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the hidden flower finale

????THE HIDDEN FLOWER ???? (save the flower ) CHAPTER 58&59 WRITTEN BY AUTHORESS CHIDUME JOY ???? ❌ Don’t copy nor repost ❌


venus and flower appear immediately ,infront of the kings palace

who are you people ,the guards questioned them ”

hi ,am one of the prince from ,palanet of heaven , and she is the princess of flowers Kingdom ,venus replied ,

and what made you think i will believe , your ¢0¢k and bull story ,how am a sure that you aren’t one of lucifer agent ,the other guard said ”

no am not ,i can make a flower for you to prove it ,flower said Making a beautiful flower ,

hmmm , that’s beautiful but we can’t still believe you ,

just wait , let’s summon our king and queen ,

a guard said ”

and wisper to another , and the one went inside to call the king ,


my king ,do you think that , since ,we are free ,that my princess is free ,we just have to find her ,the queen ask ”

yes my queen , exactly ,he replied

you don’t have to worry ,she would be back ,the God we protect her and lead her back to her kingdom ,

the king said being optimistic ,

okay my king since you said so ,

am also worried about the lucifer ,what again would he plan this time around ,you know he is really powerful , the queen said very worried , and ooh is written all over her face ,

my queen ,you worry too much ,i believe the law of karma would soon meet up with him ,the king said confidently ”

but my king ,what if he suddenly attack us , she asked

he wouldn’t dare ,the king growl ,

but their discussions was interupted by a guard ,

greetings your highness ,

he said bowing ,

what is it ,he asked , ignoring his greetings ,

your majesty ,a boy and a girl are outside the palace gate

the guy claim to be a prince of planet of the heavens , and the girl said she is the princess of this kingdom ,

he stopped and continued talking immediately

your highness ,i dare her to prove it ,

and she made a beautiful flower ,just as that of the queens most beautiful flower ,

immediately he finished he narration the king and queen jerk up and rush outside the palace gate ,

few minutes later ,
they arrived ,

the king and queen stare at them as they greet them ,

they smell ,the girl , and she has their saint ,

and she looks so beautiful , and have features of the mother and that of the father ,

they looked at her neck and found the name flower written their ,

they hold hands and close their eyes and look into her past , immediately they were done ,

they couldn’t hold their joy ,they rush down to her and higged her ,

my baby ,i missed you ,i have sleepless night all because of you ,their is not a single day , I won’t think , about you ,

the queen said hugging her so close , and pecking her , she was already in tears ,

you are my mom ,flower asked feeling so happy and secured around her ,

yes child ,am sorry i hope you know what happened ,

she said

and am your father , the king said hugging her ,

they were so happy ,

and all went inside ,

after sitting down , then flower begin to narrate everything to them including her , soulmate and the war ,

the king summoned the villages , and they were happy to see their princess ,

and celebrated her ,

after that ,the princess stood up and begin talking ,

hi Everyone ,my people ,the king and queen ,am so happy to know that am the reason why everyone gathered here , and am happy to know that am loved by my people ,

before she could finish the people started clapping and calling her , praising her ,

when the noise die down ,she started again ,.

my dear people , please their is no time tommorow we are having a war with lucifer ,at the war land ,

and everywhere was quiet ,

after saying everything everybody went home ,happily and also sad ,due to the fact that their is war ,

the warriors waited behind ,


planet and flower were welcomed very well by their people ,mr peter and other elders were so happy ,

they called for celebration , and tell the people about the princess which they know already and the fight ,

the warriors waited behind too ,


Lucifer and his surbodinate ,were already at the field ,

he came with thousands of guards ,he sat down at the back ,

soon ,monalisa and her warriors arrive, , and almost immediately , flower entered with her warriors ,

the thing you need to know is that ,mr peter from monalisa side , didn’t come only the warriors ,

she said is her fight ,

Flower , parent also didn’t come ,she also came with her warriors , claiming is her fight ,

And the fight started ,it hasn’t been an easy one ,

but they didn’t give up ,


went straight to lucifer ,

we have come they said together ”

and lucifer replied them , welcome , to your deadline , you are not leaving here alife ,
he said ”

let’s get to know we wouldn’t live here alife,monalisa said angrily and charged towards her ”

the fight was more [email protected] fhat they received alot of injury,

both of them were ,at the ground , after fighting for hours ,

lucifer was standing smirking , and suddenly let out a thunderously laugh ,

he continued ,


and that annoyed lisa ,she angrily stood up and rush to him ,she push her sword inside her chest , and turn it greatly while lucifer was shock ,

with that lisa forcefully took at his heart ,after taking out the sword and he felled down ,

flower ,raised her sword and cut of his neck ,

immediately that happened , and lucifer dead ,

he has been casted to the deepest , and can never be seen ,

till God come ,down , and take his people back to heaven ,till then shall he come back and join his followers in the pit of fire,

stop ,lisa yell ,

your master has been defeated ,she said raising his head up and they all flew away in fears , but their running was caught short when ,

planet and venus ,destroy them with fire balls and they die painfully ,

immediately lisa dropped lucifer’s head ,it disappeared with his remaining body ,


lisa heavy a sign of relief ,
she look at planet and smile , before , falling , luckily ,he caught her on time , and call her name but she already fainted ,

truly she is the one that fight the most in the war ,flower is not that strong,but lisa , have been training since , for a long time ,

planet carried her and disappear ,

while ,flower , and Venus ,disappear back to ,flowers kingdom ,

planet went straight to lisa room at her kingdom ,

all the warriors , returned back to their kingdom .

finally it’s over ,

flower met her parents ,

???? THE HIDDEN FLOWER ???? (save the flower ) CHAPTER 60 WRITTEN BY AUTHORESS CHIDUME JOY ???? ❌ Don’t copy nor repost ❌


is been a week ,that they had the with lucifer and won ,

people are happy and grateful to their saviours ,now all the planets are gathered at lisa ,kingdom ,

both king mercury ,queen melin,king jay ,queen zhao ,planet,venus,flower neptune , jupiter,pearl and her husband ,pluto ,saturn and star ,

and poh don’t worry ,he took star as his soulmate ,they now get along ,

the people were ,to celebrate the success and their winnings together ,

everybody are sitting and is lisa the attention she need ,

and she stood up and begin her speech ,

not without giving planet a look and he also gave her the look ,be rest @ssured everything is fine , don’t be nervous ,am here ,he muttered beside her ,

hi everyone ,am so happy ,am so glad ,that you make it ,Am happy because we all are free ,am happy and grateful for those who stood by and depend on me and abilities ,

i want to say thank you to everyone , especially my soulmate ,planet,i love much ,

she said smiling and crowd cheered and hail her ,

while continue when noise die down ,

i also want thank my dad ,mr peter ,thank very much ,i love you dad

while crowd clap ,

mr peter smiled ”

i also want to thank flowers , venus and the rest who helped in our training ,thank you so much ,i love you all ,

i promise to rule better and be a good princess to you all ,

and the celebration goes on .

everybody was happy , and peace ,love and success remain in all the three kingdoms .

????Epilogue ????

Today lisa is getting marry to planet and flower is getting married to venus

the rest of the children can’t stop teasing them ,

you may klzz your bride ,

and the klzzing scene starting ,after that the four of them ,walk out ,to the party hall ,

the king’s and queens and their surbodinate ,every one from each kingdom

are pres£nt there ,i mean who would like to miss such a day ,every one was happy ,

after the party ,planet took lisa in , and klzz her , and say ,

i love you soulmate ,

i love you too ,lisa replied ,

in venus room ,

he carried his bride and dropped and gave her a klzz ,
my hidden flower , thank God we found you ,i can’t heart you less ,

i love baby ,my soulmate and my forever day one ,flower replied and klzz him ,

the day was a long day with each brides and groom because they explore each other’s body ,moan and dance to the play their groom want .

and peace continue , and heaven felt happy , and they all live happily with their future kids forever after .


what do you like most about the story ?

who is your favorite character ?

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