me. I’m holding your secrets and I won’t hesitate to spill everything to Lexi if you keep up with this nonchalant behavior of yours!” I threatened, pointing an index f!ng£r at him. “I might lose my chances with Brenden but that doesn’t mean I can’t get him one way or the other but as for you,,” I smiled sweetly at him, twirling my hair around my f!ng£r. “You will lose your little princess forever.”

“Are you threatening me?” He growled, grabbing hold of my arms and pulling me closer to himself.

I smirked. “Threaten? Nah. This is no threat, baby but a warning.” I yanked my arms from his grasp and walked out of the empty abandoned [email protected], leaving Rowan alone with his thoughts that surely have me in it.

_I was the bitch once again_ but who cares? Definitely not me.

I slammed the door shut to see my friends, raising a questioning brow at me.

They haven’t let a word out but I already know just what was going on in those dirty minds of theirs.

I rolled my eyes, walking away with them following me from behind.

“We didn’t hook up.” I answered their unsaid questions.

“We didn’t say anything, babes.” Christy said, smiling sheepishly at me.

“You girls don’t have to say anything…” I rolled my eyes.

Jessi suddenly ran towards us, smiling. “Lena, guess what!”

We all groaned out in sync. “What’s the big news now?”

“Why did you all just groan?” Jessi pouted.

“Okay. Sorry. But what’s the news?” [email protected] asked, speaking for the rest of us.

Jessi’s gaze finally came upon me as she started grinning once again from ear to ear. “You will be excited to hear the news,” She clears her throat, preparing herself up to release it. “Guess who’s back to school!!??”

Neither of us said a word for a while until it suddenly struck me, making my eyes widen in shock and disbelief.

“Bitch, Get out!” I stated, focusing my attention on her. “Please tell me it’s who I think it is.”

“If the person’s name start from letter ‘b’ and ends with letter ‘n’ then hell yeah!”

“Arrrrrrrgh!” I screamed, calling the attention of other students, who just glared at me for disturbing their peace but like come on, they can go to hell for all I care!

Finally, my prince charming was back from that stupid trip.

It took him forever to return home.

I quickly made my way to the [email protected], ignoring the scowl and glare I received from other students as I pushed them out of my way not even bothering to tell them to excuse me.

On getting to the [email protected], I sighted Brenden talking to his two best friends with a smirk plastered on his face.

I couldn’t help but to smile on how beautifully made he was….he was amazing in all area. Including the s*x! Fvck, it felt so amazing and great.

He earned the title of ‘king of girls’

He knows just how to make a lady feel special on bed.

Although s*x with him was rough but still!

I can’t just wait to be laid on his bed, having him in between my legs as he thrusts in and out of me.

I can’t wait to display all of my s*x fantasy with him… it’s fvcking going to be amazing.

“Hi Brenden. You are finally back.” I smiled, standing in front of him.

He glanced over at me, slowly a frown came down on his face.

“Hi.” He said with no emotions, turning his attention back to his friends who were still staring at me expecting me to walk away in complete shame.

Hell nah, I won’t be accepting defeat. Never.

“When did you get back?” I asked, trying to start a conversation with him.

He huffed, rolling his eyes. “How is that any of your business, young lady?”

I smiled, acting not to be offended with his choice of words. “Come on. We might not be close as friends but nothing change the fact that we are [email protected], don’t you think?”

“Listen, I know what you are getting at right now, Luna and I want you to stop it. I don’t want to be disrespectful here but your continuous display of stupidity is really getting on my nerves.”

“Damn! That burns.” Davis said, laughing.

“Stop it man.” Arthur stated, trying to hold in his laughter but wasn’t doing a great job.

I gulped down the lump on my throat, trying to brush out the insult and act okay….just normal.

“What if what you think is actually wrong?” I raised a brow at him.

“Is it?” He tilted his head to the side awaiting my reply while giving me those challenge look as if indirectly asking me to prove him wrong.


But I can’t say that to him and neither can I say ‘yes’

I truly have feelings for him. I even went as far as cheating on Rowan even despite the love I had for him…I…okay, that’s story for another day.

But why can’t he just accept me and forget about that stupid rules of his?

Afterall, a rules are made to be broken.

One way or the other,,,that rules will still be broken.

So why can’t he do that with me?

Why can’t he break the rules with me? Besides I’m very good at breaking rules, you know.

I smiled. “The teacher will soon be here,” Not like I care but that was the only escape route I could come up with. “See you around.” I leaned towards him and pressed a klzz at his cheek before walking away to sit down on my usual spot.


The [email protected] was killing me.

Some students had heard our conversation while some paid less attention to it.

Arthur and Davis were still laughing their @ss out. Almost felt like I should walk over to them and punch them just like how Gwen will do it.

Speaking about Gwen…I looked around the [email protected] but could not find her anywhere around.

Maybe she hasn’t been discharged yet. That’s a good news. I still have my chances with Brenden.

And I’m not going to be risking it.


????Gwen’s pov????

“WHERE THE FVCK ARE MY CLOTHES!” I yelled at the top of my voice, rushing downstairs with a deep frown on my face.

Cleo and her mother were setting the table for breakfast while dad was scrolling through his phone, sipping tea from a white mug and bot of his parents were having a conversation I have no fvcking business with.

They were all doing their own thing until I came along.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, looking up at me who was in nothing but a white towel with water dripping off my body _Don’t fvcking give me that look_

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Dad asked, dropping his phone and the mug down on the table.

“My clothes are missing… that’s the problem!” I retorted.

“Aren’t there any other clothes in there?” Elena asked, chirping into the conversation.

“I’m not wearing those skimpy dresses. Like seriously, how the hell are people like you comfortable in dresses like that?” I snapped.

“We are comfortable in them because they were made for us…you and I. You are a girl, child not a boy. And dresses like that are what suit you and not those rags you call clothes.” She pulled her face up in disgust.

Did this woman just…Wait, I shouldn’t even be concern about that right now.

“Wait,,,where you the one who took out my clothes?” I asked her now, narrowing my eyes at her as I awaited her reply.

“Of course dear. I had to rearrange your closet before you return back home from the hospital.” She smiled calmly at me. “And no, you don’t have to thank me because I’m doing just what any grandmother would do for their grandkid.”

I was burning in rage now.

She called my clothes rags…she look me in the face and speak down at my Precious [email protected] and hoodies.

Fvck, my leather hoodies and jackets!

No, this old hag can’t be serious right now.

She couldn’t have truly throw my stuff out, right???

“YOU TRASHED MY CLOTHES!” I questioned at the top of my voice, making Cleo mother and Joe flinched.

“Yes? But I replaced them. Why are you getting worked up about it?”

“Mom, that was rude. You can’t just go into anyone’s room and do as you pleases.” Dad stated, going against his mother for his wonderful daughter _What a lovely father_

“That anyone is my granddaughter, okay? And what i did was the right thing. I trashed those things she called clothes and replaced them with ones that are much more suitable for her. What wrong did I commit there?”

“A whole lot of wrongs!” Dad and I said I’m sync.

She stared between the both of us giving the whag_the_hell_are_you both_talking_about look.

“Those clothes are special to me! And how I dress and don’t is none of your fvcking business!”

“Gwendolyn! Language.” Dad hissed at me.

I tried not to roll my eyes.

Key word: tried.

“Are you asking me to watch my language?” I scoffed. “I am fvcking late for school all because of your self-centered mother!” I growled, caring less about the fact that I just cursed again.

Well, what’s he going to do about that? Beat me? Punish me? He definitely can’t do any of those two.

“Self-centered?” She repeated slowly, giving me a disbelief look which I returned with a glare. “I was only trying to…”

“Help?” I scoffed. “Or do what any “grandmother would do for their grandkid?” Huh?” I asked, angrily, clenching my fist tightly. “How I dress is none of your business. How I behave is still none of your concern! You are just my father mother but that doesn’t make you a part of my life,” I pointed my index f!ng£r at her, warningly. “You better return those clothes you call rags back to me and take out those bullshit you dumped in my room.”

“James, are you just going to seat there and watch your daughter talk to your mother in that manner?” She asked dad who have been staring at me with a smile on his face.

Why he was smiling was still a mystery to me but I turned around from them and started walking away back to my room when I heard dad’s next words which kind of stopped me from going any further away but I just brushed it off and continued climbing the stairs.

“She’s different from her mother, mother.”


“Gwen?” I heard my name from the close door, making me groan in annoyance.

I asked the person to come inside, not even bothering to look who it was.

The door was pushed open and seconds later it was shut closed.

Neither of us said a word to each other but after a moment of silence,,,I heard footsteps approaching me at the dressing table.

“Here,” I recognize the voice to be Cleo. “Turned out I didn’t let her trash them.” She extended my clothes to me. Yes, my very own clothes.

I stood up from the chair and collected the clothes from her, grinning. “You…”

“Yeah. I know how crazy you will go if you come back home not to see your clothes in the closet. You will literally be rushed back to the hospital.” She said jokingly, smiling.

“I know right.” I smiled back. “It took everything within me not to strangle that woman to death. How the hell did someone like that give birth to someone as handsome and trained man like my dad.”

Cleo laughed. “Nothing is impossible.”

I clocked my tongue as I nodded my head in agreement. “Yeah right.”

We both stood there quietly for a while until Cleo spoke first, backing away now. “I should get going now. I’m already late for school.”

“Yeah. Me too. And it’s all that woman’s fault!” I growled, glaring straight at the closed door, imagining the old Barbie’s face.

Cleo started laughing over again, shaking her head at me. “You never cease to amaze me with your violence behavior. But,” Her face were looking very serious now. “You just got discharged from the hospital. Do you think it’s going to be a good idea for you to go to school now?”

I mentally rolled my eyes, dropping my clothes on the bed and searching through it for the one to wear today.

“That old Barbie will be home today. I don’t want to be a murderer, Cleo.” That was my reply as I took out a baggy gray [email protected] and a blue Tee. “What do you think?” I held the clothes to my body, turning to face Cleo.

She stared at me for awhile before shrugging. “Not bad but don’t you think just a gown will do you justice?”

“And what is that suppose to mean?” I fake glared, taking off my towel in front of Cleo, ignoring the fact that I was completely [email protected]£d in her sight.

Her mouth peeled open in a [email protected] as she turned around immediately. “You can’t do that, Gwen.” She hissed.

“Why not?” I took that as an opportunity to tease her.


“Are you turned on by what you saw?” I smirked. Although she can’t see me.

“Gwendolyn..” She called through gritted teeth. “You are really annoying!”

“Oh, am I?” I teased, wearing the Tee over my head without even thinking about wearing a goddamn bra.

But come to think about it, I don’t even have a single bra… not like I even need one.

I wore my underwear followed by the gray [email protected]

“Okay stop acting cute, I’m dressed now.” I called out.


“Yup.” I answered, popping the letter ‘p’

Slowly she turned around, peeling her eyes open a little to see if I was really serious about being dressed…

I was smirking when she finally opened her eyes, frowning at me, making her look so cute and charming.

Suddenly, memories of her words to me came crashing down.

I haven’t thought about that day since I returned home.

They said the best recipe to get better was to forget about complications.

And that’s exactly what I did.

But now, I think it’s time I forget about that complications and face reality.

After all, Gwendolyn Darlings fears nothing.

*I’m trying to get rid of the ungodly feelings I feel for you, Gwendolyn.* Alex words played over and over in my head.

*I won’t give up on Lexi, Gwen. I won’t give up on love. I won’t be the loser this time around… I’m desperate, Gwendolyn.* Those were Cleo’s words to me also.

And now, she isn’t acting cold or mean towards me so why then did she say those words to…Wait a minute, did she overheard Alex and I conversation???

Her phone beeped, disrupting the silence which of course, I was grateful for the distraction.

“Damn, we are late!” She sharply turned around and ran out of the room almost like a flash.



“What are you doing in here?” Cleo asked as she adjusted for me to sit down.

I glared. “This is the price I have to pay if I still want to keep my bike.”

Cleo started laughing, making me glare [email protected] “I know your dad is going to do something like this. At least it’s better than selling it off like he planned to.”

My eyes widened at that revelation. “WHAT!? HE TRIED SELLING OFF MY BABY!?” I asked at the top of my voice, earning stares from the [email protected]£ngers.


“You mean you have a baby?” A girl sitting down beside me asked.


“But you just said someone tried selling of your baby. Listen you don’t have to be shy or feel ashamed about that…I know a girl whose story is just like yours…she…” Before she can go on with the shit, I cut her off.

“I don’t have a baby. And my story is nothing like that girl’s you know of, okay? And can’t you just mind your business and focus on the road just like everyone else?” I snapped.

“Everyone aren’t focused on the road, girl.” She said.

“Well, the driver is.”

She huffed, looking away.

Tsk, gossip.

“You know you were rude at the young lady.” Cleo asked as she tried holding in her laughter.

“Was I? I thought I was just telling off a gossip.” I sighed. “Is this how you cope whenever you are going to school everyday?”

“It’s not that bad.” She said calmly, smiling.

“It’s very bad. If I was on my baby I would have gotten to school by now.” The girl looked at me again. “Have you not gotten to your destination?” She foolishly shook her head no. “Have you ever been given a black eyes before?” She quietly shook her head, looking scared now. “Trust me, I’m not a bully but I do know how to teach some people how to klzz another person’s knuckles.” I winked which made her blush as she looked away, pressing the button of her stop.

As soon as the bus came to a stop, she rushed out of it.

The bus continued its movement over again.

“You actually chased that girl out.” Cleo accused.

“Ouch. Offense taken. She must have gotten to her stop. I didn’t threaten her.” I shrugged, leaning back against the chair.

“You didn’t?”

I thought of the things I said to her. “Ooh. But she caused it. She should have just minded her business.”

“How long will you be taking the bus for?” Cleo asked now, and I started wondering how that is even connected with our discussion.

I sighed deeply, pouting. “A month.”

Cleo mouth open and her eyes went wide. “Oh fvck. That’s going to be a long month.”


We came down from the bus as we finally arrived at our destination.

Cleo and I headed for the school building, talking about nothing.

Minutes later, we were at our locker. grabbing our books.

She shut her locker closed and turned to look at me.

“I should go to [email protected] now.”

“Hmm. Me too.” I mumbled. Why did I even come to school instead of resting home? ahh, that Barbie witch is home? Okay, I think I should stop referring her as Barbie. That was Brenden’s nickname for me.

I can’t believe I’m getting to like that lame name.

Cleo has taken some steps away when I called her back.

“You don’t have to worry about Alex, Cleo. She’s all yours and there’s absolutely nothing going on between the both of us.” I [email protected]

I know it came out way out of place but I just felt like she needed to know.

“We aren’t even friends.” I added, smiling.

“Gwen…,” She began but I quickly cut her off.

“You should get to [email protected] now, sweetheart.” I winked before walking away.

Yes, there’s absolutely nothing between the both of us.

Besides she wants to avoid me so what harm will it cause if I just do the same?

I stepped inside the [email protected] to see Mr Jackson writing on the board.

As soon as I stepped in, he stopped writing and turned to look at me.

“You are back.” He smiled.

Suddenly, the whole [email protected] erupted into loud cheers and applauses, chanting my name as if I had just won a gold medal for the school.

“Uhhh, what’s going on?” I asked, stuffing my hands into my [email protected] pocket.

“Victory over death! That’s more than enough to applause you of.” One of the students said, giving me a thumbs up which I just ignored.

“Alright [email protected], that’s enough. Gwen doesn’t look so comfortable.” Mr Jackson stated. They all stopped clapping, grinning like some bunch of idiots _okay Gwen, that was rude_

“You are late but I’m just letting you go for today because of the celebration.” He smiled.

“Hmm.” I hummed, trying not to roll my eyes at him.

“You can go and sit down, dear.” He told me then suddenly his gaze moved to Brenden whose gaze have never left mine. “You’ve been rejecting everyone that comes over to sit with you. Now your seat partner has finally arrived. Don’t start stressing me again.”

Wait, he rejected everyone that came to sit with him?

I quietly walked down towards him, not taking my gaze off him and neither did he.

I finally got to our seat and sat down, dropping my stuffs on the table then turned my full attention on him. He did the same.

“I can see someone missed me while I was gone.” I teased, smirking.

He scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself barbie. But I won’t deny that fact though.”

“What fact?” I raised a questioning/teasing brow at him.

He rolled his eyes before saying, “School without you is very boring, okay?”

I smirked. “Is this the time when I blush?”

He sighed, shaking his head at me which earned him a slap on the head. “Ow!”

Mr Jackson stared over at us, with a scowl on his face as he said. “Now this is what I’ve been avoiding.”

****To Be Continued****

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