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the dangerous heiress episode 96




Sabrina wanted Veronica to destroy that secluded building. Though it has high security and it would risk Veronica’s life—she put sniper around the building to help Veronica and though they have one sniper to protect the building, Veronica was always sharp.

She finish the man with her handgun which isn’t just a normal handgun. It was [email protected] to break the glas-sfrom the middle so she went up the top. There’s a solar panel and under was a [email protected]. It wasn’t that tick so she break the glas-sin the very middle since it can easily break there. She throw tear [email protected] as men there start running and firing at each other. She was contented and fire one on the head.

She jump down and run swift without any sound and start shooting directly to their head. It was always a headshot but she has to save someone who is useful. The nerd guy who knows all of the system. She pointed the gun in his face. He was shaking and never encounter something like this in his life.

She pull him and drag him to the glas-swindow. She started firing it until it has holes and she kick it and it falls down from the 18th floor since 18th floor was the highest.

“Please!” The man begs. “I will tell everything! Anything at all!” She didn’t say anything and pushes him down. The man scream loudly and he fall down and bounce from the supporter down there and armed men take him away.

That was crazy taking hostages. Sabrina laugh from Veronica’s earpiece. She like this kind of thing. Sabrina and Veronica together with Catriona enjoy those kind of stuff. Scaring them until they pee on their pan-ts.

Veronica goes to the other floor and started shooting men directly to their skull who ever she see as a threat. From downstairs until to the ground floor. The CCTV operators of the building lock themselves on the CCTV room and Enzo was taking control from there. Enzo planted a virus on the main server so the operator couldn’t control PTZs camera to monitor her.

He can’t even call anyone and the destroy bu-tton was deactived. They are dead! Totally toast. Veronica went to the CCTV room where it is located and she destroy the door.

“Oh, fu-ck!” The fat man said and pull out a gun from the drawer. She pointed her gun already to him and pull another gun. She shook her a tranquilizer on his fat thigh. His thigh wobble and it shake as it collapsed on the floor with his face falls flat on it as well.

She sat down and started typing the [email protected] so Enzo could have an access to their main server and get all of the details. She reach her gun and she turn the swivel chair when someone fire it. A man with a shotgun falls on the floor and behind was a man in suit.

Veronica wanted to smack her face. She pointed the gun to him and he put his own gun down.

“Sir!” One of Gabriel’s agent was behind Tony. “We can’t interrupt.”

“Shut up. Leave now.” He orders.

“But we—” The man look at Veronica and notice the emblem on her suit. “She’s a special-A agent we shouldn’t interrupt on their operations.” He mutter. Veronica put down her gun and continue on typing ignoring them.

She clic-k enter and the monitor turns black and he saw red lasers toward Tony. She grab her gun and fire the man on the corner. She was fast as she grab down Tony before he got shot. They can’t see Tony. Damn it! She put him down and sat on top of him as she drag the shot gun and started shooting five shooters toward them.

“You fu-cking crazy!” Veronica scowl. Sabrina on the other line was quiet. She knew that Tony would follow her so she had already back up about that.

“Baby…” Tony’s eyes soften. Veronica haven’t remove her mask and she glower at the man with Tony.

“Why didn’t you fu-cking tie him up?!” She sat up and drag Tony out.

They have to exit, their mission is done. But she stop when she learn from Enzo that there’s an underground facility. They still don’t know what’s happening but they have to get the samples for Samantha’s research. Veronica pushes Tony toward his man.

“Leave now.” She demanded.

“I can’t leave you.” He said stubbornly.

Sabrina on the other line sipped on her wine. She’s in the club where Tony’s friend held a party for him. For Veronica’s cover up, that Francisco wouldn’t see a flaw that Veronica was one of her spy—Veronica has to use a secret exit from the club and make her pres£nce in the club as her alibi.

“Fine!” She gro-an. The man with Tony pull out black masks and gave one to Tony as he put the other one to him and he ready his gun. “Follow my lead and don’t do anything disturbing.”

Tony did follow his femme fatale fiancée. She look se-xy whenever she’s dangerous. Veronica took the all access card from the guy she pushes off the building before and tap it on the underground laboratory. She enter the [email protected] and it opens.

“Who are you?” Two men in laboratory outfit scuffle. Veronica pointed her tranquilizer to them and shoot them while Tony and his men kill armed men that are protecting the lab. They didn’t kill them directly so Veronica shot them directly to their head.

Veronica look around and fire the cameras.

“Babe, that was se-xy.” Tony mutter. He might sound like a psychopath or something.

“Drag those bodies, we need them.” She immediately pull out her bag and started collecting every sample from it.

“Why do you need those?” Tony asked.

“Don’t ask.”

Tony remain quiet as their backup came and took the bodies. The team collect everything as an evidence into their brief case after she collect what she needed.

They come out and they are now cornered. There are a lot more men that Francisco had s£nt. They can’t hack the underground and Francisco might’ve already receive an ambush on his main. Veronica kill everyone man whom she see as a threat and Tony does and his man as well.

Veronica pull down her mouth mask and face Tony.

“Do you still love me?” She ask him. Tony’s eyes soften and cupped her face.

“I will always love you.” He ki-sses her [email protected] and she did as well as she reload her gun and start killing men right through their heads.

Sabrina knows that they will get surrounded once that they enter but they never know that she always got a back up plan. So the men that surrounded them was also surrounded by her people.

“Enjoying?” Gabriel asked as he sat down and relax beside her.

“I do.” She smile and climb into his lap.

Sabrina exhales as she waited for Veronica and Tony to go back on the club.

“As long as you are happy with it—I would let you see every kind of raid like this…” he murmur and ki-sses her ear.

“Thank you, hubby. This is not enough… I want to destroy him truly.”

“Would Veronica think twice?”

“No. She wouldn’t.” Sabrina was certain. It’s not just hatred on Veronica’s heart but she’s willing to end up every evil thing that her father is doing.

Veronica and Tony came back to the club undetected. Tony was quiet as they both sat down in front of Gabriel and Sabrina.

“Can we leave now?” Tony asked.

“Not yet. I still want to talk to V.” Sabrina said. Tony want to really take Veronica away from Sabrina because whenever Sabrina is around—he can’t have Veronica all to himself. “Do you now understand, Veronica’s duty, Tony?” Sabrina asked.

“Okay, so she’s your A-Special Agent and she work for you?”

“She isn’t just working for me. She’s my ally.”

Tony roll his eyes.

“Well, I will also give Veronica 3 day vacation before she proceed on her mission. You can have her.” Sabrina said.

“It’s alright Brina. We won’t take long. I have to take care of this dummy.” Veronica stood and grab Tony out. She’s already wearing the dress she wore initially and drag him downstairs to the pool.

Tony face her seriously. Instead of going back to the party, he drag her out and took her back to the penthouse. The room was lit up and the electricity was back few days ago. He started packing for their vacation. He wasn’t talking to her.

“Do you still love me?” She ask him again. Tony exhales and sat down on the bed.

“Come here.” She stood in front of him and he wrap his arms around her. “I can’t quit.”

“Are you going to tell me everything now?”

“When we get to the beach.” He shove his face on her chest. “Do you like my gift?” He almost forgot about it and pull it out from his coat. He took out the watch and check the back of it.

He doesn’t understand and read Russian quite a lot but she might’ve translated it.

“What does it mean?”

“Find out yourself.” She said and went to the bathroom. “Are you coming?” She calls out.

Tony get excited and put the watch on the side table carefully. The first gift he ever receive from her. Well, from Christmas—he receive a very great moment. The shower was on and she toss him the bottle of liquid body soap and the scrub.

“Oh, baby do you know how much you turn me on while you are holding a gun?” Tony might be crazy or obsessed but he was turned on whenever she become dangerous. Yet he care less if she’s a killer. He loves her and would do everything for her, even burying a dead body for her.

Veronica smirk.

“Really?” Tony remove all of his clothes and join her. She face him and ki-sses his face. “You are lucky tonight, playboy, you can have me all you want.”

“Whether you say it or not, it’s your punishment.” He mutter dangerously.

Francisco was furious and couldn’t help but to break everything he sees. He was saving it and everything is gone. He put all of his years there. He even stole money from Guinevere just to build it. He scream in anger and Sylvia was scared that he might’ve hurt her.

“It must be EPUA! Find that spy!”

“Yes, Sir.” He exhales to calm himself.

“How’s Veronica doing?”

“She’s doing great and won the investment. The project you gave her is doing well. She’s a perfectionist and natural.”

“What is she doing tonight?”

“She’s in the club, where Tony is celebrating his birthday and didn’t leave until Tony drag her out. Did you approve her vacation?”

“Yes.” He said. “If she get married to Tony Lawson few of my problem would vanish and I will build the asylum once again.”

Catriona open her eyes and as usual she sees nothing at all. Yet she smile and became positive in life because of the three lives within her. She caress her swollen stomach. She slowly sat up and cleared her throat.

“Curtain open.” Her voice was recognize by the AI it was newly installed so she won’t get into any accident in the house when she need something.

Albert fixed a room for her on the ground floor so she wouldn’t fall on the stairs. She reach the window, open it gently and sniff some fresh air. She touches her f!ng£r tips on the wall to trace where the bathroom is. She did her business and washes her face.

“Cat!” Albert calls out excitedly. Catriona got out from the bathroom after putting on her robe. “Hey, babe you can’t imagine what happened?”

“What? You and Sam made love all night?

“No—Yeah! We did that but—there’s more of it.” Albert reach her hand. “Veronica and Sabrina are near to destroy them.”

Catriona smile a little. She knew they can do it even without her.

“We would be free soon. And… Sam is almost done making the cure for both of us. My lil’ sis… don’t worry. Your babies will have their father soon and am making sure that no one would ever hurt you again—ever.”

“I can’t go back to him. You know that.”

“You can—you just don’t want to.”

“Is it because of your bastard father again?”

“Yes. Do you think they would accept me? Do you think his grandfather would accept me and my babies?” Catriona asked. Her eyes are blank but her voice was strong and firm.

Sabrina woke up in her husband’s arms. Their love making was always [email protected] and no one can get enough from each other. Her phone said that it was her grandfather’s birthday. She reach her phone and call her grandfather. It was ringing but he wasn’t answering. So she call the landline number of the mansion in America.

“Hello?” The woman from the other line answer it. It was different. Maybe the maid but the voice—she think she knows it.

“This is Sabrina.” The woman from the other line didn’t say anything and the call was ended.

Sabrina sat down and contemplated on what she heard. She exhales and touches her forehead. Her hand are shaking a little. She didn’t know what she heard but she was sure that it was strange.

“Honey?” Gabriel call watching her strange behavior.

“I can’t remember.” She mutter. She smack her head.

“Sabrina!” His heart races as he move closer to her and hold her hand. He ki-sses her head. She was shaking a little. “Hey, Baby?” He calls. “Are you with me?” Sabrina close her eyes, inhales and exhales to compose herself.

Gabriel was so scared that he himself almost shudder on what happened just few seconds ago.


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