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the crippled CEO episode 2

THE CRIPPLED CEO ( He’s my husband ) ???? ????


By Chioma Miracle

“ arggg stop Ana I want to sleep! ” I yelled furiously as I tossed on the other side of the bed and covered my self with the blanket.

I felt her leaving the room but who was I kidding.

“ Jesus! ” I screamed as I quickly ran out of the bed and stared at her with shock

She splashed cold water on me. And was glaring at me which I knew was fake.

“ Wendy!! don’t you take a look at the time! It’s 7:56am ” she said pointing furiously at the wall clock in the bedroom.

“ you’ve got to into that bathroom!”she added pointing towards the bathroom

“ Take a bath. Dress up and go look for a job! Ain’t you feeling any pity for that poor child. he’s done alot for you so you do same! ” she yelled. now pointing towards me

I knew how much Ana loved Nicholas and she was also making some s£nse.

I knew she was right and I also had to explain to her what happened at school yesterday


We got home and met Ana at the dining eating. She saw us and got up quickly and approached Nicholas pecking him on his cheeks

“ how’s my little boy doing ? ” she asked with smiles on her face

“ fine aunty ” Nicholas replied with a low voice which was unlike him whenever he greets Ana

Ana noticed and shot me a stare which I looked away. She got the ma-ssage something was wrong

“ um nico.. go upstairs and freshen up.. then come down towards the dining.. aunt made your favorite bacon just for you ”

Ana said rou-ghening Nicholas hair who’s eyes beamed at the mention of *bacon*

It was his favorite. He nods and ran upstairs to his room

Ana sighed and looked at me questionly

“ what’s wrong Wendy?.. this unlike Nicolas.. did something happen in school today ? ”

I nod and went straight to the dining table and took a seat.

I grabbed the bacon in front me and shoved it into my mouth while she walked towards me and sat beside me

While I explained everything.

“ hm… touching!” she commented at the end of my story.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and squee-zed it softly

“ but don’t worry much Wendy… all will be fine okay ? ”

I nod. And she gave me a tight hug. Which I needed at that moment.


I cleaned the water off my hands and face as a single tear drop from my eyes.

“ oh my God Wendy I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean to…….” she said apologitically walking towards me and hold my hands softly

“ It’s fine Ana. I understand… I will go in and freshen up now.. I will join you downstairs in 5 minutes ” I replied walking towards the bathroom

I felt her sign.

I was even glad she woke me up like that if not I would have slept off till only God knows when I’m gonna wake up

And I desperately needed to find a job and pay Nicholas’s fee and resto-re the kitchen stuff even if Ana has been doing that with the little dollars she’s got.

And I do sometimes feel useless but she would warn me never to feel downgraded.

Now tell me why I won’t love her huh?!

Jayden ( pov )

Driving across the city of London. I checked my wrist watch 9:20am. I hit my steering and signed frustratly

How can Damon give me such a [email protected] job huh?!

Where does he want me to get a maid?!

None agreed to work for him since they are sacred of his cold attitudes!

Even when they really want too but scared to death!

Urg my head aches now!!. I yelled mentally as I rubbed my forehead.

He turned his head back to the road and drove in full speed and clutched his hands tight on the steering.

just then a lady was crossing the road and was so engrossed with her phone that she didn’t even bother to look at the traffic light.

Jayden quickly hit the break. the wheels locked and the car screamed.

The lady who had seen him almost hitting her fell to the ground.

Jayden felt scared inside the car. He hoped he didn’t hit the lady but it wasn’t his fault. She wasn’t looking.

He emerged quickly out of the car and rushed towards the lady on the floor.

“ Hey are you okay ? ” He asked helping her up.

And he could swore. She was indeed a pretty one with blackish hair Bob and sparkling white eyes with reddish li-ps

“ I’m…. I’m…fine ” she shutters dusting her cloths properly.

“ I’m sorry……”

“ it’s fine ” she replied with a smile

Hmm what a sweet soul! He thought.

“ Um I’m Jayden and you are…….”

“ Ana. Ana George ” she replied perfunctory

He nods.

He brou-ght out his card and give it to her and wanted to give her money for the damages which she politely rejected.

He was about saying something when his phone rang.

“ pardon me. have got to take this call ” he gestures as he brou-ght out his phone.

“ Hello Damon ? ”

“ Where’s the maid ? ” Damon blunted out over the phone

“ geez Damon. fu-ckyou! Where I’m I gonna see a maid huh?! you’ve sacked over 12maids a week! ”

Ana eyes widen in shock hearing that.

She was planing on telling Jayden she’s got someone who could do the job.

After few minutes. Jayden was done and he turned to her apologitically.

“ I’m sorry for that ”

“ no.. no.. it’s fine and I’m sorry for eavesdrop on your call.. but I have someone who would be willing to do the job… Uh… I mean the maid ” she shutters

“ really?!… ” Jayden’s eye widen Surprisely

He was kind of happy he’s finally got someone to work for Damon and wouldn’t have to stress himself anymore.

And he prays in his heart she’s stays longer than the rest of the maidens who had worked for Damon

“ yes Jayden.. uh I have to go now.. I will give you a call later and you’ll get to meet her okay ? ”

“ alright Ana. Please let me drop you off… Don’t say no ”

She smiled. She nods as they both walked to car and got in.

Jayden kicked the into life as he drove off.

“ …. What em I gonna do now! ” I grumbled as I stared at the sky with a sad face.

It seemed it gonna rain any moment. I signed de-eply

I was so hungry and tired.. looking for a job wasn’t an easy one.

Most of my employees tried making se-xual advances towards me before giving me a job which was the same reason I don’t have a permanent job

Yeah right I know I’m pretty!

sparkling brown eyes with a well shaped face. Brownish long hair and flawless skin!

but the main reason that drives people crazy was my – Curvy shape.

I have got the best shape which made most ladies who came across me envious of me.

My big firm b00bs – big bu-tts and wa-istslim down to my bu-tts giving me a perfect – figure 8

“ urg!.. this sun is fu-cking too much! ” I grumbled as I kept walking along the pedestrian lane.

I felt my phone ringing and I stopped at a conner and brou-ght it out of my purse – Ana

“ hello Ana. ” I said as I placed the phone on my right ear while the other hand holding my files – CV.

“ come home now! ” she yelled over the phone.

“ what do you mean come home huh?! ” I scoffed.

She was the one who pushed me out of the house right?!

“ have gotten a job for you ”

“ what?! What the heck ?!… How ?! ” I asked unbelievably.

I would want to say she might be kidding but Ana ain’t someone who’s got the time to joke around.

” don’t know but guess who’s your boss?! ”

“ who ?! ”


“ WHAT?! ”

Wendy shock Sha ????

Who doesn’t know popular cold Damon

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